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A Slovakian prostitute


Here’s another story from the rechtspraak-website that is actually readable (not only a long list of accusations). It’s about a Slovakian woman who worked in prostitution in the window prostitution street Nieuwstad in Groningen, but fell in love with the wrong guy. He was very controlling over her. All money went to him. If this situation is representative for all Slovakian prostitutes I don’t know. But I’m afraid it is. I hope for the time being this story will scare me off enough so that I won’t visit a prostitute ever again. I must keep my conscience active. I am a righteous person. One forced prostitution story a week, I will fulfill my oath.

I have to admit that the stories don’t shock me at all anymore. In reality I’m rather curious and want to discover if it is real. Actually, the stories make me excited because I discover even more! But I hope it is sufficient for me to stay away from the sex workers and not abuse them.

Sex work is abuse work.

This court file has LJN-number BJ6912. Here’s the link:

And here is a quote which I translated from Dutch into English:
The court upon judging has paid attention to the following evidence.

An in lawful form formulated report concerning a person at the day of 3 July 2007, recorded on page 1213-1241 of file number 07-007667 at the day of 28 January 2008 (hereafter to be called the file I) containing the testimony of [victim]
In the summer of 2005, when I was approximately 3 weeks in the Netherlands and worked as a prostitute, I got to know [suspect]. [Suspect] acted very sweet towards me. I had the impression that he was in love with me. After approximately 6 weeks [witness 1] and I went back to Slovakia. We have asked [suspect] to pick us up from Schiphol when we came back. We didn’t want to work anymore for the Albanian boys. I wanted to go back to Groningen to earn money myself in prostitution. After we had been in Slovakia [suspect] picked me and [witness 1] up from Schiphol and we went directly to our display window. This one was already reserved. [Suspect] brought presents with him and flowers and then said: “That is for my honey.” He behaved very courtly. At one moment I was finished with working and then I was picked up and we went to his house in Hoogezand. I have slept approximately two months together with [suspect] in his house. [Suspect] brought me to Groningen every day and also picked me up again.
At the end of August 2005 I went back again to Slovakia. I was pregnant then. About that pregnancy we had a quarrel. [Suspect] wanted an abortion. In Slovakia I then went to the hospital in connection with my epilepsy. Then I also underwent an abortion. When I laid in the hospital, I was phoned every day by [suspect]. He repeatedly asked me when I would come back. I went back to [suspect]. [Suspect] paid my airline ticket. I understood from [suspect] that his mother had paid for my airline ticket. [Suspect] told me that when I came back to the Netherlands I had to go to work again. I understood that he meant that I had to work in prostitution again. He said that at least I had to pay back the costs of the airline ticket and also that for me no other work was there for me in the Netherlands. Approximately 2 or 3 days after my arrival in the Netherlands [suspect] again brought me every day to my display window in Groningen. He also picked me up again. [Suspect] and I have talked after my return to the Netherlands about how it should continue with us because [suspect] had no work. We decided then that I would work in prostitution again. The first time that [suspect] brought me to the display window, he said that he had to pay for fuel for bringing and picking me up. He then said that I had to pay him 50 euro each day for the costs of fuel. After a week [suspect] repeatedly came to me for money. [Suspect] said that I could better give the money to him. This came approximately a month after I had come back to the Netherlands again. If I then needed something, I had to ask [suspect] for my own money. When I asked for money to [suspect] two days before I had to pay the rent I didn’t get it. I then had a problem and had to work very hard in prostitution to be able to pay the rent two days later. Since this time he began to control me and he phoned me repeatedly when I was working. When I worked during the night he often drove with the car through the street. He kept an eye on everything. I even wasn’t allowed to go out for a dinner myself in Groningen. When [suspect] came to pick me up I then always directly had to hand over my money to him.
The father of [suspect] has told me that I had to stop working in prostitution because of my epilepsy and I certainly shouldn’t hand over my earned money to his son. I told him that [suspect] took all my money. So I shouldn’t give it to him. After this conversation with the father of [suspect] [suspect] and his father engaged into a quarrel. Then for 2 weeks I was able to keep my earned money myself. After these two weeks he came again with sad stories. He then even got my money that I have saved by myself. I gave this to him even after his father had told me that I mustn’t do this. He told me again that he loved me. He told that I was the only one for him. I then started to feel pity for him and then subsequently I gave him my earned money nevertheless.
The house on the Hazelaarstraat 79 in Groningen had to be furnished and [suspect] told me
that if I wanted to get rid of this concern as quickly as possible then I had to work firmly.
Even if I said that I couldn’t work, then he always knew to convince me that I did go again even if I actually couldn’t. He always had something to get me so far. Then he talked about things that we still had to pay or needed. I then went to work once again because I didn’t want a quarrel. [Suspect] always said to me when I had to start working. [Suspect] always said to me: “As long as you haven’t earned 250 euro you don’t go home”. I also had to work when I had my period or if I had problems with my ovaries. Yet even if I had so much stomach ache then I just had to take a pill and go working.
He decided over everything. I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere. I only was allowed to sit at home or to work. I wasn’t allowed contact with other girls because I only was allowed to work. He said: “If you are working then you must work”. It also happened that [suspect] came to me in the display window. He then closed the curtains and inspected my display window. He looked if I possibly hid money and he looked if I possibly had bought new bikinis. He really looked everywhere. [Suspect] controlled me from April 2006 until the end of May 2007. He also inspected my mobile telephone. He wanted to see what kind of messages I had and with whom I phoned. I received € 10,- call credit per week from him.
From October 2005 until the end of May 2007 I had to hand over my earned money to [suspect]. Most days I earned 250 euro. To earn this I sometimes had to work until 06:00 hours. I earned on average a nett 1200 to 1300 euro per week. Most money I gave to [suspect].
In 2007 I went away for 2 or 3 weeks to Slovakia. [Suspect] definitely didn’t want that but I could convince him when I said that I needed new medicines for my epilepsy. When I came back again I immediately was obliged by [suspect] to work. I had to pay 4000 euro because he made debts, he said. It also happened that [suspect] went to Turkey. When [suspect] was there I had to send 500 euro each Monday to him. I say send but I had to give the money to [witness 5].
[Suspect] said to [witness 4] that I would always come back to him, because girls who work in prostitution are psychologically such that you can easily wrap them around your finger again and let them do what you want. He had also said to [witness 4] that he didn’t love me but that 6000 euro per month was pleasant.
[Suspect] has made abuse of the fact that I was in love with him. He repeatedly put me under pressure at the moment I wanted to leave him. He blackmailed me with my medicines for my epilepsy. When I indicated that I was going to leave him he then withheld my pills. I really need these medicines so then I stayed again with him. [Suspect] also threatened to inform my mother.

An in lawful form formulated report concerning a person at the day of 12 August 2008 of file number PL01SA/07-071345, containing the testimony of [witness 3]
Sometimes I had the impression that [suspect] forced [victim] into prostitution. [Victim] sometimes said that she was not going to work earlier than the evening and I saw that the face of [suspect] darkened and then [victim] immediately started to work again. [Suspect] was angry when [victim] hadn’t worked.

An in lawful form formulated report concerning a person made at the examining judge at the day of 11 May 2009, containing the testimony of [witness 3]
She had to hand over the money and also go to the display window if he said so. Immediately in the car on the way from the display window she gave him the money. I have also seen that. I have seen how he drove with the car passed her display window. She was controlled by him. He often drove around with the car, [victim] was afraid to keep money for herself, because she didn’t know how often he drove by and how often he saw the curtains closed. He has also phoned her. She worked every day also during the weekend. [Suspect] was the pimp of [victim]. [Suspect] brought [victim] to her work. [Suspect] spent the money himself. He asked money for his personal necessities.

An in lawful form formulated report concerning a person made at the examining judge at the day of 14 May 2008, containing the testimony of [witness 1]
I noticed that [suspect] used [victim]. [Suspect] had no money. [Suspect] controlled [victim]. He asked how many clients she has had. He sometimes drove 20 times per day through de Nieuwstad. [Victim] didn’t go out. She didn’t buy anything for herself. He didn’t want that she transferred money to Slovakia. Sometimes she was completely without money. She has told me that she had to transfer her money to the account of the mother of [suspect].

An in lawful form formulated report concerning a person at the day of 19 November 2007 recorded on page 1273-1277 of file I, containing the testimony of [witness 6]
This year, in March / April, [victim] was working and wanted to go home, but that wasn’t allowed by [suspect] because she hadn’t earned enough money that day. I have seen once that after a client just left [victim] immediately made a phone call. She told me that after a client she immediately had to phone [suspect], so that he had control over the number of clients that she had.

An in lawful form formulated report concerning a person made at the examining judge at the day of 14 May 2008, containing the testimony of [witness 5]
Some three years ago [suspect] asked me if I wanted to transfer money to Turkey. His girlfriend was supposed to bring that to me in the shop. She has handed over money to me 3 or 4 times. Each time that was an amount of 300 or 400 euro.

An in lawful form formulated report concerning a person made at the examining judge at the day of 26 March 2008, containing the testimony of [witness 4]
I have seen 1 or 2 times that [victim] handed over money to [suspect]. [Suspect] reached out his hand and she gave him money without saying something. I have asked [suspect] once if he loved her. He then said: “Fuck her. I must have money”.

An in lawful form formulated report concerning a person made at the day of 14 June 2007 recorded on page 1252-1260 of file I, containing the testimony of [witness 4]
I have seen once myself that she gave all her money to [suspect]. [Suspect] and also [victim] (the court understands ‘person who lodges a complaint’) have told me that she had to earn at least 250 Euro per day, she wasn’t allowed to stop earlier. I heard from [suspect]: “I always take away all her money.”
She was afraid to become alone and she was made dependent on him.
On one evening [suspect] came to me and he started to tell that [victim] was associating with another Turk and he was angry. I said to him”: “Do you love [victim]?” He said: “No!” I said: “Well then you rather let her go with that Turk then. What is the problem?” He said: “You don’t understand. I pay 3000 euro of her money on my house for bills for rent, gas, light, water and all expenses and also for the expenses of the car. Then I lose that!”
[Suspect] pretended false love and took away the money earned by her in prostitution. I heard from [victim] that he did this for 2 years. I also heard this from [suspect]. With the remark [victim] is a factory, he means he earns money from her.

An in lawful form formulated report concerning a person made at the day of 19 December 2007 recorded on page 1184-1195 of file I, containing the testimony of [father of suspect]
I have told ‘the girl’ (the court understands ‘person who lodged a complaint’) that she had to save the money herself and when [suspect] would ask her for money she mustn’t pay that to him. I did scream to [suspect] and was very angry with him. I don’t want to do wrong things. So clean as I am, that way I also wish [suspect] to be.

The testimony made by suspect on the hearing on the day of 20 August 2009
I did say to her that she had to work because the rent had to be paid. I have shown her the way in the life of prostitution. I have sometimes paid for her ticket to the Netherlands. I have also reserved a display window for her. When I went to my mother then I said to her: “Or I bring you to your work or you go with the taxi.” [Victim] paid the rent to me for the Hazelaarstraat. Yet I have always driven little rounds over the Nieuwstad. I did phone her and said to her that she would phone me too and we often had sms-contact. I controlled her because she suffered from epilepsy. I received money from her to for example get medicines or cigarettes or to refuel. She transferred money when I was in Turkey to buy clothing or other items for her.

An in lawful form formulated report concerning a person made at the day of 14 September 2007 recorded on page 1123-1125 of file I, containing the testimony of suspect
I took a house so [victim] could live with me.

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