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Interviews with prostitutes - part 2


And now my next instalment regarding my interviews with prostitutes, mostly via (internal) mail, some via forums, notably

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Now for part 2. At the end of 2005 I had contact with a prostitute via mail.

I asked her four questions:
-Is my theory right that trafficking in women among Dutch prostitutes rarely happens in clubs and privéhuizen?
-Do most Eastern European prostitutes have a pimp?
-Have most Dutch window prostitutes entered prostitution because of a loverboy/bad boyfriend?
-Do you have a couple of tips to which places I could best go to restart my hobby of visiting prostitutes?

She answers:
Uuh, while I speak from experience, 9 out of 10 times window prostitutes have ended up there because of the bad boyfriend. Dutch girls in this case. Most of the time they are not long with that person, because they then come into contact with other girls and then start to think.
In clubs and privéhuizen it also sometimes happens, but then 9 out of 10 times it are foreign girls from Brazil, Eastern Bloc etc..
Girls from the Eastern Bloc do often have a pimp, you then also see that these girls are with girlfriends in the Netherlands, and then you can almost assume already that they have a loverboy!
If you want really voluntarily girls then you could best search for girls who place advertisements on internet themselves.
Or indeed Dutch girls in privéhuizen.
I wish you a lot of luck to find a nice (voluntarily) lady, and if you have more questions, then you may always mail me.

(I ask her if she means that these girlfriends work for the same boy? I say to her that I notice that she certainly does it voluntarily. I suggested to her if I could go to her? Obviously, that didn't work out, as it turned out later. At one point the contact simply broke off.)

That's correct, I am a person who certainly isn't gullible anymore with respect to boys (loverboys, pimps, or so-called open-minded man)
I just believe that you have to be single for this work and certainly voluntarily.
Men who really love you don't share you with dozens of other men.
To talk shortly about these Eastern bloc girls, these girls are often brought here with girlfriends by 1 or multiple men.
I don't know if you have followed the series Matroesjka’s, but that was certainly the reality however. They are simply bought up as cattle and then sold again..
They then are in 1 place, and if they don't earn well anymore, they are resold to another in another place, and there they can be considered as new again!! Sickening actually.
But obviously there are also girls from the Eastern Bloc who do actually work voluntarily.
But you'll notice that quickly enough.

(I said to her that I had the impression that she really enjoyed her work)


But what you say is certainly correct.. I receive few clients, and this way I can also enjoy it myself and have fun in it, I have worked for a long time in this profession, also not really voluntarily and after this, I have continued for myself.. But therefore I am a person who doesn't like assembly-line work... So after four years after I stopped, I have started again last January and completely for myself.
That is the way (in my opinion).
If you have a bad day just for once, and somebody phones to you then you simply say sorry, I am fully booked today.
This way it stays fun, and I also see that 99% of the men are satisfied, and that also gives me a sort of motivation again... Because I know that many men have to save money for it for a while and if a date is over within 20 min in that case, and they aren't satisfied, then I also have no nice feeling. So I always think: just go for it, and make fun because you live only once.

(I ask a lot of questions to her, such as: is it true that pimps are often very ugly guys and not beautiful boys as depicted in the media. She answers to these questions)

Yes, it is a very sensitive subject: women trafficking and pimps.
But in my view, all girls who have a boyfriend (man) are a victim.
Some do it together as a couple, for the thrill of it, okay, these are the exceptions.
But nobody can tell me that if you really love somebody, you don't let that person share the bed with every Tom, Dick and Harry (let them play whore).
I don't know my way around in Amsterdam, so I can say nothing about it.
I myself entered prostitution when I was 16 years old, also by a bad boyfriend.
Fortunately I found out two days later that I didn't need him for anything and I offered him a choice, get lost or I go to the police with the story that you force a minor into prostitution.
After lots of whining he just chose for the first option anyhow.
Then I worked for two years in Arnhem behind the window, and I have seen a lot from very close up!!
Girls that were simply being supervised by 7 Moroccan brothers (they were beautiful boys) or else these girls wouldn't fall for that.
And these really aren't pleasant guys, a client once tried one time to get one of these girls out, and he was being shot at...
Yes, it mostly is the bread for the whole family.. and these girls (mostly from the Eastern bloc) are allowed to send 150 guilders 1 time or 2 times per month.
There are obviously also many Dutch girls who become victim!!
They have nothing, no family, girlfriends.. and then comes their prince on the white horse.. who allegedly has DEBTS. And then all the misery begins.
Mostly they (what they call) deposit their money at their boyfriends who allegedly saves it for them.. When the girls find out that actually it isn't saved at all and then say something about it, THEN things get serious and there are beatings and use of coercion.
I once have thought about putting a story in a book about my whole life experiences in this world.. Only not so handy for me, because nobody may know what I do and what I did.
What do loverboys look like????
Variously, mostly really very smooth, beautiful clothes, a good amount of money in their pockets.. and often visit you first as a client one time.
If you are already together, it can obviously also be other types (normal family men).

(I said to her that I thought that she also worked on De Wallen in Amsterdam? I asked her how many window prostitutes in het Spijkerkwartier in Arnhem were forced? How many have a boyfriend/pimp to whom they have to give all their money? Is it true that many victims of loverboys are normal Dutch white girls from normal families from the middle-class?)

I have also worked on De Wallen, but in Maasbracht, not in Amsterdam...
At that time it was the case that 30% certainly had a pimp..
And of that group it was certainly 10% Dutch white girls from the middle-class, but also really girls from rich people…
Last January I started again after four years.. but now by receiving privately.
And I'm very satisfied with it.. without (so-called) boyfriend.
Pleasantly in my own way and own tempo.


That percentage is based on all that I have encountered, windows, clubs, privéhuizen, everything.
By the way, in Maasbracht is not really a club, the ladies also rent a room there..

(She responded in the forum section in the topic about starting an emergency line for clients who want to report forced prostitutes)

Hi everybody...
I think that this campaign is well intended, but also a risk for the girls who are a victim of that!!
If their pimps find out.. they immediately relocate that girl.
If that's the only thing ..they could get many problems because of that.
The girls who work behind the windows can talk to the women of the ggd there, or with somebody of the Rode Draad, who visit you (in the time that I worked behind the window I mean).
On the one hand I find it a good idea, on the other hand I also do not.

(I say that I believe that the police won't have problems to find victims, that they don't need the clients for that. I believe that the only problem is that the police has undercapacity, and it is difficult for the police to persuade victims to lodge an official complaint)

Well, to undertake something against those loverboys, there indeed is a complaint necessary by a victim.
You can start a campaign here, so that men won't go to the ladies.
I believe that they simply replace the lady to another place, where she is completely new again, and then they will go like a train again.
The blame is also put on the ladies when they don't earn enough, this doesn't stay unpunished by their so-called boyfriends.
The girls have to find out themselves, and take the step by talking to the police.
The worst thing is mostly that, they go talking with the police, the police arrests these boy(s), have a conversation, and mostly they are simply allowed to leave again.
But these boys know that their girl has talked with the police.
And then hell really breaks loose.
Then the girl is suddenly gone, the boys too and nobody who has supervision over it again.
That's also the reason I believe why girls won't go to the police very quickly. UNFORTUNATELY.

(I tell about supply and demand. If clients consistently avoid forced prostitutes, then the pimps who force women in prostitution won't make money anymore. Because they won't make money anymore this way, they will stop forcing women in prostitution. And the brothel keepers should keep force prostitutes away from their brothels.)

Perhaps, but there are also ladies in this world [of prostitution] who desperately need the money, because perhaps they are single mothers with a very low income and many debts. (They would also become victim in that case)
I think that the oldest profession will never disappear, and that is only a good thing!
Because think about the men who fall for younger women...they now go to us, but if we aren't there anymore?? What will they do then....fill that in yourself.
I believe that the only way to stop all this, is that they start to work with registration numbers which are only available at the police and not at the tax department, they really won't talk with a girl, like hey, are you being pimped or something...
INSPECTION!! by the police and brothel keepers etc, that is important.
Keep an eye on boys who walk whole days in window neighbourhoods.
Take ACTION.. but yes, the law in the Netherlands is still so crooked that we won't have to wait for that the following years.

(On to the next prostitute!)

(In the same thread, another woman responded. This also happened at the end of 2005. She was 31 years old at that time. She said the following.)

I have often witnessed that girls had a loverboy. Often enough even. A quarrel that they hadn't earned enough, but what I also noticed, there were girls who were helped to get rid of "their" boyfriend, but a week later they were simply together again, just like old times.
I believe that these girls don't even dare to go away, because they are being threatened, beaten and you name it. It is so easy to go to the police, but in reality the police does nothing.

(I also mailed with this woman, I asked her a lot of questions)

I don't have that much experience in a club, so unfortunately I can't report anything about that.
I did work behind the windows, on the Ruysdaelkade in Amsterdam and in the Hague. I have witnessed especially in the Hague that girls had to work for a boy, mostly it were Moroccans. Even on the Ruysdaelkade I have also witnessed it. All the same there are also enough Dutchmen who have a girl working behind the windows. I can’t tell you how you have to avoid such a girl, because I really don't know that.
Such girls are very unstable to call it that way. These boys know exactly which girls they have to charm. I have never worked for a pimp. I stopped two years ago because I have emigrated, otherwise I would have still been on the Ruysdaelkade.

(I asked her to give an estimate of how many prostitutes are forced)

Not a clue, you could better ask these questions to the police.

(Is it true that generally older women work on the Ruysdaelkade?)

Older and young persons, but you have that everywhere. It is not only on the Ruysdaelkade.

(I explain more to her about my theories, and I tell her about my fantasies of being a female prostitute)

What you say is right, most younger girls are victim of a pimp. All the same, older women also end up in the profession by their boyfriend.
To come back to your question. It sounds very strange, but I had told you that I had stopped because I have emigrated, but I still miss it every day.
The thrill and the fun of getting attention from men.

(To the next prostitute!)

(I also spoke with another prostitute, older than 40. I asked her how to avoid forced prostitutes)

Do pay attention to body language I would say, girls who do this profession with love also ooze that out.
And most of the time you only know it when you have been there.
But do watch out with it, there are also ladies who abuse this to make a pitiful impression, so that the client will only pay.
I do find it a difficult item I must say.
I hope myself that I will never encounter a girl who MUST do it, I believe that the pimp will get a big problem.


You know what I find the worst thing, and I regularly witness that, that housewives have to work by order of their husband.
I find that worse than a registered pimp, or in any case that you know that he has girls working for him.
I had an escort agency in the past myself, and when I found out that the girl had to work by order of her husband then she was in a shelter within no time. It is very very sad that women let themselves be used for this, and that they don't dare to be emancipated out of fear that something happens to themselves or their children and family. And nobody who apparently does something about it.


PS: you did actually make me think again.

(I talked about my theory that prostitutes older than 40 are rarely forced to work in prostitution. So you could only go to them, but that would be pitiful for the clients who prefer young women)

But above 40 they can also be hot, really.

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