Sunday, March 16, 2014

A prostitute on de Wallen and her boyfriend

Mark van der Beer stopped blogging and twittering, but his girlfriend suddenly appeared on twitter. She calls herself Felicia Anna:

(PS: Mark van der Beer started tweeting again, and Felicia Anna now also has a blog:)

For a while there was confusion about her identity. Some people suspected that her account was a hoax. I also suspected this. It wasn’t immediately clear that she was the girlfriend of Mark van der Beer. She suddenly was there and she joined discussions. I recognized the arguments of Mark van der Beer in het arguments. And suddenly I had a Eureka moment.

Because I was aware of who the girlfriend of Mark van der Beer was on de Wallen, I immediately asked Anna Felicia if she was XXXXXX! This was an enormous blunder, because what I did was absolutely dumb and asocial. (Sorry, that was an impulsive action.) After a couple of minutes I corrected the mistake, but she did block me permanently anyway. Later Mark van der Beer informed me angrily that I had violated the privacy of his girlfriend.

By the way, I have written something about Mark van der Beer and his girlfriend, here:

and here:

Although I knew who she was on de Wallen, all this time I have never dared to approach her and figure out if she really is the girlfriend of Mark van der Beer. Perhaps she knew nothing of his blog, and he didn’t give me permission to approach her anyway. But now that she has appeared on twitter I could inform her that I would come to here, and she thought it was okay, but I did have to pay. Unfortunately she started a little later that day, so I walked for one and a half hour across the red light district (de Wallen), until I noticed that the red lights above her window started to burn. Unfortunately the curtains were still closed. I waited for her for 40 minutes. At the end she opened the curtains. She looked at me with suspicion.

With a little doubt she let me in. I asked her if she was XXXXXX. This was correct. I introduced myself as Donkey from twitter. I asked if she was indeed Felicia Anna from twitter.

And this was correct!!!!!

And Mark van der Beer also exists. And no, she is not ‘the journalist’, and he isn’t either.

I paid her fair and square, and I first decided to introduce myself. I told her that I visited de Wallen 10 years ago, that I visited 3 prostitutes, and then I read about forced prostitution in de media, that it supposedly happened a lot on de Wallen in Amsterdam, and that therefore I didn’t dare to visit prostitutes for years.

She told me that when she started to work in prostitution that she also believed these stories from the media. She felt compassion for these women. But now that she works in prostitution for four years herself she doesn’t believe in it anymore.

She told for example that she chats a lot with other prostitutes. This happens for instance in the little kitchen. She asks me how it is possible that forced prostitutes would do this. After all, don’t they always have to stand behind the window, smile and make money? She also tells that often they are chatting with each other in each other’s rooms. And often they are phoning each other with their cell phones for hours and hours, so you don’t have to believe immediately that they are being kept in check by their pimps.

And she argues that the forced prostitutes could immediately go to the police. The police is always ready for you. And she says when clients notice that you are forced, they will offer you help. And there is an alarm button in the prostitution rooms. When you press that button the police comes immediately. She also complains that nearly all clients ask her if she is forced. When she says no, the clients say like “okay”.

She also finds it strange that people make such a fuss about prostitutes giving money to their lovers and husbands. Outside of prostitution people would find this normal, but when it happens within the world of prostitution people make a fuss about it. She says prostitutes also have a private life. Many prostitutes simply have boyfriends and husbands. And it is not strange that many Bulgarian and Romanian boyfriends and husbands of prostitutes don’t work, because they simply can’t find work here in the Netherlands. This is not because they are parasites or exploiters. Above all, they weren’t even allowed to work here until not so long ago.

I talked with her about my difficulties developing erections, and that on top of it I have premature orgasms. She says that this happens because of the weed. I said that I don’t use weed. (I was very tense at that moment, I was continuously blinking very hard with my eyes, so….)

She says that clients are often too excited. Especially tourists. They are very happy when they can legally visit a prostitute here. And when they do visit a prostitute at last, then it won’t work. She says that clients sometimes pay for an hour or a couple of hours. But she just sits there next to them doing nothing, because his penis won’t become erect.

I said to her that with Eleni it often does work. I can easily maintain an erection, and postpone my orgasms. She says that this is because I know her well, because I have been with her more often. According to Felicia Anna I feel more relaxed.

She told that there are also clients who only want to talk, just like I do now. And she has clients with the strangest wishes. Such as a man who paid 550 euro to walk around like a dog across her room, for almost three hours. She only had to look at him from her bed.

I told her that her boyfriend Mark van der Beer said that she had seen me, and that she really found me schizo. She told me that she thought I was somebody else. This was a regular client of hers.

She told that she didn’t understand the stories of some well-known victims of forced prostitutes. She had discussions with some of them on twitter. She asks why these women didn’t get help from the police, or why clients didn’t help them. And she doesn’t understand how a prostitute could initially choose to work in prostitution, but later end up being forced.

I told Felica Anna that this could be the case because these women left prostitution in 2007, and then the situation was very different from how it was now. And perhaps the police didn’t help in the past, but now they do.

I also asked her if she knew Saban B, he is the well-known pimp who extorted a lot of prostitutes and fellow pimps until 2007 on de Wallen. She had heard vaguely about him. I also asked her if she was approached by extorting men who asked to protect her in exchange for money. She said this never happened. But there was once a man once who asked her to become his boyfriend or something, and who also offered her protection or something. (I couldn’t really follow her at this moment.) [UPDATE: ... and it later turned out that she didn't say this at all. I really totally misunderstood, about the man who asked her to be her boyfriend that is.]

I brought forward the proposition that perhaps in the past there was much more forced prostitution on de Wallen, but now perhaps a lot less. Obviously I gladly hope what Felicia Anna tells is true, because I visit de Wallen regularly nowadays. I told her about a former forced prostitutes who confided to me that she thought that nearly all prostitutes on de Wallen (and het Zandpad) were coerced. (That perhaps some 40-years-old prostitutes were not forced, but they all entered prostitution because of a pimp.) But perhaps this was the case in the past. But Felicia Anna obviously doesn’t believe this.

At one moment I was out of questions. But I made up something. She told on twitter that she knows most the prostitutes who work on de Wallen. She says she knows 90% of them. So I subjected her to a test. Did she know Eleni? Yes, she indeed does! She could easily point out where she works. She has spoken with her a couple of times, and drank coffee with her. Eleni doesn’t seem to know Felicia Anna by the way. She probably forgot.

Did she know Susana with her green lingerie and her wiggling butt? Astonishingly enough she also knows her too! But she doesn’t know her particularly well. But she did speak with her a couple of times. I talked about the embarrassing situation when I stood outside after 5 minutes after a visit to Susana. I thought that Susana perhaps was coerced because she so bluntly got rid of her clients. Felicia Anna said that could be the case because a number of clients are not so nice. They could shout things like “suck me bitch” or something like that. (I didn’t do that with Suzana).

I asked her if she knew Mary with the thick glasses. No, she didn’t know her. And she also didn’t know the Russian Kristina. I told her that Kristina didn’t let me inside. Kristina simply let me stand in front of her window. I have never experienced that before. Felicia Anna said that just like Kristina she also refused clients every now and then.

Well, I think her hit ratio is 50% or something! 2 out of 4. [It turns out that she actually does know Kristina, and she doesn't like her, and she is actually Romanian. So that makes the hit ratio 75%, 3 out of 4.]

I told her once that I warned Meld Misdaad Anoniem (=report crime anonymously) regarding one prostitute. I noticed that this women behaved weirdly and nervously. When I wanted to penetrate her doggystyle, she pulled her body back and more upward. Other clients who have described her also say this. Felicia explained that doggystyle could be a painful position for a woman. You could really hurt a woman in this position. Women differ among each other in this respect, and some women can’t handle the bigger penises that well. The same could be true for this particular woman. I said that I wasn’t that well hung. She said, that in my case perhaps this woman still couldn’t handle my size in that position. And she said that Dutch men often are ‘big’.

I talked with her about the Gucci-bags. She tells just as Mark van der Beer does, that prostitutes have the tendency to walk around wearing expensive clothes and sporting expensive bags. Their question to people is, would human traffickers allow this? I told her that on I read about cases in which women were absolutely coerced to work in prostitution, but these women still neatly received 50% of their earnings from the pimps. Perhaps they buy Gucci-bags with this money? Here the conversation hit a dead end, because she absolutely didn’t agree with this. We just went around in circles where she again explains you can easily go to the police, etc... And if you are forced then you call the police, don’t you? Unfortunately, I forgot to use the argument that pimps are very capable of threatening the prostitutes and their family members, and that the prostitutes simply don’t dare to go to the police. But I think that we wouldn’t have been able to leave the circle, if I would have said it.

I suddenly realized that one of the last trains would depart soon, and I quickly said goodbye to her. I said that I hoped that she was right, and that the situation had improved.

By the way, I did offered my apologies for violating her privacy. She is very forgiving and tolerant.

And if somebody has questions, you may always ask it to her on twitter.

PS: Mark van der Beer stopped with his blogs and twitter-account, because he wanted to prevent that he and his girlfriend would be discovered, and he didn’t want to get in her way since she appeared on twitter.

PS 2: she unblocked me.

PS 3: I have asked on twitter what she thinks of the threats that pimps utter to prostitutes. Doesn’t that make the prostitutes scared enough not to call in the help of the police and clients? She says that if you just think rationally, then you shouldn’t be afraid. You can call the police, and the police will help you. And if they threaten family members in your home country, then you call the police in your home country, and they will be there before the pimps have arrived in your home country. She asked if I really believe “someone would kill two people, risk jail, for one girl, for some money”? She said that I watch too much TV. I said it doesn’t matter, because it’s the perception of the forced prostitutes themselves which is most important. They regard the threats as to be taken seriously. It doesn’t matter if the pimps never carry out their threats. She says that the women can go to the police anonymously. And so on, … see! We are going around in circles.

And she never saw a very evil person who financially exploits a prostitute, by way of deception, violence and/or threats of violence, in four years time. She says she just sees boys who have girls there, but they don’t use force or violence on them. She never saw a pimp in four years.

PS 4: I have a twitter-account too!:

PS 5: I had a similar conversation with Eleni (aka Helena), as I had with Felicia Anna. You can read about the conversation with Eleni here:

PS 6: It turns out that Felicia Anna knows Kristina. So that makes it 3 out 4, or 75%.


Katerina Kaskantiri said...

My name is Katerina Kaskantiri and I think that casual sex with one or multiple sex partners should not label a woman 'prostitute'. We live in an era of sexual liberation.

Anonymous said...

Reaction to the volunteerly working prostitutes who claimes they see no forced prostitution: There is NO person who can see the force at the job. The girls who are forced most of the time are so defeated that they think life as a prostitute will be the only thing left for the rest of their lifes. After trying fledding, saying no to pimp and only getting violence as an answer, they have allready give up the thought and dream of a future after prostitution. So they smile at their jobs. They live at their jobs. Most of the time it's for them better to be at their workingplace them just sit at home with the violence and abuse coming with that.. As an outstander even as a volunteerly working prostitute, you simply don't see what is happening at home in their private spheres. Therefor there is NO volunteerly working prostitute that can claim that there is no forced prostitution and or that the people who are talking about forced prostitutes would be liers. Simply because forced prostitution is NOT visible as long as you don't want to see or don't know what to look for!

Friendly Greetings from a ex-prostitute who can claim a working experience in prostitution in the Netherlands for over 14 years. Seen multiple cases of forced prostitution. And ofcourse also multiple cases of what is called volunteerly working prostitutes...

Donkey said...

Yes, Felicia Anna is holding something back. Perhaps it is true that the number of forced prostitutes has become smaller, but undoubtedly there still are some forced prostitutes. She must see them.

Even Eleni whom I regularly visit on de Wallen acknowledges that she has encountered some prostitutes who have told her that they were forced to work in prostitution. But Eleni says that's what the prostitutes told her themselves, she couldn't check it.

Felicia Anna seems to have encountered one woman who handed over a large part of her earnings to her boyfriend. That's what her boyfriend says. The woman said she didn't feel forced.

You can read it here:

Mark van der Beer about the woman

Cliente X said...

Hey, Donkey, whats ur opinion about the demonstration in Amsterdam? I miss ur posts so much!

And about forced prostitution it's true, u need to know very well the girls. I have been in the places where they live, u need to submerge into their world. And I've already told u that well, finally I found why police tells the prostitutes are forced! They were fucking right! Nobody could know better than them!

Donkey said...

Hey Cliente X, I was just thinking about you!!!!

I do want to write a new post. Dina Siegel has stuck out her neck again. She claims that there is no forced prostitution on the Zandpad!!! She made that claim in Argos on VPRO-radio. You can find the broadcast here (Raamprostitutie Utrecht dicht: waar zijn de prostituees gebleven?, Coco Gubbels and Irene Houthuijs, Argos, 28-3-2015):

She is going to publish a report in May called 'Closing brothels, is closing eyes'. So I'll wait for that report, will read it, and will make a case that her claims are absolutely bollocks.

And, as you might have expected. I have visited Eleni two times again. I made an appointment with her at the end of this month! And I still watch porn, and masturbate, so I'm still struggling. I could just as well start writing on this blog again, because it clearly doesn't help me when I stop writing on this blog.

But as a matter of fact, I have no inspiration anymore. I don't know what to write about.

Yes, the demonstration. Felicia Anna organized it, together with her boyfriend, and Mariska Majoor. I wish them good luck, but I have to admit that I would be happy if all the window brothels were gone. I think there should be some kind of arrangement where a part of the money paid to the brothel owners by the municipality should go to the prostitutes.

I begin to realize that basically I am an abolitionist. I think prostitution is a human rights violation, and sex workers should be given all the help to make it a lot easier for them to decide to leave this filthy and inhumane trade. So perhaps I will make this official announcement on twitter and on this blog, only for you to respond!