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Two other pooierboys from Purmerend


Two other suspects from the gang of pimps from Purmerend (these cases are related to that case in my previous post BTW). The LJN numbers on the are: BR2945 and BR3148. The verdict files can be read here:

I must keep on going. I was on the Zandpad again. It was in the late evening. I have never seen so many pimps (no, these were not all clients). They nearly ran me over. It seemed to be almost 30 of them. I saw two of them intimidating the girls. One of them (a young Moroccan man) tried to jerk a door open, but it was locked. The girl was phoning on her cellphone. He said: "you are a mad! What you must? What you must? Fuck you must!" (in Dutch: "Je bent gek!!! Wat moet je? Wat moet je? Neuken moet je!”). You never see this during the afternoon on the Zandpad, perhaps the bats are still asleep then, after using drugs the whole night and putting all the money earned by the girls into the slot machine. I am totally crazy. What was I thinking? I thought I was calm during the last month. Luckily I didn't get inside. I must keep on going, I'm still losing my mind.

Here are some translated bits from the LJN files, which basically tell the same story (that means both files are almost the same):

Regarding fact 1
In August 2009, [victim 1] (born on January 29, 1991) was picked up by the suspect, [fellow suspect 1] and a third person in Zoetermeer [parental residence of victim 1] and brought to the house in the [avenue] in Purmerend. [Victim 1], who was still living with her father until that moment, had a quarrel with her parents and she had huge debts with a telephone company. That's why [victim 1] wanted to leave home, she was fed up and was searching for another place to live.
[Victim 1] first came into contact with the suspect via the website 'partypeeps' in January 2009. Via internet (on the previously named website, and on MSN), on the computer in her father's home, she spoke with him about her financial problems, the quarrel with her parents and the fact that she wanted to leave home. During the chat conversations the suspect proposed to her to live with him in his house in Purmerend. The suspect had told [victim 1] furthermore that he lived alone and that they would be with the two of them. [Victim 1] knew the suspect for half a year already, she trusted him completely and she agreed with this proposal.
During the drive from Zoetermeer [parental residence of victim 1] to Purmerend the suspect told about how beautiful his apartment was and how nice they would have it together. [Victim 1] felt at ease. [Victim 1] didn't know at that moment that the suspect didn't have an own house at all, neither that he lived together with [fellow suspect 1] and his (half-)brother [fellow suspect 2] and their girlfriends [victim 2] and [victim 3].
After arriving in Purmerend, they stopped on the [avenue] and entered the house on number [number]. Once she was inside the house [victim 1] didn't feel at ease anymore. Multiple persons were present in the house. [Victim 1] felt that things weren't okay. She was told that she had to make money and the suspect started talking about working in prostitution. [Fellow suspect 1] was present there. The suspect showed lingerie to her and he said that she would start soon. When [victim 1] asked him if he had become crazy and told him that he must let his mother play as a whore, the suspect gave her a big slap in her face. [Fellow suspect 1] said: "be careful, she still has to work."
Later on, the suspect also had sex with [victim 1] in the bathroom of the house on the [avenue]. According to [fellow suspect 1], the suspect had sex with [victim 1] to test how she was in bed. This was to look if [victim 1] was good enough for prostitution, if she was good in having sex. The suspect then grabbed [victim 1] by her hair, he pulled his pants down and said to her that she had to give him a blowjob. During the blowjob, [victim 1] tried to resist by pushing the suspect away, but the suspect punched her several times and kneed her in her face. The suspect held [victim 1] by her hair when he brought his penis into her mouth. Then [victim 1] was forced to turn around about by him, after which he fucked her vaginally.
A couple of days after her arrival in the house on the [avenue], [victim 1] furthermore had sex with [fellow suspect 2], which was ordered by the suspect and against her will, after she was kicked in the back by the suspect and fallen onto the bed. The suspect said: "do your best, I'll see you soon." After this, the suspect slapped [victim 1] in her face and on her naked body, because she had cried during the sex with [fellow suspect 2].
[Victim 1] has worked at least five days in window prostitution in Haarlem in the period that she stayed on the [avenue] in Purmerend. She didn't want to work behind the window, but under pressure of the suspect she rented a room in the red light district of Haarlem. The first time that she rented a room, the suspect advanced the rent of the room to her which was 150 euro. In Haarlem, [victim 1] had to finish off clients for fifty euro per client. The suspect, [fellow suspect 1] and/or [victim 2] brought her from the house on the [avenue] in Purmerend to Haarlem. [Victim 1] went walking with a little bag with amongst other things lingerie, condoms and lubricant. In the car, [victim 2] more or less learnt to her the profession of prostitute. [Victim 2] was ordered to do that by the suspect and also by [fellow suspect 1]. [Victim 2] told [victim 1] for example how much she had to ask and what she had to do. Everything that [victim 1] could take, she had to take. For a blowjob, fucking and positions she had to charge fifty euro extra. For fucking or giving a blowjob without condom she had to charge even more than fifty euro. [Victim 2] received money from the suspect to buy lingerie with that for [victim 1]. [Victim 1] had to work from afternoon until midnight and had approximately 5 clients a day. During work she was supervised by the suspect and [fellow suspect 1]. [Victim 1] saw them walking by often on the camera images when she was working. She also was phoned when she was working. She was controlled then. When she had finished working, the suspect and [fellow suspect 1] were already waiting for her. She had to hand over the money that she earned to the suspect. [Victim 1] had to earn a certain amount of money per day. When she earned less, the suspect slapped her.
According to [victim 2], the suspect was [victim 1]'s 'pimp' (the court understands: pimp). The suspect had no good intentions towards [victim 1], according to [victim 2]. She heard the suspect and [fellow suspect 1] talking about their intentions towards [victim 1]. The suspect was trafficking in human beings. For him it was only about money that he could earn from [victim 1]. He thought that she could earn lots of money.
Even when [victim 1] was menstruating she was forced to work by the suspect; then she was ordered by the suspect to put a scourer into her vagina so she could work. [Victim 1] cut the scourer into pieces, which she subsequently placed into her vagina. When [victim 1] came back from work once, she sat down on the couch and started to cry. The suspect then screamed: "dirty sod! Go showering! You go sitting on that couch just like that!" Once before the suspect had called her a "little cancer whore".
Aside from working in window prostitution, the suspect ordered [victim 1] to work as a call-girl. Window prostitution didn't yield enough according to the suspect. On August 14 and 15, 2009, in the house on the [avenue] in Purmerend, two advertisements have been placed on the website '' related to call-girl activities, where the advertisements were provided with a photo of [victim 1] on which she was scantily dressed. The suspect helped with placing the photo on the Internet and making up the texts for these advertisements. Texts were added to the advertisements like "horny Latina wants to pamper you in your home this evening already, interested mail!" and "wild Latina is in the mood to pamper you nicely".
The suspect has sent [victim 1] twice for call-girl activities to a client in Purmerend. [Victim 1] entered the house of the client, while the suspect was waiting for her downstairs. The client paid her 150 euro for an hour. When she was ready, she stepped into the car with the suspect and she immediately had to hand over her earned money to him already.
The suspect has threatened [victim 1] multiple times during her stay in the house on the [avenue]. For example, [victim 1] should not even think about running away. The suspect said that he knew a lot about her and that he would kill her and her family if she would run away. Aside from the suspect, also [fellow suspect 1] threatened [victim 1] when she stayed in Purmerend. Because of the threats [victim 1] was very scared and she didn't dare to walk away. She was afraid that if she reported to the police what happened, the suspect and [fellow suspect 1] would become very angry. [Victim 1] was afraid something would be done to her family, especially her younger sister. [Fellow suspect 1] was a kind of right-hand man of the suspect. [Fellow suspect 1] brought [victim 1] to the workplaces and he also had ideas about more places where she could work. He also had telephone numbers, just like the suspect.
In the house on the [avenue], [victim 1] met [fellow suspect 4]. On a certain moment [fellow suspect 4] took [victim 1] along with him from the house on the [avenue] and accommodated her in a house on the [street] in Purmerend. According to [victim 2], [fellow suspect 4] had "taken her over" from the suspect. Then a discussion ensued between [fellow suspect 4] and the suspect. Namely, the suspect wanted to have money from [fellow suspect 4] for [victim 1].
On or around September 11, 2009, the suspect and [fellow suspect 4] have been apprehended in connection with an armed burglary possibly committed by them.

Regarding fact 2
Until April 2009 [victim 2] (born on February 27, 1989) lived in The Projects in (the court understands) Zaandam. There she met [fellow suspect 1] and the suspect. Since April 2009, [victim 2] was homeless and she roamed around in Purmerend. [Fellow suspect 1] and the suspect then came with the proposal that [victim 2] could live on the [avenue] in Purmerend. Afterwards, [victim 2] heard from [fellow suspect 1] that at that time, the intention already was to put her behind the window. [Victim 2] agreed with the proposal to live with [fellow suspect 1] and/or the suspect, and has lived on the [avenue] since approximately June/July 2009 until November/December 2009.
[Victim 2] had many problems. [Fellow suspect 1] knew that. [Fellow suspect 1] also knew that [victim 2] had a borderline personality disorder.
During her stay in the house on the [avenue], [victim 2] fell in love with [fellow suspect 1]. At one moment, [fellow suspect 1] was admitted to a hospital for a period of three weeks. In that period, the suspect and [victim 2] had oral and vaginal sex. [Victim 2] already had feelings for [fellow suspect 1] then. The suspect knew that, but he didn't care about that at all. Yet, [victim 2] tried to push him away from her, but the suspect used more force. "Because the resistance only took longer and longer, it happened", says [victim 2]. [Victim 2] saw the expression of the suspect; it was scary.
When [fellow suspect 1] was back again, the suspect, in the presence of [victim 2], said to [fellow suspect 1]: "let us take that bitch, then we can make money with her".
[Fellow suspect 1] asked [victim 2] to work in prostitution. The suspect was present there. [Victim 2] testified about this conversation that judging from their faces, they assumed that she would agree with it. [Victim 2] felt as if she was pushed into a corner and she had not much to say. Later on, the suspect and [fellow suspect 2] also talked about it with [victim 2]. The suspect and [fellow suspect 2] wanted in any way, in one way or another, to see money. [Victim 2] only wanted to do it if [fellow suspect 1] was okay with it and would give his approval. She wanted [fellow suspect 1]'s attention, love and support. She felt insecure and frightened and did it because she was in love with [fellow suspect 1]. "It is not normal that I went standing behind the window, but I received love and attention", says [victim 2] in one of her testimonies to the police. In another testimony, [victim 2] says: "I said 'yes' myself, but I was under an enormous pressure. I was misled. I was in love. They knew I had no place to stay, that I have been through a lot and that I was in love. (...) I wasn't behind the window voluntarily. I felt manipulated (...)."
Especially out of fear for the suspect, [victim 2] didn't run away. [Victim 3], who also was living on the [avenue] already, saw that [victim 2] was terribly afraid of the suspect.
[Victim 2] has worked on June 21, 23 and 24, 2009, in window prostitution in Alkmaar. When she registered for a room in Alkmaar, the suspect and [fellow suspect 1] stood at a certain distance. They checked if she went in.
[Fellow suspect 1] wanted that she had as many clients as possible. She was ordered by [fellow suspect 1] to start at 19.00 hours and it was the intention that she would work until closing time at 03.00 hours. [Fellow suspect 1] had certain rules regarding kissing with clients and giving blowjobs without condom. That wasn't allowed. The suspect said to her how much she had to charge per client (35 euro for 20 minutes) and how much certain (special) positions had to cost extra. [Fellow suspect 2] and/or [fellow suspect 1] brought her, with the suspect, from and to her work in Alkmaar. In between, [fellow suspect 1] collected the money earned by her in Alkmaar. The suspect and [fellow suspect 2] wanted this to happen. Because it wasn't allowed there to receive normal visitors, [fellow suspect 1] acted as if he was a client and he took the money. [Victim 2] received text messages from [fellow suspect 1] and the suspect that she had to phone when she was ready. The suspect and [fellow suspect 1] were always in the neighbourhood and they were always together.
At first, it was the intention that [victim 2] would (also) work in Amsterdam. [Fellow suspect 1] ordered her to search for a room in Amsterdam. She was brought to Amsterdam by [fellow suspect 1] and the suspect. [Fellow suspect 1] and the suspect waited in the car or outside around the corner when she asked window-landlords in Amsterdam for little cards or telephone numbers.
At the end, [victim 2] has worked in prostitution for not more than three days. After this, she stopped with working in prostitution, because she became infected with chlamydia via a client and she couldn't work anymore, and because [fellow suspect 1] (also) started to get feelings for her and she wasn't forced to work by him anymore. The suspect didn't agree with this. He wanted to see money.
The suspect said to [victim 2]: "arrange a couple of bitches, then we can make good money." The suspect wanted [victim 2] to get to know other girls and bring them with her, so he and [fellow suspect 1] could do the same with these girls like they did with [victim 1]. [Fellow suspect 1] testified about this that when [victim 1] came living on the [avenue], [victim 1] belonged to the suspect and [victim 2] belonged to [fellow suspect 1]. The suspect was the task of [victim 1] and [fellow suspect 1] the task of [victim 2].
According to [victim 3], [fellow suspect 1] and the suspect were like 'Chip and Dale' and 'Bonnie and Clyde'. They supported each other in everything and were like two hands on one belly.

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A pooierboy from Purmerend


This LJN file from is about one of the 'pooierboys' from Purmerend. They seem to be from Surinam, at least the suspect in this LJN file is. This verdict has the LJN number: BR2862. Here's the link:

From here on, some translated bits:

Regarding fact 1
In December 2007 the suspect got to know [victim 3] via the website 'Partypeeps'. They maintained contact via MSN and by telephone. She had many problems and she talked about it with the suspect. She then was 18 years old. In February 2009 they entered into a sexual relationship. At that moment she still had a relationship with one [ex-boyfriend of victim 3] with whom she lived together in the house of his mother. The contact with her own mother was very bad at that moment and between [victim 3] and [ex-boyfriend of victim 3] and between [ex-boyfriend of victim 3] and his mother things weren't going very well either. The stress between [victim 3] and [ex-boyfriend of victim 3], and the problems between [victim 3] and her mother, and between [ex-boyfriend of victim 3] and his mother, became too much for her. She didn't want to live with [ex-boyfriend of victim 3] and his mother anymore, but she didn't have a home herself. Around June or July 2009, she moved in into the house of the suspect in the [avenue] in Purmerend, where she has lived until October 19, 2009. In this house were also living: [fellow suspect 2], [fellow suspect 1] and [victim 2]. In August 2009 also [victim 1] came to live in that house. During her residence in the house in the [avenue] in Purmerend, [victim 3] discovered that the suspect lied about his personal circumstances. He had told her that he was 26 years old, but he turned out to be 34 years old. He also concealed that he had a wife, with whom he had two children. [Victim 3] was in love with the suspect in the meantime, and they entered into a relationship together.
[Victim 3] had no work when she started to live in the suspect's house. She was home whole day. In the beginning, she also wasn't allowed to go outside by the suspect. [Victim 2] was ordered by the suspect to constantly keep an eye on [victim 3].
The suspect found that [victim 3] had to do something. Furthermore, [victim 3] needed money herself. The suspect came with the idea that she could work in prostitution. He told that in the past he also had girls standing behind the glass. The suspect strongly urged [victim 3] to work in prostitution. She was in love with the suspect and he said that he wouldn't find her a lesser person if she would do that work. [Victim 3] did have no contact with her mother at that moment. The suspect was the only one she had, her only support. At first the suspect still consulted with [victim 3], but later on he said: "if you don't do it, you will see what will happen then". The suspect said this in such a way that it made a very threatening impression on [victim 3].
[Victim 3] ultimately has worked, because the suspect had pushed her while she wasn't 100% behind it, for three days in Alkmaar, including on June the 23th and 24th, 2009, and one day in the Hague in window prostitution. The suspect has brought her to Alkmaar and the Hague and also picked her up there again. The suspect explained to her how it worked and what she had to do. The suspect decided when she worked and how long. She had to work starting from 17.00 hours and the suspect wanted that she stopped after 01.00 hours. The suspect had rules: [victim 3] wasn't allowed to do it without condom and she wasn't allowed to kiss people. [Victim 3] had to phone the suspect when she had a client and also when the client left again. The suspect wanted to be constantly informed about what she did. When [victim 3] worked, the suspect phoned the whole time. [Victim 3] names as an example the incident when there was a client who only wanted to talk and paid €250 for that. The suspect kept on phoning, after which [victim 3] hung up the phone. Then the suspect visited [victim 3], he posed as a client and became totally angry.
The suspect forced [victim 3] to hand over the money that she earned in prostitution to him. All the money that she has earned, was received by the suspect from her. [Victim 3] has seen nothing back of it.

Regarding fact 2
[victim 3] has lived with the suspect among other people - in the period starting from July 2009 until October 2009 - in the house of the suspect in the [avenue] in Purmerend. Starting from October 22, 2009 until January 19, 2010, she has lived in a blijf-van-mijn-lijfhuis in Leeuwarden. In the month of January 2010, she went to live in Amstelveen. In the month of February 2010, she got into contact with the suspect again. Starting from May 10, 2010 until October 21, 2010, [victim 3] and the suspect lived together on the address [address] in Purmerend. During the period that [victim 3] and the suspect lived together, they had a relationship with each other.
During his relationship with [victim 3], the suspect was aggressive towards her in words and deeds. He has slapped [victim 3] multiple times with the flat of his hands in her face. The suspect slapped with his right hand as well as his left hand, but on his right hand the suspect has three big rings, which caused it to be painful. The suspect hit with everything that he got into his hands. He hit her with a slipper, the handle of a knife, a stucco spatula and a frying pan. He hit her on her head and/or on her body.
In August 2009, the suspect stabbed [victim 3] with a kitchen knife. That was the first time that she saw the violent side of the suspect. The suspect then attacked her and beat her. The suspect also was angry sometimes in a human way, but this time it was as if she was a piece of chicken. She was very afraid then, and she urinated in her pants out of fear.
[Victim 2] has often seen that the suspect behaved aggressively regarding [victim 3], in the period that she lived in the [avenue] in Purmerend. In that period she has often seen injuries on the body of [victim 3].
Shortly before October 19, 2009 the suspect has bitten [victim 3] in her right upper arm while they were in the car. The tooth imprints of three teeth are still visible in the upper arm of [victim 3].
On the address [address] in Purmerend, the suspect cut into the fingers of [victim 3] with a chopping-knife. Everywhere in the house there was blood and as a result of her wounds [victim 3] lost consciousness in the shower. The scars of the incident are still visible on the fingers of both hands. The suspect has also hit [victim 3] with a broom on her body, her arm and against her ribs, in the period that she lived in the house on the [address] in Purmerend. She has walked around for weeks with muscular pain and she had trouble with her jaw.

Regarding the facts 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7
[victim 4] (born on [date of birth]) got to know the suspect via a girlfriend when she was 15 years old. The suspect was 26 years old at that moment [comment from me Donkey: that must have been around 2001]. Later on the girlfriend of [victim 4] was murdered. For [victim 4] this was a big drama, and the event has scarred her in all respects. [Victim 4], who already had problems at home - she was a problem child, her parents had a lot of quarrels and she had lots of quarrels with her sister, she stopped with school and with listening. She mixed a lot with her best girlfriend and contemporary [victim 5] (born on [date of birth]), who also had problems at home. [Victim 5]'s parents were divorced. Her mother experienced lots of grief and mental problems because of that. No account was taken of the feelings of [victim 5] regarding the divorce. Because of that, [victim 5] moved more and more towards [victim 4] and clamped herself to her.
After the death of her girlfriend, [victim 4] regularly encountered the suspect in the nightlife. She fell in love with him. The suspect knew that [victim 4] was in love with him. He also knew that she was 15 years old and that she had problems at home. They got tightly-knit contact and regularly had vaginal sex, also when [victim 4] was still 15 years old. The suspect at that moment also had a relationship with another woman, the mother of his children. The suspect only later fell in love with [victim 4].
In the beginning, the suspect was nice and friendly towards [victim 4] and [victim 5], but later the suspect became dominant and controlling. The aggression got the upper hand.
[Victim 4] was 15 years old when she received her first blow from the suspect. The suspect gave a hit with the outside of his hand against her mouth. Around his fingers he had metallic golden rings. The blow became very hard because of that. In this case there was no injury.
The maltreatments occurred more and more often. The suspect always thought that [victim 4] had an affair, the reason why [victim 4] wasn't allowed to have contact with other men. The suspect checked if [victim 4] was home. The suspect maltreated [victim 4] when he couldn't control her. [Victim 5] has been a witness of many maltreatments of [victim 4] by the suspect.
When the suspect beat [victim 4], it was often on the back of her head. The suspect has also beaten [victim 4] with several objects. In the [street 2] in (the court understands) Purmerend the suspect broke a plate on the head of [victim 4], which caused her ear to bleed heavily, and it hurt a lot. The scar above her right ear is still visible. When [victim 4] was working in window prostitution in Amsterdam the suspect has beaten her in her room with a full can of soda against her leg and against her head. When the suspect stopped beating, she had bumps on her head and a big blue bruise on her leg. [Victim 4] was also very dizzy and she had a headache.
[Victim 5] was also beaten by the suspect. She was 15 or 16 years old when she was beaten for the first time by the suspect. The reason for the maltreatments was always something small. For example, the suspect wanted to know where [victim 4] had been when he first hit [victim 5]. The suspect hit [victim 5] with the flat of his hand on her cheek. [Victim 5] became very scared and walked backwards. The suspect approached her and gave her another few hits. An extravasation in her neck was the result. The suspect has maltreated [victim 5] between her 15th and 18th year of her life, between 5 and 10 times. Aside from hitting with the flat of his hand, he also hit her with a knife on her upper leg.
At one moment the suspect told [victim 4] and [victim 5] that he knew somebody who wanted paid sex with one of them. The client supposedly didn't know with whom of the two of them he wanted to have sex with. [Victim 4] told the suspect that she didn't want to go with them, after which the suspect gave her a so-called low kick against her lower leg. [Victim 4] fell down and she cried. [Victim 5] kept silent. She didn't dare to run away, and she was in panic. The suspect grabbed [victim 4] by her neck, and together with her and [victim 5] he walked to the house of [witness 2] in Purmerend. In the house of [witness 2] a man was present named '[man]'. [Man] chose [victim 5]. [Victim 5] didn't know if she did want it, but the suspect said something like: "you have to go" or "now go then". Then [victim 5] had sex with [man] in the bedroom of the house of [witness 2]. [Man] gave the fee for the sex with [victim 5] to the suspect. It was approximately €170 or €200. [Victim 5] was approximately 16 or had just become 17 years old then.
Within half a year, the suspect told [victim 5] that [man] wanted to see her and that an appointment had been made again. The suspect has brought [victim 5] to the house of [man] in Amsterdam. [Victim 4] was also present. [Victim 5] again had sex with [man] there. [Victim 5] has seen that [man] handed over money to the suspect. In total, [victim 5] has been between 5 and 10 times at [man]'s place to have sex for money. This concerned vaginal and anal sex. The appointments were arranged by the suspect and he always received the payment of [man]. Afterwards, the suspect gave [victim 5] a part of the proceeds. That money was also for [victim 4] and concerned approximately half of the money paid by [man].
When [victim 4] and [victim 5] had reached the age of 18 years, the suspect proposed that both should work in prostitution. The suspect impressed upon them that - when they had worked for a while - they could open an own business in the future with the saved money, namely a bar. [Victim 5] was scared and experienced the proposal of the suspect as pressure. She didn't want to work in window prostitution. She told the suspect that she didn't know if she really wanted it. The suspect talked her into it. He talked about the money, about the fact that they had no diplomas and the possibility of starting an own business after a while. It wasn't actually a question, but an order, according to [victim 5].
[Victim 4] and [victim 5] had just become 18 years old when they started working in window prostitution in Amsterdam together [comment from me Donkey: that must have been around 2004]. The first evening, [victim 4] was brought by the suspect and one "[man 2]" to the centre of Amsterdam, where she met [victim 5]. [Victim 4] had a difficult time the first day. She didn't want to. The suspect entered her room to ask how things were going. [Victim 4] told the suspect that she couldn't do it. She started to cry. [Victim 5] saw how the suspect pulled her by her arm towards a room. The suspect started to beat and to kick her. [Victim 5] heard [victim 4] shout "ouch". The suspect pulled [victim 4]'s hair and dragged her over the ground. He shouted: "you go!" and "you just stay here, you must do it". He said this with an imposing and compelling voice. [Victim 4] subsequently stood behind the window again. [Victim 4] and [victim 5] were scared. [Victim 4] told [victim 5] that she had to work. [Victim 5] didn't dare to run away.
The suspect had telephone numbers of the window landlord at his disposal. The suspect had knowledge of window letting. The rooms rented by [victim 4] and [victim 5] were located next to each other. The suspect lent them the money for the rent of the window. The suspect wanted the window rent that was advanced by him to be paid back to him and that he would get half of the earnings. The suspect lived off the money earned by [victim 4] and [victim 5]. The suspect told how much [victim 4] and [victim 5] had to charge per client, per quarter of an hour, for a blow job and fucking, how much they had to charge extra when a client stayed longer and how much they had to charge for an extra position. [Victim 4] wasn't allowed to receive black men/negroes as a client. In the beginning he stayed in the neighbourhood. The suspect was in the cafe immediately opposite the window of [victim 4], and he kept an eye on her. The suspect exerted supervision. He could suddenly stand in front of the window. He phoned a lot, each evening. He then asked how things were going and how much she had earned already. In the beginning the suspect collected money from [victim 4]. That was an amount of 50 euros. The suspect brought [victim 4] and [victim 5] almost daily to their work and also picked them up.
[Victim 4] and [victim 5] mostly worked six days a week in prostitution. [Victim 5] and [victim 4] couldn't take some time off just like that. They had to discuss that with the suspect, this way it was imprinted into them. Enough money came in. The first evening [victim 4] and [victim 5] each earned between 500 and 1000 euros. [Victim 4] earned on average 800 euros per evening.
At one moment, [victim 4] and [victim 5] went to live together in a house on the [street 2] in Purmerend. The suspect quickly moved in with them. Later on [victim 4], [victim 5] and the suspect also lived in three other houses.
The suspect wanted [victim 4] to have tattoos placed on her. It was his idea. [Victim 4] had the letter 'E' of [first name of victim 4] and the letter 'R' of [first name of the suspect] placed on her right hand. The tattoo was a sort of mark, a sort of proof of ownership that she belonged to the suspect.
The suspect could go berserk. If something wasn't to his liking, then he always said "now you have to watch out because I see black before my eyes". He often gave beatings. The suspect also once took a knife and threatened to cut off the hair of [victim 4] and [victim 5].
[Victim 4] has worked for the suspect in prostitution until about June 2006; [victim 5] until the age of 20 [comment from me Donkey: that must have been around 2006].


The acts of the suspect have left deep marks on the victims. [Victim 4] as well as [victim 5] and [victim 3] have testified which consequences they experienced from this and still experience. They have all suffered physical pain and still experience physical and emotional damage, they developed a low self-image and don't have (full) trust in other persons. [Victim 5] has cut herself in her face; "worse than this it couldn't get anymore". [Victim 3] doesn't dare to enter into a relationship out of fear to enter a similar situation. The marks that the acts of the suspect left on [victim 4], were expressed as follows during this session of the court:
Now I stand here, 26 years old. Having experienced enough of the rotten side of life like a person aged 100, but experienced too little of the normal life for somebody aged 26. I belong home nowhere. No school, no education, no work experience, no money, no self-confidence, no self-esteem. I'm not capable of building up a normal relationship with a man.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A forced prostitute from Yugoslavia


When I read through all these LJN files about forced prostitution on, it strikes me that by far most verdicts related to forced prostitution are about window prostitution. That's also what I find when I analyse all media stories about forced prostitution. This however is not what is found by Comensha (look on They register all human trafficking cases in the Netherlands that are reported to them. They do find relatively many cases of forced prostitution other than in window prostitution. Even in the clubs and the so-called "privéhuizen".

In the Netherlands we mean by a club: a brothel with a bar where the clients and the prostitutes can meet and drink alcohol, then the clients can choose a woman while chatting and drinking with them, and then they go to a separate room where they have sex. A "privéhuis" is a sex club without a bar, clients are directly introduced to the prostitutes in a separate room, the clients have to choose a prostitute and then go to a room where they have sex. I haven't seen an English word with the same meaning as "privéhuis". I think massage parlour would be an appropriate expression, but in Dutch that means something different. In Dutch a massage parlour is a brothel where no intercourse takes place.

When you look at the verdicts on, forced prostitution cases are often related to window prostitution. Sometimes this is related to clubs. But often this is the case because pimps who operate in window prostitution areas sometimes put their women in clubs. The gang of Saban B also did that, although they mainly put their women in window brothels. There rarely are any mentions of forced prostitution in "privéhuizen" on And this is not because there are few of these type of brothels in the Netherlands, there are quite many of them. The question is, if there really is rarely any human trafficking in privéhuizen. Then the answer is simple: only go to these types of brothels. But I won't put my money on it.

I will write something about such a case on where a woman was forced to work in a privéhuis. This case has the LJN number: BL6374. You can find the link here:

I find this case very convincing. However, after appeal the perpetrator is totally acquitted! (it has the LJN-number BR1678) No explanation is given in the verdict why he is acquitted. Perhaps there were some errors in the procedures. You can read the appeal here:

Hereafter are some translated parts of BL6374 (which I made a bit more readable):

In September 2005 the victim got to know the suspect during a Yugoslavian party in Rotterdam. They exchanged telephone numbers and since then they maintained contact by telephone. She then visited the suspect during the weekends in the place where he lived. In the third weekend after their first meeting they decided to live together. He wanted to buy a house, but because he had a debt of €13,000 he couldn't get a mortgage. During that period he alternately worked as a welder or he was on sick leave. She then proposed to him that they could only get out of debt by making money with drugs or prostitution. He said that he wanted nothing to do with drugs, but he didn't resist her proposal to work in prostitution. She read an advertisement in the paper of club [X] in Mol in Belgium and she went looking there, after which she decided to work in that club as a prostitute (they probably mean the sex club: "Ritz-clubbing").
At the end of September 2005 she went working in [X]. She has worked there for nine months. The suspect phoned her all day. He always asked how much she had earned and he forced her to phone and to send text messages at the moment she went upstairs with a client. This way he knew how many clients she had. This way he controlled her. She also had to write down what she had earned. After she had given him the money, he counted it again and compared it with the amounts she wrote down on paper. Once, after she hid €1500 in the pocket of her trousers, he found it, after which she was maltreated by him. After a couple of months he started to maltreat and humiliate her. He hit her everywhere on her body. He also kicked with his feet against her legs, belly, back, head and face. He always complained that there was too little money and that the mortgage had to be paid. This way he put pressure on her to work again as a prostitute. He showed her advertisements of clubs in which girls were asked for prostitution.
Witness [B] got to know her at the end of September 2005, when she worked as a prostitute in the [X] in Mol in Belgium. At first he was a client of hers. After this, he kept on meeting her. He saw approximately 6 times that she had bruises on her body. These bruises were on her legs, arms and buttocks. Witness [B] has visited her for approximately 5 months in the [X]. When he saw her, a phone call or text message came every quarter of an hour. The mood then turned bad, she became scared. He concluded that it had to do something with the text messages.
Witness [C] went to the Netherlands in February 2006, at the request of the suspect. After the suspect bought a house, [C] came to live in the house of the suspect and the victim. [C] has witnessed a couple of maltreatments of the victim by the suspect. The suspect maltreated her whenever it suited him. The victim was beaten, kicked, and pulled by the hair and was kicked against the wall. Witness [C] has often seen injuries on the body of the victim, like bruises on her head, bare spots on her head because her hair was pulled out, and swollen lips.
Within a period of four months, witness [C] has lived in the house of the suspect and the victim for approximately two and a half months. In June 2006, he went back to Yugoslavia. [C] has testified to the police that at the request of the suspect he had to remove a little bag with money under the mattress in the bedroom. He has done that and he saw within the bag a big pile of banknotes of €500 and €100. The suspect was often flaunting with piles of money. The suspect told about the money that it was earned by his little woman. He meant the victim by that.
According to the victim, the suspect has tried to bring her to death on March 8 in the year that witness [C] was staying in their house.
That day it was Women's Day in Yugoslavia. She received a text message from a female friend from Yugoslavia. At that moment she was in the living room. The suspect snatched her telephone away from her and read the text message. He became angry. She walked to the kitchen and at the moment she walked towards the living room she felt that the suspect beat her very hard. Because of the blow she fell on the floor. Right after this, she felt that the suspect kicked very hard with his feet on her back. He then grabbed her by the hands and then tried to pull her hands away from each other. She then felt that the suspect pushed a wad in her mouth. She couldn't breathe anymore. It became black before her eyes and she got unconscious. Witness [C] confirms this event and testifies to the examining judge that on March 8, 2006, he knew that there was something going on between the victim and the suspect. On that day he was in their home and was in the living room at the moment when he heard screams coming from the bedroom. He saw that the victim ran towards him and that the suspect was chasing her and that he started to hit her in the face with his fists. Witness [C] demanded from the suspect to stop, but the suspect didn't stop. At one moment she fell on the floor as a result of the beating and kicking. The suspect tried to suffocate the victim. The suspect then took a tea-towel, then sat down with his knee on her chest and pushed the towel in her mouth. Witness [C] saw that she started to suffocate and started to pull with her legs because she couldn't get air anymore. The witness then grabbed the suspect and pushed him away and removed the towel from her mouth. She then was unconscious and appeared blue. Before that day, there were quarrels between the suspect and the victim.
Witness [C] saw that the suspect was looking for addresses of nightclubs on the Internet; for places where she could work. Witness [C] accompanied the victim and the suspect when they visited brothels in the neighbourhood of Antwerpen. After he asked the suspect if she was involved in prostitution, the suspect answered that she was involved in that, and that she worked for the suspect. There were lots of quarrels about money. When she didn't bring enough money, there were quarrels. Every time when she came home she gave money to the suspect. Witness [C] saw that at least 10 times. A couple of times he has seen that the suspect inspected the bags and shoes of the victim, while she was showering. The suspect sometimes said to the victim when she gave money to him that she didn't make many hours.
Witness [C] testifies to the police that there were periods that the victim was away for two or three days in a row to work in sex clubs where she also spent the night. During those days the suspect supervised her by constantly phoning her. After she handed over the earned money to him, witness [C] saw that the suspect counted the money.
Witness [D] testifies to the examining judge that at the end of December 2005, she was in Yugoslavia and that she saw the victim there together with the suspect. The suspect had a separate suitcase with presents for everybody in the family, for example a white fur coat for [E], the sister of the victim. The suspect said very clearly that he bought this all.
Witness [E] testifies to the examining judge that in May 2006 she came to the Netherlands to spend some time with her sister, the victim. For approximately 2 weeks, she resided in the house of the victim who was then living with the suspect. After a couple of days, she witnessed a quarrel between the suspect and her sister. While in anger the suspect said to witness [E]: "did you know that your sister is a whore and works as a prostitute". She saw that the suspect beat her sister and pulled her by the hair. He kicked her and said she was a whore. He pulled out the hair extensions of the victim. Then he threw her on the floor and he kicked her. Next, witness [E] and the suspect brought the victim to the hospital.
The victim testifies to the police that after she worked in [X] in Belgium, she has worked in "[X2]" near Nijmegen, "[X3]" in Eindhoven, "[X4]" in Eindhoven, [X5] in Dordrecht, [X6] in Zundert and [X7] in Rotterdam, and that also in these places she was under the control of the suspect. Everybody in those clubs noticed that, because of the constant telephone calls of the suspect. She had to hand over all the money that she earned there to the suspect. She declared to the examining judge that she has worked for approximately 2 months in a privéhuis called "[X8]" and that she worked in "[X7]" in Rotterdam when the suspect was in prison. That was in 2007. From September 2005 until February 2008, she has worked in prostitution without interruption.
Witness [F] got to know the victim in sex club [X7] in Rotterdam.
They worked together there as a prostitute. In that club she noticed that the victim was phoned all day on her mobile phone. Sometimes 20 times within an hour. She saw that the victim was really nervous and that she started to panic when the phone rang once again. At a certain moment the victim got warnings from the proprietor of the club that she wasn't allowed to be phoned anymore on her mobile phone. This supposedly wasn't good for the other girls in the club and the clients. They also saw that she started to panic and often started to cry when the telephone rang. Witness [F] still remembers that the victim was totally in panic when she didn't earn so much one time.
The owner of sex club [X7] in Rotterdam named [owner] confirmed to the police that he addressed the victim about the fact that she was phoned all day on her mobile phone by her boyfriend. Also the female manager of that same sex club has testified to the police that the victim was phoned all day by her boyfriend. She saw that the victim reacted very nervously when she was phoned.
Witness [owner2] is the owner of the sex business "[X8]" established in Rotterdam.
He testifies on July 8, 2009, that the victim has worked for approximately one and a half week in his privéhuis. That was approximately two and a half years ago. He has seen the boyfriend of the victim two times at his privéhuis. He noticed that there were continuous phone calls on her mobile phone; every 15 or 30 minutes. He heard that a foreign language was spoken. He understood that it was the boyfriend of the victim. He saw that the victim was agitated regularly, because her boyfriend phoned.
Witness [owner3] is the owner of the private club "[X3]", established in Eindhoven. In May 2007, a Yugoslavian girl came working in that club.
On a certain moment, he heard from the other girls who worked there, that the victim was phoned the whole day long by her guy. According to the girls, that guy phoned to the victim to get information from her about how many clients she has had, and how much she has earned. When [owner3] heard this, he asked the victim what was going on. The victim confirmed to [owner3], that her boyfriend asked about the money she earned. [Owner3] then told the victim about the idea to keep money behind. She then gave [owner3] money that he saved for her and that she brought home in the weekend to her house. Before the victim came to work there, she has worked in club [X4].
On February 13, 2008, a female manager of sex club [X9] in the Hague phoned to the police with the message that the victim worked in this club as a prostitute and that she possibly was a victim of human trafficking.

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I want to tell something about the Turkish pimp Youssef O also known as Nino. You can read about him on if you search on LJN-number BT6850 or BK7604. Youssef O is part of a gang of pimps that was investigated under the case name: Judo. Here are the links:

I want to tell about him because even I am shocked when I read this. Normally when I read all those human trafficking files I don't feel anything, perhaps because my nerve endings are overstimulated. But perhaps within that cold block of ice there is warm little heart beating, which is always good. Perhaps I'm a good person after all, perhaps I do have a conscience. By the way, there is another such evil pimp also known as Monti, who was an associate of Saban B. Reading about him also made me cringe, but I will tell about him later. But now I will tell about Youssef.

Many women were victim of Youssef. Like in many human trafficking cases it cannot be proven for many women in this particular case that they were actually victim of this pimp. Often there only is the testimony of the particular woman which cannot be backed up by other evidence. So the evidence is dismissed. Some women denied that they are forced by him. In this case it can't be proven for seven women that they were forced. I give one example from this case. The life of one woman is characterised by abuse and maltreatment by many men, like her stepfather and multiple pimps who bought and sold her amongst each other. She testified that at one moment she belonged to the suspect and that he forced her to work as a prostitute, and that he took her earned money from her. Unfortunately, there is no other evidence to back her claim up. The only other evidence is that she worked for the suspect as a prostitute and that he gave her a black eye. That apparently is not forbidden, or they forgot to accuse him of that. So he is acquitted of that accusation.

There are two LJN files. One file is the appeal. The names of the persons have been replaced in the verdicts by initials (many women have Dutch names, so you get names like Marieke van Beveren which become M van B) or the word 'name' followed by a number, [name + number]. Some mistakes have been made, often name 6 is called name 7 by mistake. Name 6 seems to be the same person as A van D (because of both persons the ulna in the arm was broken with a baseball bat, so I assume they are the same person), so I will call name 6 by the initials A van D. Often it is not clear which person in one LJN file is which person in the other LJN file. When I talk about the persons I prefer the initials, else I will use the [name + number]. In many cases the suspect was acquitted of facts after the appeal.

Of the victim called J van O it can be proven that she was forced. The two LJN files tell a slightly different story. Now the first story. Around the time she became 18 years old she entered into a relationship with the suspect and she went to live with him. Shortly after this, he proposed to her that she could work in prostitution, so that they can build up a future together. Because she was so in love with him, she did it. Starting from the spring of 1998 she has worked in prostitution for approximately 3 years, during which the suspect was her pimp. He collected the money earned by her and kept it. After approximately 9 months she actually wanted to stop working as a prostitute, but the suspect didn't allow that. The relationship between them became bad, after which the suspect maltreated her multiple times and sometimes put a gun against her head. A number of times she fled, but again and again he was able to find her back and she had to continue working in prostitution. She had to work a lot and earn a lot of money. After she tried to flee with another prostitute called G, he took her back with a lot of violence, she was beaten throughout the whole room and she wasn't allowed to go outside anymore. During another attempt to flee she went to her mother. The mother said to the suspect that her daughter wouldn't work for him anymore. The suspect didn't accept that and he threatened J van O as well as her mother, after which both fled to the Blijf van mijn Lijf Huis in Haarlem. Her mother declared that her daughter was mentally broken, she was like a girl aged four. She told her mother that she had to hand over all her money to the suspect. Her mother says that her daughter fled many times from the suspect. Every time that this happened he threatened her daughter and other family members with death, so that her daughter would go back to him.
Now the second story. J van O was born in 1980 and she testified that at the age of 17 she entered into a relationship with the suspect. She worked in a pub at that time. He kept on visiting her, gave a lot of attention to her and eventually she fell for him. He obliged her to stop working in the pub. The suspect also said to her that she wasn't allowed to have contact with her family anymore because they did nothing for her anyway. She then could live in his home. He always stayed with her so that she couldn't go to old friends. After their relationship had lasted three months, she came to live with the suspect in an apartment with prostitutes who were supposed to be working for the suspect and another person. Later the suspect proposed to her to get rid of them and that she could work in prostitution for him to build up a future together. She felt very special because he wanted to get rid of the girls especially for her. He told her he was in debt. When she became 18 years old, he told that they could live a good life together by which he meant that she could work in prostitution. That was repeated again and again in conversations. Working in prostitution would be for their common future with a big luxurious house in Morocco where they would live together. She became convinced by him. Within a month after she became 18 years old she started working in prostitution.
The first time that she worked on the Wallen in Amsterdam the suspect brought condoms, lingerie, lubricant and bedsheets and paid for that. He brought her with his car. They practised together how to ask for money in a sort of play. During her work he stayed in the neighbourhood. He was with her 24 hours a day. With the car in front of the door or on the opposite side of the street. When she didn't want to let certain people in he came to protect her.
She phoned to the suspect after she had earned between 500 and 1000 guilders, after which he picked her up. He and she bought clothes of this. After this, it turned out that he had arrears in payments and the money went to his family, medical expenses and several cars.
More or less in the middle of the period that she worked behind the window, she said to him that she didn't want to work in prostitution anymore. Then she was put into the car by him and she was beaten up.
Around Christmas of the second year in prostitution, she resisted. On the highway, the suspect had the idea that if she wouldn't go to work, he would kill her. He would drive her to a lake, then kill her and throw her into the lake. After this, he indeed drove to the lake. He told there that he would phone his mother to say that he was sorry that he was going to kill J van O. He then stepped out of the car and then she locked the doors. He then put a gun against the window. While becoming very frightened, she then had to open the door again. A conversation followed that they needed money and that she had to say sorry because she didn't listen.
At another occasion the suspect showed her that there were bullets in the gun, he removed the magazine and clicked. On the bed he has held the gun against her temple for a while.
During menstruation she had to keep on working. He said to her that she had to do it with a sponge that she had to bring inside and he explained to her how it worked. He also gave her pills to lose weight with some sort of speed in it. She had to take those pills, because when she didn't do her best to work she was beaten up again. She had to earn between 1000 and 1500 guilders per day. In the weekend she sometimes made 3000 guilders per day and then worked without a break.
Starting from approximately 2001, J van O mentally collapsed, and then he didn't force her to work behind the windows anymore, but she had to serve rich clients as a call-girl. That wasn't full-time anymore. At the end in 2003 he allowed her to stop definitely with working in prostitution.
The grandmother of J van O said that her granddaughter told her she worked in prostitution. It struck her that her granddaughter never had money. Every time her granddaughter was gone, the suspect phoned her angrily and said to her that she should take care that her granddaughter would come back, and if she wouldn't do that, he would do something bad. That's why she became very frightened of him. An example of a threat is that he would take her or her great-granddaughter into hostage. It was five or six times that he phoned this way. She was also phoned once by a girlfriend of her granddaughter called G, who told her that the suspect had beaten her granddaughter badly and had also taken her with him. She then asked G why the suspect had searched for her granddaughter and taken her with him. G answered that it was because he forced her granddaughter to work in prostitution in Amsterdam. Her granddaughter also admitted that later to her. The grandmother also said that her granddaughter had a tattoo with the name of the suspect and that she later changed that tattoo. She said that she placed that tattoo on her left arm in the period that she had worked six months behind the windows. It made clear that others should stay away from her.
A prostitute called W Z said that she knew J van O and the suspect. She worked in prostitution in the period 1999 until 2003. She saw them daily. She said that they had a relationship with each other. She said that J van O worked the whole night and that the suspect was always with her. She tells that J van O and another girl (A van D) handed over their money to the suspect. That was the standard situation and he was known for that. She said he didn't work but did have expensive cars.

The suspect also had a relationship with a Romanian woman called M C. She tells that she has worked for him for two and a half years. She came to the Netherlands at the age of 20. Before she met the suspect she didn't work in prostitution. He proposed to her that she could work in prostitution and said that she could make a lot of money in prostitution. She began working in prostitution in October or November 2004 in the Spuistraat in Amsterdam. Around Christmas 2004 she had to work on the Wallen because he said that she could make more money there.
In December 2004 she started to hand over her earned money to him. In the beginning he said that he wanted to lend the money from her and that he would pay it back. After this, he asked her to give the money to him and that he would save it. He often came in her room to ask how work was going and sick or not, she had to keep on working. On the advice of the suspect she lived in a house that he rented on his name in the Hague. He didn't live there himself during that period. For two years she worked seven days a week and she only had one day off every three months. During a bad week she earned between 4000 and 5000 euros per week and during the summer between 7000 and 8000 euros per week. The rent of the room which she paid herself is already deducted from that. He never returned the money to her. When she asked him to give the money back he said there was something wrong with the bank account, or something. She then decided that she could better go to her country of origin and leave the money behind, because she was afraid of him. She ended the relationship in April 2007.
When in 2007 she entered into a relationship with another man, she wanted to leave the suspect. While they drove in a car on the highway to the Hague he held a gun against her head. He threatened to her that if she wouldn't leave her boyfriend he would call negroes to shoot down the boyfriend. Furthermore, the suspect threatened her with SMSes or by telephone that he would catch her and would destroy her life and would murder her new boyfriend. After her departure to Romania he also phoned to her family in Romania.
During one inspection in her workroom the vice police noticed a tattoo on her body with the name of the suspect. She declared that she had a tattoo on her lower back, that this wasn't done voluntarily and that the suspect was present when she placed it there. Furthermore, police agents noticed that the suspect often walked around on the Wallen.
On June 21, 2007, she said to people of the police in the office of the company which rents out rooms that she wanted to report the suspect to the police because she was forced to work in prostitution. She said that from January 2005 until April 2007 he was her pimp whom she gave all the money she earned, between 4000 and 8000 euros per week.
It can be derived from telephone conversations between her and the suspect that in the period between February 22, 2006 until April 13, 2006, the suspect had almost daily contact with her via telephone. In a conversation on March 17, 2006 and also on March 26, 2006, the suspect said to her that he wanted to go with her to Spain. That she has to save money and then buy a house in Spain with a swimming pool and have children together. She also has to do what the suspect says.
When the relationship just started he said: "I want to have a serious relationship with you". She was alone and had no friends. She was in love with him. He abused that situation. He said: "we are going to save money together". He came every two or three days and she gave him the money that she earned in those days. He said: "when we are going to live together, then you only have to work for two or three years. Then you will stop and we will marry and make children." He had all the money and she had to ask for it when she needed money. In those years that she has worked for him she has earned a lot. She has spent little herself and made some transfers to Romania, but that was very little. At her request, the suspect transferred between 4000 and 6000 euros to her when she was already in Romania.
The suspect declares that he had an on-and-off relationship with M C, when he already had a relationship with A van D. She, M C, ordered him to put money on his account, because she wanted to hide the money from the tax department. He says that he put a lot of her money on his bank account.
A witness called S declared that in 2005 and some years after that, she was working as a prostitute in the passage (La Vie en Rose) on the Wallen in Amsterdam. Also M C worked there as a prostitute, in a room next to her and sometimes opposite to her. She recognises the suspect from a picture as the boyfriend of M C and she declares that everybody is afraid of him. She declared that M C really worked a lot and also earned a lot. She worked two or three years without vacation, seven days a week from 20.00 until 04.00 hours and she was always there, also on holidays, and she earned at least €1000 a day. She also worked when she was menstruating. She believes that M C was the one who earned the most money and she called her the number one of the red light district. M C told S that she was in love with the suspect and that she wanted to continue with him and have a baby with him. Every summer she said that she was going to stop working again, but she kept on working. Every time she told S that the suspect wanted to save some money for only a short while longer. According to S, it was generally known that M C gave her money to the suspect, and she has also seen that he brought her to work and she saw them together in the parking garage of the Bijenkorf.
A witness called D said that she knew M C as the ex of the suspect, but she never met her personally. When she, D, lived at the suspect's place she experienced herself that the suspect went looking for M C in Vinkeveen. She heard that he told this to A van D. She later heard that the suspect never found M C again. At the moment M C was gone, A van D had to work in prostitution again. D has experienced that herself, because she lived there at that time.
The bank accounts of the suspect have been inspected. In the period between January 1, 2005 until April 1, 2007, large amounts of money have been deposited on that account. That's the same period when M C worked for him. The total amount of money deposited is €237,000.

The suspect was convicted of forcing another woman into prostitution, but after appeal he seems to have been acquitted of that. This girl is called [name 5] in the file. On July 13, 2004 during an inspection on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal [name 3] and [name 5] were encountered. They each rented a room in the same building and testified that they lived together. They each testify about an encounter with each other after they were placed in a house by the suspect and they remember about an incident with hot tea that [name 3] threw over [name 5] after which the suspect maltreated [name 3]. They also confirmed that they worked in prostitution next to each other. They both worked in prostitution for the suspect in the summer of 2004. [Name 5] already worked in prostitution in Amsterdam when the suspect said that he could help her. He called himself Nino. In the summer in 2004 the suspect took [name 5] in a car to a hotel in the Hague. He then let her take another sim-card and then told her that she could work in the Hague in prostitution. There also was a French-speaking girl, recognised by [name 5] as [name 3]. After one day, [name 5] went working in Amsterdam again. At the end of her shift the suspect came and asked how much she had earned. [Name 5] was allowed to keep €50 herself and she had to give the rest to the suspect. When [name 5] was menstruating, she had to keep on working and she used a sponge for that. After she had been together for too long with a client, the suspect threw her on the bed after which she fell on the stone edge of the bed and she felt pain. After this, she was hit by the flat of his hand on her body. [Name 5] has worked for the suspect for two months, six days a week.

The suspect was convicted of forcing yet another woman into prostitution, but after appeal he seems to have been acquitted of that. On October 15, 2002, the mother of A van D reports to the police that her daughter works in prostitution for the suspect, that A van D didn't want this anymore and that she was dragged into the car by him and was kidnapped. Later that day she is encountered in the prostitution area in the Hague behind the windows. A van D acknowledges the quarrel with the suspect but says that has been talked through. She said that when her previous relationship ended she didn't know what to do anymore. She had a child aged three and accepted the offer of the suspect that when the need was high he could arrange a place to live. She then stayed with a couple of friends of the suspect a couple of days. She then arranged a house and began to work as a prostitute again. In 2003 the suspect went to live with her.
During the relationship with the suspect she has worked in prostitution for five years. The money that she earned went into a jar. The suspect always had money and was often spotted on the Wallen. The suspect also put money in the jar and she and the suspect took money from that. At the end nothing was left for her of her earned money. When she said that she wanted to leave him, he threatened to harass her mother.
J van O declares that she had contact with A van D and that A van D told her that she worked for the suspect. A van D didn't want to work in prostitution anymore but didn't dare to leave the suspect because he often stood at the school of her child and she was afraid that her son would be kidnapped by the suspect. That was in 2004 or 2005.
After an interruption, A van D went working in prostitution again on the Zandpad in Utrecht on April 30, 2007. She earned between 1300 and 1400 euros after deduction of the expenditures.
It can be deducted from wiretapped conversations that the suspect and A van D had a quarrel on May 19, 2008, because she didn't come home. Then the suspect picks up her son. It can be derived from wiretapped conversations that the suspect said to his friend that this is his only trump card and that the suspect is planning to go with her son to Belgium and to stay with her son a couple of days at an acquaintance’s place. In a conversation with this man in Belgium, the suspect says that he has a woman who ran away and that he now has taken her son to scare her. The suspect also says in that conversation that he would do something strange with her son but that he's not going to do that.
A van D has testified that she lives together with the suspect, that the suspect makes use of the money that she earned and that in the past she was beaten multiple times by him and always on places where the injury is not visible. He also threatens in cryptic words that he would do something to her son. She reports to the police that the suspect has taken her son away from her. She declares that she feels threatened and unsafe and that in the past the suspect has beaten her multiple times with objects, including a baseball bat.
From telephone conversations on May 19, 2008 it turns out that the suspect says the following to:
-to A van D: don't act as if I'm stupid. I come there and break your whole cancerous set of teeth. […] You are a dirty sufferer of cancer. I will slaughter you.
-To the mother of A van D: haha … If I get her into my hands now… I will cut her open completely. What did you think of that mamas?
On May 19, 2008 A van D says to [name 12]: I can't go home, because I will be beaten up like the last time.
A message on March 27, 2008 from A van D to the suspect reads:
you are thrilled when you hit me with a bat… You must do that to other whores whom you cheat … But you don't do it with them because you know that if you hit me I'll do nothing and I also don't go away because I have nothing .. You have me in your grasp like a tyrant.. You are like Hitler but then ten times worse.
After appeal the suspect was acquitted of forcing A van D into prostitution. But he again was convicted of breaking the ulna of her arm. On November 26, 2008 the suspect was arrested around 06.30 in a house. She was also present there. She told the police officers that earlier on, the suspect had broken her ulna and that the baseball bat that was used for that lied in the kitchen. She testified that he found out that she was befriended with M O A and that's why she was maltreated by the suspect with a baseball bat. She also said that she couldn't work anymore because of the injury and that's why the girlfriend of T D could take over her workroom in Utrecht for six weeks. She didn't dare to report the suspect to the police. She did explain extensively about how he maltreated her in general and how he threatened her, and she also told about the incident with the baseball bat. She said that she got to know M O A in the nightlife and that they exchanged telephone numbers. Half August the suspect read a SMS message from M O A to her. The suspect became very angry and hit her with a baseball bat. The next morning they went to the hospital together. Her ulna turned out to be broken and her arm had to be put in a cast. Actually, her arm had to be operated, but she didn't want that. At the moment of the testimony she couldn't stretch her arm because of that. In the hospital she told that she was drunk and that she fell with her elbow on the stairs.
On several occasions her father has seen bruises on her body. Then on her neck, then on her head or legs. Each time she had excuses that she had bumped into something. In a telephone conversation on November 26, 2008, the suspect says to his brother-in-law that he has not beaten her since one month. This brother-in-law says that she often showed him bruises, once on her arm, once on her leg. She also asked him why she was beaten up so often, she says that she works and she is busy. One witness told to the police that she has seen how he maltreated her. She screamed so badly that it chilled her to the bone.
A van D denies that she is forced by him to work in prostitution. She says that she has a relationship with him and that before she first met him she already worked in prostitution. Later on, she also denied that he broke her arm with a baseball bat. She said that she had a broken arm because of a robbery.

He also forced another girl into prostitution, called [name 2]. After appeal he also seems to be acquitted of that, while at first he was convicted of that. She testified that since 1999 she already worked in prostitution in Amsterdam and that she came into contact with the suspect there. She then had a relationship with a man. The suspect told her that if the man became difficult she should phone him. After a quarrel with the man, she indeed phoned the suspect. He then picked her up and brought her to a hotel where she stayed for three or four days. In the hotel, the suspect told her that she could start working again. He brought her to Amsterdam and also collected her again. After the client left she put money on a certain place. The suspect then came by and took the money with him. She gave her money to him every evening. That was between 1000 and 1500 guilders per week on average per evening and during the weekend it was between 2000 and 2500 guilders per evening. He gave her her first xtc pill. It became more and more, and she swallowed pills when she started working. He also let her sell pills to clients.
J van O confirms that during the period that she worked herself behind the windows [name 2] also worked behind the windows for the suspect.
On January 15, 2000, suspect is involved in an incident in the house of [name 2]. When the suspect is heard by the police, he testifies that since October 1999 he has a relationship with [name 2] and regularly stays in her home. [Name 14] was also involved in this incident, and declares that the suspect could be very aggressive and that he could threaten [name 2] terribly, she was very afraid of him. [Name 2] declares on January 15, 2000 that she has had a relationship with the suspect for two months and that she ended this relationship on January 1, 2000.
In March 2000, [name 2] reports the suspect to the police because he has threatened her a day earlier. [Name 2] testifies that she worked five days a week at that time, and he tried to snatch her earned money away from her and if she didn't give him the money he would maltreat her.

The suspect also forced yet another girl again into prostitution. Also in this case he was convicted for this at first, but after appeal he was acquitted. The first time [name 3] reported the suspect to the police on December 10, 2004 she declared that she fled for the suspect, for whom she was forced to work in prostitution. She slept in the suspect's home after she was taken with him, also later on she slept there. Also A van D - who was the girlfriend of the suspect - was present in the house of the suspect. The next morning, [name 3] went buying clothes with the suspect and A van D. The suspect told [name 3] that she looked bad and that she had to go to the hairdresser first. Next he told her in his house that she had to work in Amsterdam. She didn't want that but she felt such a pressure from him that she had the feeling that it was no use to resist him. In her feeling she had no way to go. At that moment he had snatched her passport from her and she didn't have any money or another place to stay. He then took her together with [name 15] in a BMW to Amsterdam. He bought condoms for her and paid the rent of the window. At the end of the night, he went to [name 3] and snatched her earned money. During that period she has worked for approximately two months for the suspect and had to hand over her money to him. During her work, helpers and caretakers of the suspect stood before the window where she worked.
[Name 3] slept in a hotel in Amsterdam on the Zeedijk. The hotel costs which were €70 per day were paid by the suspect. At the end of the night the suspect collected her, took her money and brought her to the hotel. She felt like nothing other than a money machine for him. He said to her that if she wanted to work for herself she could buy her passport back for €6000. After a while, she fled to France. In the summer of 2004 she returned to the Netherlands because of family problems in France. After working two or three days in prostitution independently, she encountered the suspect again and then everything was like it was before. At first he treated her very kindly, he told her that his relationship with A van D was over and said that [name 3] had to work even harder so that he could rent an apartment for her. In this second period, she has worked three or four months for the suspect and then fled to the Hague.
[Name 3] also was forced to have sex with suspect, sometimes under the eyes of his friends. He determined her workhours, mostly from 19.00 until 04.00 hours. She had to work even when she was menstruating. On a bad day her earnings were between 400 and 500 euros and normally between 500 and 750 euros per day. Those earnings were taken by the suspect in her room at the end of each workday.
He has beaten her up multiple times. With a trash bin on her birthday, a butt with his head against her eyebrow, after which there was contact with the police, and also one time after she had thrown coffee on [name 5]. That last incident is confirmed in the testimony of [name 5]. [Name 5] has declared that she was taken by the suspect to a house in the Hague and that she spoke with a French-speaking girl that evening. She recognises the French-speaking girl on a photo. That evening, [name 5] had a quarrel with [name 3] because it turned out that the suspect wasn't only her boyfriend but also the boyfriend of [name 3]. During the quarrel, [name 3] threw hot tea over [name 5], and [name 5] told that to the suspect. Next [name 5] heard that in the room next to her the suspect was beating up [name 3]. [Name 5] heard that [name 3] was screaming very loud and she heard the sound of beatings. Later she saw that [name 3] was sitting in the room while crying. [Name 5] knew that [name 3] was working in prostitution because later on she saw [name 3] behind the window on the Stoofsteeg in Amsterdam.
On July 31 in 2004, the senior police officer encountered [name 3] at the Oudekennissteeg in Amsterdam with two black eyes, in the presence of the suspect. Later on, the senior police officer had a chat with [name 3] and she told him that she was more or less coerced but she was very afraid, and the black eyes were caused by the pimp. She couldn't tell more out of fear.

The suspect also forced another girl into prostitution, he was convicted for this at first, but after appeal he seems to have been acquitted of this. [Name 7] got to know suspect in the nightlife in the summer of 2007 when she was 18 years old. He gave her clothes, a new sim card and presents which he paid for, and they did pleasant things together. He told her that he was searching for a steady relationship. [Name 7] wanted to leave her home and he offered her to live with him at his place. Next she went to live at his place in the Hague. That same evening he told her that he needed money for his mother and that he wanted to build up something with her and that she then could acquire a driver's license. [Name 7] could then work together with [name 23], who also lived in that house, and the suspect said lots of money can be made in prostitution. [Name 7] had just run away from home and couldn't go back.
The suspect arranged that she could work in Amsterdam. He phoned to ask if there were vacant rooms, he then gave [name 7] the telephone number and then she phoned to the prostitution business and reserved a room. In the car, the suspect gave her money for the rent of the room and explained to her which price she should ask to the clients. [Name 7] wasn't allowed to speak to the other girls. At the end of the first day he came to pick her up. She had earned €300 and had to give it to him. He would give that to his mother who had to go to Morocco. [Name 7] felt that she had to give the money to him because now she lived in his house.
She has worked in prostitution for four days. In those days she earned between €3000 and €4000 and gave it all to the suspect plus a part of her savings. The day after, she decided to go away. The first time that she wanted to leave, she got a slap in the face with the flat of his hand. The next day or a couple of days later, she still left anyway and then the suspect followed her with a baseball bat until [name 21] intervened.
[Name 10] testified that she sat in a car in which also the suspect was sitting and that he left the car in Maassluis. A short while later he came back to the car with a Turkish girl. The girl was named [name]. She carried a couple of bags with her. The suspect asked [name 10] to keep an eye on her, because he didn't want her to phone with other boys and she wasn't supposed to know that he had another girlfriend.
Furthermore, the witness called [name 13] confirms that [name 7] has worked for the suspect.

The suspect was convicted of trying to force A van der H into prostitution, he was also convicted after appeal. She got to know him during nightlife. He was then 30 years old, she was only 17 years old. She then knew him for three years. She was attracted to the suspect. She had a sexual relationship with him and she believed she was his girlfriend. That's also what he said to her. And she wasn't allowed to mix with other boys or to go out. He said that he had no money, wanted to earn money quickly, to have a shared future together and wanted to become old with her. He started to talk about prostitution. He said that she had to buy condoms. She received a couple of telephone numbers to arrange a prostitution room in Amsterdam. She then phoned a number and arranged a room. Next, the suspect phoned her and said that he would pick her up within an hour. He also said that she should bring attractive lingerie with her. Next, he collected her at her house and drove her with his BMW to Amsterdam. He knew exactly where he should be and dropped her off at the corner. He gave her money for the rent of the workroom. When she walked to the room, he phoned her and said to her that she did it for their shared future and that she must think about that and about the money and not about the men. When the suspect collected her later on, the only thing he asked was: "do you have money?". Finally, she burst into tears in the rented prostitution room and she didn't receive clients. When the suspect heard this in his car, he totally freaked out.
She testified the following: "approximately a year ago, [suspect] (the court understands in each case: the suspect) spoke with me for the first time about prostitution. He told me he had no money and that we would grow old together. He wanted to make money quickly. He told me that I should do this for our future. I don't know how he managed to do it, I loved him. [Suspect] then ordered me to arrange a (prostitution) room in Amsterdam. After I had arranged the room, he phoned me and said that he came to pick me up. He dropped me off on the corner and when I walked to that room, he phoned me. He told me once more that I must think about us. During sex, I mustn't think about those men, but about the money. In the room I could only cry. I also didn't really stand there. After this, he brought me to Amsterdam one more time. Then I also didn't work."
SMSes have been wiretapped by the police. It turns out that on May 16, 2008, she lets him know that she will work the next day and she asks him: "are you going to bring me and will you pick me up, then you can see for yourself that I really go". Then he answers: "I will not pick you up the first time phone me but if you have worked and bring me the money". On May 19, 2008, he lets her know that she has until Friday the time to do what she has to do, or else he will go loose and fuck with others.
When she then asks him if he could bring her, he answers that he brought her the last time, but that the first time she allegedly bought a present for her father, the second time his money and that she had used up what she had earned, and the third time did it with a Moroccan. He tells her that if she gladly wants to see him she should do that first, and that he then wants to see her because if she has done it on a given moment then she has money and then she can bring it to him.
On May 21, 2008 he sends her an SMS that in Amsterdam a place is certainly free.
On June 15, 2008 he sends her an SMS: I won't collect you, you go yourself and come back yourself and you bring the money to me...
When he threatens to leave her, she lets him know on June 20, 2008, that "I say I do want it but I do it against my liking because I don't lose you, you understand", after which he reacts: "but you still didn't do it".
At the end she didn't do it. But he was convicted for this accusation anyway.

He was convicted for other crimes aside of prostitution as well. Once he maltreated a woman who was driving not quickly enough. He hit her in the face, her nose piercing was slammed out. And her hand was hit, which just before had been medically treated. He also raped a girl using GHB. He got a five-year jail sentence, also after the appeal when he was acquitted of many accusations.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Women for sale


There's a new book out called vrouwen te koop written by Maria Genova, and published in 2011. It's a book written in the Dutch language. The title of the book means: women for sale. The book is not an eye-opener. But it lifts some tips of the veil. Maria Genova is a Bulgarian woman. So she can speak the Bulgarian language very well. She was able to speak to some Bulgarian window prostitutes. So I think I know a little more about Bulgarian prostitutes now.

A couple of years ago she wrote another book about prostitution. It was called man is stoer, vrouw is hoer (man is tough, woman is whore). In the book she describes her experiences with a Ukrainian woman who was married to a Turkish pimp. The Ukrainian woman didn't work in prostitution herself, but her husband had some Eastern European women who worked for him in window prostitution in the Netherlands. But initially, while migrating to the Netherlands, she did end up in the hands of human traffickers. When she arrived in the Netherlands she was locked up with the other women who travelled with her. A woman walked in and told them what working as a prostitute meant. They were taught their first Dutch sentence. It was: "pijpen, neuken, vijftig gulden", which means: "blowjob, fucking, fifty guilders". The woman told them that she was locked up herself for a month in the house of the boss. She said that you get used to the work. The women were supposed to work on the Achterdam in Alkmaar. The pimp arranged rooms there. Suddenly the pimp decided to sell them to German pimps, but he didn't know he was wiretapped by the police. The German pimps were going to look at the women. They had to undress to be inspected, and from other women she heard that dildos were tested on them. One girl told that she couldn't sleep the whole night, because her behind was stretched up badly, and she was raped in many positions. The day after they were rescued by the police. Later on, the Ukrainian woman met the Turkish pimp Imrat C whom she later married. That's a wholly different story. He had women working in Amsterdam and Alkmaar behind the windows. According to one prostitute he had twenty women working for him, that makes him a very big pimp, comparable to Saban B. I think I will tell about him in later posts.

Maria Genova delved deeper into the world of prostitution. So here we have a new book (women for sale). After her previous book was published, she received a lot of e-mails from victims of forced prostitution. She came into contact with a girl called Cindy (she is actually Sweetmizzy, who wrote extensively about the case on her website. I also write about her on my blog in this post: Two forced prostitutes on De Wallen. Chris Sent also writes about her on her blog in this blog post: Een prostituee kan niet de moeder van mijn kind zijn.). Two and a half years earlier she escaped from her pimp. He and his brothers were nearly all active as pimp on the Wallen in Amsterdam. She tells that when clients made trouble, she pushed on the alarm button. A couple of times she was rescued by Saban B. Saban was very cruel towards his girls. But for her and her pimp, he had respect. She believes that perhaps that is the case because the network of her pimp was just as large and violent (with respect to using guns). Cindy and the other girls called Saban "gorilla" because he was an anabolic steroid freak. She says: "when I called for his help, then most of the time he took the difficult client by his shoulders and easily put him down outside. Saban received a lot of attention in the media and was depicted as one of the most cruel pimps. The strange thing is that on the Wallen much bigger pimps walked around, whom Saban was clearly afraid of, but they were apparently never arrested. They often were these conspicuous types with big golden chains. Mind you that I didn't have the idea that the police could protect me. Sometimes I pushed the alarm button in my workroom and then it took twenty minutes before the cops came looking. Every now and then they didn't show up at all."

Cindy didn't have the idea that the police cared about her personal problems. She explains: "mind you that we were all girls of pimps. When the woman didn't have a pimp, then she was abused in another way. I estimate that 97% of all whores do this work out of sheer necessity. There are only a few who consciously choose for it. Personally I didn't see one who worked for herself. They say they did, but if you eavesdropped on their telephone conversations, you knew that it wasn't. I have seen girls that were so ripped up and wounded from underneath because of all the these rapes that their genitals were totally unrecognisable. I also got acquainted with women who were anally fucked to shreds in such a way, that they couldn't keep their crap inside. During busy periods you sometimes get fifteen clients in eight hours time. When you don't see yourself as a woman anymore, but as a piece of meat, then you are lost in the system."

When Cindy was asked to report her pimps to the police, she didn't have any idea how big this case was. She explains: "I tried to protect my ex the whole time. Only when I read back my testimony, it fell on its place. He had abused me just as well as other pimps abused their women. Only when I read it in black and white, I thought: I didn't experience it that way, but still it is true. He has exploited me for years and earned tons of money from me. That's perhaps the worst of trafficking in women: the pimps brainwash you long enough until you believe that you can do nothing else than this work and that it is actually your own choice."

Actually, she didn't plan to report her boyfriend to the police. She was summoned by the police to testify something about a couple of other pimps. She says: "the strange thing is that at that moment I didn't regard myself as a victim. I believe that there are a lot of victims who don't realise that, who push back their frontiers more and more to satisfy their man". But she knows why eventually she took him to court: because he took her baby away. She was able to save her second child, but emotionally she was very damaged.

She was forced by him to remove her first baby. She didn't want that. She fled to a shelter. Her boyfriend lured her to him with the story that he had thought about it and that they would buy clothes together for the baby. And then hell started again. He was very angry that she didn't work as a prostitute anymore and that she didn't earn money. Then he locked her up for a whole weekend. She didn't have any choice. She would have been transported to Morocco to abort the pregnancy in the last phase, if necessary.

Cindy was the only one who dared to report him to the police. Two other women who were exploited by the family also had to appear before the judge, but they testified under oath that they worked voluntarily and that they gave their earned money voluntarily to the men. Cindy explains that she has seen herself how these women were beaten and kept under control.

Maria Genova also met Frits Rouvoet. Since three years he helps prostitutes on the Wallen together with his sister-in-law. Frits wants to introduce her to three Bulgarian women who already work in prostitution for a while. Frits explains: "I dare to say that nearly all women do this work forced. Sometimes they come voluntarily, because golden mountains were promised, but those golden mountains all disappear into the pockets of the pimps." During the last years he saw an awful lot of misery. "Robin, a girl aged 21, for whom I was a sort of father figure, hanged herself after her escape. She couldn't cope with the fact that her pimps denied everything. Right before that, she had a talk with a psychologist who could do nothing with her emotions. She had to return to her room to cool down. She became cold for always."

Maria Genova and Frits walked to the place where the three Bulgarian women work. The women seem happy to see Frits. He tells them that Maria can speak the Bulgarian language. A Bulgarian prostitute called Roemjana tells that she doesn't do this work for fun, but it is better than to hold your hand up. She tells that in this work you learn a lot about life, but also about yourself. She never wants to be financially dependent anymore on a man. She would rather work a couple of years as a whore, then she will open her own business and then she can fend for herself. Maria asks if she has saved enough. Roemjana smiles. She finds it a difficult question. She must admit that she has underestimated it a little bit. To start working in prostitution is easier than to stop. You get easily used to the money and you get easily used to the job. And whether you work for a longer or a shorter while, you have a stigma anyway.

When Maria asks where they come from, the women suddenly clam up. They only name the province. Only later she learns why. It turns out that all three come from Sliven, a small city in the East of Bulgaria, known for its flourishing traffic in women. Roemjana and her friends assure her that in their case there is no coercion. They ask her how she could possibly believe that they would go to the Netherlands without preparation. Right at that moment, a girl knocks on the window. She is clearly a Roma gypsy. In broken Bulgarian she ask where she could ask for a room. Roemjana asks if she has the necessary papers. The girl says that she has a passport and asks if that isn't enough. The Bulgarian women are surprised. "A passport! You don't believe that is enough? You must have an address registration and also register at the Chamber of Commerce." The girl says that she has no money and asks how she must arrange this. The Bulgarian women answer: "what? How in God's name have you ended up here? Who made you believe that you could rent a room here just like that?" The girl enters the room. The girl is named Selma. Roemjana asks how Selma got here and why she has no money. Selma answers that she has spent her last money on a train ticket. A girlfriend told her that she could make a lot of money in the Netherlands in prostitution. They ask her how she wants to do that and where she sleeps. She sleeps on the street. "On the street? My God. How do you want to get an address registration?" Selma doesn't know. She met somebody here who told her that a window could also be arranged without registration.

Frits wants to offer Selma a place to stay. Roemjana says: "so you were right after all. Nice that you want to help her." Once outside, that turns out to be easier said than done. On the corner stands a man waiting for Selma. It seems that she didn't go to the Netherlands on her own. With a man she can't go to a shelter and she chooses to stay with him.

Maria Genova was phoned by a Bulgarian girlfriend. Velina discovered a hairdresser's saloon a hundred meters from the Achterdam in Alkmaar. The Achterdam is a red light district. This hairdresser's saloon is managed by Bulgarians, and all pimps and prostitutes come there as client. Velina proposes to Maria that she could go undercover there. Maria decides to do it and let her hair cut there. They meet a Bulgarian prostitute outside the hairdresser's saloon. They ask her if she earns a little. She answered that sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn't. She says she also moonlights in the hotel opposite the station. Maria says that prostitution isn't allowed in hotels. The prostitute says: "you don't believe that somebody checks that, hey? Only once, I had an extensive conversation with the police. It turned out they knew I had a Turkish pimp. The police offered me protection in exchange for reporting him to the police." Maria and Velina asked what happened then. "Nothing obviously. You don't believe that I will trust that they will protect me? I believe they don't know themselves whom they have to deal with. Those pimps are very powerful." The prostitute asks Velina from which city she comes. Velina comes from Sliven, the prostitute reacts with recognition. Velina says that in her city the pimps simply kidnap the girls on the street to bring them into prostitution. The prostitute wonders why they still kidnap the girls, don't they have enough women that they can simply make believe that you can become very rich in prostitution? Velina says that not so long ago, the 15-year-old daughter of a girlfriend disappeared. A week later she was found in a village in a house full of camera's. The girl was ready for departure to the Netherlands, all her documents were in order.

Maria goes into the hairdresser's saloon with Velina. A beautiful girl's hair is done, curls are put into her hair. A man walks around nervously in the saloon. He asks the girl when she is ready. In the Bulgarian language she answers: "you do want me to be beautiful?" He answers: "yes, but you're busy for such a long time. I lose my patience. You must go to work." When the girl is ready, the pimp pays the bill and they leave towards her workroom. Then Maria's hair is going to be done. Another girl takes place at another hairdresser. Dessi also works in prostitution. She says she doesn't do it for the fun of it. She knows no woman who does it for the fun of it. She says that you get used to the work and over time it goes into your blood.

At another occasion, Maria also comes into contact with a vice detective. He tells that he sees nearly all pimps - whom he brings to court - back in the red light district. The law prohibits him from actively observing them, even if he is almost certain that they are trafficking in women again. That's what the pimps also know, so they have free play. He has spoken with many hundreds of prostitutes. He suspects that between seventy and eighty percent is in one way or the other a victim of human trafficking. In the most extreme case they are maltreated daily, locked in and exploited. But there are also girls who don't realise that for their boyfriend it's all about the money and that this has nothing to do with love. When the girl is in prostitution long enough, they start to see it as a free choice, he explains.

Maria Genova also met a Bulgarian prostitute on the Wallen. She tells that she came to the Netherlands because her mother suddenly died and she had to leave the house. She has a child aged six and cannot see how without working in prostitution she can give her daughter a good future. She works very hard, in two shifts. She rents a room for €260 a day. Aside from that, she has to pay €1000 per month for the house where she sleeps. With confidence she says that she works without a pimp. A niece of her helped her to go to Amsterdam and to register at the Chamber of Commerce. Her niece has worked in forced prostitution for a while herself, that was a very sad story. Because her niece knew that she had no house, she offered her her help. She says that she has little contact with the new girls who come working here. If they are forced she believes they will tell nobody.

Maria Genova names a lot more examples in her book. It gives you a very bad impression about Dutch prostitution. I hope for a while this works for me. Good thing is that the weather is very bad. It is no fun to walk in a red light district while it is cold and raining. If you must believe the experiences of Maria, then there is no voluntarily prostitute. Either way they are coerced to do this, and if they aren't they hate their job. I hope that I have learned my lesson. But I am very forgetful. I have to learn again and again. I hope I get serious.