Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The alley


I finally have time to read the latest report, which you can download here.

It is called "Mensenhandel in de Amsterdamse raamprostitutie - een onderzoek naar de aard en opsporing van mensenhandel" published by the WODC, written by Verhoeven, M.A., Gestel, B. van, Jong, D. de (2011).

Some human trafficking cases are described which happened on the Wallen in Amsterdam. At least 76 victims were made by the gangs. But it are probably more because not all victims came into the view of the police and it was also decided not to mention all victims in the accusations (because of lag of time or because it was easier that way). One Turkish gang probably made hundreds of victims.

In the book one chapter is devoted to a gang who operated in one of the alleys of de Wallen. It is simply called 'the alley' in the book (de steeg). They probably mean the Molensteeg.

At first they investigated a group of Hungarian madams who formerly were also victims of human trafficking. They probably exploited dozens of Hungarian prostitutes in total. They didn't use violence but they threatened to use it. They took nearly all the money from the women. The prostitutes knew that they would be working in prostitution.

But as the investigation progressed they found out these madams weren't the actual leaders of the gang. It turned out to be some Turks who owned a café and several window brothels in the alley. They could use the café to keep an eye on the window brothels. Also other pimps could use the café for these purposes.

At one point several female pimps were arrested. The police arranged a shelter for the prostitutes who lived in the same house as the madams. But the Hungarian prostitutes eventually contacted the boyfriend of one of the madams and then returned to the house because they didn't like the shelter (they had no freedoms, had to hand over their mobile phones etc.....).

At the end the window brothels were closed (perhaps they are open now again). The Turkish pimp could easily negotiate with other window brothel owners to place the girls there.

The police tried to find out if there was perhaps a higher layer of power above the brothel owners; perhaps the real estate owners? The brothel owners transferred money to them. Did the real estate owners know about the forced prostitution taking place there? One big conspiracy? The police had no time to dig further.

Okay, the Wallen is still evil. All prostitutes have pimps, all brothel owners and madams are human traffickers and it is all one big conspiracy.

My conclusion.

I hope it will scare me off.

I rediscovered another readable LJN again! (haven't read it myself yet):

LJN: BL6374

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I will add it to my list.


Cliente X said...

All prostitutes have pimps, all brothel owners and madams are human traffickers and it is all one big conspiracy.


And don't forget, all ho's are ill and u'll burn in the flames of the hell the whole eternity for ur perverse actions!

Donkey said...

No, I won't burn in hell. I don't believe in hell.

I don't know what to believe.

Perhaps it really is a big conspiracy. And all the human traffickers are connected in some kind of way by criminals who reside in Cyprus. And Laura Agustín is one of their spokespersons.

You never know! Nobody can prove otherwise.