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A forced prostitute on the Achterdam and one in Rijswijk


And another verdict from the It has the LJN-number: BO5076. You can find it here:

I find this story noteworthy because a victim of forced prostitution shows up who works in a so-called privéhuis. That is a type of brothel where the client is moved to a separate room, and where the prostitutes introduce themselves to the client, after which the client chooses a prostitute, and then they move to another room where they have sex. It strikes me while reading through all these verdicts, that few victims of forced prostitution seem to be working in these types of brothels, that is the privéhuizen. To a lesser extent this is also true for the so-called clubs. Actually, it seems that nowadays forced prostitution in the Netherlands is to a large extent a problem of window prostitution. This wasn't the case prior to the year 2004. Prior to 2004 forced prostitution in the Netherlands seemed to be more or less equally distributed among the various types of prostitution.

I wonder if it is really the case that nowadays forced prostitution rarely happens in privéhuizen. I have been in privéhuizen recently, and I notice that many women who work in such brothels seem to be older than 30. Many women are of Latin American origin. Actually most women seem to be of Latin American origin. Many women are not so beautiful, many are obese. You rarely see Eastern European and Dutch women working in these brothels. Latin American prostitutes are known to be very independent compared to the other prostitutes. So I believe it could be true that forced prostitution is relatively rare in privéhuizen. On the contrary, the situation is very different in window prostitution where lots of young Eastern European prostitutes work. Forced prostitution is reported to be very common among Eastern European prostitutes in the Netherlands.

The only problem is that I discovered that I am very critical of women's appearances. Too critical. I discovered that I only like women who look like 20-year-old fashion models. Young Eastern European prostitutes often look like fashion models. I'm not a fashion model myself, I have circles under my eyes and a beer belly.

What I also like to add about privéhuizen is that they are generally very cheap. Usually you can have sex for half an hour with a woman for 40-80 euro. For an hour it costs 70-150 euro. In a club you must at least go for an hour, and that will cost you 200-300 euro. Remember, a club is a brothel with a bar where alcohol is served. The clients and the prostitutes meet behind the bar, they talk with each other and they drink alcohol. A part of the money paid for the alcohol is given to the prostitutes. Then the client can choose a prostitute, and then they go to a separate room with the prostitute where they have sex. In a window brothel you usually pay per quarter of an hour: that is usually around 35-50 euro per quarter of an hour.

I theorise that perhaps because privéhuizen are so cheap they are avoided by people who force women in prostitution. What also could be the case is that the police managed to close down all clubs and privéhuizen where the owners forced women into prostitution. Human traffickers like to have direct control over their victims. That is difficult in a club or privéhuis because the human traffickers can't enter these brothels, except when they control the club or privéhuis themselves. And also, prostitutes have more contact with each other in clubs and privéhuizen, so independent prostitutes can exert their influence on forced prostitutes.

However, perhaps that I'm all wrong. Looking at the data of Comensha ( who registers forced prostitutes in the Netherlands, it seems that forced prostitution does happen a lot in clubs and privéhuizen compared to window prostitution.

I'm such a loser. I still visit these red light districts. I don't get in however. One time I did, but I felt so uncomfortable that I asked the prostitute permission to leave. I also visited some privéhuizen, but I also felt uncomfortable there, although I liked some women. So I left there too. I even thought once that I lost money and I felt really bad about it, so I asked my money back after I had already paid. The prostitute in the privéhuis seemed really embarrassed. Another prostitute said to her: "you don't have your day". That was not so nice of me.

Perhaps the moral crusade by posting a human trafficking story every week works for me after all. But it could also be boredom. Prostitution doesn't seem to be so cool for me now. It is actually very silly. I feel great embarrassment when I walk through these red light districts. Especially when prostitutes see me walk by five times! I hope I can break through the cycle. But my excitement about prostitutes is still too strong. Things go wrong already before I make the decision to depart to a brothel. I should do something about that.

And here's some translated bits from the verdict I mentioned:

The complainant has declared that she comes from a family with three children. There were always quarrels within the family and they were beaten a lot. Her father wasn't home a lot and her mother always vented her frustration on the children. In the year 2000 she got to know a certain [X.]. They entered into a relationship. He gave her the feeling that he really loved her. She received presents from him and they had a good time together. Shortly before her eighteenth birthday on February 25, 2001, he asked her to go working as a dancer in a striptease joint. The complainant refused this and wanted to break off the engagement. She declared that [X.] subsequently said that she had to pay him €10,000 if she wanted to leave him. On March 3, 2001 he came home during the evening with all kinds of attributes that were necessary for working in prostitution. [X.] told that she had to work in prostitution for him and that she had to earn back the money that he spent on her. He had arranged a room for her. Until April she subsequently worked every day in prostitution. After this, [X.] incited her to smuggle drugs from the Netherlands Antilles. After she gave an anonymous tip about this to the police, because she was scared, she was subsequently arrested and she was imprisoned for three months. Back in the Netherlands she went back to [X.] again, because he threatened to do something to her family if she didn't stay with him. After [X.] had used much violence against her, she went working in prostitution again. Ultimately she kept working in prostitution for two years for him. She was beaten a lot by [X.] and she used drugs and alcohol to keep on doing the work. In September 2003 she finally managed to escape.

The complainant has declared that after a year in 2004 things were going a little better again with her. She didn't use drugs anymore and she went to school again. There she met the suspect. For her it was love on first sight. On December 17, 2004 she got her first kiss. She was terribly in love with him. Two months before that she told the suspect that she had worked in prostitution. The suspect cheered her up and he had been very kind to her. They were together a lot, but on school it went bad. In April/May 2005 she stopped with school together with the suspect. She got a quarrel with her mother and in June 2005 she moved in with a girlfriend. She subsequently couldn't get in contact with the suspect for three weeks and at the end of July 2005 she got contact with him again because he contacted her. From that moment on they mixed with each other again and she moved in with her mother again.

The complainant has testified that at the end of September/beginning of October 2005, the suspect started to talk about his debts. At a certain moment the suspect was very quiet and she asked him what was going on. The suspect then told that he had many debts. He told that he had been apprehended because of fraud and that he started to deal in drugs to get rid of his debts. He told that he had been apprehended because of fraud, that he was released on bail and that he had to pay people back. He told that this was the reason why he didn't make contact with her during the summer holiday. The suspect told that if the problem wouldn't be solved, he had to go abroad. He told that he wanted to live together with her. The complainant has declared that she then said that she would go working and would make money to pay off his debts. She told him that she would do really everything for him, so that he wouldn't have to leave the country. The suspect then asked if she also wanted to do the work in Amsterdam. He said that she only had to work for three months and then he would be able to pay off his debts. He said that then they would be relieved from everything. He told that they both had to turn a switch and that they had set a target. She has declared that looking back she had been dumb and naive and that the suspect was clever and cunning and that he knew well how to manipulate her. The suspect still made love with her, he still kissed her and she believed that he loved her very much.

The complainant has declared that the suspect proposed in November 2005 that she could work as a prostitute in Alkmaar. They then drove to Alkmaar and en route she changed her mind and she told the suspect that she didn't want it anymore. The suspect then beat her and she had to have sex with the suspect. Next the suspect brought her to the Achterwal (comment by Donkey: don't they mean "Achterdam"?) in Alkmaar, the prostitution area. When they stepped out of the car, the suspect promised her that they would marry each other. The first day that she went working as a prostitute in Alkmaar, she had to cry. The suspect told her that she actually could do it and that she just should think about him. The suspect told her that she did it for them and that she just had to think about nice things. The suspect subsequently left and then she switched the button. She thought that she could keep the suspect this way, that she could pay off the debts and that after this, they would be able to live their lives again. At the end she has worked there for three months, until February 2006. The complainant has declared that she and the suspect had lots of quarrels in that period, because she never wanted to work. The suspect then said that they would get him, and the complainant didn't want him to leave. She just went to work then again. She has declared that when she talked with the suspect about the work in prostitution, he talked into her. He then said to her that if she would do it one more time, he would stay with her and that he would marry her. He also said to her that nobody else could love her more than he did, because of the work that she had done in prostitution. She believed what the suspect said to her and she thought that they had a future together. In February 2006 the complainant stopped working because she was pregnant with the suspect. In the beginning of March she underwent an abortion. The money that she earned with the prostitution activities she gave to the suspect, or he took it himself. He knew where it lied.

The complainant has declared that after the abortion in March 2006 she has lived with her mother for a short while and that after this, she resided in a shelter for homeless young people. On August 16, 2006 she received the key of her own house. She had nothing at all in her new house and she and the suspect spoke again about how to make money. She decided once again to work in prostitution and she subsequently worked as a prostitute once again for two months in Alkmaar. She stopped with this work, because she had become pregnant of a client. At the end of October 2006 she underwent an abortion once again. During New Year's Eve 2006/2007 she met another boy, with whom she entered into a relationship. That ended in September 2007. In November of that year she sent the suspect an e-mail, in which she wrote that she missed him. She immediately got an e-mail back from the suspect and at the end of November they were together again. The complainant wanted to be with him, because she didn't want to be alone anymore. The suspect was the only person she had contact with. In April 2008 she subsequently went working as a prostitute in the [a-street] in Den Haag. The money that she earned she handed over to the suspect. This had become a habit of hers, since she also did that when she worked in Alkmaar. In August 2008 the suspect went back to Morocco. The contact with the suspect disintegrated after that. The complainant has declared that after this, she didn't work in prostitution anymore.

Witness [A.] has declared that he has worked for an operator of the [b-street] in Alkmaar (comment by Donkey: that must also be the Achterdam). He also lived there. The complainant worked as a prostitute under his house and this way he got to know her. When the complainant registered herself to rent a room on the [b-street], he had the impression that she didn't do this voluntarily. She was brought by somebody. According to [witness A.] this was somewhere in 2007. The complainant has often said to him that she didn't want to do the work in prostitution. [Witness A.] has declared that the complainant did have no money and that she lent money from him. He told her sometimes that she mustn't hand over all her money. The complainant didn't mix with anybody in Alkmaar. She was brooding a lot and spoke with nobody. She was very unsociable.

Witness [B.] has declared that she has worked as a prostitute for a couple of years in a privéhuis in Rijswijk. In July 2008 she got to know the complainant. [Witness B.] has declared that for two years she has had a relationship with the suspect. She showed a photograph of him to the complainant and then it turned out that the complainant had an affair with the suspect for four years already. The relationship of [witness B.] with the suspect was broken off three months ago at that moment. [Witness B.] has testified that she entered into a relationship with the suspect after she had just become eighteen years old. Fairly quickly after this, the suspect told her that he had debts. He told her that he had to leave the Netherlands. [Witness B.] didn't want him to leave the Netherlands, because she wanted to keep him with her. She told the suspect that she did want to earn money, so that he could stay in the Netherlands. The suspect then told that he had a friend whose girlfriend worked in prostitution and who made a lot of money. [Witness B.] has declared that she has thought about it for a short while and then decided to just try it. She eventually ended up in Rijswijk. She was very much in love with the suspect and she gave up all the money that she earned in prostitution to him. If she wanted to keep money for herself then the suspect became totally mad. He then screamed and started a quarrel. She gave the money to him, because he told that he had to pay bills. She just gave the money to the suspect, because she didn't want to enter into a confrontation with him.

The suspect has confirmed that he got to know the complainant at school and that he entered into a relationship with her. He has declared that they both didn't finish school. He indeed promised the complainant to marry her. In his culture he has to marry a Moroccan woman however, with whom he indeed married in the meantime. The suspect has also confirmed that he had a relationship with [witness B.] when she was eighteen years old. This was at the same moment as when he had a relationship with the complainant. He knew that [B.] worked in prostitution in Rijswijk after her eighteenth birthday. [B.] wanted to work in prostitution, to pay off his debts. The suspect has declared that he had debts with official organisations. He has declared that he knew about the complainant's past in prostitution. He has denied however that he knew that the complainant had supposedly worked in prostitution at the moment that he had a relationship with her.

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