Friday, December 16, 2011

La Revolución


I'm bored by translating all these verdicts from

So I want to reinvent myself as a philosopher.

First I have to offer my apologies because I use some bad English. I lately discovered that when you get acquainted with a person, you don't say that you "get to learn" that person. You actually say that you "get to know" that person. It took me a long time to correct all the errors on my blog regarding getting acquainted with a person. On the other hand, I think I made a lot more errors, but I'm not aware of those. So, perhaps I should put it to rest.

I want to make some philosophical statements. You often hear people say that prostitution is just work. I think they are correct, if you only remove the word "just". The implication would be, using the word "just", that prostitution is as harmless as any other job. I don't think work other than prostitution is harmless at all. Many jobs are dangerous. The most obvious examples are: mining, wood chopping, fighting wars, fishing.

But if you think about it longer, then the list becomes longer. Many people nowadays work full-time behind a computer. You must realise how dangerous that is. From my own experience I know that a person can become handicapped for a lifetime. You can catch a common disease called repetitiveness strain injury, nowadays also known as: complaints in the arms, neck and shoulders. This is a horrible illness that can make you disabled for life. And this is all caused by a "harmless" activity called: working behind a computer.

There are other jobs done by many people, but which are also very dangerous. Think about working as a nurse. From what I hear and read, many nurses stop working before the age of 40 because their bodies are worn out. Working as a nurse, that is lifting all these overweight people, destroys your back, your spine. I read that if you lift a lightweight person even with the help of another person, that this is also too big of a burden for your spine. I have also read that many people who work in healthcare or in social work suffer from a lot of violence from the people they are supposed to be helping. Just like prostitutes do.

And you can name many other examples. Also think about construction workers. Their backs are destroyed when they are 40. What I mean to say is that:


And I want to go further. I want to say that all labour is slavery. Yes, ALL labour is slavery!

All labour is a violation of human rights. All violations of human rights should be prevented at all costs. So that means that all labour should be abolished. People are always hurt in systems of labour. Always. They always incur mental and physical damage by working. Just like prostitution does. That’s why prostitutes are generally not more traumatised compared to the general population. Because work in general is as dangerous and humiliating as prostitution is. (Yes, it is true that prostitutes are generally not more traumatised than the rest of the population, read this post on my blog to find out why)

But there is a problem. I have thought long about it. And I must conclude that for all practical purposes, labour cannot be totally abolished. The question that automatically arises is: who produces all the food? Who takes care of all the sick people? Who builds all the shelters to hide from the rain and snow?

This is a big problem. But I have found the solution. What we can do is that we don't completely abolish labour, just yet. We work towards a situation where all the labour becomes minimised. We only work to produce those things or needs that we strictly need to survive. Nothing more. No entertainment, eat no more food than we need, no single persons who live in large single houses. Live with 10 people in one room! We are social beings after all. We must also minimise consumption. Because minimising consumption automatically leads to minimising labour.

The good thing is that this plan neatly coincides with another big goal: the goal to minimise the ecological footprint of all the people on the planet. Because as it turns out, people put a much too heavy burden on the resources of the planet. Which results in not only destroying the ecosystem, but also ourselves, because we depend on the ecosystem. The ecosystem can live perfectly without us. But we cannot live without the ecosystem.

Within several decades all resources have been depleted. Resources like: Gold, iron, copper, coal, you name it. It will all have been depleted. There even are predictions that within 30 years the world's oceans and waters have been depleted of all fish. To prevent this to happen we should take drastic measures. We should bow deeply for mother nature.

We should eat no animal products, because to create 1kg of dry animal product you need more than 3kg of plant product. We should all become vegans!!! This has also another positive result. We minimise the unnecessary torture of animals.

It is my contention that minimising the human rights violation called labour, automatically has the result that our ecological footprint is also minimised. This way we hit two flies in one blow. By minimising  the amount of products we buy, we also minimise the indirect harm done to people in countries far far away. We minimise the brutal abuse perpetrated by the evil psychopathic people called “employers”. The rapes perpetrated by them, the exploitation, the torture, the physical abuse, the mental abuse, the sexual abuse, the torture of animals. That is all minimised. And as a plus we have minimised our ecological footprint!

So what does this all has to do with prostitution? Obviously, prostitution is a human rights violation. It is slavery after all, like all labour is slavery, like all slavery is a human rights violation. Remember, all violations of human rights should be stopped at all costs. People are used in prostitution as living blowup dolls, as living receptacles for male semen, they are examined like cattle on a cattle market, they are dehumanised. They suffer from unwanted intrusions into their bodies. They suffer from unwanted intimate contact with the hands, penises, bodies of strangers. Things that are impossible to prevent for prostitutes.

Like I said, we cannot abolish all labour yet, but we can minimise it. Prostitution is not strictly necessary to survive. We need food, shelter from rain and snow, and we need healthcare. Nothing more. From this point of view it is desirable to stop all prostitution. So that means, never visit prostitutes. We do actually need healthcare, so unfortunately nurses are necessary. We do need food, so unfortunately farmers are also necessary. We do need houses, so unfortunately construction workers and mechanics are necessary. But at least they are at there for our survival. The work they do is absolutely humiliating, dangerous, bad for the body and bad for the heart. But unfortunately we cannot survive without them. We can survive without prostitutes. The harm done to prostitutes is not necessary, because we don't need prostitutes in order to survive. Minimising the harm of all labour, means to stop abusing all prostitutes. It means to stop visiting ALL prostitutes.

On the long-term we can think about replacing all labour done by people, by robots. But that can only be done when the human population has severely dropped below its current level. Otherwise the ecological footprint becomes too high. To be honest, that's one downside. Robots probably have a large ecological footprint. So that's contrary to the goal of minimising all labour.

Another point is that in order to minimise our ecological footprint we also need to spread our wealth equally. For all practical purposes that boils down to Communism. I see no other way. That is not to say that we should create societies like Joseph Stalin or Pol Pot did. We should have freedom of speech, freedom of organising, freedom of religion, and freedom of having your own thoughts and opinions. But within the limits of what Mother Earth can provide to us.

Within such a society there is no need for people to sell their sexuality. Because a communistic society doesn't allow people to have no food, no drink, no shelter from rain and snow, and no healthcare. It is always given to them. So prostitution will definitely not be necessary anymore.

The only point is: I have to put this all into practice myself.

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