Monday, February 06, 2012

A very exciting story about a voluntary prostitute!


After all these negative prostitution stories, I want to bring a positive one. Although I doubt if this story is for real. It is from a magazine called Woamm (19-25 June 2008). The article is named "Mijn vrouw speelt de hoer" (My wife plays whore). It contains three stories of couples of whom the wife works or has worked as a prostitute. The article claims that there are 100,000 women in the Netherlands who work in prostitution without the knowledge of their husband. I think this claim is false, by the way. I say it is possible that the magazine simply concocted up the whole article, including the stories. This is known to happen in the world of journalism. Whole interviews with celebrities are concocted up.

You can doubt if many forced prostitution stories are real, but the same is true for the positive stories. Actually, it is easier to prove that a person is forced to work in prostitution, considering all the human trafficking lawsuits. There are no lawsuits to prove that prostitutes work voluntarily in prostitution and enjoy their work. So we can absolutely know for sure that there are prostitutes who are coerced to work in prostitution, but we can never know for sure if there are also voluntarily prostitutes. It can always turn out that a supposed voluntary prostitute was forced to work in prostitution after all. Forced prostitutes are known to say to outsiders that they work in prostitution of their own free will and that they even enjoy their work. But to come back to the Woamm-article…..

One story from the article in the Woamm-magazine catches my imagination. It tells about a woman who works in prostitution just for the thrill of it. She became sexually aroused by having sex with an ugly truck driver with greasy fingers, for money. This is actually a sexual fantasy of myself; that I am a young and beautiful female prostitute who has sex with greasy and ugly men. It is the only way I can imagine that a woman says that she enjoys working in prostitution. But my fantasy is a masochistic fantasy. So in my opinion, women who enjoy working in prostitution must surely be masochists. There is no other way. Although some prostitutes say that they find it cosy to be with clients and to talk with them. I can also imagine that. But not that they genuinely like the sex with clients, except if they are masochists.

As you might all understand I will translate this story for you:

Bram (52) and Marijke (38) are married for fifteen years and have no children. Bram works at a food wholesale business and Marijke work two days a week at the reception of a medium-sized business. Marijke began with her hobby five years ago, without Bram being informed of it.

Marijke: "I have never finished my study. I was 20 years old when I got to know Bram and three years later we married. Bram was already financially independent at that moment, and it was clear that I didn't need to work. The first years were not difficult. I furnished our house, I let the garden be tidied up and I was busy the whole week with little women's things. Manicure, shopping, hairdresser... I had an appointment for every single day and a lunch with somebody. After a couple of years we gladly wanted to have children, but unfortunately that didn't happen. When I was told that I would never have children myself, my little world collapsed. Suddenly everything was shallow and meaningless. I didn't feel like working for money. I couldn't have babies. I didn't amount to anything in our society. In the meantime I was 33 and I felt old. A combination of circumstances caused me to be in a restaurant alongside the highway that week, where I normally never come. I was approached by a man who asked me without batting an eyelid if I wanted to pamper him in the cabin of his truck. I didn't even feel insulted, I found it rather laughable to be honest. "Why should I do that?", I asked him. Because he really wasn't even that attractive. "20 euro for wanking, 50 for fucking. And if you give me a blowjob I will make it 75", he answered. I still remember that I thought that I really had to dress differently indeed, since this man thought that I would take my clothes off for next to nothing, but it aroused me so incredibly that I started to negotiate. "100 euro, and you are not allowed to finger me!" The idea that those stained fingernails would enter my clean little cunt was unbearable. He agreed and I walked with him to his car. I washed his cock with the little bottle of spa I had with me, put on the condom that he handed me, and I went working. The act itself was not arousing. The situation however was so horny that I became soaking wet. He couldn't stay off my tits and it was over within approximately seven minutes. Then I stood next to his cabin, with two notes of fifty in my hand. I put it away at home and I continued with the normal things. But three weeks later I wanted to do it again, and I drove again ninety kilometres to the restaurant concerned. I sat down at the same little table and within a quarter of an hour I had a bite again. It became an addiction. One time per week, sometimes two times, I let myself be fucked by an unknown man. Never two times the same man, always 100 bucks."

Bram: "I already had my own business when I was thirty, and what's more, the business was also doing very well. I made some investments, bought some buildings. Because of an unlucky combination of circumstances and an unreliable business partner, I suddenly had almost lost everything. I did have some capital, but I couldn't reach that just like that and I was awfully worried. About how things should go further, what would Marijke think. I had the feeling that I had failed and I had a little breakdown. We have talked a lot during that time. I felt so betrayed by my partner, that I impressed upon Marijke that she should never have secrets for me. I saw her change colour and I immediately knew that something wasn't right. I thought that the ground sank away from under my feet when she told me that every now and then she had sex for money. Very quickly it turned out that it was for the kick, not the men and certainly not because she was unsatisfied. I would have found it very awful in a sexual as well as in a financial respect. But we had sex approximately three, four times per week and she had her own credit card, so she never had financial problems. I had to become very used to her kick. At first I also forbade her to do it. Only later I saw how she enjoyed doing it, how she blossomed. I wanted to accompany her and I sat down at another little table. I saw how she was picked up, how she entered the truck. I had to control myself not to open that door and to drag out both Marijke and that guy, but within ten minutes she stood outside again. I asked her what kind of things she did with that money. She then said that furthermore she did nothing with it. For her it wasn't about the money, but about the kick, she said again. After arriving at home she showed me a vanity case, which was under the bed. Completely filled with notes of 50 euro! A quick count told me that it was more than 23,000 euro. Just under our bed! We still did talk about that a lot. Especially about her safety, because there are quite some creeps among them. But in the meantime we have reached a beautiful compromise. She does it Thursday morning and Saturday evening. Then I just accompany her. To be honest it has also become my kick in the meantime. We don't need the money anymore, my business runs well again. And it still lies under the bed like always, because otherwise the tax department will nibble from it. We are closer than ever!"


Anonymous said...

The style of the writing might suggest that this story is fiction (or at least exaggerated), but the actual phenomenon of a temporary "high" due to being desired is real enough.

Donkey said...

I agree. The story is probably fake. I can't imagine picking up clients so easily in the eating house near a petrol station.

Anonymous said...

The world is stranger than fiction. I myself had this fantasy of my girl being a prostitute, just as a kinky game. However, my gf thought it was a fun idea, and once when she looked at at the homepage of a "clinic" (brothel) she saw this advertisement for jobs. She got really eager about it, and I thought: Welll is she wants to then why not??

Long story short: She started trying it with my blessing and it was super kinky in the beginning. Then we had a long fase where I turned jealous, as she showed my little interest as she got physically satisfied with her new job. Now its just her job, shich grants her financial independence from me ( I have a well payd job) and her parents (she is a student). So she is happy being independent and also from getting the opportunity to be unfaithful in a controled way.

This is a real story. You can believe it or not. I just felt like writting it here, since people have so many ideas and feelings about prostitution (and yes these girls alot of money)

Anonymous said...

Ps Sorry for the spelling errors :) Wrote the comment very fast.

Donkey said...

Thanks for the comment! You are the only serious person in ages who has commented on my blog.

I have a question for you: How do the clients behave towards her?

My impression is that quite a lot of clients show some very transgressive behaviour towards the prostitutes, like suddenly - without warning - inserting fingers into the orifices of the prostitutes, or saying rude things ("give me a blowjob, bitch!!!").

But some prostitutes don't seem to mind about that. The prostitute Eleni whom I regularly visit says that all the clients are friendly and respectful! I find it hard to believe. Perhaps some clients are nice, but all of them???

How does your girlfriend deal with these issues? What does she tell about the clients?