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A Bulgarian prostitute in Amsterdam and Rotterdam


And now, a new verdict from, which has the LJN-number: BV1281
You can find it here:

I will offer some translations of some segments of the verdict.

(All the testimonies are soberly represented in the verdict, and I changed the introductory lines a little bit)

1. The testimony of the suspect (September 7, 2010):

I got to know [T.A.] (the court understands: [T.A.]) in Bulgaria on the coast. We fell in love with each other. She has invited me to come to the place of her older brother. They really lived there under poor circumstances. [T.A.] told that her third oldest brother lived in a very small house with his in-laws, and he didn't feel comfortable there. She told that her brothers took care of her starting from the age of ten. Now she gladly wanted to help her brothers. She told that her oldest brother could become homeless at any moment. She then said that she would try to work in the Netherlands as a prostitute. She hoped that she would be able to buy a house for all her brothers.
We then went to Rotterdam. I have helped [T.A.]. We travelled to the Netherlands using my money. Near the house she found a club where she could work as a prostitute. She has worked there for a short time. She could earn more money behind the windows in Amsterdam. However, she needed documents for that. It concerned a Social Security number and a certificate of the municipality. We then registered ourselves. [T.A.] went with the certificate and her Social Security number to the Chamber of Commerce to arrange the necessary documents so she could work in Amsterdam. She asked if I could bring her to work and could pick her up. I mean from Rotterdam to Amsterdam. That's what I've done. We then decided together to move to Amsterdam, to the [address].

2. The testimony of [T.A.] (December 7, 2009):

The name by which I am generally known is [T.A.]. I have been born on January 3, 1987 in the little town of Tryavna (Bulgaria). I have been to primary school until the fifth grade. I have four brothers. They are much older than I am. My mother died twelve years ago. I have no contact with my father. I don't have a good relationship with him.
I met [suspect]. I knew that he mediated in bringing girls to the Netherlands who wanted to work in prostitution. I also wanted to earn money. [Suspect] said that his girls were happy and that he had bought for example a house for them of the money that was earned by them. [Suspect] told that if I would work for him, that I couldn't work on a 50/50 basis in the beginning. I could start on a 70/30 basis. So 70% of the money earned by me would be going to [suspect]. Together with [suspect] I let my identity papers be made in order. [Suspect] said that he would arrange a house and that he would take care of my safety. In June 2007, we drove in the car of [suspect] to an address in Rotterdam. The next day I started to work as a prostitute. Because I still had no documents I started to work in a club (Californie). [Comment by Donkey: they probably mean "Hotel California" on the Nieuwe Binnenweg 171 in Rotterdam, but I may be wrong]
After three months, [suspect] and I went back to Bulgaria. I had 3000 euro in my hands. I took 1500 euro with me to Bulgaria. I had earned a lot more, but [suspect] had that in his possession. I don't know exactly how much money that was. I had a relationship with [suspect]. I felt happy. I was convinced that later on I would be able to buy a house for my family with the money that was earned by me, and that later on I could perhaps start my own enterprise.
After two weeks, [suspect] and I went back to Rotterdam. My documents were in order now. I went working behind the windows in Amsterdam. That was somewhere in September 2007. I earned a lot of money, between 1000 and 1500 euro per week. The price of the room rent is already deducted from that. I worked between 19.00 and 02.00 hours. I worked six days per week, I was free on Tuesday. I gave the money that was earned by me to [suspect]. I travelled back and forth between Rotterdam and where we lived in Amsterdam. Somewhere in September or in the beginning of October, we moved to Amsterdam to the [address].
When [suspect] and I went to Bulgaria in December 2007, I received between 2500 and 3000 euro from him. I had worked between September and December 2007 for that. [Suspect] had the rest of the money that was earned by me. In January 2008 we came back to Amsterdam. There was little work. We have looked for work in Belgium and Germany, but the earnings were also bad there. [Suspect] and I went back to Amsterdam to our old address. I earned between 100 and 150 euro per day at that time. Approximately half a year ago (the court understands: mid-2008) we found a house on the [address] in Amsterdam. I paid 450 euro rent per month.
[Suspect] took away the money that was earned by me as a prostitute. He took it from my wallet. I received ten or fifteen euro to buy cigarettes and red bull. [Suspect] takes care of himself and of his family. He also buys little things for his car, all with my money.
He told that he had a friend who worked for him at Western Union. That friend was supposedly able to see how much money I transferred to my family. I had no other places where I could hide money.
I went to Bulgaria two times this year. I went three or four times during the past years. I took between 1000 and 1500 euro with me every time. The remaining money that I had earned was taken from me by [suspect].
[Suspect] and I had agreements about saving money. I requested him to save the money for me that I had earned. He promised that, but it didn't happen. All the money is used up. [Suspect] sends it to Bulgaria to redecorate his house with it. He otherwise spends it on expensive clothes, restaurants and cars. Thanks to me he drives in a BMW318i. The car is registered in his name and has a Bulgarian license plate.
[Suspect] also lets another girl work for him. She came living with us three weeks ago. He came home one evening with the girl. [Suspect] learned the girl what to do as a prostitute and how much money she had to ask. I know that she also had to hand over her money to [suspect]. She told me that. Her name is [E.T.]. [E.T.] is 20 years old. She cannot read or write.
I press charges because I've had enough of it. I don't want [suspect] to take away my money every day that I earn with my body. [Suspect] promised that he would help me and my family. That's why I stayed with him. I have always loved [suspect], or was it actually more like pity, but he sees me as his woman worker.

3. The testimony of [T.A.] (December 9, 2009):

Our relationship has changed approximately half a year after our collaboration. He (the court understands: [suspect]) promised an awful lot, but he didn't keep his word. I found out in the  beginning of 2008 that he didn't financially help my family. He did promise that. I furthermore found out that he simply spent the money that he was supposed to save for me, while it was my money.
He took away my money from the very beginning. Most of the time he waited until I had earned between 1000 and 2000 euro and he took it away when I came home. [Suspect] transferred money via Western Union. [Suspect] was in Bulgaria during the last two or three months and I had to transfer the money that I had earned to Bulgaria.
I had no problems with [suspect] until the summer. My family has opened my eyes, they saw that he abused me. I earned a lot of money in Amsterdam and I wanted to see money as well. I wanted to keep my earnings for myself.
[E.T.] also worked as a prostitute. She still hasn't been registered at the chamber of commerce and she has no passport. That's why she worked on order via the telephone in Rotterdam. The client phones to [suspect]. He then brings her for an hour to the client. He took away all her money. Everything was for him and nothing for her.
I transferred money this year via money transfers to [suspect] to the name of his mother [N.M.] and several times to his name. And when I sent money to my youngest brother [N.A.], then [suspect] took it away from him. I then had to transfer the money to the name of [N.A.] and then [suspect] took it away.

4. The testimony of [T.A.] (December 16, 2009):

I have stated that I transferred money to my little brother. My little brother and [suspect] have lived together in Bulgaria in September and October 2009. I transferred money to my family and to the family of [suspect], his mother actually. I also transferred money to my little brother, [N.A.]. [Suspect] was afraid that his name would appear on the receipts. [N.A.] took up the money and gave it to [suspect].

5. The testimony of [E.T.] (December 8, 2009):

I was born on [1989] in Plovdiv (Bulgaria). My father and mother are divorced when I was six years old. I went living with my father and grandparents. I have only done the first grade of primary school. I cannot read or write. My father is ill and I had to take care of him. I had to work on the field at my grandfather and grandmother. I was 14 or 15 years old when I went working in a factory. I don't have contact with my mother anymore. I was sixteen years old when my daughter was born. The father is nine years older than I am and he maltreated me. Because the factory went bankrupt, I had to find other work. In August 2009, I ended up in prostitution in Antwerpen. I worked for a man named [M.]. At a certain moment, [M.] came with a man named [B.] (the court understands: the suspect], he came to look at me. I had to take my belongings. That same evening, [M.], [B.] and [comment by Donkey: a word is missing here] went to the Netherlands in the car of [B.]. I was brought to the house where you encountered me yesterday (the court understands: [address] in Amsterdam). There was a girl in the house named [P.] (the court understands: [T.A.]). On the third day, [B.] brought me to a client. I was brought to the home of the client until the front door. [B.] negotiated with the client and I had to go inside with the client where we had sex. The client then had already paid the money to [B.] (the court understands that at this point, the witness switches over from the description of a concrete case to a description of the usual procedure.) He always kept waiting in the neighbourhood until I was ready. I had agreed with [B.] that we would do 50/50 with the money. I had told that in Antwerpen/Brussel I haven't received money at all. That's what [B.] also didn't agree with. So we agreed 50/50, but because he had financial problems in Bulgaria I would give all my money to him and he would pay me back later. He promised me to also arrange my documents so that I could work for myself. I knew that it wasn't legal, the way I worked.

6. The testimony of [E.T.] (December 9, 2009):

I made nothing out of my earnings in the Netherlands. I have sent 270 euro in total to my family in Bulgaria. [B.] said this month that I had to give him all my money. I would get that money back later. I have the idea that I won't get my money back because he transferred it to Bulgaria.
[P.] (the court understands: [T.A.]) worked in the display window most of the time. I have seen that [B.] also took away the money that was earned by her.

7. The testimony of [N.A.] (who is the brother of [T.A.]) (July 6, 2010):

I stayed in the house of [suspect] during the month October of the last year. That was at the time when [T.A.] went to the Netherlands and [suspect] didn't go with her. You say that it has emerged from the file that [T.A.] has transferred money to your name via Western Union [comment by Donkey: I think that 'my name' is meant]. I answer that after I collected it, I gave the money to [suspect]. Without keeping even a penny. I was with him in Zlatar to receive the money to my name and to give it to him, so that he needn't receive the money himself, which could raise doubts among people. The money was meant for him, not for me. I have asked [T.A.] what had to happen with the money, and she said that I had to give it to [suspect].

8. The testimony of [N.M.] (July 7, 2010):

[T.A.] (the court understands: [T.A.]) was a girlfriend of my son (the court understands: the suspect). [T.A.] sent money, we haven't asked money from her. We have received money from her several times. I don't know how much. I knew that she had transferred money, because she phoned then. I then worked in Shumen and I collected the money myself. I didn't give that money to [suspect], but to my husband. She sent the money for us. We used it for our needs.

9. (Comment by Donkey: I skip a bit here)

Total amount of money transferred by [suspect]
In the period from March 19, 2008 until and including December 12, 2009, multiple transactions (money transfers) have taken place via the Western Union Bank. The suspect [suspect] and [T.A.] have transferred money multiple times to persons in Bulgaria.
In the period concerned, [suspect] has transferred money 28 times in total, with a total amount of €3610. A part of these money transactions has been transferred to the following persons:
-his father (7 transactions, total amount €1340)
-his wife (7 transactions, total amount €1000)
-his mother (5 transactions, total amount €740)
-his nephew (4 transactions, total amount €290)
-complainant [T.A.] (2 transactions, total amount €100)
-a girlfriend of his wife (1 transaction of €50)
The other transactions have been transferred to persons of whom the relationship with the suspect is unknown.

[Suspect] in Bulgaria
From May 20, 2009 until June 29, 2009, no money has been transferred by the suspect from the Netherlands. He possibly stayed in Bulgaria at that time.
On August 10, 2009, money has been transferred by the suspect to Bulgaria for the last time and subsequently no transactions have been made in his name until October 31, 2009.
On September 2, 14 and 19, 2009, the suspect stayed with certainty in Bulgaria. On these dates, [T.A.] has transferred amounts of money to the [suspect], who stayed in Bulgaria at that moment. The receiver has to legitimise while collecting the money. The data of the identification card used is noted down by Western Union and is reported in the file. That data corresponds with the passport of the suspect.

Total amount of money transferred by [T.A.]
In the period concerned, [T.A.] has transferred money 64 times in total, with a total amount of €10,345.50. A part of these money transactions has been transferred to the following persons:
-her brother [T.A.] (16 transactions, total amount €1370)
-her brother [N.A.] (20 transactions, total amount €2580)
-her supposed brother [R.A.] (4 transactions, total amount €400)
-the [suspect] (2 transactions, total amount €220)
-mother of the [suspect] (8 transactions, total amount €2465)
In the period September and October 2009, the complainant has transferred money to her brother [N.A.], 17 times in total.

(comment by Donkey: I stop here)

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