Friday, April 06, 2012



As you all might have guessed, I have visited a prostitute again. Obviously it was one of these young Eastern European prostitutes on De Wallen.

I must conclude that all efforts of not visiting a prostitute have failed. This makes me wonder, where I stand now. The fact of the matter is that there are two persons living inside of me: one person who is totally against prostitution and sexuality, and the other person who is very enthusiastic about visiting prostitutes. My moral-crusader me is totally convinced of the immorality of prostitution, of labour and of sexuality in general. My moral-crusader me knows precisely how prostitutes are abused in the sex industry. On the other hand, there is also a very strong other person within me, who enjoys sexuality and visiting prostitutes. The other person makes detailed plans, when and how to visit a prostitute. The other person believes in the theories of extremely nice persons like Laura Agustín, Maggie McNeill (The Honest Courtesan) and Dina Siegel, who deny or trivialise the existence of forced prostitution. This other evil person within me doesn't worry at all. These two people within me sometimes fight a war with each other. But often they live side-by-side, not interfering with each other's business. The worst thing is, is that my sex-positive me visits exactly these prostitutes of whom my moral-crusade me believes that they belong to the most abused group of prostitutes in the Netherlands. That is: young Eastern European prostitutes working in window prostitution. My moral-crusader me knows exactly how these women have to pay high window rents to the brothel owners (usually 150 euro per day, so they have to at least serve three customers before starting to earn money), then pay 50% of the rest to the intermediaries, and then have to live in a house with multiple other prostitutes, paying a rent of between 1000 and 2000 euro per month. Often they don’t have many clients at all. Perhaps five a day. At the end they leave the Netherlands empty-handed. My moral-crusader me sees how many prostitutes he visits clearly hate their work, judging by their body language. For these prostitutes, their work must be like being raped repeatedly.

This sick pattern keeps on repeating itself. How can I stop it? I can promise myself again and again never to abuse a prostitute again. But after a couple of weeks or months, I do it anyway. It makes me feel sick to the stomach.

How could I have gotten this far? I must derive at no other conclusion that I have become an evil rapist.

I am truly a sick and evil person.

I am a serial rapist. :'-(


Cliente X said...

Donkey, u surprise me TIME AFTER TIME. Mwahahahaha!

Why u don't let the whoremonger inside u to wirte a post instead the moral crusader? Man, do u understand that u are a BIPOLAR and that u are trying to repress ur real nature? After reading ur post, the only reason u have to be against prostituion is ur fear to find a forced prostitute.

Then, why u don't try to know more about that girl? Go with her several times, be nice and try to make ur meeting special. For example, do ur best to give pleasure to the girl or find what she likes (music, party, clothes...) Find if u have any common interest, try to become her friend. Then u'll know much better and from a direct source if she is forced in any way. Stop imagine things. Begin to know the reality.

I'm friend of many of those kind of girls, young eastern prostitutes. Some of the even underage (but not very much). Having met HUNDREDS of prostitutes, I'm sure that NOT EVEN ONE has ben forced to work in prostitution. There are other kinds of abuses, that I have already told u.

It's true that girls keep very few money after they work in this but it's not due the nature of prostitution but due the regulations around it. As u have said, hookies have to paid a lot of money just to be able to work there. I had friends there and they told me that there are windows up to 250... EACH NIGHT! That's really a madness, here is the weekly tax they pay. So the law, that forbid street prostitution and FORCE ho's to work in such expensive places are worsening the conditions of the girls.

If u want to improve them, I think the best u can do is to require their services more often so they will earn more money.

Go and "rape" 'em, go, go, go!

Donkey said...

Nice that you agree with me. But aren't you bothered by the idea that for every 100 euro you pay to a prostitute, only 10 euro is for herself? I don't find that a very comforting idea. I think it's horrible!

And so it seems after all, that the situation in Spain isn't so very different from the situation in the Netherlands. In the large majority of cases foreign women know that they will work in prostitution in the Netherlands, or they choose to do so. But little is left for them. The money usually goes to brothel owners, bad managers and bad boyfriends. Beware where your money goes to!

Donkey said...

By the way, you haven't told me your experiences yet with women who don't work in prostitution! What's so bad about them compared to prostitutes? I read that most women shave their vaginas to mimic the porn actresses. So I guess, as an ordinary guy, ordinary women will offer you a porn experience! Not so different from what a prostitute has to offer, I guess.

Cliente X said...

So, the fact that a prostitute doesn't keep all her money is horrible. All right. Where do u live? In an anarchist paradise where taxes don't exist? U don`t need to pay anyone in your farm, Donkey?

I also would like to keep all my money, but there are two sure things in this world: to die and to pay taxes. It's inevitable. So all I'm asking is that the tributes girls must pay should be in a legal way. Do u agree with me or not?

And about no pro's women there is nothing bad with them. They are... just too few form me, haha! I have been with around 20 women in an "unpaid" way. But with aprox 300 pros. It's just a matter of numbers, I love women so much.

Well, beign honest there is another factor. With a gf u have more worries and u can get jealous. Love with a pro is more free. And due they are with many more guys, they change their mentality, they are really open minded. And in the sex u will be sure u are a great lover if u make her wet, it's much harder to excite a pro than an amateur. The second one gets wet even if untouched, u can see it like a challenge.

And I had several gfs that shaved their pussies, it's not exclusive of whores. I like those pussies coz u feel 'em much better... they look like the ones of tiny, young girls. Hmmm.

Don't u want to lick and fuck again a delicious vagina from Romania? Come on, she is waiting you...

Donkey said...

I also would like to keep all my money, but there are two sure things in this world: to die and to pay taxes. It's inevitable. So all I'm asking is that the tributes girls must pay should be in a legal way. Do u agree with me or not?

Believe it or not, but many window prostitutes are legal here in the Netherlands, they work as independent entrepreneurs, and they pay taxes! They pay taxes, on top of the rent they pay to the brothel owners, on top of the protection they pay to the intermediaries or pimps, and on top of the excessive room rents they pay to the slum landlords!