Friday, July 29, 2011

Review: LJN BP7250


Lately, I read one of the Sneep II case files (LJN: BP7250). You can read it here:

One of the gang members of the gang of Saban B is described (his name is Pehlul T). Amongst other things he forced his wife into prostitution. She met him when she was 22 years old (around 2004). He forced her to work in prostitution for more than two years. He battered her a lot, also with a baseball bat. Her bruises were hidden with makeup. He also used violence against her dog, throwing the dog against the wall and stabbing it with a knife in the side. She also had to do an abortion and immediately had to continue working in prostitution after that. He also threatened her to kill her by giving her a drug overdose. He also said that he had killed another woman this way. She fled to her aunt after she was severely tortured by him. Several pimps went to their house to threaten them.

She also tells about how the gang operated during that time, prior to being dissolved in 2007. She tells that the gang members often had meetings together. These meetings were often at her and her husband’s home (she lived with her husband Pehlul T in a bungalow park in Vinkeveen). She was at four of those meetings. During those meetings the pimps spoke about information they received from informants of the police. They also discussed how to deal with certain situation in de Wallen in Amsterdam and the Zandpad in Utrecht. She belonged to a certain team among which also other girls belonged. She explains the Wallen was actually one big team. All the men under the main pimps (Saban B and his brother Hasan B) visited them in the home of another person. She was there once. Pimps who didn't belong to the gang came there to ask Saban B and another leading pimp (known as Monti, he is also the brother of Pehlul T) for permission to let their women work on the Wallen. They had to pay for that.

The case file explains that the gang had several bodyguards and errand boys working for them. They were paid 100 Euros per week per girl. They had to buy groceries for the girls and help the girls get rid of difficult clients. One of the bodyguards could count that the group had some 30 women working on the Wallen. Another errand boy explains that pimps that didn’t belong to the gang had to pay protection money to the gang. He was arrested because he threatened a prostitute. He admits that he actually did go to her. That was ordered by Saban B. He had to tell her that she had to give all her money to Saban B and his brother (Hasan B). He had to threaten her. Saban B explained to him that if the girl started to make a fuss then he just had to give her some beatings.

Reading through all these court files gives the strong impression that the gang really was that violent as described in the media, although not all accusations could be proven. The gang mainly recruited women by extorting or romantically manipulating independent prostitutes, or using romantic manipulation to get women (who didn’t work in prostitution before) to work in prostitution for them.

So, as if turns out from this file, it seems that Saban B really was the big boss on the Wallen. No prostitute could work there without being extorted. Actually no pimp could work there without being extorted. But the reign of Saban B is over now. He was imprisoned and later fled to Turkey where he is in prison for crimes he committed there. Are the prostitutes free now? Or has another person taken the place of Saban?

Is it all a big conspiracy? Is there another big brother in Cyprus who has appointed another person in Saban’s place? Are all the prostitutes in the world forced? Except perhaps for the very old ones?

It could only mean one thing. The lovely Slovakian Claudia in the La Vie en Rose and the lovely Greek Elena in the Goldbergersteeg are forced. Although they are both older than 30. But that doesn’t say anything.

I am so stupid. I must never visit a prostitute again. I’m still struggling in my head. I haven’t visited one in 4 weeks, now it should be forever. Problem is, I promised Claudia to visit her another time before she stops working in prostitution altogether half August. I dream about giving her a flower.

I wonder, I could also go to one of these clubs, because I assume forced prostitution takes place a lot less often there. But I can't prove that beyond a reasonable doubt you know. So, perhaps in these clubs the situations is that gross too, only the victims don't go to the police or to the media.

I keep finding excuses. Don't even think about it.

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