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I wanted to tell something about some forced prostitution cases on the rechspraak website you know, but I have no time you know. And I'm totally worn out. Burnt out!!!! But if someone's interested in reading it herself/himself I will wish you good luck!!! (I haven't even read many of the hundreds of pages myself!) There is a total number of about 5000/6000 pages to be read spread out over about 500 verdicts. About 100 verdicts are readable, containing over 2000 pages. The rest contains nothing but a list of all the accusations plus a short clarification.

And many cases have similarities. I notice lots of prostitutes who already worked in prostitution but who are wrapped around the fingers of very bad men later on. And also lots of bad managers of prostitutes who take all the money.

I will print one of these stories out so I can read it before going to sleep, and I hope I will never visit a prostitute again.

I will show a list of LJN-numbers regarding verdicts of forced prostitution cases. These are the readible cases in my opinion.

You can find the files easily via this link by using the LJN-numbers:
So just type in the LJN numbers!

I will update the list regularly by the way.

LJN: BN1233 / LJN: BN1234
LJN: BM9806
LJN: BA3139
LJN: BP4396
LJN: BD0120
LJN: BJ1336 / LJN: BJ1334 / LJN: BJ1332
LJN: BJ2954
LJN: BL6374 / LJN: BR1678
LJN: BC7385 / LJN: BJ9372 / LJN: BJ9371 / LJN: BJ9370 (Mandy P case, BTW: the suspect was later acquitted of forcing her into prostitution)
LJN: BB0450 / LJN: BH2476
LJN: BC2645 / LJN: BU5455 (2 minor Romanian girls in Haarlem)
LJN: BQ4979 / LJN: BQ4976
LJN: BQ6884 / LJN: BQ6894
LJN: BQ5633 / (forced prostitute on the Baekelandplein)
LJN: BJ6912
LJN: BO8125
LJN: BJ1332
LJN: BJ7976
LJN: BH6091
LJN: BP7250
LJN: BC2583
LJN: BJ7549 / BJ7547
LJN: BM2120
LJN: BO2794
LJN: BP6993
LJN: BO0437 / LJN: BO0435 / BO0439
LJN: BP2304
LJN: BK5293
LJN: BJ1279 / LJN: BJ1281 / LJN: BJ1280 / LJN: BJ1282
LJN: BN6034 / LJN: BN6042 / LJN: BN6027 / LJN: BN6010
LJN: BD6050 / LJN: BD6049
LJN: BH6277 / LJN: BH6262
LJN: BP5814
LJN: BO9376 / LJN: BO8073 (Zeister Pooierboys)
LJN: BH3388
LJN: BS1141
LJN: BR1294
LJN: BQ3787 / LJN: BL7890
LJN: BG6613
LJN: BO5076
LJN: BT8889
LJN: BT8902 / LJN: BT8882 / LJN: BT8884
LJN: BR4470
LJN: BP7950 / LJN: BP7981
LJN: BO7662 / LJN: BO9639
LJN: BN9788
LJN: BU6454 / LJN: BU6423
LJN: BN5110
LJN: BL0022
LJN: BJ7976
LJN: BJ3087
LJN: AZ9346 / LJN: AZ9343
LJN: BN3284
LJN: BU3396
LJN: BT7070
LJN: BN3645 / LJN: BN3661
LJN: BJ3128
LJN: BG6680 / LJN: BG6681 / LJN: BG6682 / LJN: BG6683
LJN: BG1989 / LJN: BG2001
LJN: BG1625 / LJN: BO2994
LJN: BG0272
LJN: BD8803
LJN: BD2180
LJN: BD0634
LJN: BC4379
LJN: BC2949
LJN: BU9520

Sneep II case (gang led by Saban B, the notorious gang who probably forced hundreds of women into prostitution, many repetitions in the files):
LJN: BP5492
LJN: BP6953
LJN: BP5190
LJN: BP5363
LJN: BP5490
LJN: BP6723
LJN: BP5215
LJN: BP7252
LJN: BP7377
LJN: BP5384
LJN: BP7662
LJN: BP6711
LJN: BP7250
LJN: BP5092

Sneep I case:
LJN: BD6957
LJN: BD6974
LJN: BD6960
LJN: BD6965
LJN: BD6972
LJN: BD6969

Sneep I case(appeal, and including some leaks, like the full names of victims and perpetrators):
LJN: BO8383
LJN: BO8406
LJN: BO8400
LJN: BO8394
LJN: BO8390
LJN: BO8402

Sneep case (miscellaneous):
LJN: BK1473

Judo case (this is another Turkish gang on de Wallen with Mehmet and Youssef and the like):
LJN: BK7603
LJN: BK7604
LJN: BK7632

Judo case (appeal):
LJN: BQ1657
LJN: BQ1658
LJN: BQ1659
LJN: BQ1660
LJN: BT6850

Maas case (Pooierboys from Purmerend):
LJN: BR2756
LJN: BR2945
LJN: BR2862
LJN: BR3148
LJN: BR2782

These files I treated already on this blog:
LJN: BJ6912
LJN: BO8125
LJN: BJ1332
LJN: BJ7976
LJN: BH6091
LJN: BP7250

and.... many more files are available. But the ones above are much better to read than the others.

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