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A pooierboy from Purmerend


This LJN file from is about one of the 'pooierboys' from Purmerend. They seem to be from Surinam, at least the suspect in this LJN file is. This verdict has the LJN number: BR2862. Here's the link:

From here on, some translated bits:

Regarding fact 1
In December 2007 the suspect got to know [victim 3] via the website 'Partypeeps'. They maintained contact via MSN and by telephone. She had many problems and she talked about it with the suspect. She then was 18 years old. In February 2009 they entered into a sexual relationship. At that moment she still had a relationship with one [ex-boyfriend of victim 3] with whom she lived together in the house of his mother. The contact with her own mother was very bad at that moment and between [victim 3] and [ex-boyfriend of victim 3] and between [ex-boyfriend of victim 3] and his mother things weren't going very well either. The stress between [victim 3] and [ex-boyfriend of victim 3], and the problems between [victim 3] and her mother, and between [ex-boyfriend of victim 3] and his mother, became too much for her. She didn't want to live with [ex-boyfriend of victim 3] and his mother anymore, but she didn't have a home herself. Around June or July 2009, she moved in into the house of the suspect in the [avenue] in Purmerend, where she has lived until October 19, 2009. In this house were also living: [fellow suspect 2], [fellow suspect 1] and [victim 2]. In August 2009 also [victim 1] came to live in that house. During her residence in the house in the [avenue] in Purmerend, [victim 3] discovered that the suspect lied about his personal circumstances. He had told her that he was 26 years old, but he turned out to be 34 years old. He also concealed that he had a wife, with whom he had two children. [Victim 3] was in love with the suspect in the meantime, and they entered into a relationship together.
[Victim 3] had no work when she started to live in the suspect's house. She was home whole day. In the beginning, she also wasn't allowed to go outside by the suspect. [Victim 2] was ordered by the suspect to constantly keep an eye on [victim 3].
The suspect found that [victim 3] had to do something. Furthermore, [victim 3] needed money herself. The suspect came with the idea that she could work in prostitution. He told that in the past he also had girls standing behind the glass. The suspect strongly urged [victim 3] to work in prostitution. She was in love with the suspect and he said that he wouldn't find her a lesser person if she would do that work. [Victim 3] did have no contact with her mother at that moment. The suspect was the only one she had, her only support. At first the suspect still consulted with [victim 3], but later on he said: "if you don't do it, you will see what will happen then". The suspect said this in such a way that it made a very threatening impression on [victim 3].
[Victim 3] ultimately has worked, because the suspect had pushed her while she wasn't 100% behind it, for three days in Alkmaar, including on June the 23th and 24th, 2009, and one day in the Hague in window prostitution. The suspect has brought her to Alkmaar and the Hague and also picked her up there again. The suspect explained to her how it worked and what she had to do. The suspect decided when she worked and how long. She had to work starting from 17.00 hours and the suspect wanted that she stopped after 01.00 hours. The suspect had rules: [victim 3] wasn't allowed to do it without condom and she wasn't allowed to kiss people. [Victim 3] had to phone the suspect when she had a client and also when the client left again. The suspect wanted to be constantly informed about what she did. When [victim 3] worked, the suspect phoned the whole time. [Victim 3] names as an example the incident when there was a client who only wanted to talk and paid €250 for that. The suspect kept on phoning, after which [victim 3] hung up the phone. Then the suspect visited [victim 3], he posed as a client and became totally angry.
The suspect forced [victim 3] to hand over the money that she earned in prostitution to him. All the money that she has earned, was received by the suspect from her. [Victim 3] has seen nothing back of it.

Regarding fact 2
[victim 3] has lived with the suspect among other people - in the period starting from July 2009 until October 2009 - in the house of the suspect in the [avenue] in Purmerend. Starting from October 22, 2009 until January 19, 2010, she has lived in a blijf-van-mijn-lijfhuis in Leeuwarden. In the month of January 2010, she went to live in Amstelveen. In the month of February 2010, she got into contact with the suspect again. Starting from May 10, 2010 until October 21, 2010, [victim 3] and the suspect lived together on the address [address] in Purmerend. During the period that [victim 3] and the suspect lived together, they had a relationship with each other.
During his relationship with [victim 3], the suspect was aggressive towards her in words and deeds. He has slapped [victim 3] multiple times with the flat of his hands in her face. The suspect slapped with his right hand as well as his left hand, but on his right hand the suspect has three big rings, which caused it to be painful. The suspect hit with everything that he got into his hands. He hit her with a slipper, the handle of a knife, a stucco spatula and a frying pan. He hit her on her head and/or on her body.
In August 2009, the suspect stabbed [victim 3] with a kitchen knife. That was the first time that she saw the violent side of the suspect. The suspect then attacked her and beat her. The suspect also was angry sometimes in a human way, but this time it was as if she was a piece of chicken. She was very afraid then, and she urinated in her pants out of fear.
[Victim 2] has often seen that the suspect behaved aggressively regarding [victim 3], in the period that she lived in the [avenue] in Purmerend. In that period she has often seen injuries on the body of [victim 3].
Shortly before October 19, 2009 the suspect has bitten [victim 3] in her right upper arm while they were in the car. The tooth imprints of three teeth are still visible in the upper arm of [victim 3].
On the address [address] in Purmerend, the suspect cut into the fingers of [victim 3] with a chopping-knife. Everywhere in the house there was blood and as a result of her wounds [victim 3] lost consciousness in the shower. The scars of the incident are still visible on the fingers of both hands. The suspect has also hit [victim 3] with a broom on her body, her arm and against her ribs, in the period that she lived in the house on the [address] in Purmerend. She has walked around for weeks with muscular pain and she had trouble with her jaw.

Regarding the facts 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7
[victim 4] (born on [date of birth]) got to know the suspect via a girlfriend when she was 15 years old. The suspect was 26 years old at that moment [comment from me Donkey: that must have been around 2001]. Later on the girlfriend of [victim 4] was murdered. For [victim 4] this was a big drama, and the event has scarred her in all respects. [Victim 4], who already had problems at home - she was a problem child, her parents had a lot of quarrels and she had lots of quarrels with her sister, she stopped with school and with listening. She mixed a lot with her best girlfriend and contemporary [victim 5] (born on [date of birth]), who also had problems at home. [Victim 5]'s parents were divorced. Her mother experienced lots of grief and mental problems because of that. No account was taken of the feelings of [victim 5] regarding the divorce. Because of that, [victim 5] moved more and more towards [victim 4] and clamped herself to her.
After the death of her girlfriend, [victim 4] regularly encountered the suspect in the nightlife. She fell in love with him. The suspect knew that [victim 4] was in love with him. He also knew that she was 15 years old and that she had problems at home. They got tightly-knit contact and regularly had vaginal sex, also when [victim 4] was still 15 years old. The suspect at that moment also had a relationship with another woman, the mother of his children. The suspect only later fell in love with [victim 4].
In the beginning, the suspect was nice and friendly towards [victim 4] and [victim 5], but later the suspect became dominant and controlling. The aggression got the upper hand.
[Victim 4] was 15 years old when she received her first blow from the suspect. The suspect gave a hit with the outside of his hand against her mouth. Around his fingers he had metallic golden rings. The blow became very hard because of that. In this case there was no injury.
The maltreatments occurred more and more often. The suspect always thought that [victim 4] had an affair, the reason why [victim 4] wasn't allowed to have contact with other men. The suspect checked if [victim 4] was home. The suspect maltreated [victim 4] when he couldn't control her. [Victim 5] has been a witness of many maltreatments of [victim 4] by the suspect.
When the suspect beat [victim 4], it was often on the back of her head. The suspect has also beaten [victim 4] with several objects. In the [street 2] in (the court understands) Purmerend the suspect broke a plate on the head of [victim 4], which caused her ear to bleed heavily, and it hurt a lot. The scar above her right ear is still visible. When [victim 4] was working in window prostitution in Amsterdam the suspect has beaten her in her room with a full can of soda against her leg and against her head. When the suspect stopped beating, she had bumps on her head and a big blue bruise on her leg. [Victim 4] was also very dizzy and she had a headache.
[Victim 5] was also beaten by the suspect. She was 15 or 16 years old when she was beaten for the first time by the suspect. The reason for the maltreatments was always something small. For example, the suspect wanted to know where [victim 4] had been when he first hit [victim 5]. The suspect hit [victim 5] with the flat of his hand on her cheek. [Victim 5] became very scared and walked backwards. The suspect approached her and gave her another few hits. An extravasation in her neck was the result. The suspect has maltreated [victim 5] between her 15th and 18th year of her life, between 5 and 10 times. Aside from hitting with the flat of his hand, he also hit her with a knife on her upper leg.
At one moment the suspect told [victim 4] and [victim 5] that he knew somebody who wanted paid sex with one of them. The client supposedly didn't know with whom of the two of them he wanted to have sex with. [Victim 4] told the suspect that she didn't want to go with them, after which the suspect gave her a so-called low kick against her lower leg. [Victim 4] fell down and she cried. [Victim 5] kept silent. She didn't dare to run away, and she was in panic. The suspect grabbed [victim 4] by her neck, and together with her and [victim 5] he walked to the house of [witness 2] in Purmerend. In the house of [witness 2] a man was present named '[man]'. [Man] chose [victim 5]. [Victim 5] didn't know if she did want it, but the suspect said something like: "you have to go" or "now go then". Then [victim 5] had sex with [man] in the bedroom of the house of [witness 2]. [Man] gave the fee for the sex with [victim 5] to the suspect. It was approximately €170 or €200. [Victim 5] was approximately 16 or had just become 17 years old then.
Within half a year, the suspect told [victim 5] that [man] wanted to see her and that an appointment had been made again. The suspect has brought [victim 5] to the house of [man] in Amsterdam. [Victim 4] was also present. [Victim 5] again had sex with [man] there. [Victim 5] has seen that [man] handed over money to the suspect. In total, [victim 5] has been between 5 and 10 times at [man]'s place to have sex for money. This concerned vaginal and anal sex. The appointments were arranged by the suspect and he always received the payment of [man]. Afterwards, the suspect gave [victim 5] a part of the proceeds. That money was also for [victim 4] and concerned approximately half of the money paid by [man].
When [victim 4] and [victim 5] had reached the age of 18 years, the suspect proposed that both should work in prostitution. The suspect impressed upon them that - when they had worked for a while - they could open an own business in the future with the saved money, namely a bar. [Victim 5] was scared and experienced the proposal of the suspect as pressure. She didn't want to work in window prostitution. She told the suspect that she didn't know if she really wanted it. The suspect talked her into it. He talked about the money, about the fact that they had no diplomas and the possibility of starting an own business after a while. It wasn't actually a question, but an order, according to [victim 5].
[Victim 4] and [victim 5] had just become 18 years old when they started working in window prostitution in Amsterdam together [comment from me Donkey: that must have been around 2004]. The first evening, [victim 4] was brought by the suspect and one "[man 2]" to the centre of Amsterdam, where she met [victim 5]. [Victim 4] had a difficult time the first day. She didn't want to. The suspect entered her room to ask how things were going. [Victim 4] told the suspect that she couldn't do it. She started to cry. [Victim 5] saw how the suspect pulled her by her arm towards a room. The suspect started to beat and to kick her. [Victim 5] heard [victim 4] shout "ouch". The suspect pulled [victim 4]'s hair and dragged her over the ground. He shouted: "you go!" and "you just stay here, you must do it". He said this with an imposing and compelling voice. [Victim 4] subsequently stood behind the window again. [Victim 4] and [victim 5] were scared. [Victim 4] told [victim 5] that she had to work. [Victim 5] didn't dare to run away.
The suspect had telephone numbers of the window landlord at his disposal. The suspect had knowledge of window letting. The rooms rented by [victim 4] and [victim 5] were located next to each other. The suspect lent them the money for the rent of the window. The suspect wanted the window rent that was advanced by him to be paid back to him and that he would get half of the earnings. The suspect lived off the money earned by [victim 4] and [victim 5]. The suspect told how much [victim 4] and [victim 5] had to charge per client, per quarter of an hour, for a blow job and fucking, how much they had to charge extra when a client stayed longer and how much they had to charge for an extra position. [Victim 4] wasn't allowed to receive black men/negroes as a client. In the beginning he stayed in the neighbourhood. The suspect was in the cafe immediately opposite the window of [victim 4], and he kept an eye on her. The suspect exerted supervision. He could suddenly stand in front of the window. He phoned a lot, each evening. He then asked how things were going and how much she had earned already. In the beginning the suspect collected money from [victim 4]. That was an amount of 50 euros. The suspect brought [victim 4] and [victim 5] almost daily to their work and also picked them up.
[Victim 4] and [victim 5] mostly worked six days a week in prostitution. [Victim 5] and [victim 4] couldn't take some time off just like that. They had to discuss that with the suspect, this way it was imprinted into them. Enough money came in. The first evening [victim 4] and [victim 5] each earned between 500 and 1000 euros. [Victim 4] earned on average 800 euros per evening.
At one moment, [victim 4] and [victim 5] went to live together in a house on the [street 2] in Purmerend. The suspect quickly moved in with them. Later on [victim 4], [victim 5] and the suspect also lived in three other houses.
The suspect wanted [victim 4] to have tattoos placed on her. It was his idea. [Victim 4] had the letter 'E' of [first name of victim 4] and the letter 'R' of [first name of the suspect] placed on her right hand. The tattoo was a sort of mark, a sort of proof of ownership that she belonged to the suspect.
The suspect could go berserk. If something wasn't to his liking, then he always said "now you have to watch out because I see black before my eyes". He often gave beatings. The suspect also once took a knife and threatened to cut off the hair of [victim 4] and [victim 5].
[Victim 4] has worked for the suspect in prostitution until about June 2006; [victim 5] until the age of 20 [comment from me Donkey: that must have been around 2006].


The acts of the suspect have left deep marks on the victims. [Victim 4] as well as [victim 5] and [victim 3] have testified which consequences they experienced from this and still experience. They have all suffered physical pain and still experience physical and emotional damage, they developed a low self-image and don't have (full) trust in other persons. [Victim 5] has cut herself in her face; "worse than this it couldn't get anymore". [Victim 3] doesn't dare to enter into a relationship out of fear to enter a similar situation. The marks that the acts of the suspect left on [victim 4], were expressed as follows during this session of the court:
Now I stand here, 26 years old. Having experienced enough of the rotten side of life like a person aged 100, but experienced too little of the normal life for somebody aged 26. I belong home nowhere. No school, no education, no work experience, no money, no self-confidence, no self-esteem. I'm not capable of building up a normal relationship with a man.

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