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Two Romanian forced prostitutes in Haarlem


And another file from You can find it here (it has LJN-number: BC2645):

I really get bored of all that translating. But at least it helps for me. I haven't been to a prostitute for almost 2 months. But it could also be because of boredom. I'm sick of it. It disgusts me to visit prostitutes nowadays. I hope it will stay that way forever, and that it won't happen that after some months my interest returns. That would be a disaster. Then I have to read all these verdicts all over again.

The verdict that I partly translated in this post is about two Romanian teenagers who are forced to work in a Turkish cafe. I never visit prostitutes in Turkish cafes. I also don't visit prostitutes in hotels. And I never order a call girl. So I prefer not to write about these forms of prostitution, because I never use these. It doesn't scare me off. But from a scientific point of view these stories are interesting. They are horrifying, but also interesting, because we actually get to know something about forced prostitution that is for real, and it will be difficult to deny these stories. There is no doubt that it really happened. I also read verdicts about forced prostitution of Chinese prostitutes in Chinese hairdresser's saloons. And about Thai prostitutes who are forced to work as call girls. Usually these prostitutes have to pay off some kind of debt. So it really happens: prostitutes that live in debt bondage.

I still have to read all the verdicts. It are around 500 of them. I have read most of them now. Most are very brief. I guess there are around 6000 or 7000 pages to be read in total. I believe I still have to read some 2000 or 3000 pages.

I also have to stress - regarding this verdict - that when I mean the first-floor, I actually mean the floor above the ground floor. In American English that means the second floor. In British English the first-floor is the second floor in American English. In British English the second floor is the third floor in American English.

And here is a translated section (this one is literal):

3.3 Means of evidence:
The court arrives at judicial finding of fact on the basis of the following means of evidence:

-The testimony made by the suspect during the hearing of the court, meaning - soberly represented - among other things:

It is correct that in July 2004, I have lived for a month with [victim 1] and [victim 2] in a house in Haarlem.
I have been with [fellow suspect] in the car a couple of times, when he drove [victim 1] and [victim 2] to the bar in Haarlem. When [fellow suspect] says that that happened six times, then it will be that way. I have also been in that bar myself.

-The report of the complaint which has been drawn up in a lawful form, of [victim 1] (file page 45 - 54) in which that person has testified among other things - soberly represented:

I was born on May 9, 1987.
[Victim 2] is my girlfriend. [Victim 2] and I decided to find work abroad. Actually that initiative came from a friend of mine, his name is [friend]. I believe that it was in June of this year, 2004, it could have also been July, that I spoke with [friend] again. In any case, it was after the end of school. [Friend] told me that he had a friend who lived in the Netherlands. And this friend possibly was supposed to be able to arrange work for [victim 2] and me. This work was supposed to be scrubbing work.
[Friend] put me in contact with a friend of his, named [suspect]. [Suspect] was the friend of [friend] who lived in the Netherlands. I only had contact with that person by telephone. [Suspect] phoned to me on the telephone of [friend] and then spoke with me. He told that I could earn approximately 1000 euro per month in the Netherlands with cleaning activities. We didn't really speak about where we would live in the Netherlands. [Suspect] would take care of that.
Finally, [victim 2], me and [friend] have departed. We went with the car of [friend] to the border. We were picked up there with a little bus. With that little bus we went to Germany. En route we have also eaten. [Victim 2] and I had no money and we have asked the chauffeur to give us some food because we had no money. [Suspect] would pay that later. He had told this through the telephone earlier on. He would also arrange and pay for the trip. He had told that we had to pay back later. We were picked up in Germany by a man named [fellow suspect]. He told that he came on behalf of [suspect]. [Victim 2] and I subsequently stepped into the car in which he was sitting.
In Den Haag we went to the house of [fellow suspect]. We met [suspect] there.
During one evening, [suspect] and [fellow suspect] spoke in English together, about [victim 2] and me. They spoke about the work that we should do. I could hear them talking about prostitution work. That [victim 2] and I should be doing. I could hear that they talked about that they didn't know how they had to do that, because [victim 2] was 16 years old and I was 17 years old. They talked about giving us false passports. I went upstairs and I have told it to [victim 2]. We both were very frightened. Because we really didn't want to do that. We then decided to leave. But the problem was that the house was equipped with an alarm installation. [Fellow suspect] had our passports. He had those in his jacket pocket, so we couldn't take these.
The following morning, [fellow suspect] told to [victim 2] and me that we had to work in prostitution. I told that I wasn't going to do that. I then was beaten by [fellow suspect]. He kicked me multiple times against my legs. He subsequently grabbed me by my throat with his hands and he squeezed.
[Fellow suspect] brought us to McDonald's and there a man waited for us. [Fellow suspect] had told us that we weren't allowed to tell that man how old we were. That man gave us something to eat in Macdonald's and after this we went with him to a house. In the house the man explained to us what kind of work we had to do. So this was prostitution work. We subsequently told that we were 16 and 17 years old. The man has brought us to the house of [fellow suspect] and told [fellow suspect] what we had told him. [Fellow suspect] flew into a rage and he started to beat me and he put his hands around my throat and squeezed hard. [Suspect] wasn't in the house anymore and [fellow suspect] phoned him. [Suspect] came to the house and was angry at us. He was angry at us, because we had told to that man at McDonald's that we were minor. He said that we came here to earn money. [Suspect] subsequently told [fellow suspect] that he knew somebody in Haarlem where we could work, so that we could earn money for false passports. [Suspect] has also threatened to beat us if we wouldn't do what they said. We were afraid for [suspect] as well as [fellow suspect].
The very same day, we were brought by [fellow suspect] and [suspect] to Haarlem. They brought us to a Turkish bar, named [bar]. [Fellow suspect] and [suspect] have explained every chapter what we had to do with men. That means the acts. [Suspect] told that we had to do everything and explained that we also had to anally and orally satisfy men. I received condoms from [suspect]. [Victim 2] and I received two clients each day. A man came into the cafe and I subsequently had to go with that man to his house. The man paid money to [suspect] in advance. Afterwards, the client brought me back to the cafe again. Running away was not possible, because [suspect] kept an eye on us and he had warned clients. They had to phone him if we would run away. We have worked from that cafe for approximately a month. From the money that [victim 2] and I earned in that cafe, I have never seen money.
After that first time to have worked in that cafe, we were given a house in Haarlem. [Victim 2] and I lived together in the house. [Fellow suspect] and [suspect] had said that we weren't allowed to go outside. [Suspect] went shopping for us. We didn't run away, because we were supervised continuously. In the cafe, [fellow suspect] or [suspect] or the patron were present. The clients brought us to their house and after the sex they brought us back to the cafe. When we left the cafe in the morning, we were brought by [suspect], [fellow suspect] or the patron [patron]. [Victim 2] and I went into the house and the door was locked behind us from the outside. It was a house on the first floor. The balcony door was also locked. [Fellow suspect] had removed the key and taken it with him.
On Thursday and Friday we mostly had 3 or 4 clients and the rest of the week we had mostly 1 or 2 clients.
After approximately a month, [fellow suspect] told me that he had a client who wanted a girl for a week and he paid €3000 for that. I was taken by [fellow suspect] to that man. His name was [client] (the court understands: [client]). He wanted to have sex with me during the morning and the evening.

-The report of the interrogation which has been drawn up in a lawful form, of complainant [victim 1] (file page 56 - 70) in which that person has testified among other things - soberly represented:

[Friend] has not been honest with us. He hasn't told us the truth about what we were going to do in the Netherlands. In case he would have proposed to me in Romania to go to the Netherlands to work in prostitution, I would certainly not have departed.
I came to the Netherlands in July 2004.
[Friend] has told us in Romania that [suspect] had a friend who was named [fellow suspect 2]. I met him for the first time at the petrol station in Germany. He was there together with [fellow suspect].
The second evening, when we already were in the house of [fellow suspect] in Amstelveen, [fellow suspect 2] and [fellow suspect] came to our room in the attic.
Both [fellow suspect] as well as [fellow suspect 2] forced us to give a blowjob to both of them. We had to learn this by their order to service the clients later on. This was accompanied with violence. Our clothes were torn off our bodies. We subsequently were forced to have sexual intercourse with both [fellow suspect] as well as [fellow suspect 2]. I first had to do it with [fellow suspect] and [victim 2] with [fellow suspect 2]. We subsequently had to switch and I had to have sex with [fellow suspect 2] and [victim 2] had to have sex with [fellow suspect].
So I was forced during that evening, to have sex with the both [fellow suspect 2] as well as with [fellow suspect]. I have seen that [victim 2] had sex with [fellow suspect] and also with [fellow suspect 2]. We were in the same space.
[Fellow suspect] said that we would be going to Haarlem to work. He told that [victim 2] and I would be working in prostitution at an acquaintance of his. He told that we would be brought by [fellow suspect 2] and [suspect] to a cafe/bar in Haarlem to work there. He said that what we have learnt you, you also have to do with clients. I understood from this that he meant sex.
[Fellow suspect] drove us to the cafe. [Fellow suspect 2] and [suspect] also drove along with us. I saw that the cafe was named [bar]. We were given the order in the cafe to make contact with clients. This was what both [fellow suspect 2] as well as [suspect] told. When we had a client, then this person had to negotiate with and pay to [fellow suspect 2] or [suspect].
After the work we went to a house in the neighbourhood of the big church. [Victim 2] and I went with [fellow suspect 2] and [suspect] to the house. [Fellow suspect 2] and [suspect] stayed with us.
[Client] lived in Amsterdam. I met [witness 2] and [witness 1] at [client]'s place.

-The report of the complaint which has been drawn up in a lawful form, of [victim 2] (file page 75 - 78) in which that person has testified among other things - soberly represented:

I was born on August 3, 1988.
For a very long time, I have a girlfriend named [victim 1]. I went to the Netherlands with her.
In the summer of 2004, we got to know a man in Romania, named [man].
[Man] told us that we could earn a lot of money in the Netherlands.
He told me that I did have to pay nothing for the trip, but when we would have earned money in the Netherlands, we had to pay 700 euro to a friend of his, named [suspect]. This [suspect] would give us accommodation in the Netherlands and provide work. This was in July 2004. We drove to Germany. In Germany we transferred into a passenger car. The driver of this passenger car was [fellow suspect]. [Fellow suspect] drove us from Germany to Den Haag. In the house, [suspect] was also present. [Suspect] is a Romanian.
After we had arrived in Den Haag, we were allowed to rest for one day. After this, it was told to us that we had to work in prostitution. We cried and said that we were supposed to have other work. [Suspect] and [fellow suspect] said that we should just go to the police then. They would arrest us and apprehend us, because we were minor. So they said to us that we had to work in prostitution. They told us what we had to do and how much money we had to ask. They also took care of condoms.
We were brought to Haarlem to a club. The first days, [fellow suspect] and [suspect] also stayed in the club when we were there. We then had to go with a man to his house. We then had sex there. After this, we were brought back by them. We have worked there for approximately 3 weeks. In the beginning, when [fellow suspect] and [suspect] were still present in the club when we worked, the clients paid the money to them. Later on, we had to hand over our money to [suspect] and [fellow suspect].
One time I had sex with [suspect] and one time with [fellow suspect].
I felt forced to do that, as it were.

-The report of the interrogation which has been drawn up in a lawful form, of complainant [victim 2] (file page 79 - 92) in which that person has testified among other things - soberly represented:

I was 15 years old when I arrived in the Netherlands. In Germany, [victim 1] and I were picked up at a petrol station by two men, named [fellow suspect] and [fellow suspect 2]. The chauffeur of the little bus by which we drove to Germany, gave the passports to [fellow suspect 2] and he gave them to [fellow suspect]. We were brought in the Netherlands to an apartment building. In the apartment building, we got acquainted with [suspect].
[Fellow suspect 2] crept into bed with me and he has said to me that I had to show what I could do, because for that reason I came to the Netherlands. I did actually understand what he meant, but I made clear to him that I didn't want to do this and that I would go to the police. He then grabbed me by my throat and said that I was never allowed to say the word police anymore.
[Fellow suspect 2] took off my clothes with violence and he has beaten me. He forced me to have sex with him. This was the first time that I had sexual intercourse. I also had to give him a blowjob.
The next day, [suspect] told that we had to work. [Suspect] told that we had to sleep with men for money. [Suspect] told that we would be going to a club or bar. [Suspect] started to explain after this, that he had bought condoms for the work. Then I had to give a blowjob and fuck. The sex had to take place in the home of the clients. During the evening, [fellow suspect] has picked us up with the car. We went with the four of us to a cafe in Haarlem: [fellow suspect], [suspect], [victim 1] and me. [Suspect] said to us that we had to be attentive, so that we would get attention from men. I had to approach the men or start dancing. There were men who were interested in me. They wanted to go to bed with me then. The men came to [suspect] at his table. I have seen that the men paid to [suspect]. They have all paid the bill to [suspect]. Every time I went with the client to his house. [Fellow suspect] came to pick us up after this night and drove us back to the house. [Fellow suspect] came to pick us up then again during the evening, and we went to the bar again. With us I mean: [suspect], [victim 1] and me.
[Suspect] collected the money. When we came home without money, we received a beating. [Suspect] pulled my hair. I received beatings against my face. [Suspect] said that he went to bed with me, because I refused to go to bed with clients. He then had intercourse with me in the living room.
[Fellow suspect] had a client, named [client], who wanted [victim 1]. [Victim 1] was brought by [fellow suspect] to [client]. She stayed a couple of nights with [client]. I was brought to a place where [victim 1] was. I believe that was in Amsterdam. Two other girls were there, [witness 1] and [witness 2].

-The report of the interrogation which has been drawn up in a lawful form, of complainant [victim 2] by the examining judge at the day of October 15, 2007, in which that person has testified among other things - soberly represented:

Our passports have been given in Romania to the bus chauffeur by [friend]. [Suspect] sent money from the Netherlands to make our passports. [Friend] let these be made. It was the intention that when we worked we would pay back the costs to [suspect].
They didn't search a job for us in catering, but brought us to a cafe to sleep with men. When we didn't want to, we received a beating in our face from [suspect]. That happened at home and not in the cafe. Aside from that, there were threats every day with physical violence. That happened every time by [suspect] and also by [fellow suspect 2], but he has only threatened.
It hadn't been discussed with [friend] that our work would be in prostitution.

-The report of the interrogation which has been drawn up in a lawful form, of fellow suspect [fellow suspect] (file page 161 - 168) in which that person has testified among other things - soberly represented:

I came into contact with two boys. They asked me if I wanted to pick up two nieces in Germany. [Name] drove along with me when I picked up these two girls in Stuttgart.

-The report of the interrogation which has been drawn up in a lawful form, of fellow suspect [fellow suspect] (file page 171 - 177) in which that person has testified among other things - soberly represented:

For the times that I have said the name [name] earlier on, I mean [fellow suspect 2] with that.

-The report of the interrogation which has been drawn up in a lawful form, of fellow suspect [fellow suspect] (file page 181 - 186) in which that person has testified among other things - soberly represented:

[Suspect] is one of the cousins.
I have brought away the girls approximately ten times from the house in Haarlem to the cafe or, at least in the neighbourhood. [Suspect] accompanied us approximately six times.

-The report of the interrogation which has been drawn up in a lawful form, of witness [witness 2] (file page 117 - 120) in which that person has testified among other things - soberly represented:

[Witness 1] and I went to [client] one time and then we saw [victim 1] with [client]. [Client] is [client], he lives in Amsterdam Noord. [Victim 1] asked for help. She spoke about [suspect] who beats her up and that she had to play whore.

-The report of the interrogation on the day of June 11, 2006 which has been drawn up in a lawful form, of witness [witness 1] (file page 123 - 127) in which that person has testified among other things - soberly represented:

Approximately two or three years ago, I got to know [victim 2] and [victim 1]. I got to know [victim 2] and [victim 1] at [client]'s place. [Client] lived in Amsterdam Noord, in the [a-street].
I knew in the meantime, that came over the floor on more occasions girls at [client]'s place sometimes. These girls then came for the sex. With [client].
[Fellow suspect] and [suspect] visited [client] every now and then. They did business with him regarding [victim 1] and later also regarding [victim 2]. I have seen [fellow suspect] and [suspect] in [client]'s home one time. I know about [client] that they have been in his home on more occasions at that time.
[Client] and I have spoken with each other about [victim 1]. [Client] told me that he was actually willing to "buy" [victim 1]. It so happened that he wanted that [victim 1] got her freedom back. He would supposedly, after he had bought her, receive her passport. Her passport was in the possession of [fellow suspect] and [suspect]. But [client] had to pay enormous amounts of money to [suspect]. I don't know how much, but I believe this concerns thousands of euros.

-The report of the interrogation which has been drawn up in a lawful form, of witness [witness ?] by the examining judge on the day of December 20, 2007 in which that person has testified among other things - soberly represented:

[Victim 2] and [victim 1] worked in prostitution for [fellow suspect] and [suspect]. [Client] had told me that [victim 1] sometimes came to him for paid love. He arranged the finances with [suspect].

-A written piece, namely a Dutch translation of findings of the Romania authorities which - soberly represented - means among other things that on March 17, 2004, the suspect left the country and he came back on August 18, 2004.

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Luca said...

Component activities of organized crime, have a character secret and well organized, of which case made a social impact very negative, in many states he constituting "cancer perfidious" which weakens the power society, threaten the integrity of government, cause increase taxes which adds the price of goods, endanger safety and jobs of citizens, cause damage businesses are in competition, control by force of moneyunions,finally achieving a strong influence in the sphere of economy, social and especially political.

Romania is a mafia state with not working administration governed by organized crime.

Human trafficking in Romania is a state policy and a modern retail which feed corruption and organized crime. Organized crime is constantly looking for legitimate business that could be used as a cover.
According to data held by the Italian authorities in Roma: 85% of prostitutes in Rome are romanian woman. In Milano: eight of ten prostitutes which practice “job” in Milano are romanian woman including Ioana Visan, Berlusconi's hooker from Curtea de Arges (Curtea de Arges, pimps factory from Romania, manager: local corrupt police). Behind such companies, actually hiding network specializing in recruitment of girls who end up prostitute.
These companies are used as a mask, to support illegal activities, to wash the money, but also because leaders mobs to be seen as successful entrepreneurs.
Besides these companies, strongly related with them, in the town of Curtea de Arges-Romania exist more mafia groups(indestructible mafia groups because even the police are headed) which with the complicity of local taxi drivers, recruit, transport, and place girls to practice prostitution, girls which later are trafficked external in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, etc, by prostitution networks from Curtea de Arges. Denmark, Romania is the country with the most prostitutes and according to Europol, Eurojust, The Times, CNN, the first exporter of prostitution in Europe is Romania.

"Traffico di esseri umani, rapine, usura, omicidi. Ricercati in tutta Europa, ma decisi al grande salto: il sequestro di Voghera. La vera storia dei romeni che hanno terrorizzato il Nord Italia...ha 37 anni e almeno tre identità: George Nan è quella vera, riportata nei certificati di nascita del comune di Curtea De Arges, una cittadina a 150 chilometri a nord-ovest di Bucarest, nella provincia di Pitesti" ...Francesca Folda,Panorama archivio, sulla mafia in Arges (Romania)