Saturday, September 06, 2014


I haven't written on my blog(s) for a long time. I am out of words. I have nothing new to say. Everything there is to say has been said already. I would repeat myself if I did say anything.

Lately, I decided to stop following the news about prostitution. I cancelled my email-alert subscription(s). I stopped following all the news. I don't read the forced prostitution verdicts on anymore.

I try to break all the links I have with the world of prostitution. I silently hoped it would stop my regular visits to prostitutes. Perhaps I thought, it all has to do with the obsession. Guess what, it didn't work. Actually I'm planning to visit Eleni again on September 23, 2014. I will be happy to see her again when she comes back from vacation.

I keep saying to myself that if I have doubts about the conditions prostitutes work in, I should simply stop visiting prostitutes. Prostitution is not a necessity of life. I can do without. At least I can comfort myself with the thought that I need food for a living, so I have to care less for the workers (and other creatures) who work or who are being processed in the food industry. I do avoid animal products altogether. This is basically what I can do. I can't avoid buying food, but I can be somewhat selective regarding the food I buy. I can't totally avoid profiting from the abuse of other beings who work in the food industry or who are being processed in it, or regarding other essential industries for that matter, but I can lessen the damage by avoiding certain products.

I can totally avoid prostitutes. There is absolutely no valid reason to visit one, except for personal gratification, getting off on somebody else regardless of how this person feels about it. But I keep doing it. And I can't stop. Yes, many prostitutes are very friendly and patient, and at first there seems to be nothing wrong with the whole idea of prostitution. If prostitutes are not bothered by strange men touching their bodies, and if these men behave with care, then in theory there is nothing wrong. But obviously the reality could be different: forced prostitution (although it is difficult to gauge the true extent of this phenomenon), or economic necessity forcing people to do work which absolutely hurts them personally, I know, I know, I have been through that. And obviously it is not clear beforehand who are the 'voluntary' and who are the 'forced' prostitutes I know, I know .... and obviously I only want to visit the 'free' prostitutes and 'avoid' the 'involuntary' prostitutes (or do I?), I know I know, I have told a lot about it. No I don't agree with Maggie McNeill that people have the 'right' not to like their work. I believe people have the right not to be tortured. But I have said this already, I would be going in loops.

But this is a struggle I have to deal with myself. There is no use sharing it with the world. I have written about this issue multiple times on this blog, and now I am repeating myself again, so....

Anyway, farewell. There are other joys in life, and I try to pursue them now (... World of Warcraft, the Elder Scrolls Online, and such, hey, there are probably also people abused in the game/computer industry, haven't thought about that!! It is very difficult to be a righteous person. Oh, I could by cynical, haven't I told that a lot? How cynical I was?). Wish me good luck.

I won't remove my blog, everything can be found on the wayback machine anyway. I hope people will find something useful on this blog.