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And another pooierboy from Purmerend


Now another suspect in the case about the pooierboys from Purmerend (two previous posts are also about this case). It's on the The case of this suspect has the LJN number: BR2782. You can find it here:

Here are some translated bits:

In August 2009, [victim 1] (born on January 29, 1991) came to live on the [avenue] in Purmerend. Before this, she lived with her father in Zoetermeer. Because of a quarrel with her parents and because of debts with a telephone company, she wanted to leave home and she was searching for another place to live. Via internet, she came into contact with a boy, named [fellow suspect 1], who proposed to her that she could live with him on the address that was mentioned earlier. [Victim 1] agreed with that proposal.
In the house on the [avenue], [victim 1] stayed together with [fellow suspect 1], his friend [fellow suspect 2] and the half-brother of [fellow suspect 2] named [fellow suspect 3]. Furthermore, the girlfriends of [fellow suspect 2] and [fellow suspect 3] stayed in that house, namely [victim 2] and [victim 3].
[Victim 1] was forced by [fellow suspect 1] and [fellow suspect 2] to work in the sex industry, both in window prostitution as well as in the escort service. [Victim 1] didn't want to do this work herself, but because she was beaten and threatened by [fellow suspect 1], she did this work anyway. [Victim 1] wanted to leave from the [avenue], but she was afraid to run away for real.
In the house on the [avenue], [victim 1] met the suspect at a certain moment. The suspect knows [fellow suspect 1], [fellow suspect 2] and [fellow suspect 3] from the past and visited the house sometimes. [Victim 1] and the suspect have talked in the house with each other several times. [Victim 1] told the suspect who she was and where she came from. The suspect knew that she was named [first name of victim 1], that she was 18 years old, that she ran away from home and that she had telephone debts. The suspect also knew that [victim 1] worked in prostitution and that she stood behind the window in Haarlem.
The suspect saw bruises on the body of [victim 1] in the house on the [avenue]. He then asked her if perhaps this was done by [fellow suspect 1]. [Victim 1] acknowledged this. Then the suspect said to her: "what I've heard, you are a little whore and you have worked once?" [Victim 1] then said to the suspect that he had to leave. The suspect didn't do it. The suspect pulled [victim 1] to the bathroom, where he started to kiss her and tried to undress her. There were bangs on the door. [Fellow suspect 1] said that the door had to be opened, after which the suspect opened the door. [Fellow suspect 1] said that the suspect had to pay, because [victim 1] was his whore. [Fellow suspect 1] said to [victim 1] that she was a little cancer whore. [Fellow suspect 1] then tried to beat her, but the suspect prevented this. The sex in the bathroom never occurred after that, although the suspect did try it. [Victim 1] and the suspect both walked out of the house. Outside, in the neighbourhood of a forest/park in Purmerend, sex did occur between the suspect and [victim 1]. The suspect said that [victim 1] had to take off her pants. [Victim 1] indicated that she didn't want that, and that she didn't want to do it outside. The suspect said that she had nothing to want. The suspect turned her around, pushed her over a balk and fucked her "doggystyle". When the suspect was ready, he and [victim 1] went back to the house on the [avenue]. There, a discussion started between [fellow suspect 1] and the suspect; the suspect wanted to take [victim 1] with him, but [fellow suspect 1] wanted to see money first. [Fellow suspect 1] wanted the suspect to pay money for [victim 1]. [Victim 1] stayed behind that evening on the [avenue].
A couple of days later, the suspect took [victim 1] with him from the house on the [avenue] and accommodated her in the house of [involved person] on the [street] in Purmerend. [Victim 1] didn't want to stay on the [avenue], but she also didn't want to accompany the suspect. [Victim 2] has testified about this that she heard [fellow suspect 1] saying, that he let that "sma" (street language for "girl") (the court understands: [victim 1]) go and that the suspect took her with him.
[Victim 1] lived together with the suspect and [involved person] in the house on the [street]. [Fellow suspect 4] was a regular visitor there. [Victim 1] lived a couple of weeks in total on the [street]. [Victim 1] didn't have an own key of the house at her disposal.
A short while after her arrival in the house on the [street], [victim 1] went with the suspect to "De Wallen" in Amsterdam. On August 17, 2010 (comment by Donkey: don't they mean 2009?), [victim 1] and the suspect have been spotted by the police in the prostitution area of Amsterdam. [Victim 1] was searching for a room then. According to the suspect, this was the first time that he went with [victim 1] to Amsterdam regarding working in prostitution. The suspect said to [victim 1] that his money was running out and that she had to work again. [Victim 1] said to him that she didn't want that. The suspect then said that [victim 1] should know all kinds of things he didn't want. "With [first name of the suspect] I dared even less than with [first name of fellow suspect 1]. [First name of the suspect] slapped less often, but his blows hit harder", says [victim 1]. After [victim 1] said that she didn't want to, the suspect took a pistol and placed it on the forehead of [victim 1]. He said to her that she would regret it if she would run away and that he would find her and that he would break her. The suspect also said that he doesn't care shit about anything at all and that he had been imprisoned and apprehended so many times that [victim 1] could yet also come on his list of people that he killed. This was the first time that [victim 1] had seen a pistol and she was terribly afraid. Later on, the suspect did this more often. The suspect regularly held a pistol against her head and he also beat her with a pistol. [Fellow suspect 4] has seen the suspect waving with a weapon once, according to him with a pistol, in the house on the [street] in Purmerend. That was in the presence of [victim 1]. [Fellow suspect 4] was terribly shocked and took this very seriously.
Subsequently, [victim 1] went working in prostitution again. She worked the whole night. After this, she went sleeping. She slept a lot during daytime and when she woke up, there was always somebody present in the house. [Victim 1] wasn't allowed to go outside alone, that was what the suspect told her. Above all, [victim 1] had the impression that [involved person] was supervising her. [Involved person] had the keys of the house and when she, [victim 1], said something to [involved person], she passed it on to the suspect.
When [victim 1] stayed in the house on the [street], she dared even less - like has been said before - than when she stayed in the house on the [avenue]. The suspect slapped and kicked her, scolded her, threatened her and her family, and he was a real bogeyman, says [victim 1]. [Involved person] has seen bruises on the body of [victim 1], in the shape of hand imprints, on her arms and upper arms. [Victim 1] was afraid of the suspect.
The worst maltreatment by the suspect took place on the evening that the suspect, [fellow suspect 4], [involved person] and a colleague of [involved person], [female friend of involved person], were present in the house, and the suspect and [involved person] had sex in the living room. [Victim 1] then asked [fellow suspect 4], if she could lend a mobile phone. That was allowed. [Victim 1] went upstairs with the telephone to phone her father there, but that didn't succeed, because the suspect stopped her. The suspect slapped and kicked [victim 1]; he almost couldn't stop with it. He said that [victim 1] should never try this again, because otherwise he would shoot her through her head.
According to [fellow suspect 4], the suspect once snatched the telephone of [victim 1] from her. The suspect did this, because in his opinion [victim 1] wasn't allowed to phone. It occurred multiple times that [victim 1] asked the suspect if she was allowed to phone, but the suspect wasn't okay with it.
In the period that she stayed on the [street], [victim 1] has worked in window prostitution in Amsterdam for a couple of weeks. The suspect said to her how she could find a room. He directed her attention to the telephone numbers on the outer walls. In addition to this, the suspect gave her money multiple times for the rent of the room. The suspect asked [victim 1] during work how things were going and how much she earned. [Victim 1] had to earn a certain amount of money per day. When she earned less, the suspect beat her. The height of the amount of money depended on the mood of the suspect. [Victim 1] was terribly afraid that she wouldn't earn enough and therefore accepted everything, even clients without condom. The suspect dropped by every hour or half an hour to collect the money earned by [victim 1] until then. She was forced to give the money to him. The suspect also kept a constant eye on [victim 1], together with other boys. They stood opposite the workroom of [victim 1]. The suspect counted the clients of [victim 1] and inspected her for the presence of money, because he was afraid that she hid money. [Involved person] knew that [victim 1] gave the money to the suspect. [Involved person] has often heard the suspect say to [victim 1] that she had to give him the money. [Involved person] has also seen [victim 1] emptying her pockets and bag by order of the suspect. The suspect once said to [victim 1] that if she would earn 6000 euro within six or seven days, she was allowed to go away. When she did achieve that, he said however: "you really don't think that I'll let you go?".
[Victim 1] was brought and collected with the car by the suspect and [fellow suspect 4] from and to the workplace in Amsterdam. Also [fellow suspect 4] scolded [victim 1] sometimes. [Fellow suspect 4] also said it when [victim 1] did something wrong, when for example she gave the money too conspicuously or when her posture was too uncertain.
[Victim 1] once ran away during work on "De Wallen" in Amsterdam. The suspect, who stood on the opposite side of the workroom of [victim 1], didn't pay attention for a short while and then [victim 1] saw an opportunity to quickly run away in the direction of the Centraal Station, where she entered a train. After this, she roamed around in Diemen for a short while. In the end she ended up at an old friend in Amsterdam, named [friend of victim 1]. Then the suspect phoned [victim 1] repeatedly to offer his apologies. When [victim 1] said that he could better get cancer, the suspect started to threaten. He said that [victim 1] had to come back, because otherwise he would kill her father. If [victim 1] would go to the police, then he had enough friends to kill her whole family. [Victim 1] was really afraid that the suspect would do something to her family and therefore made an appointment with him to meet on the Mercatorplein in Amsterdam. The suspect, [fellow suspect 1] and [fellow suspect 2] picked [victim 1] up there. On the Mercatorplein, the suspect slapped [victim 1] and grabbed her by the throat and he said to her, that she had to step into the car and that they would go home. The suspect collected the belongings of [victim 1] at the place of [friend of victim 1], after which they drove to the house on the [street] in Purmerend. The suspect went completely berserk there; he kicked several things to pieces and gave [victim 1] a punch in the face. There was a terrible quarrel. [Fellow suspect 4] heard from the suspect that [victim 1] had left. The suspect was worked up and said to [fellow suspect 4] that he was going to search for her, what he did indeed.
Aside from the earlier mentioned activities in window prostitution, [victim 1] subsequently has performed a number of escort (callgirl) activities. [Victim 1] has been three times at [escort]. That was "the escort address of [first name of the suspect]". [Involved person] had arranged this, but that was ordered by the suspect; the idea came from him. [Fellow suspect 4] was also informed about this escort work. [Escort] paid [involved person] fifty euro for an hour. [Involved person] gave that money to the suspect. The suspect arranged how [victim 1] came on the address of [escort] - [address] in Purmerend. The last time, the suspect brought her.
[Involved person] has helped [victim 1] with her workclothes and her make-up. That's what [involved person] did prior to an escort appointment with [escort]. [Involved person] fetched tampons once for [victim 1] when she was menstruating. [Victim 1] had to keep on working also when she was menstruating.
[Victim 1] has subsequently worked a couple of evenings/nights - at least the evenings/nights of August 22/23 and 26/27, 2009 - as a prostitute in Club Baccara in Zaandam. The suspect and [fellow suspect 4] brought her there.
[Fellow suspect 4] has heard the suspect screaming against [victim 1]. [Involved person] has heard from [victim 1] that the suspect had enforced the prostitution work upon her. When [involved person] confronted the suspect with this, he said to her: "if you don't shut your big trap, then you go stand behind the window yourself." The suspect threatened [victim 1] regularly. He then said: "if you don't listen, I'll shoot you through your head."
On or around September 11, 2009, the suspect and [fellow suspect 1] have been apprehended in connection with an armed burglary possibly committed by them.

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