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Saban and the gang - part 3


Let's start all over again. I have no choice but to continue, my conscience has to stay active. I have deep psychological problems. I am in a very bad mental state. Real deep shit.

This is part three in the series of translations I made of segments of verdicts on, about a gang led by Saban B. In this file I use two verdicts.

Now I translate segments from a file with the LJN-number: BP6723, you can find it here: (verdict regarding Tayfun K)

(The interviews in the files are not literal representations of what people said, but are in fact soberly represented, except for the wiretapped conversations. I altered the introductory lines to make them more readable. And I completed some of the initials of the perpetrators.)

1. The testimony of witness [person 25] (December 9, 2006):

[Person 8] and I worked in prostitution in Alkmaar. Friends of ours, [suspect Saban B] and suspect [Tayfun K] told us that we could better go to Amsterdam. From the moment we worked there, we had to hand over money to them. [Suspect Saban B] arranged my financial matters and [suspect Tayfun K] that of [person 8]. We paid between 500 and 600 euro per day. We also had to pay the room rent of 130 euro. I received 50 euro for myself from [suspect Saban B]. In November I was molested by [suspect Saban B]. He asked me to take off the earrings and then beat me in the face, I slammed against the wall. [Person 8] and [suspect Tayfun K] were there. Then he beat once again, I slammed against the wall again. It hurt and I became dizzy and nauseous. He thought that I had worked without condom. [Suspect Tayfun K] was also there. He sat on a chair. [Suspect Saban B] said "If I should hear another thing like that, then I'll finish you". He was beside himself with anger and he was aggressive. I am afraid of [suspect Saban B], I have seen a firearm with him in the Porsche. [Suspect Saban B] just always has a dagger with him and a little bag with money.

2. The testimony of witness [person 8] (December 9, 2006):

I went working in prostitution with my girlfriend [person 25] in Alkmaar. During the summer of 2006 we met [suspect Tayfun K] there. He was a client. He came more and more often. We phoned more and more often. I started to fancy him. He was very friendly towards me. When he came, it always was with a big group. The boss was [suspect Saban B]. I became the girlfriend of [suspect Tayfun K] and [person 25] of [suspect Saban B]. The men took us everywhere. We also resided in the most expensive hotels with whirlpools. In the beginning the men paid everything for us. We gave all the money that we earned in prostitution to [suspect Saban B] and [suspect Tayfun K]. I trusted them. We received €50 per day for mobile telephone credit and food.
On November 7, 2006 we went with the four of us to Den Haag. We had to walk some distance behind the men. When [suspect Saban B] kept standing in front of a window prostitution building, that was a sign for us that we had to ask there if we could work there. That turned out to be the [address]. A number of weeks ago, we were picked up by [suspect Saban B] and [suspect Tayfun K]. We went to the Ibishotel in Den Haag. [Suspect Saban B] said to [person 25] that she had to take off her earrings.
I saw that [suspect Saban B] beat [person 25] suddenly deliberately and with force with the flat of his hand in the face. This blow was so hard that she landed with her head against the wall. I saw that [person 25] immediately started to cry and ended up in a sort of shock. After this, I saw that [suspect Saban B] beat [person 25] once again deliberately and with force in her face with the flat of his hand. I was terribly shocked by this. I saw that [person 25] - as a result of this molestation - developed a bruise on the side of her head. I also saw that a segment of the white of her eye had become red. The next day, the hand imprint of [suspect Saban B] was still visible on the face of [person 25]. [Suspect Tayfun K] was also present during the molestation. He just acted as if he hadn't seen it. He looked a bit downwards. After this, I went downstairs together with [suspect Tayfun K] and he paid the hotel with my money. [Suspect Saban B] and [person 25] went outside. That same evening, I have proposed to [person 25] to flee. [Person 25] gladly wanted to do this, since [person 25] and I had become very scared of [suspect Saban B]. From that moment on, we wanted to have nothing to do with him.

3. The testimony of witness [person 8] (March 18, 2007):

We have also worked in Germany for a short while. [Suspect Tayfun K] brought us there. We didn't want to work there because we had to work naked and we had to give blowjobs without condom. I have phoned [suspect Tayfun K] and I said that we didn't want to work there, that he had to pick us up. [Suspect Saban B] dropped by there once. He then took our money with him. We didn't earn very well there. It was 200 euro. [Suspect Saban B] said that it even wasn't enough for the petrol. They have dropped by two times in total. After Germany we went to Den Haag. That was on the [address].

4. The testimony of witness [person 8] (May 18, 2007):

We always had to report everything what we did. We weren't allowed to go out and we had to pretend that we didn't know [suspect Saban B] and [suspect Tayfun K]. I was only allowed to go out with [person 25]. When we went to the restaurant next to the Galabar we had to report in detail with whom we spoke or who laughed to us. And we had to indicate with an accuracy of a minute when we left the restaurant again.

5. The testimony of witness [person 8] (July 4, 2007):

[Suspect Tayfun K] proposed to me to work during the night. He once phoned me at 6 o'clock to ask if I was at work. I have seen a weapon in the home of [suspect Saban B], a pistol. It lay in a drawer. [Suspect Tayfun K] always had a knife with him. According to him, every Turk has that.

6. The testimony of witness [person 8] (April 3 and 18, 2008):
(April 3)
In the beginning I was in love with [suspect Tayfun K]. He was kind towards me. That other one, his boss [suspect Saban B], incited him. I worked for [suspect Tayfun K] but I was particularly afraid of [suspect Saban B]. [Suspect Tayfun K] said to me over the telephone "I will give you my boss". He cursed that I had to earn 1500 euro or else I had to leave the Netherlands. [Suspect Saban B] and [suspect Tayfun K] then arranged our workplace. With us I mean [person 25] and I. We first were in Alkmaar. We finally got a workplace in the [address] in Den Haag.
(April 18)
We were brought and picked up from work. [Person 25] and I were often phoned around 17.00/18.00 hours. Then we were waiting and we were picked up. After work, [suspect Saban B] and [suspect Tayfun K] stood outside in front of the display windows. We then put on other clothes and went to them. After this, we went to the restaurant and subsequently to the hotel. We lived in the Ibishotel. We have worked every day. I earned between 500 and 700 euro. I gave everything to [suspect Tayfun K]. The man on photo 34 is [suspect Tayfun K] (the court concludes: [suspect Tayfun K]). The woman on photo 59 is [person 25] (the court concludes: [person 25]). The woman on photo 58 is me (the court concludes: [person 8]). [Suspect Tayfun K] said that I was a girl that deserved expensive clothing, gold, an own house and car. I believed him. When [suspect Saban B] and [suspect Tayfun K] paid for these expensive hotels and food, I did actually know that we had to pay that back. That was before we went working for them in prostitution. I went to Belgium with [suspect Saban B] and [suspect Tayfun K] and [person 25], [suspect Saban B] stayed there and we travelled further to Germany. I have been continuously in the company of [suspect Tayfun K] and [person 25]. I believe the brother of [suspect Tayfun K] has brought us, [person 25] and me, from Germany to the Netherlands. [Person 25] and I have worked in Germany. [Suspect Tayfun K] has phoned with his brother. He could help us because he lived in the neighbourhood and he brought us to the Netherlands.

7. A wiretapped conversation between [S] [suspect Saban B] and [T] [suspect Tayfun K] (October 31, 2006 at 15.07.42 hours):

S.: What are you doing?
T.: Go pick up the girls and let them eat somewhat.
S.: Just take it just pick up the girls and let them eat somewhat. You can pick me up after this.

8. A wiretapped conversation between [S] [suspect Saban B] and [T] [suspect Tayfun K] (November 1, 2006 at 18.41.48 hours):

T.: It is not possible there.
S.: Why?
T.: They need a residence permit for Germany.
S.: What is that?
T.: A stamp for Germany that you can stay here. They stipulate a provision there. Also, no authorised person is present there now.
S.: What are we going to do brother.
T.: We are some unlucky birds.
S.: Then make some reservations for tomorrow when it is present.
T.: When it doesn't succeed, then I will come above today, then I will place them somewhere. And after this tomorrow.
S.: Exactly that way...then you will go there, then you will give the rent directly. Then tomorrow they can go to the police and then they can work immediately.

9. A wiretapped conversation between [S] [suspect Saban B] and [T] [suspect Tayfun K] (November 1, 2006 at 20.06.59 hours):

S.: Say to the girls that they have to save the money. They mustn't spend it here and there..say it. Look, they mustn't fuck with others, we will take care that they will be finished then.
T.: I have said it exactly the same way.
S.: Say it to both of them. They are not allowed to go out with others. (...) they must save the money. Is that okay. (...) in a few days I will take the money...tomorrow, at most the day after tomorrow we will take the money out of their hands.
T.: okay.

10. A wiretapped conversation between [S] [suspect Saban B] and [T] [suspect Tayfun K] (November 1, 2006 at 22.27.13 hours):

T.: I have left them behind (...) I have said it (...) they say agreed.
S.: They say agreed. You should have said about properly saving money.
T.: They will save... They were a little reserved because they had to work naked. (...)
T.: I have said "you are not alone here, everybody does the same" I have said.
S.: Yes.
T.: I will not bring you back again, or else you will buy a ticket here and you can leave. (...) after this she said let me go to Den Haag. I said not today.

11. A wiretapped conversation between [S] [suspect Saban B] and [St] [person 36] (November 6, 2006 at 23.42.05 hours):

S.: I have something to write to you (...) you have to phone for me that ... and ask an evening chamber for your girlfriend you say.
St.: Okay (...) number?
S.: [person 25] is her name.
St.: How?
S.: (spells) [person 25].
S.: That one comes from [person 103].

12. A wiretapped conversation between [S] [suspect Saban B] and [U] [person 73] (November 6, 2006 at 23.55.23 hours):

S.: I am in Den Haag. We have only just arranged the rooms for the girls. Come here.
U.: Okay, I come.

13. A wiretapped conversation between [S] [suspect Saban B] and [K] [person 101] (November 7, 2006 at 21.54.35):

S.: Is there a hotel that you know of in Den Haag (...) we will place our girls there you know...two girls. It doesn't have to be luxurious.
K.: Yes Ibis is okay (...) and there also is a restaurant included where you can eat until 7 o'clock in the morning. A petrol station where you can buy cigarettes etc.
S.: They are not allowed to spend too much money. What the heck are you doing.. This is there and that is there.. There must be nothing present there.

Now I translate a short segment from a file with the LJN-number: BO8383, you can find it here: (a verdict regarding Saban B)

It becomes clear from the statements by [victim 3] as well as the statements by the witness [witness 2] and [witness 1], the mother of [victim 3], that [victim 3] is afraid. Afraid of the suspect and afraid of what could happen to her and her family. She even shows her fear on the occasion of the interrogation at the Counsillor-Commissioner at February 15, 2010, where she states: "(...) I would rather prefer that I don't need to make these statements and that my mother doesn't need to be involved in this. I think that I can still be afraid (...)". That same fear emerges from her statements in July 2005. She states in that, about the threats that the suspect uttered towards her which were meant for her family. On July 29, 2005, [victim 3] indicates towards the police that she doesn't want to bring her family into danger and that's why, out of fear for the suspect, she doesn't want to press charges.
In this context it is furthermore of importance that the mother of [victim 3], [witness 1], on September 1, 2005, has reported to the police in Poland the crime of threatening (see file 38, page 17506-17518). [Witness 1] has stated that mid-July (the court understands: 2005) [victim 3] phoned to her. Her daughter started to cry during the conversation, and she didn't want to say what was going on. After this, [victim 3] sent no news of herself for a while. A couple of days later, [witness 2] - a girlfriend of [victim 3] – phoned, who also stayed in the Netherlands. She said that [victim 3] pressed charges "against the Turk" because he had beaten her. She said that she phoned to say that [victim 3] must drop the charges. She had to do that before Saturday. [Witness 2] started to cry during the telephone conversation. [Witness 2] has told among other things to [witness 1], that there were friends of the Turk with her and they had beaten her. [Witness 2] asked her to influence [victim 3] to withdraw her statement. She said that she, [witness 1], had to take care of herself and her son because they could come to Poland to do something to her. The Turk who was supposedly named [false name 2] and was called "Szabat" (which [victim 3] had already told her earlier on) supposedly had people who arranged everything. They were clearly threatened. On August 29, 2005, [victim 3] phoned again. She said to [witness 1] that she had to take good care of herself and her little son, and that she shouldn't let her little son go outside alone. [Victim 3] said that she had fled. On September 1, 2005, [witness 1] tells among other things, that three men who were unknown to her stood on the yard. They said to her that they had to find out if [victim 3] was in Poland. When [witness 1] said that she would call in the police, the men said that they would blow her up. One of the men said that if [victim 3] would drop the charges, she would be given a lot of money. [Witness 1] has phoned to [witness 3] that day, and has told her what had happened and what was expected of her, namely, that she had to withdraw her statement before 22.00 hours. [Witness 2] has confirmed the statement by [witness 1], in her statement of April 26, 2007. She has stated that the suspect came to her and that she had to phone to the mother of [victim 3] by his order. She had to say that [victim 3] was gone and that she had to make contact with him. When [victim 3] would make contact with the mother, the mother had to say that [victim 3] had to make contact with the suspect, or else there would be trouble.
The court observes that after the events in Poland, where men who remained unknown supposedly threatened the mother of [victim 3], and after the telephone conversation between [witness 1] and [witness 2] (with the content and intent as presented above), [victim 3] withdrew a segment of her earlier statements. The court, taking into account what is mentioned above, considers it plausible that for a part it was related to the aforementioned fear and the incident at her mother's home in Poland, and is not the result of the rectifying of false statements made earlier on. This leaves unimpeded that regarding all parts of her statements, it will be critically assessed in light of the charges, if there is supporting evidence for those statements.
Among other things, the following emerges from the means of evidence.
[Victim 3] has stated that in 2004, she came to the Netherlands to work in prostitution. First she has worked in Alkmaar on the Achterdam. There she got to know the suspect (who also used the name [false name 2]), who was a client of hers. She entered into a relationship with him, went to live with him in Vinkeveen and went working for him in prostitution in Amsterdam and Utrecht. That [victim 3] has worked for the suspect as a prostitute, is confirmed by the witnesses [victim 5], [victim 2] and [person 1]. She worked as many as 12 hours per day. She was brought to work. She had to hand over the money that she earned to the suspect. This is also confirmed by the three aforementioned witnesses. [Victim 3] has stated that she was beaten by the suspect and that she developed black eyes and bruises as a result of that. The mother of [victim 3] has stated that she has seen that [victim 3] had bruises on her body. The witness [witness 5] has stated that she has seen that [victim 3] had bruises and a black eye. [Victim 3] had told her that she was beaten by the suspect. She has also seen herself that the suspect beat [victim 3]. The witness [witness 2] has stated that [victim 3] phoned to her and told that the suspect beat her. [Victim 5] has stated that she knows that the suspect beat [victim 3] and that she, [victim 5] had to make her up to conceal the bruises. Also the witness [victim 6] has stated that the suspect beat [victim 3]. That's what the suspect had told her himself, according to the witness.
[Victim 3] herself as well as [victim 5] and [witness 5] have stated that the suspect forced [victim 3] to stand in the ice-cold water near the house in Vinkeveen. On July 27, 2005, [victim 3] wanted to depart from Schiphol to Poland. On Schiphol, the suspect and a number of other men have tried to obstruct her from leaving. [Victim 3] eventually managed to tear herself away and she went to the military police. The suspect and/or one of the other men have taken/snatched her bag (in which a part of her documents were present among other things), according to [victim 3]. This statement is supported by the prints of camera images and the description of these of the events on July 27, 2005 on Schiphol, which have been included in the report of the crime. It has furthermore turned out at the house search on April 3, 2007 in the house of [fellow suspect 5], that a sports bag was found with goods and official documents belonging to [victim 3].

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