Saturday, October 01, 2011

Bulgarian prostitutes in the Weaze


I wanted to talk about the LJN-files again. These are the verdict files that can be found on The file that I want to talk about has the LJN-number BQ4979. It's about two Bulgarian prostitutes and their two pimps. One of the prostitutes is treated very badly. She has to hand over all her earnings and she is maltreated. The other prostitute is treated better. She may keep half of her earnings. However, she cannot go where she wants to. What's interesting about the verdict files is that human trafficking gangs seem to be very small. Often only a couple of persons are involved. Sometimes they are part of larger syndicates. But never larger than 30 people. On the other hand, perhaps this is an illusion. Perhaps that all these small gangs are part of a bigger whole, but nobody else sees that. Perhaps the pimps are just the middlemen and they protect the ones who are above them. Perhaps it is all a big conspiracy after all.

I wonder why I'm still doing this. In my heart I don't believe in human trafficking anymore. It just doesn't feel that way. I have been acting like a beast last weeks. I have visited five young Eastern European prostitutes within two weeks time. Actually I enjoyed a couple of these visits. The fear that they are forced in prostitution is totally gone. I don't understand what has happened to me. The awful stories I read about forced prostitution are just pieces of print I believe. They are not real to me. These are stories of fiction that I like to collect. Another problem is that I actually enjoy sex. I'm becoming very good at it. I must decide, shall I go right, or shall I go left? I desperately want to stop, on the other hand, I just can't get enough. I feel ashamed. I'm becoming a serial rapist. Each time I promised myself that I will never do it again. It works for a couple of months, and then I do it again. It shouldn't be so hard. After my first three prostitutes, I haven't visited a prostitute for almost five years. But then I fully believed in the problem of human trafficking and that it is a big problem.

And now for the verdict file. This is the link:

What follows is a translation from Dutch regarding some testimonies of the persons involved. They talk about a brothel called Love and Joy. That is a window brothel area that is a part of the Weaze, a larger window brothel area in the city of Leeuwarden. And now the translation:

1.      The testimony of suspect, meaning:
I have met [name] in November 2010. We have lived together for approximately one or one and a half month. After that we travelled in December 2000 together with a bus to Hamburg. I've paid for the journey for both of us. We went to Hamburg so that [name] could work there in prostitution. [Name] indeed did work in prostitution in Hamburg.
I've beaten [name] once in Hamburg. That was right before we went to the Netherlands.
My brother is named [name]. In December 2010 he came with [name 1] to us in Hamburg. I have given money to my brother for the journey to Hamburg. [Name 1] has also worked in Hamburg in prostitution.
I travelled with my brother, [name] and [name 1] from Hamburg to Leeuwarden by train in January 2011. [Name] and [name 1] have also worked in prostitution in Leeuwarden.
[Name] once bought a new pair of jeans and boxer shorts for me.

2.      The testimony of the woman [name] who reported the crime, meaning:
I travelled together with [suspect] ([suspect]) from Sliven (Bulgaria) to Hamburg. The idea came from [suspect]. We have discussed together that I should work in Hamburg as a prostitute. We travelled together to abroad to make money there, to build a future and to buy a house.
Together with [suspect] we went with the bus to Sofia and then with the bus to Hamburg. [Suspect] paid the bus tickets and further expenditures. No arrangements were made about paying back these expenditures. In Hamburg we were received by friends of [suspect]. He would save the earnings of mine as a prostitute in Hamburg. It would later be for our family. I gave all the money to him and he paid the expenditures. I got €10 from him when I went to work. The money was used for the rent of the apartment and my workspace.
Later on I earned less and during that time the maltreatments of [suspect] began. He has maltreated me in that period, when we resided in Hamburg, that was approximately half a month, between two and three times. I have worked in Hamburg for 14 days in total. I worked every day. I didn't keep track of my earnings. That wasn't allowed by [suspect]. Every time that he hit me I received multiple hits. I once even started to feel ill because of that, when he hit me against my head, I once even passed out. He quarrelled with me about money. When I came home without earnings he got angry and I was maltreated. When I earned money he responded with satisfaction.
When we resided in Hamburg also [name 1] ([name 1]) and the brother of [suspect], [name] ([name of brother]) came to Hamburg. [Name 1] has also worked for [suspect] in Hamburg. [Name of brother] wanted half of the money earned by [name 1].
In Bulgaria [suspect] already had contacts with [name 1]. We didn't go to Hamburg with the four of us, because the documents of [name 1] weren't ready yet in Bulgaria.
[Name 1] was allowed to keep 50% of her earnings herself and the other 50% was split between [suspect] and [name of brother]. [Suspect] said it was supposed to be that way, he was the boss. He decided about everything. Because in Germany there wasn't enough work anymore, [suspect] decided that we had to leave. [Suspect] paid for our journey with the money of [name 1]. On the first evening of our stay in Leeuwarden we went to the brothel Love and Joy. I have worked for approximately two and a half months at Love and Joy. Until January 19 of this year I've given all my earnings to [suspect].
Also in the Netherlands, in Leeuwarden, I was maltreated by [suspect]. He hit me every day and the beatings got worse. [Name 1] and [name of brother] have seen that I was beaten. Not only in Leeuwarden, but also in Hamburg.

2. The testimonies of the woman [name] who has reported the crime to the police, meaning:
[Name of brother] and [name 1] were present when I received a couple of boxes on my ears from [suspect]. I received a blow on my left hip, approximately a week ago and had much pain from that. [Suspect] kicked me. He just went on and that was a heavy maltreatment. Yesterday morning I received another hit on the hip from [suspect]. I then received a punch from [suspect] on that same hip. As a result I couldn't walk very well because of the pain.
Even in the Internet cafe I was hit a couple of times by [suspect]. I then started to bleed on my hand. Around the turn of the years I was maltreated so badly then I nearly was unconscious. It also left me with a black eye. The previous week you still saw that, it was very blue. It was my left eye. It even happened that he choked my throat, so that I simply got too little air.
I had to hand over all my money to [suspect]. I had to work for our future he said. [Suspect] was not satisfied with my earnings however.
Shortly after entering the room I received a hard hit and he dragged me to the room. [Suspect] hit me everywhere left on my back, but he also hit me in my face.
Around the turn of the years, [suspect] started to hit me in the bathroom. Because of the hard blows in my face I also fell on the floor a couple of times. [Suspect] also pushed me with my head against the wall. He dragged me to the room and said to [name of brother] and [name 1] that they had to leave because he didn't want that they saw that he hit me.
After this, [suspect] began to hit me so hard that I got unconscious because of that. I was left with a very bad black eye because of those maltreatments, bruises on my left back area.
I received many blows right after each other, both with his fists as well as with the flat of his hands. I received blows on my cheeks and on my head. Most of the time he held me by my hair and then hit me with his other hand against my face.
[Suspect] once tore my blouse apart and he furthermore tore a necklace from my neck. I developed a little wound in my neck because of that, that hurt.
I don't know how much money I earned in the Netherlands in prostitution. The money was always used up and I also wondered where all the money went to. But yes, the hotel was €50 a night and then also including the food. It couldn't just be that the rest of the money was so easily gone.
I have a bare spot on my head with a little wound. [Suspect] said to me: I'm going to shave you bare, I'm going to undress you and after this you may leave the hotel in the nude and with a bald head. [Suspect] grabbed hold of me with one hand by my hair and pulled me backwards and in his other hand he held a razor blade. After that [suspect] cut a wisp of hair from my head with the razor blade, approximately in the middle of my face and then a couple of centimetres from my hairline.
In the Bastion hotel we had a quarrel and I got a blow on my ass. In Het Anker I was maltreated every day.

3. A written document, that is an injury report, meaning:
Concerning [name], date of birth: [date], birthplace: Burgas, Bulgaria.
According to the person involved she was maltreated in different ways within the period a couple of months prior to the date of investigation. Thereby she indicates that in this period she was slapped and kicked on different places on her body. Furthermore in November 2010 she was pressed against a hot heater from which she developed burning wounds on her legs. By way of ripping off a necklace she would have had a wound in her neck. Furthermore by way of a sharp object, possibly a sword, superficial wounds were created on her torso, on the right side as well as the left side. Around the turn of the years 2010/2011 she was hit in the face and thereby suffered a black eye. A little more than a week ago a wisp of hair was cut off with a sharp object on the front of her hairline, where a wound on the skin was created. The past week she was hit on the head and shoulders multiple times. She was hit on her right-hand with the charger of a mobile telephone from which a bleeding wound was supposed to be created. On the evening of January 19 she received a hit in her stomach and a slap on her face, from which she developed a thick lip.
Conclusion. The confirmed injuries could fit the circumstances indicated by the victim and could also fit the period of creation of the injury indicated by her.

4. The testimony of the woman [name 1] who pressed charges, meaning:
Together with [name] I've been on elementary school in Bulgaria. I got to know [suspect] and [name] ([name]) shortly before they departed to Hamburg.
[Name of brother] and I departed to Hamburg. I would be working in prostitution in Hamburg. In Hamburg I worked for the first time as a prostitute.
I got to know [suspect] in Bulgaria. I also had a relationship with him in Bulgaria. It was my own choice to work in Hamburg as a prostitute. I wanted to earn money for my child. [Name] went with [suspect] to Hamburg. [Name] would be earning money as a prostitute in Hamburg.
For me it was clear what I would do in Hamburg. [Suspect] arranged the journey to Hamburg. He took care of the tickets and the passports. To do that he borrowed money from his sister. The passports were arranged in Sliven in Bulgaria. [Name of brother] has paid for our passports and our journey with money from [suspect]. Together with [name of brother] I went to the sister of [suspect] to collect money there for the journey and the passports. In total it cost approximately €400. I didn't arrange my journey and passport myself because I had no money.
The money that I would earn as a prostitute in Hamburg I would share with [name of brother]: half for each. We made this arrangement in Bulgaria. [Name of brother] went with me as a kind of pimp. [Suspect] stipulated that [name of brother] had to come with me to Hamburg. When we were in Hamburg I did want to go back, but [suspect] wouldn't allow that. I agreed with the division of my earnings, between [name of brother] and me. I had to give him half of my earnings because [suspect] said it. Later I understood that half of my earnings that I gave to [name of brother] was again shared by him with [suspect].
Together with [name of brother] I travelled to Hamburg. [Suspect] and [name] had already arrived in Hamburg. [Name] and [suspect] had arranged a working room for me in Hamburg.
There were daily payments between [name of brother] and me. I don't know how [name] and [suspect] arranged their affairs. At the request of [suspect] I had to count customers that [name] received.
I have seen that [suspect] beat [name], the evening after arrival in Hamburg. I have also seen that she was beaten on the day of New Year's Eve. I've seen that [name] was covered with bruises. I voluntarily went with [suspect], [name of brother] and [name] to the Netherlands. The travelling expenses for the journey to the Netherlands was paid from my money and the money of [name]. In Leeuwarden [name] and I went to work in Love and Joy. Also in Leeuwarden [name of brother] received half of my earnings.
[Suspect] beat [name]. He phoned to her while she was in her working room and then she had to come to the hotel room and there she was beaten by [suspect]. This is what [name] told me. I have also seen myself that [suspect] beat [name]. On the evening of his arrest he hit her with the cable of his telephone charger. I have seen once or twice that [suspect] beat [name]. [Name] had bruises over her whole body.
I didn't know that [name of brother] shared his money with [suspect].
On the first day in Hamburg [suspect] counted the condoms, after this, [name of brother] did that. In the Netherlands no more countings were done. In the Netherlands [suspect] took the money earned by me and gave half of it back. The other half he gave to [name of brother]. In Hamburg I only shared the money with [name of brother]. I didn't complain about these procedures in the Netherlands and just accepted it.
Also in Leeuwarden [suspect] beat [name] and despite the fact that she was covered with bruises she still had to work. [Suspect] thought that I would report him to the police. That's why he threatened me.


Cliente X said...

Which is the sources of those files? Cause the mafias I have found are very different: much larger (from dozens to thousands of members), nationals and they do not traffick with the girls but just force them to give them a semanal tax.

I'm surprised of hearing that you "don`t believe in human trafficking anymore". Well, it's a step forward, many time ago I already told u that. But I'm even much more pleased of hearing that finally u are enjoyed of this. U didn't trust me when I told u that forced prostitution it's not real (or really marginal). U needed to see this with ur own eyes. Oookay, this is what happens when anyone accepts the challenge of knowing the prostitution by himself and not through the mad histories that usually are told.

Now u must ask yourself about the reason they were lying you. What's the objective of those terrible histories about rapes and human traffick?

Donkey said...

The source of these files are just from the courts.

It's just a feeling that I have. The women look really conscious.

I see extorted prostitutes also as forced prostitutes. It's a point of view.

Cliente X said...

And how did u get them? If u have found those files in the Netherlands maybe I'd do the same here.

It's neccesary to distingish between the kind of extortion. I haven't find any girl forced to work in prostitution. But also I haven't find almost any that don't need to pay to work. So, are they extortionated? Yes, but not in the way ppl usually thinks.

Donkey said...

I got these files from the website

There is a special selection of verdicts on this website. Not all verdicts in the Netherlands are in this website. There are several hundreds of human trafficking cases on this website. But only a small fraction of the number of total human trafficking cases can be found on this website. There are many hundreds of human trafficking cases per year in the Netherlands. My estimate is that roughly 10% of these cases can be found on

Unfortunately, many of these files show little information. There's just a long list of accusations very generally formulated. A couple of posts back on this blog called LJN I refer to some readable files.

I doubt that Italy had such a website.