Monday, February 15, 2016

Farewell (This time for real)

I have said farewell a couple of times on my blog, but I often returned anyway. This time I've come to the conclusion there is really nothing for me to say about prostitution anymore.

A while a ago I decided to stop following prostitution news. I couldn't, and I still followed several twitter-accounts about prostitution. I decided to stop doing this too. I don't look at twitter anymore.

Accidentally I stumbled on an article about a happy prostitute who worked on de Wallen in Amsterdam and on het Zandpad in Utrecht (and which unfortunately triggered me to visit a prostitute again), and I desperately wanted to write something about her. And I thought, no... I won't. Let's just stop it. (For those who are curious, you can find the article on The article was originally published in the Viva on 30 September 2014, and it is called Vrijwillig achter het raam - IK ACTEER ALLES: HET KREUNEN, HOE IK ERBIJ KIJK EN HET ORGASME).

Lately I discovered that Google Play Books offered at lot of books, including about prostitution! I can now read some books about prostitution online. I can now read Ronald Weitzer's Legalizing Prostitution: From Illicit Vice to Lawful Business. I don't have to order an actual physical copy anymore which would fill up unnecessary physical space. I decided not to do it.

As for my sexual problems, I can't get my sexuality under control, and I although I call myself an abolitionist now, there still are thoughts within me which say prostitution is acceptable. I think I will have to struggle with this for the rest of my life.

Perhaps when I'm old I automatically become impotent. I know that what has happened to my grandpa, so there is still hope.

So now, for real and with no exceptions and slight returns....


And I wish all the prostitutes in the world all the luck and love in the world.


Andy said...

Just stumbled across your latest post today while reminiscing about about the blogs. It has been years since I've posted anything and am still wrestling with the idea of prostitution just like you are.

Donkey said...

Do you visit prostitutes?

Anonymous said...

I disagree with your stance on all porn being sexual harassment. it appears to me you havent properly done your research. Like there are types of porn which depends only on imagination like hentai and joi and where actual sexual intercourse does not even take place.

And dont forget whats called femdom porn where its obvious the woman is in control.

This leads me to believe you havent properly done your research on prostitution, thus the conclusions you have are incorrect.

It appears you choose yourself to watch a certain type of porn only then use a broad brush to paint all of porn. same with your prostitution anecdotes. Thus the problem must be with yourself.

The fact that you never had a girlfriend leads me to believe you are terrible at reading the non-verbal language of women, thus anecdotes where you meet a prostitute and you claim her to feel a certain way are incorrect.

in other words, you could be very wrong.

Donkey said...

There are always little exceptions to the rule. For instance, nearly all incest is abusive, but there are some special cases where it's not. Sometimes a dad and a daughter, or a brother or a sister truly consensually enter into a sexual relationship, without any pressure or unbalances of power. But these are just tiny exceptions.

I think that in porn and prostitution you have these strange cases too. In reality, it is nearly always about coercion or a massive power imbalances.

But, on the other hand, at the same time I believe exactly the opposite of what I'm saying now, and I would gladly want to work as a prostitute or play in a porn movie. It is actually pretty schizophrenic. And I visited a prostitute a month ago. It was Eli on de Wallen (La Vie en Rose, morning-afternoon shift).

Eleni has stopped, and she is Romanian, not Greek. I will miss her forever.

(PS: I did buy the Ronald Weitzer book after all! I never read it.)

Unknown said...
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