Friday, June 12, 2015

Why I shouldn't visit prostitutes and porn sites, a very quick conversation with myself

You visit prostitutes?

Do you care about people?

Do you want total strangers on the street to grab your butt?
No, that's sexual intimidation. They shouldn't do that to me.

But you visit prostitutes and you care about people?
Yes, I care about people. But the prostitutes chose this livelihood themselves. Everybody has to work.

Are you really serious? Many prostitutes do it out of poverty or because they are coerced. They are forced to tolerate sexual contacts they would otherwise refuse. That is sexual intimidation. You are sexually intimidating the prostitutes you visit.
Would you say that about other professions? Prostitution is work. I know that prostitutes are often in dire straits when they chose this line of work, but that is true for so many other professions. And you never say a construction worker is intimidated into laying bricks. And the doctor touches his or her patients very intimately. Is the doctor sexually harassed? Are the patients sexually harassed because they are forced to accept the doctor's intimate contacts? And people are abused in other professions too.

You are distracting from the main point. Sexual intimidation is sexual intimidation. Abuse in one profession doesn't legitimize abuse in the other. And the doctor is merely helping other people. Would you grab a random woman by the butt?
No, that is sexual harassment. I respect people. I love people. I would never do that!

Would you grab the waitress in the restaurant by the butt?
No, of course not! That's sexual harassment too!

And you also say this when you know she is at work?
That doesn't matter. Sexual harassment is sexual harassment.

The prostitute is just like the waitress who was harassed by you. Under normal circumstances the waitress would say: "keep your hands off my body, you pervert!". Prostitutes have very limited power to fend off this kind of harassment.
They do have that power! Many prostitutes don't want to kiss their clients. And they don't accept anal sex.

You are distracting again from the main point. Perhaps they have just enough power to avoid the most egregious violations. But they still, because of poverty and coercion, are forced to accept sexual contacts they would otherwise refuse. Perhaps they do have the power to avoid anal sex. But they don't have the power to avoid their butts being grabbed, or their vagina being penetrated. And some prostitutes do accept anal and kissing, because otherwise they don't earn enough money, especially older prostitutes.
Yes you are right! I am convinced. I won't visit prostitutes again. You are so totally right! I see it now. I have so totally disrespected the prostitutes I visit. And I have had indeed noticed some prostitutes absolutely being appalled by being penetrated by me, or being touched by me. I have horribly abused people. I am such an egoist. I will never do it again. When a person loves people, he (or she) won't visit prostitutes.

Indeed. I love you!
I love you too!

Thank you. And there is a solution the problem of prostitution. We should love each other, and help other people out when they are in trouble, and not use our monetary power to sexually abuse them, or to let them do dangerous or degrading things.
Indeed. I just love you.

I love you too!


(PS: you can also change prostitute into porn actor/actress in this conversation, only the harassment is done by proxy)

(PS 2: and I immediately have to admit that the very same day I wrote this, I actually did visit a porn site, although very shortly. But that was against my promises. That little voice in my head that says that prostitution is okay is still there. And I notice that just visiting the porn site itself is very arousing, not actually watching it. It is the transgression that is arousing. I actually did very well, because I didn't visit porn sites for a month. It is annoying that I have to keep fighting urges. I think I will try to reform my sexual fantasies, and refocus them away from pornography and prostitution. It will be difficult, because it is the transgressive sex that I actually like.)

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