Sunday, March 18, 2012

Copy editing


I stop posting on my blog for a while. Right now, I do some copy editing. I notice while reading back my posts, that I make some embarrassing mistakes here and there. A couple during each posts. So I want to correct them, before going further. Place some extra commas here and there, rework some sentences, invert some inversions, correct some syntax errors, etc......

Oh, about masturbating. I do it again. But I want to stop again. The spirit is weak, the body is strong, but my spirit should be stronger. Guess what I am fantasising about during masturbation? Right! Visiting prostitutes. I have seen three very lovely prostitutes on De Wallen in Amsterdam, so I'm fantasising about them. I don't fantasise about sex with these women. I'm fantasing about going to De Wallen, walking to one of these women, and then entering their room. That's it! That's the fantasy!!!! Then I have an orgasm.

I shouldn't even think about it. The problems lie in my thoughts, not masturbation. I should correct my thoughts. Of course I know these women are probably coerced to work in prostitution. Feeding the sex industry is feeding the rape of women (expect for these women of 'Women of the world' escort agency and 'Vialet escort agency', oh, and Pascale, Zondares, Jeanette1, Ilse de Rooij, Blond Stewardesje, etc....).

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