Friday, August 16, 2013

A prostitute's boyfriend

There's a new blog out! It's written by a man who is the boyfriend of a Romanian prostitute who works in the largest red light district in Amsterdam: De Wallen.

I thought about writing something about his Dutch blog myself, which you can read here by the way:

But it turns out that he is busy writing all his Dutch pages completely in English!!!

You can find his English blog here:

First I thought it was all fake, but I have my own reasons to believe it is genuine.

He and his girlfriend say that forced prostitution is very rare on de Wallen in Amsterdam.

Do I believe him??? Well, I hope he is right, but in the past the situation was truly a lot worse. And some notorious pimps like Saban B really terrorized and extorted the hell out of a lot of prostitutes who worked there. But I know, since 2007 he and many other pimps were arrested, and perhaps the situation has improved a lot. The fact of the matter is, you really don't hear a lot anymore about de Wallen in Amsterdam. So there is a bit of an information vacuum. (The exception is Frits Rouvoet, about whom I wrote a lot lately.) I have asked some questions myself to prostitutes there, but does it make me wiser?

I will still write something about him in the future, but for now, read it and enjoy! Or read it and weep, what you want.

And I wish Cliente X good luck with his new friend. By the way, read Cliente X's (Spanish) blog here:

See you all later!!!!


Cliente X said...

OMG thank you!!!!!1
I'm going to read it right now.

Cliente X said...

I have enjoyed A LOT that blog. U can see that I commented ON EVERY post on their english version. Also I see that u have also written a lot, but in dutch. I'd like to know what u are talking about and if u'd accept his invitation to met his gf and friends to know how is the world of prostitution from inside.

Donkey said...

Cliente X, what do you mean?

Has Mark van der Beer invited me to meet him and his girlfriend? I would gladly accept his offer!!! But I haven't heard anything of him about this offer.

Actually, I have already seen his girlfriend! She tried to lure me inside. She also said CIAO with a sharp voice when she let a client outside. She is a funny girl. Eleni (or Elena) believes she is Bulgarian because of her extensions. According to her, Romanian women have a more natural look.