Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Temple of Love

Lately, I didn't write much on my blog, because I realised that many posts I have written are hardly being read. I don't see the point anymore after spending so much effort on my blog. And actually, I believe I have wrote all what I have to say already. There is not much to add anymore.

As you all might have expected, I still visit prostitutes. I visit prostitutes while acting like a chicken without a head. Young or old, beautiful or ugly, free or forced. It doesn't really matter to me. I ignore my own tips to clients to avoid young window prostitutes and Eastern European prostitutes, because these groups are known to be often coerced or exploited.

While hopping from brothel to brothel, and never really having a satisfied experience, I finally stumbled upon a place which I could best describe as: the Temple of Love. What I have experienced with a prostitute there, I have never experienced before. I was completely pampered. The prostitute immediately started to French kiss me. It was a wonderful experience, it was as if we really made love. Not just the fixation on sexual intercourse, like with other prostitutes. What's more, I believe she is the most beautiful woman I have ever met in my life (and she had an equally beautiful ass ;-). Okay her breasts were fake). I visited the same brothel again and had sex with another prostitute who worked there. She gave me the same treatment. And she was equally beautiful (and she had an equally beautiful ass too, which she gave me the privilege to kiss!). And she was very friendly too!! We chatted a little about cats being dropped off somewhere miles away, and still finding their way back home. I theorised this could be because they can smell the outside environment from inside the car, and then find their way back because they remembered the scent trail. Or perhaps they use sonar. She theorised that it could be because they use GPS.

So I believe I have found heaven on earth. I believe I don't want to visit any other brothel in my life. From now on, I don't fight my own sexuality or my visits to prostitutes anymore. I will become a regular now. And the lucky thing is that I rarely hear about forced prostitution in this particular type of brothel that I visited, a type of brothel which is often referred to as a "privéhuis". And all the women who work in this particular brothel are Dutch nationals. You don't often hear about Dutch prostitutes being forced in sex clubs or “privéhuizen”. (For those who are curious, I talk about Huize Monique on the Dirk Loogenstraat 3 in Amersfoort. This is not a commercial.)

The thing is, that the night after I visited the latter prostitute I regularly woke up with the awful feeling that I have abused a person.

Perhaps this will be a final goodbye (although I have a plan to write about a particular forced prostitution case).