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I'll just continue. With a new file from The LJN number is BQ5633. I find this case interesting. I think a libertarian wouldn't have any problems with it. The girl has financial troubles. A man proposes that she could work in prostitution. She agrees. He wants half of the money. She agrees. It's all consensual, until she wants to stop.

1. The report of the crime done by [involved person 1], meaning so far - soberly represented - the following:
When the relationship was over with [involved person 4], somewhere in May 2007 [suspect] (the court understands: suspect) phoned me one day. [Suspect] asked how I was doing. He showed interest in me. I told that I missed [involved person 4] a lot. I also told that I was very sad about this, that I felt miserable and that I isolated myself. I told that for a moment I lost meaning in life. A week later he called me again and showed interest again in how I was doing. I told [suspect] that in the meantime I had substantial arrears of rent. I told that I had another week to pay my arrears of rent and that I had a lot of stress. I told that I had a headache and that I didn't know any more. I asked [suspect] if he could help me. [Suspect] asked if I have never thought about working behind the window. I asked him what he meant. [Suspect] told me that he would come to me and that he would talk to me for a while. [Suspect] came around 18.30 to me. He told me that behind the window meant having sex for money. At that moment I had debts of €2500. I had also told that to [suspect]. I have explained to [suspect] exactly how my financial situation was and where exactly I had the debts.
On Sunday in May my landlord came to me. He told me that I still had two days to pay €220 of debts. I didn't know where to get the money in two days time. Nobody could help me however. I then had to do something, or else I would be thrown on the streets on Tuesday. I was completely broken, I really didn't know what to do anymore. I was very frightened that I would be thrown on the streets. In dire necessity I phoned [suspect].
Then that same Sunday I phoned to [suspect]. I still know that I said: "I'll do it". [Suspect] started to talk about the Baekelandplein in Eindhoven. He explained to me that I could work there. [Suspect] told me that he would collect me in two hours. He told me that I had to bring beautiful lingerie and beautiful shoes. This in case there was a vacant place and I could work there immediately.
[Suspect] stopped in front of my door, called on my gsm that he was there and I stepped in his car.
After arriving at the square in Eindhoven [suspect] stepped out. [Suspect] told me that he knew a house where probably a place was free where I could sit and work as a prostitute. He told me that he would ask there if this still was free.
After approximately 5 minutes [suspect] came back to the car and he told me that a place was free for me at building number 16. I stepped out and walked to the house together with [suspect]. [Suspect] and I walked to number 16 and a girl opened the door. Once inside, this girl introduced herself as [involved person 5] (the court understands: [involved person 5]). [Involved person 5] told me that the rent cost €100. [Suspect] then gave that girl €100. In the car he had also told me that he would pay the rent. I asked [suspect] if I had to pay that back. He then told me that I didn't have to pay that back, that I first had to bring my own life in order.
I went to the room behind the window and I went to sit in a chair. When I sat there for a moment, [suspect] phoned me. He asked me how things went. [Suspect] had already told me in the car that he would collect me around 02.00. He had told me earlier already that he would bring and collect me every day.
Around 24.00 [suspect] phoned again to ask how things went. [Suspect] said "I mean how are things going on the square". I then said that I already had a couple of customers. He asked me how much I had earned. I said that I had earned €400.
[Suspect] phoned me that he was there. I stepped into the car. [Suspect] asked how much I had earned and I said €400. He brought me home.
The next day I was phoned by [suspect]. [Suspect] told me that I had to go to the station in Den Bosch and that he would collect me there. After arriving at the station I saw [suspect] sitting in his car. I stepped in and [suspect] brought me to Eindhoven. He drove me to the Baekelandplein.
I then started to work. [Suspect] has phoned me that evening a couple of times. He then phoned me with the questions if it was crowded, if I had earned a lot already, how things were going there.
That night around two o'clock I stopped working. [Suspect] then brought me home.
So it went on the coming period. [Suspect] brought and collected me from work.
When I worked approximately one or two months here, I told to [suspect] that I gladly wanted to stop working so that I could go on vacation. [Suspect] told me that if I wanted to go on vacation that then I had to give him half of the money I had earned. [Suspect] had told me earlier already that as soon as I had my finances in order, I had to give him money. [Suspect] found that he was entitled to half of my earnings because he meant so much to me during the last months. He told me that he had arranged that I could make money now. He told that he had arranged the room on the Baekelandplein. He told that he had always brought and collected me from work. He told that he was the only friend that I still had and that I didn't have anybody anyway. At that moment I indeed didn't have other friends or people on which I could fall back on.
I actually didn't want to give my money. [Suspect] told that he had to have half of the money and that he otherwise would make sure that I couldn't work here anymore. [Suspect] was a very big man for me. I felt he indeed could arrange all this.
[Suspect] wanted half of the money and if I didn't give him that then I had to stop with the work. I started to panic. I understood that I had to give [suspect] that money, or else I didn't have work anymore and I would financially become broke again.
From then on I gave all my money to him after each workday. I have done that for approximately 2 weeks. [Suspect] also came by very often at my workplace. I then let him in and took him upstairs. Once upstairs he wanted my money. He then asked me how much I had earned and took this with him.
After giving all my money to [suspect] for approximately 2 weeks I didn't want this anymore. From that moment on I gave half of my money to [suspect]. [Suspect] did tell me however that I had to work hard.
[Suspect] said that I had to work hard, because I earned more money in that case. He also told me that I had to lose weight. I then would be more beautiful and get more clients. [Suspect] also told me that I had to put on black lingerie because I would attract more attention in that case. I also wasn't allowed to take a weekend off or something. I simply had to work six days a week. I did all he asked me, at least almost all. I did this because I was afraid of him. I was afraid of him because he could curse very well. He used good words to frighten somebody. He said: "I'll get you out from the work. That he knew enough people to say what kind of work I did". He said that he knew my family members and that he could tell them what kind of work I did. He told that he could very easily say where my family lived. I found this pretty scary.
[Suspect] phoned me regularly to hear if I was working and if it wasn't so he said that I had to work. Else I would miss clients. [Suspect] sometimes also walked with a friend on the square. I have also seen once there that he entered another girl's room. [Suspect] also told me that there was another girl on the square that kept an eye on me. I became stressed even more because of that, because I was supervised to check if I did my work properly.
On September the 15th and 16th in 2007, I went away for a weekend with the one who was my boyfriend at the time [name] to my parents. I had asked to [suspect] if I could take a weekend off. I always had to ask permission to be free. I was allowed by [suspect] to go away for a weekend but I had to promise to be back in time on Monday.
I then took the decision for myself not to pay [suspect] anymore. I was quite afraid to tell it to [suspect].
On September the 17th 2007, I received an SMS from [suspect] with the text: "hey be on time today hey don't say quarrel on whatever that be okay". (Note from officers taking the interview: the woman who reports the crime shows us this SMS)
On September the 18th 2007 on 00.30 I received the next SMS from [suspect]: "I'm fucking angry today including also €150 extra okay and if you say no then it becomes 250". [Suspect] meant with this that I had to give €150 extra because I started too late this Monday. I was afraid of [suspect]. I then also didn't work a couple of days. I was afraid that suddenly he would stand before the window. I was terrified of him.
On September the 19th, I received the next SMS from [suspect]: "I still want to have that 160". That would have been half of my earned money and I sent an SMS back that I didn't have that money anymore. After this, I received the following SMS back from him: "what it is used up those were mine I want them next week or so ok not now". I sent an SMS back that he must leave me alone and that otherwise I could go to the police.
On September the 19th 20.15 hours, I received the following SMS back from [suspect]: "don't threaten me. You know how I am. Those were mine do you hear me. Fucking 160 don't make it hard for 160 I have helped you fucking often I must have those".
Still that day I received several threatening SMSes back from [suspect], namely:
"do it and I'll go to your friends if you think they are friends you know I'm afraid of nobody I want my 160 next week".
"OK do it difficult as you like for €160 you'll get regrets from this I don't".
"Then go to the police as you like I want to have my 160 even if you go to heaven I'll come to get my money remember that".
I felt it like a threat.
On September the 20th, I went to the police. That Thursday I have told [involved person 6] (the brothel owner) that I had to hand over half of my money to [suspect]. That same day I went to the police together with [involved person 6].
[Suspect] forced me to hand over half of my earned money to him. I felt forced and I've tried to explain to you what caused that. [Suspect] just had a lot of power over me in my feeling. I was also in a vulnerable position because of my debts.

2. the testimony of [involved person 1], meaning so far - soberly represented - the following:
"When I ended up in a situation which caused me to sit at home, my relationship with [involved person 4] ended. When it was over [suspect] (the court understands: suspect) phoned me. He acted as if he was my best friend. He knew it was over with [involved person 4] and he knew I was very vulnerable at that moment. [Suspect] then told me that if I would ever be in trouble I had to phone him because he had money. When I did phone [suspect] eventually because I needed money because of my arrears of rent, he said that he had no money. [Suspect] said that he knew work for me behind the window. He said that he meant prostitution. My landlord came. He said that within a few days he had to have money from me because of my arrears of rent, or else I would be thrown on the streets. Then I decided that I wanted to work in prostitution to pay for my debts.
I was brought to Eindhoven by several boys. I can remember a name of a boy. This boy was named [name]. He brought me a couple of times. There also was a Chinese boy. He brought me and collected me one time. There also was a Dutch boy who has brought and collected me a couple of times.
Sometimes I just had to go to 's-Hertogenbosch to the NS station and then I was collected there by one of those boys. Sometimes also at the Kwik Fit. I was given a description in advance by [suspect] of the person or the car whom I should accompany.
When I had to give half of my earnings to [suspect] and he didn't collect me that evening, then I had to give it to him the next day. [Suspect] said there was somebody on the square who kept an eye on me. [Suspect] has phoned me once and has said "it goes well doesn't it?". I then said to him that it didn't go very well at all. [Suspect] then said that he had just heard that it did go very well with the number of clients. So that's why I assumed that [suspect] had somebody on the square who kept an eye on me for him.
That tall Dutch boy sometimes drove together with [suspect] to come to collect me. [Name] also drove with him once.

3. the testimony of [involved person 1], made in the presence of the examining judge, meaning so far - soberly represented - the following:
I worked the first two months for myself. Then [suspect] (the court understands: suspect) said that I had to pay him half of it. [Suspect] brought me to it and also collected me again. After asking what happened if I didn't want to work I can say that [suspect] started to threaten. I mean with that that he became angry and I knew he had a gun, because often he said that himself. When [suspect] threatened, he started to curse. He became really angry and aggressive when I said I wanted to stop.
[Suspect] did phone me 80 times on one evening. He then asked me how much I had earned already. He also told me that a girl on the square kept an eye on me.

4. the testimony of [involved person 6], meaning so far - soberly represented - the following:
An acquaintance of mine, named [name], is the operator of the building on the Baekelandplein [number] in Eindhoven. These buildings are used for the so-called window prostitution. As a girlfriend of [name] I sometimes do some friendly turns for him.
In that setting I got to know [involved person 1] in approximately June 2007.
When [involved person 1] was employed for approximately one month at [name] behind the window, I was phoned by girls from the house that [involved person 1] was crying terribly. I then came to the Baekelandplein [number] and encountered [involved person 1] there. I saw that she was crying and that she made a very frightened impression. While crying she told me that she was threatened by an Iraqi. Then he was threatening her that he must have sums of money from her, else he would take her away from there and he would shoot her to pieces even if he would get 20 years for that. These utterances were made by him on MSN and then towards the person of [involved person 1]. I have read these messages then on the screen of the computer in the building Baekelandplein [number]. In close consultation with her I then phoned to the police. I then made an appointment with [officer taking the interview] that the next day we would go to the main office of the police for an exploratory interview with [involved person 1]. That also happened then.
It occurred to me that she never had money, and that while she worked as much as six or seven days a week on the square. So that was very peculiar. When I was phoned by the other girls and I learned what was going on, the fact that [involved person 1] didn't have any money also became very clear to me. After all she had to continuously hand over her money to that [suspect].

5. The testimony of [involved person 5], meaning so far - soberly represented - the following:
You asked me when [involved person 1] came to work on the Baekelandplein in Eindhoven. I believe that it was somewhere in the summer of 2007. I now believe by the way that she already worked on the square starting from the spring of 2007.
You ask me how things went then. I believe a boy stood in front of my window. He said that he had a girl in the car who wanted to work on the square. I then said to that boy that he should rather send the girl herself then. He indeed did go away for a while and a short while later he came with a girl, whom I therefore have got to know as [involved person 1], to the window.
From day 2 on I asked to [involved person 1] what that boy got to do with her. He brought and collected her. [Involved person 1] has also told me that of the money that she earned, she gave half to [suspect].
[Involved person 1] phoned often with that boy. I heard it when that boy phoned or [involved person 1] said to me that he phoned again. He then had to know how much money she had earned.

6. the testimony of [involved person 7], meaning so far - soberly represented - the following:
[Suspect] (the court understands: suspect) told me that he got to know a girl. [Suspect] told me that he brought and collected this girl in Eindhoven in the whore neighbourhood. Then she worked as a whore there.
On a certain day [suspect] asked me for a friendly turn. He couldn't bring the girl to Eindhoven and asked if I could do that for him. [Suspect] then asked me if I could collect her at the station in Den Bosch. When the girl came to my car, she introduced herself as [involved person 1]. She stepped in and we drove to Eindhoven, to the whore neighbourhood. Since this event I have collected three more times. I then was together with [suspect]. I then was with my own car. I did this at the request of [suspect].

7. the testimony of [involved person 8] meaning so far - soberly represented - the following:
[Involved person 1] is the girl that works as whore. She works in Eindhoven. I have brought her once. [Suspect] (the court understands: suspect) asked me if I wanted to bring her to Eindhoven. I knew that [involved person 1] went working as whore. [Suspect] has told that to me. I have collected her at the station in Den Bosch. That was in the car of [suspect].

8. the testimony of suspect, meaning so far - soberly represented - the following:
[Involved person 1] phoned me and said that she had arrears of rent and had to leave the house. I said to her: "then go work behind the windows". I went with [involved person 1] to Eindhoven. I asked on the square how things went there. I asked this to a woman who worked there. This woman told me that that girl had to come herself if she wants to work.
[Involved person 1] was waiting in the car. We walked together to that woman. That woman explained how everything worked. After the explanation was done I left and [involved person 1] went working.
[Involved person 1] had nobody else. [Involved person 1] had problems with [involved person 4] and arrears of debt with the landlord.
I sometimes asked to my friend [name] if he wanted to bring [involved person 1] to the square.
I always collected [involved person 1]. Together with [name], a friend of mine, I also collected [involved person 1] once.

9. the testimony of suspect, meaning so far - soberly represented - the following:
Who could have asked [involved person 1] for help other than you?
I wouldn't know who. She had nobody else.

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