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Two other pooierboys from Purmerend


Two other suspects from the gang of pimps from Purmerend (these cases are related to that case in my previous post BTW). The LJN numbers on the are: BR2945 and BR3148. The verdict files can be read here:

I must keep on going. I was on the Zandpad again. It was in the late evening. I have never seen so many pimps (no, these were not all clients). They nearly ran me over. It seemed to be almost 30 of them. I saw two of them intimidating the girls. One of them (a young Moroccan man) tried to jerk a door open, but it was locked. The girl was phoning on her cellphone. He said: "you are a mad! What you must? What you must? Fuck you must!" (in Dutch: "Je bent gek!!! Wat moet je? Wat moet je? Neuken moet je!”). You never see this during the afternoon on the Zandpad, perhaps the bats are still asleep then, after using drugs the whole night and putting all the money earned by the girls into the slot machine. I am totally crazy. What was I thinking? I thought I was calm during the last month. Luckily I didn't get inside. I must keep on going, I'm still losing my mind.

Here are some translated bits from the LJN files, which basically tell the same story (that means both files are almost the same):

Regarding fact 1
In August 2009, [victim 1] (born on January 29, 1991) was picked up by the suspect, [fellow suspect 1] and a third person in Zoetermeer [parental residence of victim 1] and brought to the house in the [avenue] in Purmerend. [Victim 1], who was still living with her father until that moment, had a quarrel with her parents and she had huge debts with a telephone company. That's why [victim 1] wanted to leave home, she was fed up and was searching for another place to live.
[Victim 1] first came into contact with the suspect via the website 'partypeeps' in January 2009. Via internet (on the previously named website, and on MSN), on the computer in her father's home, she spoke with him about her financial problems, the quarrel with her parents and the fact that she wanted to leave home. During the chat conversations the suspect proposed to her to live with him in his house in Purmerend. The suspect had told [victim 1] furthermore that he lived alone and that they would be with the two of them. [Victim 1] knew the suspect for half a year already, she trusted him completely and she agreed with this proposal.
During the drive from Zoetermeer [parental residence of victim 1] to Purmerend the suspect told about how beautiful his apartment was and how nice they would have it together. [Victim 1] felt at ease. [Victim 1] didn't know at that moment that the suspect didn't have an own house at all, neither that he lived together with [fellow suspect 1] and his (half-)brother [fellow suspect 2] and their girlfriends [victim 2] and [victim 3].
After arriving in Purmerend, they stopped on the [avenue] and entered the house on number [number]. Once she was inside the house [victim 1] didn't feel at ease anymore. Multiple persons were present in the house. [Victim 1] felt that things weren't okay. She was told that she had to make money and the suspect started talking about working in prostitution. [Fellow suspect 1] was present there. The suspect showed lingerie to her and he said that she would start soon. When [victim 1] asked him if he had become crazy and told him that he must let his mother play as a whore, the suspect gave her a big slap in her face. [Fellow suspect 1] said: "be careful, she still has to work."
Later on, the suspect also had sex with [victim 1] in the bathroom of the house on the [avenue]. According to [fellow suspect 1], the suspect had sex with [victim 1] to test how she was in bed. This was to look if [victim 1] was good enough for prostitution, if she was good in having sex. The suspect then grabbed [victim 1] by her hair, he pulled his pants down and said to her that she had to give him a blowjob. During the blowjob, [victim 1] tried to resist by pushing the suspect away, but the suspect punched her several times and kneed her in her face. The suspect held [victim 1] by her hair when he brought his penis into her mouth. Then [victim 1] was forced to turn around about by him, after which he fucked her vaginally.
A couple of days after her arrival in the house on the [avenue], [victim 1] furthermore had sex with [fellow suspect 2], which was ordered by the suspect and against her will, after she was kicked in the back by the suspect and fallen onto the bed. The suspect said: "do your best, I'll see you soon." After this, the suspect slapped [victim 1] in her face and on her naked body, because she had cried during the sex with [fellow suspect 2].
[Victim 1] has worked at least five days in window prostitution in Haarlem in the period that she stayed on the [avenue] in Purmerend. She didn't want to work behind the window, but under pressure of the suspect she rented a room in the red light district of Haarlem. The first time that she rented a room, the suspect advanced the rent of the room to her which was 150 euro. In Haarlem, [victim 1] had to finish off clients for fifty euro per client. The suspect, [fellow suspect 1] and/or [victim 2] brought her from the house on the [avenue] in Purmerend to Haarlem. [Victim 1] went walking with a little bag with amongst other things lingerie, condoms and lubricant. In the car, [victim 2] more or less learnt to her the profession of prostitute. [Victim 2] was ordered to do that by the suspect and also by [fellow suspect 1]. [Victim 2] told [victim 1] for example how much she had to ask and what she had to do. Everything that [victim 1] could take, she had to take. For a blowjob, fucking and positions she had to charge fifty euro extra. For fucking or giving a blowjob without condom she had to charge even more than fifty euro. [Victim 2] received money from the suspect to buy lingerie with that for [victim 1]. [Victim 1] had to work from afternoon until midnight and had approximately 5 clients a day. During work she was supervised by the suspect and [fellow suspect 1]. [Victim 1] saw them walking by often on the camera images when she was working. She also was phoned when she was working. She was controlled then. When she had finished working, the suspect and [fellow suspect 1] were already waiting for her. She had to hand over the money that she earned to the suspect. [Victim 1] had to earn a certain amount of money per day. When she earned less, the suspect slapped her.
According to [victim 2], the suspect was [victim 1]'s 'pimp' (the court understands: pimp). The suspect had no good intentions towards [victim 1], according to [victim 2]. She heard the suspect and [fellow suspect 1] talking about their intentions towards [victim 1]. The suspect was trafficking in human beings. For him it was only about money that he could earn from [victim 1]. He thought that she could earn lots of money.
Even when [victim 1] was menstruating she was forced to work by the suspect; then she was ordered by the suspect to put a scourer into her vagina so she could work. [Victim 1] cut the scourer into pieces, which she subsequently placed into her vagina. When [victim 1] came back from work once, she sat down on the couch and started to cry. The suspect then screamed: "dirty sod! Go showering! You go sitting on that couch just like that!" Once before the suspect had called her a "little cancer whore".
Aside from working in window prostitution, the suspect ordered [victim 1] to work as a call-girl. Window prostitution didn't yield enough according to the suspect. On August 14 and 15, 2009, in the house on the [avenue] in Purmerend, two advertisements have been placed on the website '' related to call-girl activities, where the advertisements were provided with a photo of [victim 1] on which she was scantily dressed. The suspect helped with placing the photo on the Internet and making up the texts for these advertisements. Texts were added to the advertisements like "horny Latina wants to pamper you in your home this evening already, interested mail!" and "wild Latina is in the mood to pamper you nicely".
The suspect has sent [victim 1] twice for call-girl activities to a client in Purmerend. [Victim 1] entered the house of the client, while the suspect was waiting for her downstairs. The client paid her 150 euro for an hour. When she was ready, she stepped into the car with the suspect and she immediately had to hand over her earned money to him already.
The suspect has threatened [victim 1] multiple times during her stay in the house on the [avenue]. For example, [victim 1] should not even think about running away. The suspect said that he knew a lot about her and that he would kill her and her family if she would run away. Aside from the suspect, also [fellow suspect 1] threatened [victim 1] when she stayed in Purmerend. Because of the threats [victim 1] was very scared and she didn't dare to walk away. She was afraid that if she reported to the police what happened, the suspect and [fellow suspect 1] would become very angry. [Victim 1] was afraid something would be done to her family, especially her younger sister. [Fellow suspect 1] was a kind of right-hand man of the suspect. [Fellow suspect 1] brought [victim 1] to the workplaces and he also had ideas about more places where she could work. He also had telephone numbers, just like the suspect.
In the house on the [avenue], [victim 1] met [fellow suspect 4]. On a certain moment [fellow suspect 4] took [victim 1] along with him from the house on the [avenue] and accommodated her in a house on the [street] in Purmerend. According to [victim 2], [fellow suspect 4] had "taken her over" from the suspect. Then a discussion ensued between [fellow suspect 4] and the suspect. Namely, the suspect wanted to have money from [fellow suspect 4] for [victim 1].
On or around September 11, 2009, the suspect and [fellow suspect 4] have been apprehended in connection with an armed burglary possibly committed by them.

Regarding fact 2
Until April 2009 [victim 2] (born on February 27, 1989) lived in The Projects in (the court understands) Zaandam. There she met [fellow suspect 1] and the suspect. Since April 2009, [victim 2] was homeless and she roamed around in Purmerend. [Fellow suspect 1] and the suspect then came with the proposal that [victim 2] could live on the [avenue] in Purmerend. Afterwards, [victim 2] heard from [fellow suspect 1] that at that time, the intention already was to put her behind the window. [Victim 2] agreed with the proposal to live with [fellow suspect 1] and/or the suspect, and has lived on the [avenue] since approximately June/July 2009 until November/December 2009.
[Victim 2] had many problems. [Fellow suspect 1] knew that. [Fellow suspect 1] also knew that [victim 2] had a borderline personality disorder.
During her stay in the house on the [avenue], [victim 2] fell in love with [fellow suspect 1]. At one moment, [fellow suspect 1] was admitted to a hospital for a period of three weeks. In that period, the suspect and [victim 2] had oral and vaginal sex. [Victim 2] already had feelings for [fellow suspect 1] then. The suspect knew that, but he didn't care about that at all. Yet, [victim 2] tried to push him away from her, but the suspect used more force. "Because the resistance only took longer and longer, it happened", says [victim 2]. [Victim 2] saw the expression of the suspect; it was scary.
When [fellow suspect 1] was back again, the suspect, in the presence of [victim 2], said to [fellow suspect 1]: "let us take that bitch, then we can make money with her".
[Fellow suspect 1] asked [victim 2] to work in prostitution. The suspect was present there. [Victim 2] testified about this conversation that judging from their faces, they assumed that she would agree with it. [Victim 2] felt as if she was pushed into a corner and she had not much to say. Later on, the suspect and [fellow suspect 2] also talked about it with [victim 2]. The suspect and [fellow suspect 2] wanted in any way, in one way or another, to see money. [Victim 2] only wanted to do it if [fellow suspect 1] was okay with it and would give his approval. She wanted [fellow suspect 1]'s attention, love and support. She felt insecure and frightened and did it because she was in love with [fellow suspect 1]. "It is not normal that I went standing behind the window, but I received love and attention", says [victim 2] in one of her testimonies to the police. In another testimony, [victim 2] says: "I said 'yes' myself, but I was under an enormous pressure. I was misled. I was in love. They knew I had no place to stay, that I have been through a lot and that I was in love. (...) I wasn't behind the window voluntarily. I felt manipulated (...)."
Especially out of fear for the suspect, [victim 2] didn't run away. [Victim 3], who also was living on the [avenue] already, saw that [victim 2] was terribly afraid of the suspect.
[Victim 2] has worked on June 21, 23 and 24, 2009, in window prostitution in Alkmaar. When she registered for a room in Alkmaar, the suspect and [fellow suspect 1] stood at a certain distance. They checked if she went in.
[Fellow suspect 1] wanted that she had as many clients as possible. She was ordered by [fellow suspect 1] to start at 19.00 hours and it was the intention that she would work until closing time at 03.00 hours. [Fellow suspect 1] had certain rules regarding kissing with clients and giving blowjobs without condom. That wasn't allowed. The suspect said to her how much she had to charge per client (35 euro for 20 minutes) and how much certain (special) positions had to cost extra. [Fellow suspect 2] and/or [fellow suspect 1] brought her, with the suspect, from and to her work in Alkmaar. In between, [fellow suspect 1] collected the money earned by her in Alkmaar. The suspect and [fellow suspect 2] wanted this to happen. Because it wasn't allowed there to receive normal visitors, [fellow suspect 1] acted as if he was a client and he took the money. [Victim 2] received text messages from [fellow suspect 1] and the suspect that she had to phone when she was ready. The suspect and [fellow suspect 1] were always in the neighbourhood and they were always together.
At first, it was the intention that [victim 2] would (also) work in Amsterdam. [Fellow suspect 1] ordered her to search for a room in Amsterdam. She was brought to Amsterdam by [fellow suspect 1] and the suspect. [Fellow suspect 1] and the suspect waited in the car or outside around the corner when she asked window-landlords in Amsterdam for little cards or telephone numbers.
At the end, [victim 2] has worked in prostitution for not more than three days. After this, she stopped with working in prostitution, because she became infected with chlamydia via a client and she couldn't work anymore, and because [fellow suspect 1] (also) started to get feelings for her and she wasn't forced to work by him anymore. The suspect didn't agree with this. He wanted to see money.
The suspect said to [victim 2]: "arrange a couple of bitches, then we can make good money." The suspect wanted [victim 2] to get to know other girls and bring them with her, so he and [fellow suspect 1] could do the same with these girls like they did with [victim 1]. [Fellow suspect 1] testified about this that when [victim 1] came living on the [avenue], [victim 1] belonged to the suspect and [victim 2] belonged to [fellow suspect 1]. The suspect was the task of [victim 1] and [fellow suspect 1] the task of [victim 2].
According to [victim 3], [fellow suspect 1] and the suspect were like 'Chip and Dale' and 'Bonnie and Clyde'. They supported each other in everything and were like two hands on one belly.

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