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Saban and the gang (part 1)


Right now I want to talk about the gang of Saban B. He led a gang of over 30 pimps. Reportedly a total number of 30 women worked for the gang on De Wallen, and roughly 40 women in total at each moment. The police could track down over 120 victims. I didn't mention Saban's gang too often because the files that you can find on about this gang are really big. I did't know how to deal with them.

Now (at this moment) I want to talk about the pimp Zafer O, also known as Victor. His verdict on spans over 100 pages! I will tell something about him. Also Saban B is mentioned in this file. The LJN number is: BP6711. You can download it here:

Victor was a sort of chief bodyguard of the gang. He brought the women to their work and guarded them. He also helped them with difficult clients. It will take too much time to tell everything about Victor and the other gang members in one post, so perhaps a part 2, 3 or 4 will come. The file contains a lot of wiretapped conversations, which are very fuzzy. I'll mostly skip them. Actually, I don't know much about Victor at all. There is also lots of information about other gang members. Actually, Victor seems to me not such a bad guy after all. As far as I know, I read nothing about him being violent to women. But I could be wrong. But he was evidently very violent towards other men. Once the totally trashed up a guy in the middle of the street, together with a couple of other guys who helped Victor (thrashing up the guy).

The wiretapped conversations are often conversations between the pimps and the bodyguards, for instance about: bringing the girls, the buying of bullet-proof vests, the work hours of the bodyguards or the girls, the money that is paid to the bodyguards by the girls, etc...There are also wiretapped conversations between prostitutes and pimps in the file.

Also the main wife of Saban B is mentioned (named [person 36] in the file). She always denied she was forced by him, and keeps on defending him to this day. She had two children with him. Saban B could escape to Turkey because he was allowed to temporarily leave prison because of humanitarian reasons, to see his newborn baby. From what I know, he is in jail in Turkey because he didn't pay enough taxes there, and he was later released on bail.

I also quote from another verdict, of the pimp CÖ. In that verdict Saban B is also mentioned, including his main wife [person 36]. The LJN number of this file is: BP7662. You can download it here:

Here are some translated parts from LJN: BP6711 (I changed the introductory lines a bit, and everybody knows the names of many of these pimps so I included them here):

1. Testimony of [person 122] (February 14, 2007):
When my daughter [person 36] had just become 18 years old, she left. I have a girlfriend who works behind the bar on De Wallen in Amsterdam. At one moment my daughter visited her and told her that she worked in prostitution. My girlfriend obviously told this to me. When [person 36] phoned me once again, I immediately confronted her with this and she admitted that she had a job as a prostitute. I heard from my girlfriend that she walked around there with a creep on De Wallen. She was talking about a Turk. She never named his name to me, but later I once saw that she wore a chain with the name [suspect Saban B] on it. I understood from [person 36] that she had received this from her husband.
I noticed that [person 36] apparently wasn't allowed to do certain things or wasn't able to. So I mean normal things with this, such as contact with the family, going somewhere. When I sometimes had an appointment with her then, she didn't show up, or she cancelled it by telephone at the last moment. I sometimes asked her to do something nice together. I proposed to her to go to Scheveningen to spend the night there and then to go back the next day. She said that that wasn't possible, because she already paid for the rent of the room (comment by Donkey: she means the rent of the room of the window brothel). During the vacations she paid a visit to his parents in Turkey with him. She told that she had to stay with his parents the whole time. She wasn't allowed to go away alone, and she was allowed to go away when [suspect Saban B] accompanied her.
During December of the previous year she told me that she started to be fed up with it. I then said to her that she had to stop with it. She said that she couldn't get out of it anyway and how I could think that she could stop with it just like that. She worked seven days in a week. She told me that. Most of the time she went to work at 19.30 hours and she came back at 07.00 hours. She told me that she wanted/had to earn 1000 euro per day.
How long has she worked while she was together with [suspect Saban B]?
That could have been starting from the end of 2003 until the moment of arrest (comment by Donkey: that was in February 2007).

2. The testimony of [person 123] (March 13, 2007):
I am the stepmother of [person 36]. I know her since April 2000.
I know that she has been beaten with a bat by [suspect Saban B]. That could have been between October and now. She told that she had received beatings. She received these when she didn't behave properly. I asked her what happened. I said to her: "(…), have you been beaten again?" and she said: "Yes". I asked sometimes what he does then. Then she said: "Not over the telephone". I then asked her if she had been maltreated again. She then said: "Well". Eventually it did come out that she had been beaten again. He beat her with the bat, her body and in her face. She wasn't able to work once because she had black eyes.
He always read her SMS text messages. She had to hand over all her money to him. She worked 7 days in the week. [Suspect Saban B] was her pimp, he told me that himself. She sometimes was stressed and tired, then she said that she would gladly be free. She also wanted to be with her brother and sister sometimes, but she was never allowed to sleep over. She said that this wasn't allowed by [suspect Saban B].
I once said to her that she had to stop with this work. She then said to me that this wasn't possible, because if you want to stop with working as a prostitute then you have to pay a fine of 30,000 euro.

3. The testimony of [person 94] (February 21, 2004)
I work as an errand boy for a group of pimps on De Wallen in Amsterdam. They are all Turkish men, named [suspect Saban B], [suspect Hasan B], Monti ([suspect Nuri T]), Chiko and Rici. The group has girls working for them.
The first one is [person 36]. She is Dutch. She has been maltreated by [suspect Saban B]. [Suspect Saban B] has beaten her on her face. She had a black eye and wasn't able to work for two weeks. She told me that. I have seen the bruises in her face. She tells me everything what [suspect Saban B] does. She has to hand over all the money to [suspect Saban B], she only gets 10 euro for the taxi. She doesn't feel like working. She has to ask to [suspect Saban B] if she may take a day off. She works near sexyland (comment by Donkey: that's in the Sint Annendwarsstraat). She is there each day. [Suspect Saban B] says that she has to work until 4 or 5 o'clock in the night. She is there starting from approximately 8 o'clock during the evening.
I am convinced that all girls work against their will for [suspect Saban B]. I know of all girls that they have to hand over their earned money.

4. The testimony of [person 75] (March 6, 2009):
Photo 2. His name is [suspect Saban B]. I know his girlfriend, that is [person 36]. I always worked together with her in the Oude Kennissteeg. She loved him an awful lot. But how he treated her. I did see [person 36] once or twice with a black eye. She was very open about it and she simply said that her husband had beaten her.
Remark by officer. The man depicted on photo number 2 concerns: [suspect Saban B].

5. The testimony of [person 36] (March 2, 2007):
I live on the [address] in Assendelft with my boyfriend [suspect Saban B]. I work as a prostitute.

6. The testimony of [person 36] (March 3, 2007):
I have a fixed telephone number that I only use for [suspect Saban B] because I am often on the telephone with girlfriends and he doesn't want to get the voicemail. This way I can always be reached.
The girls pay [Victor] for his bodyguard activities. He is the man who was always in the Red Light. The girls have to pay money for the bodyguard. Per week 100 euro. Regarding your question if I had to receive that money each week, I answer that I look if everybody has paid. It is my task to take care that the girls pay, so that the bodyguards get paid. Sometimes I receive a list for that. [Suspect Saban B] takes care that [Victor] is paid. With the rest of the money I rent a house for the bodyguards.

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8. The testimony of [person 36]:
I am in love with my husband [suspect Saban B]. Too much in love. I haven't really seen my boundaries yet.
(Remark by officer: the suspect was shown photo 12 from photographic records.) That is [Victor]. He is bodyguard. The work of bodyguard is to take care that we arrive home safely.
Remark of officers: we read out loud to the suspect the wiretapped conversation of 30-11-2006 on 00:51:12, 30-G, 29 (the court understands: the wiretapped conversation of page 23/10608 that has been included hereafter as a means of evidence) between [suspect Saban B] and NN [suspect Berat K] ([T [] ).
(Question: in this conversation [suspect Berat K] says that (comment by Donkey: a word is missing here, they probably mean [person 36]) went working. [Suspect Saban B] says that [suspect Berat K] has to watch out that (comment by Donkey: word missing, [person 36]?) doesn't receive other girls in her room and if that is the case he has to phone him.) I know nothing of these conversations of my husband and I see that he supervises me. But my husband really is a real busybody, but I need a man with a strong hand, who tells me what I should do. I can be easily influenced. He really is the man who helped me get rid of drugs. He is the first man whom I am really in love with. I have respect for my husband. I wasn't even able to tell the time. My husband taught me to tell the time, he's my father, my husband, my everything.
We read out loud to the suspect the conversation line 30-G, number 691 (the court understands: the means of evidence that has been included hereafter as a means of evidence of page 23/10608).
A: My husband doesn't want me to mix with [person 87].
We have read out loud to you and let you hear a number of conversations.
Q: It turns out that the bodyguards supervised the girls, but also look if they are working, because the girls simply have to work. Is that correct?
Remark by officer:
The suspect nods yes.

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11. Testimony of [person 39] (February 22, 2007)
(Remark by officer: the witness is shown a photo under number 11. On the photo a woman is depicted named [person 36], born [1984].)
[Person 36] is the girlfriend of [suspect Saban B]. She was also intimidated. On the day that the police removed me from the house [person 36] had a quarrel with [suspect Saban B]. [Suspect Saban B] has beaten [person 36] then. I heard screaming and the sound of somebody that beats. Later [person 36] cried near me. [Person 36] didn't dare to talk about it, because [suspect Saban B] would become furious then. In the house [person 36] said to me that she hated [suspect Saban B] and that she loved him.

12. The testimony of [person 39] (January 29, 2008):
During one evening, when [suspect Saban B] had a quarrel with [person 36], he beat her up terribly. I heard [suspect Saban B] and [person 36] having a quarrel. I heard the sound of a beating and after this, I heard [person 36] crying. [Person 36] then told me that she was beaten more than once by [suspect Saban B].

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15. The testimony of [person 36] (October 9, 2009):
The name [suspect Zafer O] does ring a bell. I do know who that is. We called him [Victor]. He also was a bodyguard. When you say to me that [Victor] has said to you, that I paid him most of the time and every now and then I paid [suspect Berat K], then I respond that most of the time I paid him myself. It is correct that I rented the house for the bodyguards. [Suspect Berat K] and [Victor] have lived there together.

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17. The testimony of [person 4] (April 22, 2008):
I know [suspect Saban B]. I have seen that [suspect Saban B] beat other women. I mean to say that I have seen what they looked like after he had beaten them. I learned from [suspect Saban B] himself that he had beaten them. He regularly ordered me to bring ice. He then phoned sometimes to say that he had given [person 36] a black eye and that he needed ice.

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38. The testimony of the suspect (Zafer O) (March 13, 2007):
My nickname is [Victor]. Since 2001 I do bodyguard activities on De Wallen. I supervised them, they paid money to me every week. In the beginning of 2006 I had all kinds of girls whom I supervised. I always behaved properly. That's why I also was introduced to other girls. I have built up a reputation as a bodyguard. When there were problems with clients I mediated. I was present starting from 20.00 until 4.00 hours. In the weekend until 8.00 hours in the morning.
I reside on the [address] in [city of residence] with [suspect Berat K].
Around August 2004 I saw that a Polish girl on De Wallen was beaten black and blue by her Albanian pimp. I then brought her to Utrecht. I said to her that I would solve it. The Albanians then threatened me with a pistol. Also the unlicensed taxi driver who brought the girl to my house, was threatened by the Albanian. I have also helped [person 128] and [person 129], two Polish girls. Because there were three Polish girls in my house at that moment, I felt that I was in danger. [Person 128] and [person 129] then left, [person 48] stayed with me. I was still harassed by the Albanians. They wrecked my house and harassed her.

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5. A wiretapped conversations between [suspect Ufuk T] alias [Chiko] and [F] (on September 19, 2006 15:34)
U: I say it, sometimes you must grab them by the throat.. grab them by the hair this way.. and say like I will fuck you/will do something to you and look them in the eyes and throw them away like this. That will be sufficient for her then.
F: So you say it like this, let them feel fear for a short while.
U: I don't lie… I swear it to you.. lately we had a quarrel and I beat her very badly, I beat her a little bit. Now she is like a little lamb.
F: Now she is a pussycat and she meows and she goes sitting in a corner.
U: Yes, and afterwards I see that she has become sensible again.

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8. The testimony of [person 14] (October 29, 2007):
You show me a series of photos containing 15 photos of men and you ask me if I recognise the men.

Photo 02.
The man depicted on photo 02 is to person I know as [suspect Saban B]. He is the big man. When [suspect Saban B] says to others, jump out of the window, then they jump out of the window. I know that he had/has several women working for him. Aside from letting women work in prostitution he also is supposed to be occupied with arms trafficking. At the time I lived with [person 57] he brought together with [suspect Tayfun K] a gun to the house of [person 57] to store it there. That was a pistol and I've seen that myself.
Remark by officer: The man depicted on photo 02 concerns [suspect Saban B].

Photo 03.
That is the person I know as [Abu]. He was also such big boss as [suspect Saban B] and he has multiple women working for him in prostitution. He is a member of the group. I mean with that the criminal group that belongs to [suspect Saban B].
Remark of officer: The man depicted on photo 03 concerns [suspect Bekir I].

9. The testimony of [person 4] (November 19, 2007):
You show me photographic records, containing a series of 58 photos of men. I can declare the following about that.

Photo 02.
The man depicted on photo 02 is [suspect Saban B], the man with whom I have had a relationship. [Suspect Saban B] was a pimp, a trafficker of several women. He was the big boss. I know that [person 36] was a woman of his, [person 9] was a woman of his, so was I and then also was a Polish woman. In addition to this, all people that had women working for them, who worked with him or next to him, were ought to hand over money to [suspect Saban B]. That's what he always said. In addition to trafficking in people [suspect Saban B] also trafficked in weapons.
Remark by officer: The man depicted on photo 02 concerns [suspect Saban B].

Photo 03.
The man depicted on photo 03 is known to me as [Abu]. He was a pimp, a human trafficker. He was the pimp of 3 girls, 2 of them I know by their first name, [person 16] and [person 34]. [Abu] drove around for [suspect Saban B] on the Zandpad to keep an eye on working women for [suspect Saban B].
Remark by officer: The man depicted on photo 03 concerns [suspect Bekir I].

Photo 31.
The man depicted on photo 31 is known to me as [suspect Hasan B], the brother of [suspect Saban B]. He is a pimp. He had two women, namely [person 58] and [person 66]. He was the pimp of these two women.
Remark by officer: The man depicted on photo 31 concerns [suspect Hasan B].

Photo 32.
The man depicted on photo 32 is known to me as [suspect Ufuk T]. He had a girl working for him with the name [person 20]. He protected me on the Zandpad.
Remark by officer: the man depicted on photo 32 concerns [suspect Ufuk T].

10. The testimony of [person 94] (February 21, 2004):
Since approximately 2 months I work as an errand boy for a group of pimps on De Wallen in Amsterdam. They are all Turkish man and I only know their first name. They are named [suspect Saban B], [suspect Hasan B], [suspect Nuri T], [Chiko] (…). [Suspect Saban B] and [suspect Hasan B] are brothers of each other. They all come from Germany and know each other for a long time. The group has girls working for them. [Suspect Saban B] and [suspect Hasan B] are leaders of the group. I know that they are also occupied with weapons. I've also seen a firearm with [suspect Saban B], because [suspect Saban B] has threatened me with that. He showed me that weapon and he said that I had to keep on working for him. [Suspect Saban B] arranges weapons, (…) and girls. I believe that the group has at least 10 girls working here. Then they also have girls in Den Haag.
I will tell what [suspect Saban B] orders me to do. When a girl has problems with a client then I receive a telephone call from [suspect Saban B]. Then by [suspect Saban B]'s order I have to go there. Then by [suspect Saban B]'s order I have to beat up the client. I have seen that [suspect Saban B], [suspect Nuri T] and [Chiko] beat up people when they take pictures of the girls. I know that [suspect Saban B], [suspect Nuri T] and [Chiko] have fought with a couple of Moroccans a couple of weeks ago. Everybody in the neighbourhood is afraid of the group. I know that pimps of other girls in the neighbourhood who don't belong to the group pay security levy to [suspect Saban B].
The women and weapons they bring from Germany. I attended that one time. I mean with weapons, these small weapons which you can carry with you.
The group thrashes the whole place here. Threaten everybody and beat up the whole place, frighten people. I'm very afraid of [suspect Saban B] and [suspect Hasan B] and their friends. If they know that I want to press charges against them, then they'll kill me. [Suspect Nuri T] and [suspect Saban B] have seen that I was taken to the police office. They both said in the Turkish language that I must say nothing, or else I was in deep shit.
I have been apprehended because I was supposed to have threatened a whore. I did go to that girl. That happened by order of [suspect Saban B]. I had to say to her that she had to give all her money to [suspect Saban B] and [suspect Hasan B]. I had to threaten her. [Suspect Saban B] said to me that if she would make a fuss then I had to give some beatings.
For two months I have worked every evening for [suspect Saban B]. I was forced to work by him. I couldn't get an evening off.
I am convinced that all girls who are named by me work against their will for [suspect Saban B], [suspect Hasan B], [Chiko], (…) and [suspect Nuri T]. I know of all girls that they have to hand over their earned money.

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13. The testimony of [person 94] (April 22, 2007):
Q: Since when are you active on De Wallen in Amsterdam in the Netherlands?
A: Since approximately 18 months.
Q: How did you end up there?
A: I left prison and I went home. After a quarrel at home I went to De Wallen to the bridge at the Old Sailor. I then got to know [Victor]. After three days I got to know [Victor]. [Victor] always stood there. [Victor] is named [suspect Zafer O].
Remark: we show the suspect a photo from the photographic records numbered 12 (the court understands: photo 12 from file 16).
A: That is the [Victor] that I mean. After three weeks [Victor] asked me if I wanted to work as a bodyguard.
Q: Which activities did you do on De Wallen in Amsterdam?
A: When there were problems I simply had to get him out and to outside, it concerned clients who were annoying. I knew that I had to go to a woman because I was phoned then. [Victor] gave my telephone number to the girls. The girls told their names to me and then I knew where I had to go. After I had just started, they phoned [Victor] and then I accompanied [Victor] and [Victor] said to me who they were. After work I had to bring the women to the taxi.
Q: What did the girls for whom you worked think?
A: We received money from the girls, not from the pimps. Each week the girls gave money to [Victor]. Per girl they gave 50 euro to [Victor]. But it were girls belonging to pimps. It concerned as many as 30 girls. I knew that because I heard: that girl belongs to this pimp, this one belongs to this one and this one belongs to this one. [Victor] showed the girls to me and said this girl belongs to this pimp and that girl belongs to this one. He named the names. He said: this one belongs to that little group. You have to keep your hands off of them, or else they will kill you, they will demolish you.
After I just started to work with him and while he showed me the girls, [Victor] told me a story. [Victor] told me that, during the time that I didn't work with him yet, a prostitute had broken her nose or something. A client had done that. I don't know which prostitute that was. [Victor] told me that he had to come to the pimps. Then the pimps gave him two black eyes, and they said: you had to be there, and when our girl gets something broken, we will break you too. [Victor] then told me that I wasn't supposed to do things to girls and what I was supposed to do and that they, the pimps, would otherwise do that to me.
Q: Did [Victor] named names related to that?
A: Yes always [suspect Saban B] and [suspect Nuri T]. The big boys.
Q: Did [Victor] say that [suspect Saban B] and [suspect Nuri T] maltreated him?
A: Yes.

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42. The testimony of [person 65] (May 25, 2004):
I have worked as a prostitute in Amsterdam starting from August 2003 until April 2004. I worked there next to two girls who worked for [suspect Saban B] and [suspect Hasan B]. These girls I know as [S], I call her [C], and [S] (remark by officers: [person 66] and [person 36] are meant).
[Person 66] is the girlfriend of [suspect Hasan B]. They are forced to work in prostitution by [suspect Hasan B]. [Suspect Hasan B] uses much violence against her. I regularly saw bruises on her body. I could also often hear that [suspect Hasan B] was in the room of [person 66]. I then heard a quarrel, screaming from [person 66] and that apparently violence was used against her. [Person 66] also told me that [suspect Hasan B] beat her. She told me that she received beatings from him when she didn't earn enough. She received many beatings. She didn't leave him. She did want to, but she told me that she was afraid that he would go to her family. They don't know that she works in prostitution. She has to hand over all her earned money to [suspect Hasan B].
[Person 36] is the girlfriend of [suspect Saban B]. She received many beatings from [suspect Saban B]. She has many bruises. I have often seen that. I have seen her working with two black eyes. She then told me that she was beaten up by [suspect Saban B] because she had palled up with a negro-pimp. [Person 36] is terrified of [suspect Saban B]. [Person 36] works 4 days each week and goes to Turkey each week to bring the money to [suspect Saban B].
I can tell the following about [suspect Hasan B], [suspect Saban B] and [Monti] ([suspect Nuri T]):
The errand boys who work for [suspect Saban B] and [suspect Nuri T] don't collect money for them. [Suspect Hasan B], [suspect Saban B] and [suspect Nuri T] receive the money directly from the hands of the girls. The errand boys have to shop for the girls and have to throw out clients if that is necessary. The errand boys receive 150 euro per week per protected girl.
At least one girl works for [suspect Nuri T] named [person 32]. Aside from [person 36] [suspect Saban B] also has [person 9] working for him and [suspect Hasan B] has, aside from [person 66], also [person 121] working for him.

43. A report of some officers (August 12, 2006):
On August 12, 2006 the person known to us as [person 55] (born [1960] in [place of birth] in [country of birth]) appeared at our police office and declared the following.
[Suspect Ufuk T], [suspect Saban B] and [suspect Nuri T] were supposed to hang around regularly in Alkmaar and regularly reside in Vinkeveen. Also many women were supposed to reside here, as well as other pimps. We, officers, know that when [person 55] declares about [Chiko] that [suspect Ufuk T] is meant with this, with [S (comment by donkey: Saban?)] is meant [suspect Saban B] and with [Monti] is meant [suspect Nuri T].
[Person 55] declares that, a girl who works in a police uniform, belongs to [suspect Ufuk T]. [Suspect Nuri T] has [person 67] and a Moroccan girl working for him. [Person 9], [person 36] and [person 83] were supposed to be working for [suspect Saban B]. [Suspect Hasan B] has also girls working for him.

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47. The testimony of [person 4] (October 15, 2007):
I have seen that [suspect Saban B] stored a firearm in a closet in my bedroom. That was when my daughter was born already. That was mid-November 2004. I once saw that [suspect Saban B], [suspect Ufuk T] or [suspect Hasan B] hid a firearm in the hole in the bathroom. The hole in the ceiling of the bathroom of my workroom on the Zandpad.

48. A wiretapped conversation between [suspect U(fuk) T] aka Chiko and [suspect Z(afer) O] aka Victor (September 8, 2006):
[suspect ZO]: Hello?
[suspect UT]: Yees.
[suspect ZO]: Yes.
[suspect UT]: You don't have to look at that girl, is that agreed?
[suspect ZO]: It's okay, I know it. I knew it was becoming this way.
[suspect UT]: You must only look at the girl of [person 109] and not at his former girl.
[suspect ZO]: We don't look after [person 26] anymore?
[suspect UT]: Do look at [person 26] and not look at [person 132].
[suspect ZO]: Do look after [person 26] and not at [person 132], is agreed.
[suspect UT]: Did you understand?
[suspect ZO]: I understood it.
[suspect UT]: That one doesn't work for us anymore, that one belongs to the Hells Angels.. you understand, that former girl of his, that one doesn't belong to us.
[suspect ZO]: [Person 26].. Is that that small one. (short height)
[suspect UT]: She phoned you lately didn't she, and said like, I cannot go working.
[suspect ZO]: Mustn't I look after her.
[suspect UT]: You have to be concerned with this one and not with the other.
[suspect ZO]: Good. When that boy is here then I will phone you and he says my girl is here also and involves [suspect Cillekes Ö] in it, this and that.
[suspect UT]: Okay, you have to be concerned with it, that's right.
[suspect ZO]: Whom I should look after then, he has two girls now.
[suspect UT]: He doesn't have two girls, he has one (1) girl.
[suspect ZO]: That one below.. when he is with me I will phone.
[suspect UT]: Is fine.

Comment by Donkey: now I switch to another file. The LJN number of this file is: BP7662. You can download it here:

1. The testimony of several police officers (June 22, 2007):
On May 7, 2007 we, officers, are approached by a woman whom we know under the work name [E]. Her full personal information is: [person 13], born in [place] in 1979, making use of the telephone number [nr.].
It is known to us that [E], together with her girlfriend [W], came from Germany to Den Haag to work in prostitution. The full personal information of [W] is: [person 21], born in [place] in 1978, making use of her telephone number [nr.]. [E] says that since November 2006 she had to hand over money to [suspect Cillekes Ö] who is called [Hakan] who is approximately 25 years old. She asks if it is correct that he has been apprehended. She didn't want to tell much because she was afraid and his little friends still walk about freely here who will carry it out for him. She had just been phoned by him. On Tuesday, May 8, 2007 in the building on the [address] in Den Haag, there were talks with [E] and [W]. [W] tells that she has had a relationship for five years with [Hakan] and that she had to work in prostitution for him. She had to hand over the money to him. When she said that she wanted to stop working she was phoned by [S (comment by Donkey: do they mean Saban?)]. She is very afraid of him and then decided that she should just keep on working. She indicates that since three months ago she got rid of [Hakan]. She is afraid to press charges, in connection with the consequences for her mother and her little daughter in Germany. [Hakan] knows where they live.
[E] tells that she has seen that [S (Saban?)] has beaten a girl with a baseball bat. She has also seen that he beat girls with his fists. Sometimes he went out eating and sleeping with multiple girls. Without reason, one of the girls was maltreated after that. [Saban] was seen by [E] and [W] as the boss. They are very afraid of him.

2. The testimony of [person 21] (January 15, 2010):
Yes, I know [suspect Cillekes Ö]. Another name that I've heard, is [Hakan]. I have had a relationship with him. I got to know him six or seven years ago in Frankfurt am Main. A couple of weeks later we entered into a relationship. He started talking about if I could work in the Netherlands instead of in Germany. I have thought about that. It didn't seem to be a bad idea. I started working in Alkmaar. I handed over my money to [Hakan]. When you ask me on whose initiative I gave the money to [Hakan], then I say that [Hakan] took the money from me. After eight or nine months I left. I saw [Hakan] again two or three years later. That was by coincidence. In Köln I got to know [person 13]. At a certain moment [person 13] was together with a certain [S (Saban?)]. She wanted to visit him in Frankfurt and asked me if I wanted to accompany her. I have done that. In the cafe we encountered [S (Saban?)], and to my big surprise also [Hakan]. They knew each other. That was not known to me and to [person 13]. I then spoke a long time with [Hakan] and we came together again. [Hakan] proposed that [person 13] and I could work in Saarbrücken in a privéhuis. [Person 13] and I weren't there for a long time. [Person 13] didn't earn well there. We then asked if we were allowed to go to the Netherlands and that was allowed by [S (Saban?)] and [Hakan]. I was home for a couple of weeks and then I went to the Netherlands. Then [person 13] accompanied me. We then lived again in a holiday park in Vinkeveen. [Person 13] lived with [person 36] and I lived with [R]. [Person 13] and I worked in Utrecht.
After I asked [person 36] for money for fuel one time, [suspect Saban B] and [Hakan] picked me up together with the jeep of [suspect Saban B]. [Suspect Saban B] was very angry and he wanted that [Hakan] would punish me. [Hakan] tried to calm [suspect Saban B] down a little and he said that it wasn't such a big story anyway. [Suspect Saban B] couldn't be calmed down however during such moments. [Suspect Saban B] then turned around to me in the car and screamed to me who I was supposed to think that I am. As a punishment I had to stay longer at work. I had to work longer. I wasn't allowed to phone. I wasn't allowed to talk to [Hakan]. When I was home I had to go to my room immediately. I felt as if I was punished like a small child. You notice that you see, that while I'm telling this I am very emotional and I'm crying. You ask me why I am so emotional about this. I say to you that I have seen a lot of what [suspect Saban B] has done with other women. He has beaten [person 36], among other persons, with a baseball bat. He pushed her down the stairs. Women were obliged by him to jump in the lake and stay in there until they were allowed to go out. [Suspect Saban B] has repeatedly told other men how they should treat their women. All men from the group were afraid of him. [Suspect Saban B] enjoyed this. He liked it when things happened like he wanted it to happen. [Hakan] also threatened with [suspect Saban B]. [Suspect Saban B] didn't beat me. I wasn't his woman. He did it in a more psychological way. He looks at you in a certain way and he says things in a certain way. Aside from this you see what he does with his own women. [Hakan] also became more and more like [suspect Saban B]. He said that I didn't earn so well anymore. I felt that he started to exert more pressure on me. If I would have given [Hakan] no money he wouldn't have been together with me. I am afraid, especially of a person other than [suspect Cillekes Ö]. I don't want to talk about this person. I don't dare to. He knows how to find me everywhere anyway. I went from the Netherlands to Germany. From Germany to the Netherlands again, and from the Netherlands to Belgium again. The police has said to me that they would give me police protection, but suddenly another person from the group stood before me once again. One time it was [suspect Cillekes Ö] himself. [Hakan] has beaten me one time. He gave me a heavy box on my ears because I didn't listen. [Hakan] was also afraid of [suspect Saban B]. [Hakan] also threatened with [suspect Saban B].

3. The testimony of [person 21] (March 16, 2010):
I could have never left the Netherlands if [suspect Saban B] would still have been there. The prostitution environment around [suspect Saban B] meant that the women who worked in this prostitution environment, were work machines. They haven't lived, they were all an object. They had to earn money. When not enough money was earned, they were punished. I have understood that they had to earn a certain amount of money per day. When this wasn't earned then they had to keep on standing until it was earned, or else they would get one inside from [suspect Saban B], either with the hand or with the baseball bat, or with whatever he could find. [Hakan] did benefit from my work in prostitution. I handed over all my money. I did feel threatened. It was psychological terror. My work name is [V]. My real name (comment by Donkey: some text seems to be missing here) [S (Saban?)] also called me [S].

Photo 17 (the court concludes: suspect)
This man I know under many names. [Hakan], [J], [Ö] or little [Ö].
With 'working' in my testimony at the examining judge of January 15, 2010, I mean working in prostitution.
When the lawyer asks me if pressure has been exerted upon me regarding prostitution, then I say: 'yes, at the end yes'. It occurred that [Hakan] has exerted pressure upon me. When [suspect Saban B] was also there, he was ruder. This was mostly on the telephone. I then asked who was with him. He then said, when it was [suspect Saban B], that he was with the guru. That was my name for [suspect Saban B]. Then I knew he was with [suspect Saban B]. He then used really rude words. At first I wasn't afraid of [Hakan]. Later I was. That was also the reason why I left. This was psychological terror. This emerged because he had felt that I wanted to go away. The examining judge proposes the idea to me that fear for repercussion actually means that he would have created fear in me for the consequences if I would do something.
Remark by examining judge: The lawyer has read out loud to the witness a part of the accusation regarding repercussion among other things. End of remark of the examining judge.
This is a correct description of what I have experienced. This was indeed related to working in prostitution. When the lawyer asks me if it was difficult by any means to break free from [Hakan], to leave him, then I say: 'Yes'. That has also been the reason why I went to the police in the Netherlands. [Hakan] didn't want to let me go. My work name is [V].

4. The testimony of [person 13] (November 27, 2007):
In the meantime [V] and I had become friends. We found out that we both knew [Hakan]. [V] and I have to worked in Saarbrücken for a short while. [S (Saban?)] and [Hakan] brought us there. The business wasn't going very well there. During that time we spoke about going to the Netherlands. [S (Saban?)] and [Hakan] were the first to talk about this.

5. The testimony of [person 13] (February 18, 2008):
I have worked for two weeks in Amsterdam. I didn't earn a lot in Amsterdam. I was ordered by [suspect Saban B] to work with [person 36]. Then I would earn more money. Then I went to sleep in the house of [suspect Saban B]. [Hakan] knew that I would have wanted to be together with [V]. We then could both work for him. I was supposed to be obligated to pay 1000 euro per week. 500 euro for him and 500 for [suspect Saban B]. That happened this way because [suspect Saban B] was the boss. [Hakan] had to confer with him if I could stay in the Netherlands. [Hakan] couldn't take that decision himself. He then had to confer with [suspect Saban B]. When I worked in Utrecht I still slept in the house of [suspect Saban B]. [Hakan] and [suspect Saban B] collected the money from me.
In October we went to Den Haag. In the beginning we slept in the Ibis hotel. We were able to make agreements with [Hakan]. In the past [V] had given all her money to [Hakan], but since a certain moment we agreed that we had to hand over 1500 euro per week. Actually he wasn't such a great nuisance for us. After a short while it went wrong. That happened when we went to the hotel in Scheveningen, shortly before Christmas. Since that moment we had to hand over all our money. We only received a little bit of money from [Hakan]. Which actually received the money from his wife [F]. It was turned around then. We only got a little bit and he had everything. During Christmas we went to Germany then, and after New Year's Eve we came back. [V] then became ill and we haven't worked a lot. [V] had to go to the hospital. First in the Netherlands, then in Germany. [Hakan] actually did wonder why I couldn't just work in the Netherlands then. At the end I just had to go working in Germany then. We were phoned by [F] that [Hakan] was apprehended and in jail. [V] said that now we would arrange it all ourselves then.

6. The testimony of [person 13] (December 2, 2006):
I was afraid of the men. I just saw how [S (Saban?)] and [Hakan] treated their women. I was afraid that this would also happen to me. Women were beaten. Among other persons, [person 36] and [R] who worked for [suspect Saban B]. I was afraid of the reaction of the men if I wouldn't do what they said. I lived in the house of [suspect Saban B] and [person 36] for a short while. I sometimes heard [person 36] crying and screaming. [Person 36] said to me that it was about the fact that she hadn't earned enough as a prostitute. It made me even more frightened. That's why I didn't went into a discussion and I gave my money. [V] was threatened when I earned too little. The suspect then said to her that I had to watch out. He later said that [V] was responsible for my earnings. Because it did hardly interest me that I was being threatened, they threatened me via [V]. I didn't want that something bad would happen to her. That was my weak spot. It wasn't any different for [V]. She had a little child and he threatened her that he would do something to her child or her mother. I heard that [R] once put money in her shoe to withhold it this way. [Suspect Saban B] discovered that and she was heavily maltreated. I was so afraid because of that, that it didn't cross my mind to hide money. I saw no other option than to hand over my money. We didn't dare to run away because the suspect said that he knew where the daughter of [S] was.

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