Friday, December 23, 2011

The myth of 'being in love'


I have ranted against labour in general, now I also want to rant against romantic love.

In my opinion romantic love is a 19th-century invention by romanticists. They launched the idea that being fond of a person automatically means that you should have sex with that person. They invented the idea of being in love. Being in love is supposed to mean that you want to marry that person, or that you want sex with that person. I want to argue that in historical times, people didn't really have sex with each other and they only had a sexual relationship with each other or were married to each other, because their families demanded that. There was absolutely no possibility that two persons could choose to be romantically involved with each other. Sexual or romantic relationships were completely a family matter. The family decided whom should marry whom. This is true for all non-Western civilisations, and also true for Western civilisation itself in previous centuries. This is probably the case for many thousands or perhaps hundreds of thousands of years. It is unlikely that the ability to fall in love with a person could ever develop in human beings solely for the purpose of procreation.

I believe, that being in love is really nothing more than being very fond of a person. You are actually mad about that person. You think about that person the whole day. You are obsessed with that person. Seeing or thinking about that person sends butterflies to your stomach. I believe that this feeling has nothing to do with sexuality, a feeling that less than half of the human population is able to have because the testosterone levels of only these people are high enough to be able to have sexual feelings. There is absolutely no reason to believe that being very fond of a person automatically means that you want to penetrate that person and want to pee in that person. Or that you want to masturbate while thinking about that person. Or that you want to fuck between the breasts of that person and cum in her face. Or that you want to fuck her doggystyle, and cum on her back while afterwards you spread the spunk out on her back with your bare naked hands. Personally, when I am in love, I don't have sexual fantasies about that person. For me the person I am in love with, is like a fairy princess. A Goddess. You don't have sex with a Goddess.

I believe romantic love is totally unrelated to sexuality. I think being fond of a person is nothing more than a mechanism to bring people within a human tribe closer to each other. It increases their survival. I think it is possible to be very fond of multiple persons at one time. Usually when you are very fond of a person, you feel the desire to hug or kiss that person, or to stroke that person's hair. You want to be close to that person. You are supposed to be gay when you want to kiss or hug a person of your own sex. Isn't that awful? And it's all the fault of the 19th century romanticists. Yes, the same romanticists who launched the myth of the Noble Wild Man/Woman. The Wildman who lives in harmony with mother nature. Who knows no evil. Yes, the same romanticists who launched the idea that people of all religions lived in harmony with each other in mediaeval northern Africa, southern Europe and the Middle East.

People in past centuries and non-Western civilisations didn't really have sex. They didn't even kiss with the people they are supposed to be married with. They didn't cuddle, or stroke each other's hair. They didn't even use many positions during sex. They didn't have oral sex. Oral sex was seen as absolutely repulsive by all cultures. There was only one position, the missionary position. Then you might argue that in the past there were books such as the Kama Sutra, and that there were Greek vases and wall paintings which depicted sexual acts. That is supposed to show that people at that time were actually very open-minded about sexuality. However, I have read that the Kama Sutra actually was a parody of a local royal house. And the Greek depictions of sexuality were actually made to make people laugh. They weren't examples to show what kind of sexual activities people liked at that time. They showed what people at that time found repulsive or hilarious. For instance, a woman who rides a man. The man was supposed to be on top, not the woman. Such paintings were also found in bathhouses. They covered the walls of dressing rooms. The intention was that people who undressed looked at the pictures, and not at each other. People at that time in ancient Greece were scared of the so-called evil eye. People were ashamed to be looked at while being naked.

I believe people should break free off the myth. Having a romantic relationship with each other is absolute slavery. What a stupid idea that being fond of another person than the person whom you are supposed to be having a relationship with, should make your so-called lover jealous. That you should be beaten up because of that. You often hear that the problem with spousal violence doesn't lie in romantic relationships, but in the patriarchy. The problem is supposed to lie in men who abuse women. But that is false. It turns out that lesbian and gay couples are more violent than heterosexual couples. That proves to me that the problem doesn't lie in heterosexual relationships per se, but in relationships in general. Romantic lovers are slaves of each other. That's why there is so much violence. People can't easily break free from each other within romantic relationships, that's why they attack each other.

In my world view, there will be no more romantic or sexual relationships, even no one-night-stands. Everybody will be single. Women can decide when to have children and of which man. And the man in turn can approve that he is used as a sperm donor. The sperm is transferred via tubes. There will be no masturbation, for the man is forced to think about oppressing women while extracting the sperm this way. This must be prevented. The sperm is directly distracted from the penis using a piston. The children will be raised within anarcho-syndicalistic communes where men and women are totally equal, there are no separate male and female role models.

Granted, I'm looking for a girlfriend myself. I failed. I am subjected to cultural pressure myself. I want to break free. I don't need a woman to be happy.

I actually dream a lot about visiting red light districts again. They usually are very weird in my dreams. The Zandpad was on the coastline of an ocean. You could only reach it by going down on a rope. It was very crowded. I dream about window brothels within common apartment buildings and shopping centres. That was very weird. I also encountered an open sex brothel with beds sprawled out in the gallery of a common apartment building. There were lots of prostitutes in the gallery. I crossed the space and one prostitutes grabbed me and pushed her body against me. I wondered where I could have sex with her, because I didn't want to do it out in the open. I left the building and by accident I encountered a person I know in daily life. I felt a bit ashamed to be there. The other person also seem to be embarrassed, because she had to walk right through the brothel area. I also dreamt that I was riding in a train, and the compartment was filled with prostitutes. Two prostitutes sat down right beside me. I wondered where we could have sex. In the toilet? On the train station the platform was filled with prostitutes sitting in rows. I even dreamt that I drove to Amsterdam by car to visit the red light district there. I am incapable of driving cars however. I dreamt that I showed a file from to another client of prostitutes, to prove to him that a particular prostitute on the Zandpad was forced. Other clients also became involved, and they were very unhappy about it. In the dream I forgot the name of the prostitute. When I woke up I realised that actually she was a camgirl. However, I never dream about actual sex with prostitutes.

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