Monday, July 04, 2011


I don't know but I think I'm going insane!

I visited the very same 33-years-old Slovakian woman again.

Actually, I like sex. She's so cool.

And is she too old to be forced?

Well, according to the latest research I mentioned here?


Also 30+ prostitutes are forced, and a surprisingly large percentage!

I use my imagination too much. My conscience is grinding to a halt.

I think this is it. I could better stop writing on my blog.

It makes no sense at all.

I'm such a jerk.

I wish you all a very happy life with lots of love.

(I could better turn myself in to the police just right now)


Hannes said...

Hey! Don't be too hard on yourself, you're only human!

I think your blog makes a lot of sense, and your internal conflicts as well. On one hand you don't want to support forced prostitution, and you know it's so hard to identify who are forced and who are not. And on the other hand, you're a male, naturally addicted to sex, and it's so easy to fall for temptations like prostitution to have easy sex, especially if you have nowhere else to go. I have the same internal conflict regarding pornography, and it can really be a struggle.

I think it's good that you went to a 33 year old rather than an 18 year old. Even though some older prostitutes are forced into it as well, the risk of abuse is much higher among the younger less independant prostitutes. Choosing an older one minimizes the risk, which in my opinion makes a huge difference.

Prostitution will never be a black and white issue. You can’t just say that all visits to prostitutes equals rape. You can still minimize the harm done by avoiding the youngest ones that are most likely forced into it, and of course by treating the prostitutes with great respect, and stop if you believe they suffer in any way. How you behave as a customer does make a huge difference.

I understand if your goal is to stop going to prostitutes at all. Both to stop supporting an industry that abuses so many of its workers, and to stop harming your own sexuality by having sex with someone who’s just faking it. But you have to remember that it’s a long and difficult process, and probably involves other big changes in your life, such as finding a girlfriend.

Rather than focusing on not going to prostitues, maybe you should focus on what is missing in your life, and how you can solve that? And on the way there, keep separating between different kinds of prostitution, and avoid the high-risk areas where prostitutes are most likely abused. Because you know about it better than most people.

Donkey said...

I miss some excitement in my life. But walking the forests is cool. Lots of daisies.

I haven't visited prostitutes before for more than four years, so I absolutely can do it.

I think because the Wallen is forbidden for me it made it the more exciting for me to go there. Too bad I couldn't restrain myself. I feel so ashamed about it.

Now I have probably hurt some persons badly.

The women were older than 30, but on de Wallen that's absolutely no guarantee that they are not forced, as there are very strong rumours that ALL women on de Wallen are extorted, except for the Latinas and crossgenders.