Thursday, May 26, 2011

A new very bad official report about window prostitution in Amsterdam


There's a new report out, you can download it here.

It is called "Mensenhandel in de Amsterdamse raamprostitutie - een onderzoek naar de aard en opsporing van mensenhandel" published by the WODC, written by Verhoeven, M.A., Gestel, B. van, Jong, D. de (2011).

It is about window prostitution in Amsterdam. Pages: 176. Have I read it?


No time!!!! Very busy with other things. I have to take my own life into account.

I'll have to wait for one month. In the meantime I will continue lampooning the Dutch sex industry by writing about a forced prostitution case every week.

BTW: they have studied some trafficking cases in Amsterdam. It turns out that there is a complex relationship between prostitutes and their pimps. Often prostitutes support their pimps. But we knew that already. Perhaps I can add some Dutch trafficking stories to my word-document. The counter is on 1050......


Rob said...

I am interested in this. Is it available in English?

Donkey said...

No, too bad. I think you must use google-translate.

Rob said...

Yeah. A lot of their reports are in English too.

I have a friend whos dutch, but I doubt she will translate this entire thing for me. My dutch is ok, I can make out some of this. But I will have to use google translate for chunks at a time.