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Romanian forced prostitutes in Leeuwarden


And another verdict from the It has the LJN-number: BL0022. You can find it here:

Two Romanian prostitutes are described who work in window prostitution in Leeuwarden. I must admit that in my madness I've visited two Romanian window prostitutes on the Zandpad in Utrecht. That was a couple of months ago. They worked on the same boat in the rooms 110-1 and 110-2. I am very enthusiastic about them. They named themselves Serena and Corina. Serena was 25 years old, and Corina 23 years old. They both did the same trick by moving their breasts over my body. I liked it a lot. Serena also gave little kisses my mouth and looked me in the eyes with her beautiful eyes. They both are very intelligent and I could communicate well with them. They seem self-confident and in control. Corrina asked me if I had a girlfriend. I said no. She said many men who visit her don't want a girlfriend. I asked her if she had a boyfriend. Corina told that she didn't want to have a boyfriend because of the work she does. I teased her a little bit by asking if she didn't want to have a relationship with the boys who walk passed the windows. She smiled and said no. All in all I had a good time with them. Corina and Serena are the best two prostitutes I have met. They are good-looking, intelligent, give you lots of attention and don't seem to give the impression that they dislike the work they do. I left them with a big smile.

At the same time I feel a bit of shame. Wasn't I so sure that 90% of the Eastern European prostitutes in the Netherlands are coerced to work in prostitution? Anyway, the ordeals told in this verdict could give an impression of the situation of Serena and Corina. Perhaps they don't realise it yet, that their money that is kept safe by their managers has actually disappeared into a bottomless pit. Or that their boyfriends will never ever buy a house in Spain to start a family together there. But once again, perhaps I'm too paternalistic to believe that Eastern European prostitutes can't fend for themselves. Serena and Corina do have the intelligence to find their way in Dutch prostitution, in my opinion. They have to register at the Chamber of Commerce and voilà. On the other hand, I know the stories about Eastern European prostitutes who work in the German sauna/FKK clubs. One man described these places like heaven on earth. He came there so often that he more or less befriended some prostitutes. It turned out that they lived in slavery. He described that they had to hand over most of their earnings, they had virtual debts and some were sold from one pimp to another. And then the whole game of debt bondage started all over again.

I want to get for real now, don't go to brothels, don't go to red light districts. And also not just to look, don't be curious. Not anymore. Never go to prostitutes! Not just to older prostitutes, or Latin American prostitutes. No prostitutes at all. Never!

I am crazy. But I hope my moral crusade works, by posting a human trafficing story every couple of days. Although I don't feel anything.

And here are some translated bits from the verdict (I change the introductory lines a little bit):

1. The testimony of the suspect (December 15, 2009):
On the occasion of the Christmas days at the end of 2008 I went to Romania. I also was there to recruit girls for prostitution in the Netherlands. I did this by order of [name 1]. [Name 1] has asked me if I knew girls who wanted to work for him in prostitution in the Netherlands.
I have asked [victim 1] in Romania if she wanted to work in prostitution in the Netherlands.
In mid-January 2009 I came together with her to Leeuwarden with the car. I brought her with me, so that she would work in prostitution. The first three weeks I have lived with her in the house of [name 1]. Later he rented a house for us on the [address] in Leeuwarden. She has worked in prostitution in Leeuwarden starting from January 17, 2009 until March 7, 2009. She had to hand over a part of her earnings to [name 1].
It was my task to ask the girls during the evening how much money they had earned. I had to collect this money and give it to [name 1]. The girls had to hand over 50% of the earned money.
In Romania I also asked [victim 2] if she wanted to work in prostitution in the Netherlands. She came with the bus to the Netherlands. She came living on the [address] in Leeuwarden.
[Victim 2] worked starting from February 17, 2009 until March 7, 2009. Also for her the 50%-arrangement applied.
I brought the girls to the brothel during the morning and picked them up again during the evening. Every now and then I received money for fuel from the girls.

2. The testimony of [victim 2] (March 19, 2009):
[Name 1] and [suspect] have lied to me and that's why I came to the Netherlands. I have worked here for a month. My money is taken from me. I only was allowed to keep money for the room. I was afraid of [name 1]. By order of [name 1] we had to accept 20 and 25 euro from clients, while 30 euro is customary. We had to earn money for [name 1]. [Name 1] said to me that if I would go to the police, he would be able to find me and he would kill me. I now am one month and two weeks in the Netherlands. I got to know [victim 1] here in the Netherlands. It was for her the same as it was for me. It was the idea of [suspect] to come to the Netherlands. I came to the Netherlands by bus. [Name 1] has arranged this. He has bought the ticket for me. [Name 1] has told that I did have to pay back. [Name 1] has told that I had to pay him 50 euro per day. I am forced to work in prostitution here in the Netherlands. [Name 1] has forced me. Also [suspect] has forced me. [Name 1] forced me by saying that if I didn't work, he would beat me. [Suspect] said that if I wouldn't work, he would throw me out on the streets. [Name 1] said that he had men who followed me and I was afraid that I would be followed. That's why I didn't leave.
The first time [suspect] brought me to the sex establishment in Leeuwarden where I started working. [Name 1] has told me where I had to work and [suspect] brought me there. [Name 1] has arranged the workroom. [Name 1] has bought my workclothes. It is correct that [name 1] and [suspect] brought me with the car to work and they did also pick me up.
[Name 1] has the money that I earned in prostitution. [Suspect] has also received money from me. It is correct that I had to pay 50 euro per day to [name 1]. [Name 1] determined the working hours. I also had to work when I was menstruating. [Name 1] kept an eye on my activities as a prostitute. Also the other girls were followed by him. We had to tell [name 1] at the end of the day how many clients we had had and how much money we had earned.
[Name 1] gave me a beating in the Netherlands, he beat me on my cheek.
[Name 1] has said that if I wouldn't tell the truth, he would throw me into the water. [Suspect] profited from my earnings and those of other girls. [Victim 1] wasn't working voluntarily in prostitution. She told me that.

3. The testimony of [victim 2] (March 8, 2009):
[Name 1] has paid lingerie for me. He has bought two sets for me.

4. The testimony of [victim 1] (March 19, 2009):
[Name 1] and [suspect] have brought us (me, [victim 3] and [victim 4]) here. We ended up in prostitution. They took away the money. We met [name 1] in Satu Mare. [Name 1] has given the keys of his house there to [suspect]. We came here with the car of [suspect]. We went to the house of [name 1].
The little money that was still left for me, was also taken away by [name 1]. That happened every time, that [name 1] took money away from me and that we paid the workrooms. [Victim 2] came to me and said that [name 1] had beaten her.
You ask me how I came to the Netherlands and whose idea that was. [Suspect] asked if I wanted to come to the Netherlands.
I didn't know the language here and I also didn't know where I was. I didn't know the way.
I am forced to work here in the Netherlands in prostitution. [Name 1] and [suspect] have forced me. It is correct that [name 1] brought me to work and he told me already in the car that I was going to work behind the windows. It is correct that when [name 1] came to take our money away, he said that we had to pay money for the rent. It is also correct that each day he demanded 50 euro from every girl. It is correct that [victim 2] also had to work when she was menstruating. That also applied to me.
[Name 1] supervised us. He came approximately 4 times per week to us at work. He then asked how the work was going and he asked for money. [Suspect] brought us during the morning and picked us up again during the evening. It is correct that [suspect] profited from the earnings of the girls. He also gave money that he received from us to [name 1]. Initially I handed over money to [suspect]. This was ultimately intended to give the money to [name 1].

5. The testimony of [victim 1]:
I kept a record on paper of how many clients I had per day. I had to keep a record by order of [name 1].

6. The testimony of [name 2]:
I am active as the manager of [name 3], established in Leeuwarden. At the end of January 2009 two Romanian girls were added. These were [victim 3] and [victim 1]. A few days later another two girls were added of whom the first one was named [victim 2]. I heard from the women that most of the time, one or two men came at the end of the afternoon to collect the money. I noticed that a dark young man visited them regularly. Multiple times I have also seen a man whom I know as [name 1]. I heard from [name 4] that [name 1] collected money from these girls and if he didn't do it, that dark boy then did it. This dark boy was supposed to be named [suspect] according to [name 4]. I have notified to [name 1] that he wasn't welcome anymore, in view of the commotion that started after his visits. I mean with this, that after [name 1] came by, the previously mentioned Romanian girls crawled together in the room like frightened sheep.


Izabela said...

German Bundestag: "Corruption in Romania is a worrying problem. It's not a sporadic apparition is a systematic phenomenon.”.
El Pais about Romania: corrupt and without money.
La Croix: Romania, the most corrupt country in Europe.
Tel Aviv: Corruption in Romania is a national disease.
The Times: Romania is the first exporter of prostitution.
Transparency International: In Romania, the atmosphere is filled with corruption
Jan Marinus Wiersma: Romania still needs another 25 years to eradicate corruption
Geert Wilders: Romania should be excluded from the EU because of high level corruption and irregularities that are unsuitable with EU membership

Donkey said...

You have told me that already, 1 billion times!

Why do you hate Romania so much? Romanian girls are cool!

Cliente X said...

Corruption in Spain is not a problem.
It's a lifestyle :-)