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Romanian forced prostitutes


I want to offer some translations from a verdict on The LJN-number is BR1294. You can find the file here:

'Het Poortje' is mentioned in the file, which is a window brothel in Haarlem. What is peculiar about this file is that the suspect is also sentenced for recruiting and then transporting a prostitute across a border. That is still illegal in the Netherlands. I find this law a bit antiquated.

I have to say, after reading all these verdicts, that human traffickers have little imagination. They always threaten the prostitutes: to kill family members, to kidnap the children of the prostitute, to reveal the occupation of the prostitute to the family, to kill the prostitute herself, etc...

It might explain why prostitutes always say to researchers and policemen that they work voluntarily. It seems that they have no other choice, otherwise something bad happens to them.

I don't want to exaggerate. Not all prostitutes are coerced.

Here are some translated bits:

Fact 1.

(Comment by Donkey: I skip a bit here)

1. The testimony of suspect, meaning:
[Victim 1] asked [fellow suspect] for money. 400 or 500 euro has been sent. I believe that I have sent money to [name 1] via Western Union. [Victim 1] and [name 1] came with the bus to Amsterdam. I picked them up then. I went with the taxi to the bus station. They still owe me approximately 80 euro for the taxi. They came to live with [fellow suspect] and me. There was an agreement that we would share the rent. The rent was 1000 euro per month. The costs of eating was also divided. [Victim 1] asked [fellow suspect] 250 euro for the workroom. [Fellow suspect] has lent [victim 1] clothes.
Money has actually been paid off. I don't know how much has been paid off. There also have been payments to [fellow suspect].
The money has indeed been given to me. This was the money that [victim 1] still owed to [fellow suspect]. It concerned 500 euro. I received this money from [victim 1].

2. The testimony of suspect, meaning:
I live off the earnings of my girlfriend [fellow suspect]. This money she earns in prostitution.

3. The testimony of suspect, meaning:
I have multiple girlfriends. That's correct. I ended the relationship with [fellow suspect]. I then entered into a relationship with [victim 2]. Somewhat later I met [fellow suspect] again, and then I couldn't choose anymore between both of them. A month earlier I met [name 3]. I also have a relationship with her. I now have three sweethearts with whom I have a sexual relationship.
I have never worked in the Netherlands. As I said, I don't have money at all.

4. The testimony of suspect, meaning:
The costs of the car, such as the insurance, road tax and the like, are paid by the girls, because in fact they use the car.

5. The testimony of the woman who reported the crime to the police [victim 1] (September 17, 2010), meaning:
I went to Spain in February 2010 to find work. I was in Spain for a week. On February 26, 2010, I was in the Netherlands. A boy with whom I went to Spain, [name 1], had contact with [suspect] via internet. I have also spoken with [suspect] via the telephone. He knew that I was searching for work and he said that he could help me with this in the Netherlands. [Suspect] said there were windows in the Netherlands and that his girlfriend also worked there, that it was safe and that she wanted to help me with that. I subsequently also spoke with his girlfriend [fellow suspect] who worked at the windows. She said that it was safe and she wanted to help me with this. I was supposed to receive workclothes.
The police asks: so [suspect] has asked you to go working in prostitution here in the Netherlands?
Yes, that's right. I needed money and I knew nobody in the Netherlands. [Suspect] told that his wife earned good money.
I received money from her in the Netherlands to rent the room. She didn't ask for money then. Later she said to me that I had to give her 50 euro every day. I have never worked in prostitution in Romania. When [suspect] started talking about this, I started to think about it for the first time. [Suspect] sent me money to come to the Netherlands. He transferred 400 euro to me via Western Union. I came to the Netherlands with a bus. I arrived in Amsterdam. [Suspect] picked me up there with the taxi. I travelled with a friend. We went to the house of [suspect], in [address] in Haarlem. The wife of [suspect], [fellow suspect], was also in the house. [Suspect] told me that I had to pay 1000 euro back to him, because he has helped me to let me come to the Netherlands and to arrange work. Only just after arriving in the Netherlands I heard that I had to pay him this 1000 euro. I said to him that I didn't have the money. He said to me that I would earn that when I was working. I was totally shocked because of this. After this, I paid him another 1200 or 1300 euro for the money that he sent to me and for other costs. That amount of money included 400 euro for the trip to the Netherlands, 500 euro for the rent of the house, 150 euro for the workroom and the costs of the taxi.
I slept in the living room of the house. I didn't have much privacy. I slept on the couch. I didn't have a key of the house, that's what [suspect] had.
The next day after I arrived the Netherlands I started working. [Fellow suspect] showed me the way at het Poortje. She spoke with the boss on behalf of me. She gave me condoms and workclothes. Each workday was from 12.00 hours until 00.00 hours. [Suspect] repeatedly asked me for money to lend. [Fellow suspect] also asked this repeatedly. The debt that has been spoken about during the first evening I paid off quickly already. When they went to Romania for a couple of days they asked me for money. [Suspect] bought another car and then asked me for money. And for the birthday of [fellow suspect] and for shopping. All added up together it is more than 1000 euro anyway. No agreements have been made about the money lent.
It probably was June 18, 2010. I took a girlfriend with me, [name 4]. [Suspect] stood up and started to beat me with both hands. He beat me in the face, in my ribs, my belly and my stomach. He did this with clenched fists. I felt pain. [Suspect] said that he wanted to kill me and that I should go to hell.
[Suspect] said to me that I had to give him 700 euro so that he could go to Romania. I said to him that I only had 200 euro. I lent 500 euro from another girl. Her name is [name 5]. When [name 5] and her boyfriend were there to give the money, [suspect] sent my girlfriend [name 4] and the boy from Romania downstairs to take the money. [Name 5] wanted to see me first. I accompanied [name 4] and the Romanian boy. When [name 5] saw me, she wanted to take me with her. That didn't work, because the Romanian boy retained me.
[Suspect] told me that he would take me to Romania and that I wouldn't survive it. He said that he would phone his friends and he said that he would send these friends to my family to kill them. He said that if I wanted to stay longer in the Netherlands, I had to pay him 50 euro per day, six days per week, for six months. [Suspect] said that I shouldn't go to the police. He said that he didn't want to have problems at the border and if that would happen, he would go to my parents or phone a friend who would go to my parents. [Suspect] departed to Romania. I went to [name 4] and went to live with her. I paid the 50 euro for two weeks. I was afraid with respect to my family.
When [suspect] and [fellow suspect] were back in the Netherlands they still wanted me to give money to them. I said to them that I should have paid everything by now. Two weeks ago [fellow suspect] came to my window at het Poortje and she said that she wanted to have the money starting from the day that I didn't pay anymore.

6. The testimony of [victim 1], meaning:
I was being threatened by [suspect]. I was also threatened via telephone, not only by [suspect], but also by [fellow suspect]. Such a threat meant that they would break my legs. I didn't come here to be maltreated or to hand over money.

7. The testimony of [fellow suspect], meaning:
[Suspect] has transferred 400 euro to [name 1] for the trip of [victim 1]. She came together with her boyfriend. [Suspect] has picked up [victim 1] and [name 1] from the bus station in Amsterdam. [Victim 1] had to pay back the money to [suspect] for the trip, the rent, the food and all that she needed to start working. I have asked to the boss if a new girl was allowed to come and could come. The area is called het Poortje.
When I departed to Spain she still had to pay 800 euro. As a rule she still had a debt of 1000 euro with me, but when I departed to Spain I asked her 200 euro. She was compelled to give me this amount of money, because I didn't have enough for the trip. It was my money and she had to give me this. [Suspect] asked [victim 1] for money which belonged to us together. [Suspect] had no money. My money was his money and the other way around. It was our money.

8. The testimony of [fellow suspect], meaning:
V: We noticed that [suspect] asks you how many clients you have had, but that he also asks this to other women. What's the meaning of this?
A: Yes, he perhaps asked this to let me feel that I didn't earn much money. He said the whole time, why do they make money and you don't?
V: You have already said that he had no money.
A: He has multiple girlfriends doesn't he? If one doesn't do anything, the other does have something?

9. The testimony of [name 5], meaning:
On a certain moment [suspect] and [fellow suspect] wanted to steal the money from [victim 1]. As far as I know they wanted to have money from [victim 1] at the end of each week. At least 400 euro each week. I've heard this from [fellow suspect]. [Fellow suspect] said to me that [victim 1] still had to give her thousands of euros. [Suspect] in his turn said this to [fellow suspect]. But this is not true.
[Fellow suspect] arranged that [victim 1] came to the Netherlands and that cost a lot of money, but she paid that off a long time ago. [Suspect] was always bragging that he brought women from Romania and let them work here and that he wanted money for that. They intended to snatch all the money that [victim 1] earned. Yes, that's what [fellow suspect] said to me.
[Victim 1] once phoned to me and asked me to lend out 500 euro, otherwise she would be killed. [Suspect] needed this money to go to Romania. [Victim 1] phoned to me around 2 or 3 o'clock in the night and she cried and she asked if she could lend 500 euro from me. She sounded really upset. [Victim 1] went downstairs with a Romanian man, named [name 10]. He was the chauffeur of [suspect]. I saw that [victim 1] looked untidy. Her hair was unkempt. I saw that her eyes were thick as a result of crying. I saw that she was broken and she could hardly talk anymore. I said to [victim 1] that she had to come with me in the car. The chauffeur didn't agree with that. I said to the chauffeur that he had to promise that [victim 1] wouldn't be beaten anymore. He said that he would do his best. I gave the money to her. Later [victim 1] told that she was beaten up and kicked by [suspect].
I knew furthermore that [victim 1] had to transfer 50 euro to him each day. On a certain moment I said to her that she had to stop. That's what she did. This was somewhere in July 2010.

10. The testimony of [name 6], meaning:
In June 2010 [suspect] and [fellow suspect] departed from Haarlem. We hadn't seen them for a couple of months. Suddenly [fellow suspect] was in Haarlem in September and visited the workplace of [victim 1]. That's why she reported the crime to the police as late as September. The report to the police had to do with the quarrel and the scandal of June 2010 about which I don't want to testify further. In June, I was in the house of [suspect] and [fellow suspect]. [Victim 1] resided in the house at that moment. [Victim 1] asked me to accompany her, she was afraid of [suspect]. After work I went to her house. That was around 23.00 or 24.00 hours. At that moment the quarrel was already in progress. I departed 3 or 4 hours later, then the escalating began. The next day [victim 1] asked if she could live with me. I don't want to testify anything about the maltreatment.

11. The report of findings, meaning:
During the interrogation, witness [name 6] indicated that she didn't want to testify. I, officer [name 11], asked to the witness after the interrogation what she would do if the examining judge would summon her as a witness. She then indicated that she would answer the questions asked. She indicated that it was true that she was a witness of the maltreatments by [suspect] and that she also wouldn't lie about that. She literally said: '[suspect] knows that I've seen it.'

12. The testimony of [name 7], meaning:
I did often bring girls to their work in Leeuwarden and Heerenveen. I mean with this, that I brought and picked up girls who worked in prostitution to and from their work. I picked up and brought the girls to their work at their own request under the authority of [suspect]. Every now and then I received something. I then received money from [suspect]. The girls didn't pay me. I did receive a pack of cigarettes from them every now and then. I wasn't in their service you see. I did business with [suspect] and not with the girls.
You ask me what kind of work [suspect] does. He plays/gambles in the casino. He doesn't work. I accompanied him multiple times to the casino. [Suspect] lost money most of the time.

13. The testimony of [name 8], meaning:
[Name 7] is the permanent chauffeur of [suspect]. [Suspect] drinks a lot of alcohol. He loves gambling. He made a lot of debts in Romania because of this. When [suspect] has drunk alcohol, he becomes annoying. I have seen sometimes that while he was drunk he became more hard-handed towards women. Then he pushed them away from him hard-handedly. I've seen sometimes that women sometimes get a kick under their ass by [suspect].

14. The written document, namely a wiretap-report (November 28, 2010), meaning:
(…) (Comment by Donkey: that's in the file, I don't skip anything)
[Name 9]: Right. I actually said it to her on the phone. She didn't do anything there.
[Suspect]: That's obvious. I knew that.
[Name 9]: Only 35 euro, 35 euro because she was having a drink with a guy and he gave her 35 euro.
[Name 9]: You understand that they know that I know.
[Suspect]: Who knows what kind of club or discotheque.
[Name 9]: She said that if I wanted to, she takes photographs and she shows me how these folks are playing poker. Perhaps they do play poker there but they certainly didn't come there to fuck.
[Suspect]: By God, what is this then [name 9].
[Name 9]: I don't earn a penny with this one, not the room and I also will not be able to pay off the debt. I piss on her!
[Suspect]: Friend, I'll phone to you in about five minutes, because I make pork shoulder chops with polenta.
[Name 9]: You should speak with [name 3] man, that she arranges for her there for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so that I can pay off my debt.
[Suspect]: I will say it, but I do not believe that she will succeed. I believe it will be almost nothing. I promise nothing.
[Name 9]: Speak with [name 3]. [Name 3] is a good girl, ask her that she arranges something at least before this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and then I get her out of here or my dick knows what I do, I let her do what I want.
[Suspect]: I'll speak to you after that.
[Name 9]: Then I'll leave her to you. If you succeed in charming her, then you'll do this and otherwise you'll see what you do with her.
[Suspect]: Who are you talking about?
[Name 9]: About this one, if you succeed, you do extract money from it. I received her from you no matter what. Be at ease, you aren't crazy aren't you? If I didn't succeed, perhaps you will succeed.

15. The written document, namely a wiretap-report (December 9, 2010), meaning:
[Suspect]: I let you now. I am in Heerenveen. I have no penny, I will wheedle something out of her, so I will get inner tubes for my car, my dick.
[Name 9]: She will give you money. She also said to me that she will do that, so you can buy inner tubes.

16. The written document, namely a wiretap-report (December 1, 2010), meaning:
[Suspect]: Listen, that idiot didn't earn a penny, not even the room. Just see what you are going to do. Do you have enough for your room?
[Victim 2]: Yes.
[Suspect]: Bravo, that bitch is doing nothing for four days. I swear it to you.
I first brought her to Almelo, from Almelo I moved her to Deventer, and now it also isn't very good there. What else should I do, should I go through the whole of the Netherlands?
[Victim 2]: but you have said that I should stay here.
[Suspect]: You stayed there! This is not good, damned! It cannot be like this anymore! See what you are doing, just draw one in for 100-150. Still another two or three. You must help her. You won't go to sleep until you made enough for your room!
[Victim 2]: I won't go to sleep, be at ease.
[Suspect]: If this won't succeed earlier than 7 o'clock, then you will stay awake until 7 o'clock! Yes?!
[Victim 2]: Yes.

(Comment by Donkey: I skip a bit here)

With the conviction of the court that the suspect took advantage of the sexual exploitation of [victim 1], the court also includes among other things the wiretapped conversation of the suspect with [name 9]. From the wiretapped conversation between the suspect and [name 9] it emerges that [name 9] proposes that the suspect takes over a girl from him, because he earns nothing from her. He thinks that the suspect will perhaps succeed to make money from her.

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Fact 2.

(Comment by Donkey: I skip a bit here)

1. The testimony of [name 7], meaning:
We drove to the Netherlands around November 23 or 24, 2010. We drove via Timisoaru or Arad. Then to Hungary, Austria and Germany. In the Netherlands we crossed the border. From Deventer we drove further to Leeuwarden. You ask me if I only went with [suspect] to the Netherlands. I believe there was a girl named [victim 2]. She lay sleeping on the backseat of the car. I believe [victim 2] is the same as whom I also name [victim 2].

2. The testimony of [fellow suspect], meaning:
The last time, [victim 2] came with [suspect] in the car of [name 7]. [Victim 2] had already worked in prostitution and she wanted to work in prostitution. [Victim 2] went home only for two days for her passport.

3. The testimony of [victim 2], meaning:
Seven months ago I made the choice to work in prostitution, because it earned more. I only came here to work behind the windows. I now have a passport and an ID-card.

4. The written document, namely a wiretap-report (November 23, 2010), meaning:
On being asked, [suspect] says that he has departed now. [Fellow suspect] asks if [victim 2] has taken her belongings with her. [Fellow suspect] says that if they depart now, that tomorrow at this hour of the day they will be here. [Name 7] would be driving 130 kilometer on the highway, says [suspect]. [Fellow suspect] asks him not to come via Breda, because there they will be immediately arrested. [Suspect] says that they will come via Oberhausen then, but that there will be no problems, since they have a Dutch license plate.
[Suspect] says that there has to be a phone call for a room for [victim 2]. [Fellow suspect] says that she cannot phone herself, because they know her phone number. They agree that they have to ask somebody else to phone for a room.

5. The written document, namely a wiretap-report (November 23, 2010), meaning:
[Suspect] asks [fellow suspect] to let somebody phone for [victim 2]. If [fellow suspect] doesn't arrange it herself [suspect] will ask somebody to phone for [victim 2]. [Fellow suspect] says that she will ask somebody tomorrow morning to phone for [victim 2].

6. The written document, namely a wiretap-report (November 23, 2010), meaning:
On being asked, [suspect] confirms that they have crossed the border. [Fellow suspect] informs if the girl sleeps. The answer is no.

7. The written document, namely a wiretap-report (November 23, 2010), meaning:
[Suspect] says that they have arrived in Austria and that [victim 2] is asleep.
[Suspect] says that the trip cost a lot and that [fellow suspect] has to earn 150 or 200 euro tomorrow, so that she earns the trip back. [Fellow suspect] becomes angry and says to him that he mustn't talk that way in the presence of the girl, because the girl could get strange thoughts about that. [Suspect] doesn't care what the girl does or does not think.

8. The written document, namely a wiretap-report (November 24, 2010), meaning:
On being asked, [suspect] says that they are already in Germany. They have arrived in Germany approximately an hour ago.

9. The written document, namely a wiretap-report (November 24, 2010), meaning:
On being asked, [suspect] says that they must be near the border now. [Fellow suspect] says that [suspect] must phone when they are in the Netherlands.

10. The written document, namely a wiretap-report (November 24, 2010), meaning:
[Suspect] still has another 12 kilometers until Deventer. [Fellow suspect] has to prepare herself to depart.

11. The written document, namely a wiretap-report (November 26, 2010), meaning:
[Suspect]: How is it going [suspect]a? (Comment by Donkey: I don't understand this)
[Victim 2]: Nothing, I have moved to another room.
[Suspect]: You have moved to another room?
[Victim 2]: Yes, that room I only had for yesterday.
[Suspect]: And? Is this room better?
[Victim 2]: Just like the other.
[Suspect]: What's going on with you?
[Victim 2]: Nothing.
[Suspect]: Don't be so disappointed. Today there is a new day.
[Victim 2]: Yes, it is a new day.
[Suspect]: Yes?
[Victim 2]: (approving sound)
[Suspect]: Well, today you'll also earn some, you don't disappoint us anymore hey?
[Victim 2]: Do you think that I didn't want to yesterday? You must know that I would have wanted to earn the whole time.
[Suspect]: Well, that's just the way it is. Well, let it be. We'll see! Come on!

The court considers about this as follows. [Victim 2] has testified that she was active as a prostitute for some time in the Netherlands. She went back for a couple of days to Romania, because she had problems with her passport. After this, she came back to the Netherlands to continue her activities in prostitution. [Victim 2] drove back to the Netherlands on November 23 and 24, 2010 together with the suspect and the chauffeur [name 7]. Furthermore it turns out that the suspect ordered [fellow suspect] to arrange a workroom for [victim 2]. From the wiretapped conversation between the suspect and [victim 2] of November 26, 2010, it clearly emerges that in the meantime [victim 2] is active as a prostitute again.
In the opinion of the court it follows from the above-mentioned means of evidence - seen in interconnection - that we can speak of recruiting and bringing [victim 2] with a view to bring her in prostitution in the Netherlands. While doing this, the suspect worked closely and consciously together with others, that is [fellow suspect], who arranged the workroom, and [name 7], who acted as chauffeur from Romania to the Netherlands.

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Fact 3.

(Comment by Donkey: I skip a bit here)

1. The testimony of the suspect, meaning:
Q: We have discussed the basis of the report (of the victim to the police) with you. What was the reason for you to make contact with [victim 1] and speak with her about the report (she made to the police)?
A: There was no particular reason that I went to talk with [victim 1] via internet or the telephone. She told me that she had been to the police. I didn't have to worry, because she would withdraw her report. She told that she had made a mistake.

2. The testimony of the suspect, meaning:
Q: The following conversation is read out loud to you, this conversation took place on November 26, 2010, from 13.29.25 – 13.37.29 hours, including: '[suspect] says that [victim 1] would do a good thing if she would withdraw her report to the police.'
A: It is correct that I had this conversation with [victim 1].

3. The testimony of [victim 1], meaning:
Q: After you made a report to the police against [suspect] have you been threatened or intimidated in one way or another by [suspect]?
A: Yes, he has phoned me several times and sent me SMS text messages to try to make an appointment with me. [Suspect] said to me in several telephone conversations that I had to say to the police that I had to withdraw the report and that I am his ex-girlfriend.
Q: I was actually scared. I said to him again and again that I would withdraw the report, that I was busy doing that, because I wanted to keep him satisfied. But I absolutely didn't want to withdraw the report.

4. The written document, namely a wiretap-report (November 26, 2010), meaning:
(Comment by Donkey: I skip a bit here)
[Suspect] wants to know now if [victim 1] has indeed been to the police or not. [Victim 1] says that she actually had been to the police. [Suspect] says that they have to do something to undo all that has been done. Suppose that the police apprehends him and he gets problems with that. [Victim 1] says that it won't be happening anymore, because she has been to the police herself and said that she didn't want the police to take measures, because she doesn't want her parents to know. [Suspect] wants to set the record straight anyway and he doesn't want to get in trouble. He also has plans for the future and he doesn't want that to be thwarted. [Victim 1] assures him that nothing will happen to him.

5. The written document, namely an SMS text message (November 28, 2010), meaning:
(Comment by Donkey: I skip a bit here)
[Victim 1] darling, take up the phone. Let's see what we will do with the report. What's going on with you, I didn't bother you didn't I.

6. The written document, namely an SMS text message (November 28, 2010), meaning:
(Comment by Donkey: I skip a bit here)
So daddy's girl, I eat your little eyes, but you have to know very well what you are going to say.

7. The written document, namely an SMS text message (November 28, 2010), meaning:
(Comment by Donkey: I skip a bit here)
You must say that you were my lover and it has come to this because of jealousy. Send me an SMS tomorrow, so that I know how it went.


Cliente X said...

Are u traslating all this from dutch to english? What a huge job, man! Maybe I'd translate one of ur reports to spanish, in order to let more ppl to understand those histories.

Donkey said...

Haha, that would be a double translation. Some parts I translated have originally been translated from other languages, like Turkish or Romanian, because the pimps and prostitutes speak these languages. And I don't even know how to translate some Dutch words into English. In Dutch you have 'lastig vallen', which is difficult to translate, is it 'stalk', or just 'annoy'? It depends on the context, but sometimes it's difficult to understand the context in the first place. And for some Dutch words there isn't even an English counterpart. Such as 'aangeefster', which means: a woman who reported the crime that she was a victim of to the police.