Monday, November 07, 2011

A forced prostitute on the Zandpad


Okay, let's start all over again. Prostitutes are slaves. And all clients are rapists. I won't rape women anymore.

Granted, last Friday I visited a prostitute again. This time I was more careful. The woman I chose works voluntarily in prostitution, that was assured by another client I know. But the night after this, I had a nightmare that she was forced by her boyfriend, named 'Selim' in my dreams. That is strange, because I didn't have any bad feelings at all when I visited the young Eastern European prostitutes whom I believe are almost certainly victims of human trafficking. No nightmares, no bad dreams, only confusion: why am I doing this? Years ago, it didn't even cross my mind to visit an Eastern European prostitute, whom I consider 90% to be coerced to work in prostitution. I don't understand myself. There is a pattern now. I solemnly swear again and again that I won't visit a prostitute again, and a month later I still do it anyway. I don't have a strong will, what do I really want? I must search for a new battle plan.

Anyway, I'll continue again with a verdict file from It has the LJN number: BG6613. Here's the link to the file:

In the file the "Z in U" is mentioned. In all likelihood they mean the Zandpad in Utrecht. What is described in this file happened between July 30, 2006 and August 15, 2006.

And here is a translated part, with some adjustments to make it more readable:

During the time that the suspect and his fellow suspect got to know the victim, she had many problems, also financial problems. As a single mother she had to take care of her son aged six and she had huge debts. The mother of victim also testified about the problems of her daughter. Her daughter was crying at her mother's home because of all the many debts and she said she couldn't take it anymore. Because of the arrears of rent the victim was in danger of being expelled from her home. The suspect knew that she had debts. He testified that himself, while she also testified about that. Also the fellow suspect knew about the problems of the victim. Furthermore, the victim has testified extensively about the development and the content of the conversations with the suspect and the fellow suspect after the first time they met. The suspect said that a solution would come for the debts.
The fellow suspect then came with the idea of prostitution and he said that she could quickly earn the most with that. Initially she indicated that she didn't want to work in prostitution. The fellow suspect then repeatedly tried to persuade her. He sat on his knees in front of her and he said that she could earn €10,000 in a week. The suspect and the fellow suspect would stay with her the whole night to protect her. When the fellow suspect spoke about prostitution, the suspect was also present there. The victim then indicated that she wanted to talk about it with her mother.
The fellow suspect didn't want to go to her mother with her, but eventually he did accompany her to her mother. He then spoke with her mother and said among other things that it was only for a week, that 50% of the earnings would be for the victim and that he would pay the rent of the room.
After the conversation between the fellow suspect, the victim and her mother, the suspect - together with the fellow suspect and the victim - drove to the Zandpad in Utrecht (where she would work in prostitution). The fellow suspect and the suspect indicated to her how she had to drive. The money for the rent of the room (€500) was paid by the fellow suspect and the suspect. Afterwards, she drove with the suspect and the fellow suspect to R, where she bought a wig with the money of the fellow suspect. She would wear the wig during her work on the Zandpad. The fellow suspect explained which amounts of money she had to offer to the clients and he said to her that she had to let the clients have an orgasm as quickly as possible. The fellow suspect and the suspect were constantly present in the neighbourhood during the days she was working there. Again and again, the suspect walked into her room and asked her for the money that she earned. She then gave the money to the suspect. This way, the earnings of the first night were completely handed over to the suspect and the fellow suspect. The suspect came to collect the money again and again. He walked around the most to guard her. Also during the second day, the suspect and the fellow suspect drove with her to the Zandpad. That day, the money turned out to be stolen. The suspect then became very angry. He said to her that she didn't have to try that on him again. He would kill her if she would do it again. The fellow suspect searched the whole workroom for the money. The fellow suspect and the suspect started to curse and to threaten her. The €100 that she did have, she gave to the fellow suspect. The evening after this, she earned €600, of which she got €100 back. The Monday after this, the fellow suspect drove in front of her to Utrecht (the court understands: to the workplace on the Zandpad). The suspect wasn't present then. The fellow suspect picked him up a short while later. That night, the suspect entered the room and asked for the money. After the victim said that she would take care of the money herself, the suspect went away and a short while later the fellow suspect came in and he demanded the money. He said that she had to keep to the agreements and that she knew what was going to happen if she wouldn't keep to the agreement. She was warned everyday by the fellow suspect that she had to keep to the agreements. The fellow suspect put the money in his own pocket. The mother of the victim testified that the victim phoned to her the first evening while crying, and the victim said that she couldn't do the work, that the two boys (the court understands: the suspect and the fellow suspect) stood before the door and that the boys said to her that she had to earn money for them. The boys also entered her room constantly. They also grabbed her car keys. After that first night, the victim came to her mother's home and she said that the money, except for €20, was snatched from her by those boys. The victim said that she wanted to stop with the work, but she couldn't do it because the fellow suspect had paid €500. The victim, according to her mother, also wanted that €1000, because she needed the money. In the period that she worked as a prostitute, she came more often at the end of the day to eat at her mother's place. She was constantly phoned then. The victim said that the suspect didn't leave her alone.
Furthermore, the victim told her mother that at a certain moment she didn't want to give money anymore to the fellow suspect. The suspect then said that she had to give the money anyway to the fellow suspect, because otherwise the fellow suspect would kill her.
The victim, according to her mother, was afraid for the fellow suspect and the suspect. The victim also said that the suspect was the errand boy of the fellow suspect. The suspect himself testified before the court that after the robbery of the victim he went to her to collect the money. She then just gave him the money. He suspected that she didn't want to keep to her agreements anymore and he didn't trust her anymore for the full 100 percent. The fellow suspect testified that he and the suspect would get half of the victim's earnings as a prostitute.
He and the suspect would guard her and they would receive half of the money during the six days that the victim would be working. He testifies furthermore that the victim earned €600 the third day and that he received €500 from that. The day after, she again earned €600 and he received €500.


Anonymous said...

so you update on these cases and at the same time perpetuate the circumstances these young women find themselves in? i suppose it makes you feel a little better about what you're doing. but try to be honest about it, this blog isn't about your quest to find a voluntary prostitute, it's a way of making yourself feel better. because no matter if you're getting off on involuntary young women, at least you're not as bad those pimps and loverboys right? you already know all this but i thought i'd remind you again.

Donkey said...

There are no excuses, what I'm doing is terrible. There is a little voice in my head that says to me that human trafficking is a myth. I hope that it is, because I have met some wonderful ladies. It seems that I have crossed a line. It doesn't matter anymore, I'm a rapist already. But I mustn't think that way. I can always stop abusing women. I keep posting about these cases because I want to keep my conscience active. A little voice in my head says that these stories are a fictitious. I don't believe them.

Anonymous said...

you should try god and/or therapy.

Donkey said...

Well, I believe many devote Christians, Jews and Muslims visit prostitutes, so that won't help.

My problem is my conscience, it doesn't work properly. My sexuality is stronger than my conscience. I can do two things: increase my conscience or lower my sexuality.

Donkey said...

devote => devout

Cliente X said...

"There is a little voice in my head that says to me that human trafficking is a myth (...) A little voice in my head says that these stories are a fictitious. I don't believe them".

Ohohoh, wonderful! Those are EXACTLY the conclusions I have finally reached. In the beginning, I felt very guilty thinking that I was a "rapist", that I was helping the "mafias" and that what I was doing was very bad.

But after meeting hundreds of women in prostitution I have found is that reality is far away from the abolitionist tales.

I like your blog, Donkey, because altough u started from a point of view very critic with the prostitution, at least u have made an attempt to know it, and what u have found breaks all existent myths.

Keep the good work, maybe I'll write soon a post in english because I'm having more visits from abroad. I think it'll be about human traffick, a topic I have written a lot, but always in my language (spanish).

Donkey said...

At least the cases on seem to be real. You can only speculate about the total size of forced prostitution. You believe it's big, or you don't. I hope it's small. Social workers who know many prostitutes often say that many Eastern European prostitutes are controlled by pimps. I hope for these Eastern European prostitutes that these are the nice pimps. That these pimps are only some kind of managers who are paid for that.

Cliente X said...

I've already told u how pimping works here. They don`t control even a single woman. They control THE STREETS. So if any girl wants to work there, she must pay like any other business.

Girls are using the public space for their own profit, also they are using some public services like the streetlights, the cleaning of the streets, the public security... so, well, it's fair they pay the authorities like all of us. Don`t u think?

Donkey said...

I hope that pimps don't exist in Spain. Perhaps you're right.

Donkey said...

Except for the governmental pimps obviously.

Cliente X said...

All right, u don't believe me. This is a documental about "Casa de Campo", an huge park in Madrid where some prostitutes work.

A girl is telling the problem she has with policemen (7:25)

And then they go to speak with them! Hahaha, what a pity u don't understand spanish beacuse it's clear they are a fuckin' liars!

And you see here how "the pimp" that is speaking with the camera sends greetings to the police car at 4:25

BTW, do u have any documental in dutch?

Donkey said...

Yes, there are quite many documentaries in Dutch. The latest is a film about two Dutch prostitutes, who are older than 70. One has stopped, the other still works in prostitution.