Saturday, June 15, 2013

Goddess Elena

I have done it again. I have visited a prostitute again on De Wallen. Oh hell, it doesn’t matter anymore anyway. It was the Greek Elena or Helena on the Goldbergersteeg again. I have visited here already 2 years ago. She still recognized me. She is a very friendly woman. She is in her thirties, 33 she says (PS: she already worked on de Wallen in 1995). If I would have met her in another context I would have fallen madly in love with her.

After the sex (I came very quickly again and she called me a ‘sex machine’), I decided to tell again (like I did with the Slovakian Angela) that I didn’t dare to visit prostitutes for years because of all the bad stories, and I told her about my weblogs, that I write a lot about the negative sides of prostitution. I told her that I wrote about trafficking in women on my blog, and that you hear a lot of negative stories about de Wallen. She said that I shouldn’t believe everything I read. She said she works independently and her crazy neighbour of hers with these ‘big tits’ too, and many others as well. But many women come and go; Bulgarians, Hungarians, Romanians etc... I asked her if there wasn’t an ‘evil man’ in the background. She said there wasn’t. However, she did know some forced prostitutes. She told about a Bulgarian woman who worked in the first room (nr. 1) of the Goldbergersteeg ([H]Elena herself works in the last room on the other end). The Bulgarian woman told (H)Elena that she had to earn 2000 euro or else she would be beaten up. She told about a Dutch woman who worked on nr. 2 and she was beaten by her Turkish boyfriend. She told that it doesn’t happen only to foreign women but also to Dutch women. But this is what the women tell her themselves, she cannot check it. (H)Elena said that if they want to they can easily walk away. She said, ‘there are my clothes’, and she pointed to a small cabinet. She pointed in the direction of the police office, and said that she could go to the police any time she wanted. If necessary she would walk away in merely her lingerie, she wouldn’t care. She said that the door of her room was always open. She asked me to imagine myself in her place for 5 minutes. What would I do? I said that I would be afraid that my family members would be killed. She looked at me with an expression of surprise. She said that I mustn’t believe these mafia stories, and isn’t there police in the Netherlands? I said that perhaps my family members would be murdered in Hungary. She again said that these mafia stories are nonsense. Isn’t there police there also? She told that once a Turkish man came to her and asked her 50 euro (per day) in exchange for protection. She said that she didn’t accept his offer because in that case she would bring herself into danger. I said that right before I visited her 2 years ago I saw a Turkish man pass her window and ask some things to her. She thought deeply, and said that this was a client. She said to me that for the women who work for such a man this is a choice. In principle they could easily leave. She told in passing about prostitutes with Turkish and Moroccan boyfriends, but I couldn't really follow her.

She said that I was a ‘funny man’, and she squeezed my cheek with her fingers. She said that often she squeezed the cheeks of men. I also squeezed her cheek. She said that there wasn’t a lot of fat on her cheeks. She again said that she could easily walk away, her door is open as usual. ‘See?’, she said. And she opened the door. I asked her if everybody could also walk in then. I left her room and saluted and waved to her.

I disappeared into the evening.


Cliente X said...

Bad, bad, boy!

Don't u know that EVERY prostitute there is forced! That is what media tell us! And media says always the truth. Whores are liars! Like Robin Hustle. She even supported the Norma's police myth that "Sex workers are frequently raped and assaulted when they encounter law enforcement". Oh, how they dare! They are obviously saying what the pimps want!

U MUST stop whoring, specially on the wallen. And do not visit again a prostitute, what if u finish believing them? INSIDE YOU, YOU KNOW THEY ARE NOT INDEPENDIENT! If Helena were, don't u think she had left prostitution after so many years?

THAT GIRL HELENA IS A FIREND OF MAFIAS!!! GRRRRR!!! SHE IS LIVING IN DE WALLEN FOR YEARS AND SHE SAYS THAT THE MAFIAS STORIES ARE NOSENSE!? Oh, she must have been threatened, beatened and raped a lot to say that. Maybe u didnt see she to cry but trust me she was crying inside her!

Who do you thing? A dirty bitch or the serious police reports? U know that that turkish guy is her pimp, all turkish are pimps. And u know perfectly that Helena is forced to be prostituted and her relatives threatened. Mafias control everything and police can do little with the scarce resources they have, we need to support our aothorities and give 'em more money to protect us. We want a strong state to inform, defend and tell us what to do. Yesss, we love u daddy state.

Want to know how is the life of Elena?

If u visit her again u will be a friend of pimps, an abuser, a raper of women and children. YOU KNOW IT!!! Do not ever trust evidences prostitutes show u! GOVT. PROPAGANDA SAYS U TO NOT TO THINK BY URSELF!

Donkey said...

Yes, like you tell it now, I actually see it this way.

I don't understand myself why I am doing this. A little voice indeed tells me that this is all just a myth, just silly mafia stories. No forced prostitution, no exploitation, no abuse.

Elena first denied it, but then she suddenly gives some examples of forced prostitutes she has personally known. So it does indeed happen!!!!! It strikes me that Elena didn't know the Bethlemsteeg right next to the Goldbergersteeg where she works. Probably the Goldbergersteeg is all she knows, she has no view of the rest of the red light district. It is all very limited.

I don't agree with Elena that women are not afraid that their families will be murdered. This is what abusive pimps indeed do: threaten to kill the loved ones of the prostitutes. Perhaps the pimps actually never carry their threats out, but the fear is enough for the women.

Luckily it seems that my sexuality is gone for the moment. I wonder for how long.

The clip about Elena is stupid. Not all forced prostitutes behave to clients like rubber dolls. Many are actually very good at their work, they know how to excite men. The way this is depicted is surely a myth.

Cliente X said...

Ok, so u already have a prostitute that is friendly to u. It's a start.

From here u can begin to know more about worl of prostitution, but u need to see her more often. If u spend again 2 years she will never be confident with u. 2 times weeklu should be a minimum.

Try to know what she likes. No speak about prostitution but about hobbies and begin to discover the person behind the professional. Listen same music she likes, talk about movies, u can even invite her to go shopping or lunch. If u want her to tell u what happens in de wallen u need to be her friend.

But I advise u to have more informants because sometimes girls that are enemies of others say things like the others have pimps. Visit the girls that are supposed to be pimped and talk with 'em. With nature, be nice with them. Don't force situation (like saying that their relatives should be threatened).

If u spend a lot of time with the girls (I was several hours daily with them, for years) u'll see and hear things u'll never had imagined. I promise.

Donkey said...

Ohw that will be expensive. That will cost me 800 euro a month, I'm not that rich.

Say, did prostitutes tell you that the others have a pimp?

Cliente X said...

Oh fuck, you don't want to see the pimps. Take a look of my last post.

Yeah, a common practice between girls when they don't like other prostitutes is to speak bad about them. They say that some girls (usually new girls that work a lot) have pimp, or veneral diseases, or that they rob. But that is bullshit, they have recognized me that is just a tactic they employ to convince johns to no go with those girls.

See, u don't need to spend a lot of money. U just need to earn their confidence, to become a friendly customer. But, and I don't want to harm ur feelings, u look like a liitle asocial boy.

Anonymous said...

I cant figure out this Cliente X fella, is he being sarcastic or he's really against prostitution? His blog is quite good actually but his comments are very confusing lol.

Cliente X said...

Of course it was sarcastic ^^

I was tired of the dumb arguments of Donkey

Donkey said...

A German prostitute said to me once that clients tell her that other German prostitutes receive the agreed money from the clients, but then do nothing after this; they refuse to have sex with the clients, and withhold the money. Then the client leaves.

Anonymous said...

some prostitutes take advantage of good costumers. when i was in vegas a girl from atlanta started acting ghetto after i paid her and started insulting me which killed my mood. even before that she started telling me about her 3 kids and how she just gave birth to one. that alone killed the excitement, i should've dropped it right then and there...
another girl from arizona started acting like a lunatic when i told her no after i saw she was missing one nipple. nice boobs but one nipple all fucked up. good thing i didn't pay her first. pheeww

Cliente X said...

In prostitution there is a lot of "professional intrusism". Girls that want the money but don`t like the job, so what they do is to cheat. They are not prostitutes but cheaters, what to do then? Nothin'. As I told u, a prostitutes does what she wants so if it was a scam all u can do is to leave and never go back.

With a little practice and experience u'll be able to avoid those rip-offs. They are not just fuckin' the johns but also the real pros bcause they give a bad image of prostitution.

Usually those girls will not be working a lot of time, they just want to rise up some money and leave.