Thursday, May 26, 2011

A new very bad official report about window prostitution in Amsterdam


There's a new report out, you can download it here.

It is called "Mensenhandel in de Amsterdamse raamprostitutie - een onderzoek naar de aard en opsporing van mensenhandel" published by the WODC, written by Verhoeven, M.A., Gestel, B. van, Jong, D. de (2011).

It is about window prostitution in Amsterdam. Pages: 176. Have I read it?


No time!!!! Very busy with other things. I have to take my own life into account.

I'll have to wait for one month. In the meantime I will continue lampooning the Dutch sex industry by writing about a forced prostitution case every week.

BTW: they have studied some trafficking cases in Amsterdam. It turns out that there is a complex relationship between prostitutes and their pimps. Often prostitutes support their pimps. But we knew that already. Perhaps I can add some Dutch trafficking stories to my word-document. The counter is on 1050......

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Polish forced prostitute


When I first started visiting prostitutes I wanted to know more about prostitution. I went to the library for books. One of the first books I read was ‘Ga je mee Schat?’ written by Henk Ruigrok & Bert Voskuil and published in 1998. It contains stories of 9 prostitutes. Most seem to be okay, although most don’t like their work. Two are addicted to drugs and work the streets. One story is of a prostitute who at first was forced to work in prostitution.

The story about Maria in the book ‘Ga je mee Schat?’ is a classical human trafficking story. Maria was in her early twenties when she was interviewed by Bert Voskuil in the brothel she then worked in. The writer Bert Voskuil meets her in a club in the north of the country. She is very cheerful and when a client comes she friendly asks him if he wants to go upstairs with her. He says ‘I’m married’. He accompanied a couple of friends who already went upstairs with prostitutes. She says that his wife won’t notice what they do together. Other girls tell Bert Voskuil that behind this happy façade there are many emotional scars.

She had no job in Poland, she was divorced and lived with her child in the home of her divorced mother, who was an alcoholic. An acquaintance offered her a job behind in a bar in the Netherlands which could earn her 100 guilders per evening. A taxi brought her to the Netherlands. The taxi driver was paid a 1000 guilders for that. Another Polish girl, who was also promised a job behind a bar, travelled with her. A Polish woman brought her and she directly wanted to have their passports. They travelled without pause to the Netherlands. She could sleep in the house of a disabled man, a Moroccan man, in Delft. The next day they were brought by two Moroccan helpers of the man to The Hague. They got new clothes and had to work there as prostitutes behind the window (brothel). She didn’t want to. She cried. She immediately wanted to go back to Poland, but they had taken everything away from them, also their passports.

They beat her. The disabled Moroccan said that if she didn’t do the work, he would shoot her dead. He put a gun against her head. Then he pointed to the water, on which the leaves drifted. And he said: “Then we throw you in that, then you will sink under those leaves and nobody will ever see you back.”

While crying she sat down behind the window. There was also another Russian girl there, who was the girlfriend of the disabled Moroccan. She told that they had to look into the rooms where other girls were busy with a client. They let the door ajar so they could see everything.

She forgot what happened that day. She didn’t know anymore who was the first client. She was forced to work until she had earned 800 to 1000 guilders per day. While she tells the story she gets red spots in her neck.

She never expected that anything like this could happen in her life. In Poland she once said to her female friends that the last thing she would do in her life was working as a prostitute.

The next day she had to work again. She didn’t want to. She then was beaten again. In a way that they didn’t get black eyes. The disabled Moroccan ordered once of his helpers to held her arms behind her body and then he beat her with a glass cola bottle on her belly. That hurt terribly. Then they were brought by the two Moroccan helpers to The Hague again. They again had to work again, until they had earned 800 to 1000 guilders. Sometimes it was 4 or 5 o’clock at night before they went home exhausted.

In the beginning she had the hope that she would get a lot of money for the work. The disabled Moroccan said he wrote down all their earnings and they he would pay out everything. He would only deduct the costs of living, the travelling costs and the money he spent for their work clothing. He never paid a cent. She never got money in her hands.

She said that the women traffickers made a lot of money from them. Aside from the Polish girl who travelled with her to the Netherlands, six other women worked for the gang. Among them was also the girlfriend of the disabled Moroccan, the Russian woman who also was forced to work behind a window. There also was a Dutch girl who slept in Delft. She was addicted to drugs. She got drugs from the Moroccan. But she had to work in prostitution for that.

Later two other Polish girls joined in. Then all the Polish girls were brought to Zoetermeer, where they were put into a different house. It was so dirty there that the mice crawled into their mattresses.

When they did something what wasn’t to the liking of the pimps, they got a beating or punishment. Then they had to sleep over in the little rooms (window brothels) in The Hague. She has worked in three different streets in The Hague. In the first street it was 25 guilders per fuck, in the second it cost 35 guilders and in the third it was 50 guilders. She didn’t know the names of the streets anymore, except for the Doubletstraat.

She did try to leave but she had no passport and no money to phone home. Sometimes she was crying behind the window (brothel). A Dutch young man came in to ask what was going on. She told her story as good as possible because she only spoke bad Dutch. The young man called the police who came looking. She hoped they would arrest her because she had no passport, but they didn’t do anything. They said they would come back next day, but then the Moroccans brought her to a different work address because they heard the police came by. The Dutch young man found her again but he had to pay money because the girls who worked in the windows surrounding her wrote on little cards precisely how long the clients stayed with her. And they knew exactly how much she must have earned.

She found the work terrible and did everything to get out. She befriended the Russian girlfriend of the disabled Moroccan but she was also beaten often. Maria persuaded the Russian girlfriend to give Maria her passport back. When she got it back she asked a Dutch girl who worked one floor lower if she wanted to call the police. The Dutch girl had to call three times before the police came. They took her to the police station. There she said she wanted to lodge a complaint and also said that she wanted to drive with them to the addresses in Delft and Zoetermeer. But the police said they were not in a hurry because they wanted to wait before a translator had been arranged. Only after three days she could show the addresses were they lived to the police. But these houses had already been emptied by the Moroccans.

The Dutch young man and his girlfriend came to visit her sometimes in the crisis centre, and he told that the police did arrest the disabled Moroccan man, but they let him free again because of lack of evidence. They only had her complaint. In the police station she also asked the other Polish girl (who had travelled with her to the Netherlands) to lodge a complaint but she didn’t dare to. Especially when she heard that a Moroccan man visited her mother in Poland to ask if Maria was home. Her mother said: “No, Maria is in the Netherlands.”

Maria was expelled from the Netherlands, but later returned to the Netherlands illegally and made the decision to work as a prostitute independently. She finds a club better because it is cozy with the other girls, but she still hates going upstairs with clients. While working in prostitution for herself she had a relationship with a criminal who took a lot of her money.

This story made a big impression on me. If was surely shocked. Nowadays I’m never shocked anymore by forced prostitution stories. They make me curious. Also while rereading this story. Has it really happened? The most special thing is that the handicapped Moroccan featuring in this book also see,s to show up in a book written by Sietske Altink called ‘dossier vrouwenhandel NL’ (1993), also known as ‘stolen lives’ (the English edition). A Yugoslav prostitute called Zarita in the book is threatened to be sold to a Moroccan who was handicapped. The same person? I believe at least the disabled Moroccan did exist and was a human trafficker. But it could be a coincidence. Perhaps there were two disabled Moroccan human traffickers.

As I stated earlier, 8 other prostitutes are also described in the book ‘Ga je mee schat?’. None of the other prostitutes have been coerced in prostitution. So, it seems that Maria’s story is the exception. However, two prostitutes described are heavy drug addicts who work the streets. The other prostitutes seem to be independent and in control. Only two in my opinion seem to like their work. One is Angelique, a young deaf woman. She goes with pleasure to the club. The first day she worked in the club she didn’t take an extra long shower like other girls do, she tells. She call the period in prostitution the happiest period in her life. She likes the attention and she is even paid for it! Another example is the 38-years old Joyce who works in her home. She receives a couple of client per week. She says that 2 of 4 clients really satisfy her personal feelings. These clients have women-friendly sex. They don’t just grab her from underneath, but they are soft and tender.

The other prostitutes are not so positive. The Finnish window prostitute Lisa tells that after her first client, she felt ‘very low’. She tells that in general that it would be better for a girl if they don’t start with this work. Lisa often feels sad, she thinks because of this work. She find the period when she works in prostitute as a big minus point in her life. She wants to forget this time. She wants to erase this period as if it never happened. It will always be her big secret.

Also the Carla, the brothel owner of the Chaplin club in Den Bosch is interviewed. She tells that she will never be happy in this business. She has also worked in prostitution. She tells that she was very lucky. When she hears the stories of other girls she often thinks how lucky her youth was. She was never molested. And she never was abused by family members like many other girls. She tells that many women with an inferiority complex do this work. They hear the whole night how beautiful they are. That’s good for their self confidence. If she has the impression that women are forced then she doesn’t allow them to work in her brothel. Sometimes she is offered women by what she calls ‘the mafia’. If she wants to buy girls. She always rejects such offers. And she helped some girls, she found out later that they were forced, to go into hiding. She had some troubles with that. At one point even a gun was held against her head when they wanted to let her say where such a girl was. But she refused. Also women came to her brothel together with their daughters. Then they ask Carla if their daughters can work in her brothel because they (the mothers) have big debts.

It is interesting to read through this book again. I hope it will scare me off to ever visit a prostitute again. It has been 2 months ago that I did. I hope it will be forever. I believe that I am forced to write about forced prostitution forever, every week. What I did last year was very wrong. I abused women. But it was also a period during which I wasn’t so busy anymore with reading about prostitution.

I forgot.

I must never forget how women are abused in prostitution. I must never forget the crime that prostitution is. That’s the reason I didn’t visit a prostitute for 5 years. Reading about prostitution scares you off. I must never visit a prostitute again.

Often I easily switch between being pro-prostitution and anti-prostitution. I want to be anti-prostitution forever. Let’s stay that way (and I drank beer).

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Hungarian connection


Lately I noticed that the social workers are so silent about the prostitutes in the Red Light Right Districts. In my mind there’s an information-vacuum nowadays. How’s the situation now for (Eastern European) prostitutes. Are they in a better situation now? It turns out, that I’m just very forgetful. Toos Heemskerk has said something about them. Especially about the Hungarians of whom there are many in the Red Light Districts nowadays. Toos Heemskerk is a social worker for the Scharlaken Koord on de Wallen in Amsterdam and speaks with many prostitutes.

I draw from the monthly magazine of the Tot Heil des Volks, A Christian organization of which the Scharlaken Koord is a sub organization. Tot Heil des Volks also helps Christian gay people to cope with their feelings. The issue I refer to is the one from July/August 2010 volume 73 860. Here’s the link:

The issue also contains an article in support of Israel about the ‘flotilla’ to Gaza which the writer sees as the beginning of a process that will culminate into the Gog-Magog war prophesized by Ezechiel. Also very interesting, but I don’t believe in prophesies.

Toos Heemskerk went through 84 questionnaires with Hungarian women and asked among other things about the expectations that they had of the work in the Netherlands. She tells that ‘women come here with the idea to earn much money. Many women do know that they are going to work in the Netherlands as a prostitute. But of the exploitation that comes with it, they have no idea.’ Almost 20 percent of the women that Toos Heemskerk spoke to, had work weeks of 112 hours. They start at 13:00 hours and work until 5 hours at night, seven days a week. Outside the world of prostitution they have no contacts. That’s also difficult. The women speak no Dutch and their knowledge of English doesn’t often reach further than words like ‘fuck’ and ‘suck’.

In the Netherlands pimps decide where the women live and work, so the research learns. Many women rent an apartment and pay approximately 1500 to 1800 euro per month for that. Often they have to share such an apartment with others. One woman told that she had to rent a room with six other women. These women all paid 1500 euro rent. On top of that they had to pay 150 euro each day for their ‘window’.

A large segment of the Hungarian women of the Hungarian women is Roma and come from Nyíregyháza, one of the poorest cities in Hungary. Many women grow up there in state institutions where pimps recruit potential prostitutes. Toos Heemskerk tells that ‘women have their papers in order and have at their disposal a business plan of 35 pages, which they are registered with at the Chamber of Commerce. The business plan has been arranged by the Hungarian pimps, they don’t understand a word of it themselves. We hope that politics exert more control over this.’

For the Scharlaken Koord it’s difficult to give structural help to the women from Hungary. ‘The prostitutes don’t speak the Dutch language, which causes it to be difficult to find other work for them. Many Eastern European women are also not allowed to work in paid employment. Except for prostitution there is above all no other work where they could earn enough money to pay the mountainous house rent.’

‘In Hungary there’s a need for a fair and good prevention. I have spoken with a headmaster of a foster home in Hungary. She had no idea what happens with girls who were lured by pimps to the Netherlands.’

De Oogst also refers to an article in the newspaper Trouw about Hungarian network who forces women into prostitution. You can find the article here:
(De Hongaarse connectie, Perdiep Ramesar, 2 December 2009. UPDATE as of December 20, 2014: the newspaper TROUW withdrew this article because the writer refused to name his sources. He was eventually fired and the newspaper withdrew 126 of his articles. I have no clue what he actually made up in this article. I think most of it is true.)

The newspaper draws upon a confidential report of the Nationale Recherche. The Nationale Recherche refers to this gangs as the groups Lunar and Zwaan. Dozens of women have worked for this network. 40 women are known to be victim of this gang divided over 15 independently operating pimps who facilitate each other. Some members of the gang were already arrested but the gang was still operational at the time the article was written. The women were lured to the Netherlands with promises of wealth. Most didn’t know they were going to work as prostitutes.

After arrival in the Netherlands they have to work behind the windows of de Wallen of Amsterdam, the Achterdam in Alkmaar and the Geleenstraat in The Hague. Their passports are taken and their freedom of movement limited. The women only are in two places: in the red light districts where they work, and in the houses where they live. Those houses, often in Alkmaar, are arranged by the traffickers who also live there themselves. The pimps get help from four facilitators who for example arrange the houses. According to the Nationale Recherche two of them are brothel owners on the Achterdam in Alkmaar.

The women are socially isolated, speak no Dutch or English, and are often in love with their pimps. For this reason they often don’t feel victims. When new women report to the brothel owners to rent a ‘window’ often an experience victim accompanies them. Officially they are independent and report taxes to the tax department, but the pimps buy their clothes and decide other details. One of the women had to have her hair in a ponytail instead of braided.

The pimps decide the working hours and push the women to work harder. The women have to hand over all their earned money and only get some pocket money for food and drink. They have to work whole days, from early in the morning until late at night when the windows close, seven days a week. Also violence was used against them if they didn’t do what the pimps wanted or if they earned too little.

The pimps prefer not to enter the prostitution areas but keep in contact with the prostitutes by mobile telephone. One pimp earned 94361 euro from four prostitutes in seven months. Another earned 219707 euro with three prostitutes in fourteen months.

So for me personally: what’s the lesson?

That nothing has changed. Everything remains the same. The women know that they will work in prostitution. But they are exploited to the bone.

So it is important to look beyond the smiling faces and realize for me that there’s a lot of misery behind that and that only a little bit of money that I pay to them goes to the women.

Always important to keep on realizing this..... every week.

The happy sex worker doesn’t exist. Deep down they all hate their work.

Lately I had it again. I was in a place where brothels are very nearby. The Zandpad is just a half-an-hour walk from the Central Station along the canal the Oudegracht going into the Vecht. My mind was continuously in battle. Deep down a little voice says that there are no problems in prostitution. As a zombie I walked across the window-boats. The girls smiling in their red lights. Unfortunately the distance between prostitute and client is bigger than in other window prostitution streets, the bridges over the water are several meters long, so the prostitutes are more difficult to observe. What is striking are the Moroccans and other immigrant men who hang around, walking by, driving by in cars with the four of them. Are they just viewers? Just clients? Just friends? I see three Moroccan men walking across a bridge towards a girl behind a window. They talk for a while. Did I just see her very quickly grab something from her bra and give it to them? Was that imagination? They walk back to their cars. I also see Latin American women having extensive contact with groups of men. They spoke Dutch. What their relationships are? I don’t know. Are they just friends? I was in the Doubletstraat in The Hague a year ago and what is noticeable are the large number of black men who are just standing there. What their roles are? I don’t know. On de Wallen you rarely see men being so clearly present.

I have to stir up my conscience.

Sex/work is abuse work.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Slovakian prostitute


Here’s another story from the rechtspraak-website that is actually readable (not only a long list of accusations). It’s about a Slovakian woman who worked in prostitution in the window prostitution street Nieuwstad in Groningen, but fell in love with the wrong guy. He was very controlling over her. All money went to him. If this situation is representative for all Slovakian prostitutes I don’t know. But I’m afraid it is. I hope for the time being this story will scare me off enough so that I won’t visit a prostitute ever again. I must keep my conscience active. I am a righteous person. One forced prostitution story a week, I will fulfill my oath.

I have to admit that the stories don’t shock me at all anymore. In reality I’m rather curious and want to discover if it is real. Actually, the stories make me excited because I discover even more! But I hope it is sufficient for me to stay away from the sex workers and not abuse them.

Sex work is abuse work.

This court file has LJN-number BJ6912. Here’s the link:

And here is a quote which I translated from Dutch into English:
The court upon judging has paid attention to the following evidence.

An in lawful form formulated report concerning a person at the day of 3 July 2007, recorded on page 1213-1241 of file number 07-007667 at the day of 28 January 2008 (hereafter to be called the file I) containing the testimony of [victim]
In the summer of 2005, when I was approximately 3 weeks in the Netherlands and worked as a prostitute, I got to know [suspect]. [Suspect] acted very sweet towards me. I had the impression that he was in love with me. After approximately 6 weeks [witness 1] and I went back to Slovakia. We have asked [suspect] to pick us up from Schiphol when we came back. We didn’t want to work anymore for the Albanian boys. I wanted to go back to Groningen to earn money myself in prostitution. After we had been in Slovakia [suspect] picked me and [witness 1] up from Schiphol and we went directly to our display window. This one was already reserved. [Suspect] brought presents with him and flowers and then said: “That is for my honey.” He behaved very courtly. At one moment I was finished with working and then I was picked up and we went to his house in Hoogezand. I have slept approximately two months together with [suspect] in his house. [Suspect] brought me to Groningen every day and also picked me up again.
At the end of August 2005 I went back again to Slovakia. I was pregnant then. About that pregnancy we had a quarrel. [Suspect] wanted an abortion. In Slovakia I then went to the hospital in connection with my epilepsy. Then I also underwent an abortion. When I laid in the hospital, I was phoned every day by [suspect]. He repeatedly asked me when I would come back. I went back to [suspect]. [Suspect] paid my airline ticket. I understood from [suspect] that his mother had paid for my airline ticket. [Suspect] told me that when I came back to the Netherlands I had to go to work again. I understood that he meant that I had to work in prostitution again. He said that at least I had to pay back the costs of the airline ticket and also that for me no other work was there for me in the Netherlands. Approximately 2 or 3 days after my arrival in the Netherlands [suspect] again brought me every day to my display window in Groningen. He also picked me up again. [Suspect] and I have talked after my return to the Netherlands about how it should continue with us because [suspect] had no work. We decided then that I would work in prostitution again. The first time that [suspect] brought me to the display window, he said that he had to pay for fuel for bringing and picking me up. He then said that I had to pay him 50 euro each day for the costs of fuel. After a week [suspect] repeatedly came to me for money. [Suspect] said that I could better give the money to him. This came approximately a month after I had come back to the Netherlands again. If I then needed something, I had to ask [suspect] for my own money. When I asked for money to [suspect] two days before I had to pay the rent I didn’t get it. I then had a problem and had to work very hard in prostitution to be able to pay the rent two days later. Since this time he began to control me and he phoned me repeatedly when I was working. When I worked during the night he often drove with the car through the street. He kept an eye on everything. I even wasn’t allowed to go out for a dinner myself in Groningen. When [suspect] came to pick me up I then always directly had to hand over my money to him.
The father of [suspect] has told me that I had to stop working in prostitution because of my epilepsy and I certainly shouldn’t hand over my earned money to his son. I told him that [suspect] took all my money. So I shouldn’t give it to him. After this conversation with the father of [suspect] [suspect] and his father engaged into a quarrel. Then for 2 weeks I was able to keep my earned money myself. After these two weeks he came again with sad stories. He then even got my money that I have saved by myself. I gave this to him even after his father had told me that I mustn’t do this. He told me again that he loved me. He told that I was the only one for him. I then started to feel pity for him and then subsequently I gave him my earned money nevertheless.
The house on the Hazelaarstraat 79 in Groningen had to be furnished and [suspect] told me
that if I wanted to get rid of this concern as quickly as possible then I had to work firmly.
Even if I said that I couldn’t work, then he always knew to convince me that I did go again even if I actually couldn’t. He always had something to get me so far. Then he talked about things that we still had to pay or needed. I then went to work once again because I didn’t want a quarrel. [Suspect] always said to me when I had to start working. [Suspect] always said to me: “As long as you haven’t earned 250 euro you don’t go home”. I also had to work when I had my period or if I had problems with my ovaries. Yet even if I had so much stomach ache then I just had to take a pill and go working.
He decided over everything. I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere. I only was allowed to sit at home or to work. I wasn’t allowed contact with other girls because I only was allowed to work. He said: “If you are working then you must work”. It also happened that [suspect] came to me in the display window. He then closed the curtains and inspected my display window. He looked if I possibly hid money and he looked if I possibly had bought new bikinis. He really looked everywhere. [Suspect] controlled me from April 2006 until the end of May 2007. He also inspected my mobile telephone. He wanted to see what kind of messages I had and with whom I phoned. I received € 10,- call credit per week from him.
From October 2005 until the end of May 2007 I had to hand over my earned money to [suspect]. Most days I earned 250 euro. To earn this I sometimes had to work until 06:00 hours. I earned on average a nett 1200 to 1300 euro per week. Most money I gave to [suspect].
In 2007 I went away for 2 or 3 weeks to Slovakia. [Suspect] definitely didn’t want that but I could convince him when I said that I needed new medicines for my epilepsy. When I came back again I immediately was obliged by [suspect] to work. I had to pay 4000 euro because he made debts, he said. It also happened that [suspect] went to Turkey. When [suspect] was there I had to send 500 euro each Monday to him. I say send but I had to give the money to [witness 5].
[Suspect] said to [witness 4] that I would always come back to him, because girls who work in prostitution are psychologically such that you can easily wrap them around your finger again and let them do what you want. He had also said to [witness 4] that he didn’t love me but that 6000 euro per month was pleasant.
[Suspect] has made abuse of the fact that I was in love with him. He repeatedly put me under pressure at the moment I wanted to leave him. He blackmailed me with my medicines for my epilepsy. When I indicated that I was going to leave him he then withheld my pills. I really need these medicines so then I stayed again with him. [Suspect] also threatened to inform my mother.

An in lawful form formulated report concerning a person at the day of 12 August 2008 of file number PL01SA/07-071345, containing the testimony of [witness 3]
Sometimes I had the impression that [suspect] forced [victim] into prostitution. [Victim] sometimes said that she was not going to work earlier than the evening and I saw that the face of [suspect] darkened and then [victim] immediately started to work again. [Suspect] was angry when [victim] hadn’t worked.

An in lawful form formulated report concerning a person made at the examining judge at the day of 11 May 2009, containing the testimony of [witness 3]
She had to hand over the money and also go to the display window if he said so. Immediately in the car on the way from the display window she gave him the money. I have also seen that. I have seen how he drove with the car passed her display window. She was controlled by him. He often drove around with the car, [victim] was afraid to keep money for herself, because she didn’t know how often he drove by and how often he saw the curtains closed. He has also phoned her. She worked every day also during the weekend. [Suspect] was the pimp of [victim]. [Suspect] brought [victim] to her work. [Suspect] spent the money himself. He asked money for his personal necessities.

An in lawful form formulated report concerning a person made at the examining judge at the day of 14 May 2008, containing the testimony of [witness 1]
I noticed that [suspect] used [victim]. [Suspect] had no money. [Suspect] controlled [victim]. He asked how many clients she has had. He sometimes drove 20 times per day through de Nieuwstad. [Victim] didn’t go out. She didn’t buy anything for herself. He didn’t want that she transferred money to Slovakia. Sometimes she was completely without money. She has told me that she had to transfer her money to the account of the mother of [suspect].

An in lawful form formulated report concerning a person at the day of 19 November 2007 recorded on page 1273-1277 of file I, containing the testimony of [witness 6]
This year, in March / April, [victim] was working and wanted to go home, but that wasn’t allowed by [suspect] because she hadn’t earned enough money that day. I have seen once that after a client just left [victim] immediately made a phone call. She told me that after a client she immediately had to phone [suspect], so that he had control over the number of clients that she had.

An in lawful form formulated report concerning a person made at the examining judge at the day of 14 May 2008, containing the testimony of [witness 5]
Some three years ago [suspect] asked me if I wanted to transfer money to Turkey. His girlfriend was supposed to bring that to me in the shop. She has handed over money to me 3 or 4 times. Each time that was an amount of 300 or 400 euro.

An in lawful form formulated report concerning a person made at the examining judge at the day of 26 March 2008, containing the testimony of [witness 4]
I have seen 1 or 2 times that [victim] handed over money to [suspect]. [Suspect] reached out his hand and she gave him money without saying something. I have asked [suspect] once if he loved her. He then said: “Fuck her. I must have money”.

An in lawful form formulated report concerning a person made at the day of 14 June 2007 recorded on page 1252-1260 of file I, containing the testimony of [witness 4]
I have seen once myself that she gave all her money to [suspect]. [Suspect] and also [victim] (the court understands ‘person who lodges a complaint’) have told me that she had to earn at least 250 Euro per day, she wasn’t allowed to stop earlier. I heard from [suspect]: “I always take away all her money.”
She was afraid to become alone and she was made dependent on him.
On one evening [suspect] came to me and he started to tell that [victim] was associating with another Turk and he was angry. I said to him”: “Do you love [victim]?” He said: “No!” I said: “Well then you rather let her go with that Turk then. What is the problem?” He said: “You don’t understand. I pay 3000 euro of her money on my house for bills for rent, gas, light, water and all expenses and also for the expenses of the car. Then I lose that!”
[Suspect] pretended false love and took away the money earned by her in prostitution. I heard from [victim] that he did this for 2 years. I also heard this from [suspect]. With the remark [victim] is a factory, he means he earns money from her.

An in lawful form formulated report concerning a person made at the day of 19 December 2007 recorded on page 1184-1195 of file I, containing the testimony of [father of suspect]
I have told ‘the girl’ (the court understands ‘person who lodged a complaint’) that she had to save the money herself and when [suspect] would ask her for money she mustn’t pay that to him. I did scream to [suspect] and was very angry with him. I don’t want to do wrong things. So clean as I am, that way I also wish [suspect] to be.

The testimony made by suspect on the hearing on the day of 20 August 2009
I did say to her that she had to work because the rent had to be paid. I have shown her the way in the life of prostitution. I have sometimes paid for her ticket to the Netherlands. I have also reserved a display window for her. When I went to my mother then I said to her: “Or I bring you to your work or you go with the taxi.” [Victim] paid the rent to me for the Hazelaarstraat. Yet I have always driven little rounds over the Nieuwstad. I did phone her and said to her that she would phone me too and we often had sms-contact. I controlled her because she suffered from epilepsy. I received money from her to for example get medicines or cigarettes or to refuel. She transferred money when I was in Turkey to buy clothing or other items for her.

An in lawful form formulated report concerning a person made at the day of 14 September 2007 recorded on page 1123-1125 of file I, containing the testimony of suspect
I took a house so [victim] could live with me.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A Hungarian case


I found a very interesting file from, one of the few that is actually readable (many related to human trafficking cases in the north of the Netherlands). I find it especially so interesting because the events happened very recently, in the period 2009-2010. If I’m right, this is the most detailed story I know of about prostitutes in the Netherlands who knew they would work in prostitution and planned to do this but entered a situation of terrible exploitation. And, it is a story from multiple angels: multiple victims, multiple suspects, multiple other people involved. So, it will be difficult to say this is a fake. Except if you believe debt bondage is just fine or merely another form of contract labour.

I have fulfilled my oath once again. A human trafficking story every one (or two) week(s). I hope this story will scare me off for the time being so I won’t visit prostitutes ever again. Especially when one of the prostitutes says this work is very hard for her. I have to realize that, for some women this work is terrible and demeaning. This is what I do to some women (if I visit prostitutes).

If the situation of the prostitutes in this case is representative for all Hungarian prostitutes remains to be seen. But I’m afraid it is. I think the precautionary principle suffices here. I have to realize where the money goes to.

Note by the way that Nieuwstad means a window prostitution street in the city of Groningen. The rooms they talk about are the window brothels.

Here’s the link:

And here a part of the text that I translated from Dutch into English:
The court has upon judging given attention to the following evidence:
-the statement of the suspect, made at court proceedings:
Possibly 4 years ago I already went to the Netherlands.
When I went to the Netherlands my wife was in the Netherlands and I found it pleasant here. I wanted to make money here.
In the Netherlands I first stayed in hotel Friesland.
In the [street] I continuously lived; the rent was 550 Euro per month.
The house was rented by the four girls and I also lived there. They rented and I had to pay. In Hungary I have paid the house and I have agreed that with these persons.
I know [victim 1] also as [victim 1] or [victim 1].
She came to me for help in Hungary. She came with me and two men to the Netherlands and I have been helpful in that. I have lent money to her to pay for the journey.
She has paid groceries once.
My daughter has lent her money sometimes.
In Stuttgart we came with my car. I have dropped her off in the hotel.
I know [victim 2] or [victim 2].

-A minutes at the day of 21 May 2010, recorded as page 528 and further in the file with number 01RET10004 (hereafter defined as police file), including a testimony of the woman who has lodged a complaint [victim 1]:
In Hungary, where she ‘rarely’ worked in prostitution, she got to know [suspect]. This person indicated that she could earn more in the Netherlands. When she would go with him she would have to pay the trip back to him and the rent of the room. Nothing more.
In October 2009 was the first short visit to the Netherlands; I have been there for a week then. On 6 December 2009 I was in the Netherlands again. In Groningen, Nieuwstad.
The First time I went with the bus from Hungary to Utrecht and from Utrecht with the train to Groningen.
The second time I came with the pimp from Hungary with the car.
[Suspect] is a Hungarian and lives at the [address] in Groningen. [suspect] was given money from a girl that worked with him and she sent that via Western Union. That girl was [fellow suspect 3], daughter of [suspect].
The ex-wife of [suspect] is named [fellow suspect 2], also known as [fellow suspect 2].
[fellow suspect 3] explained to me how I had to work; she told about amounts of money, duration and clients.
In Groningen she introduced me to the wife of [suspect].
That same evening I already had to work.
(531) I worked every day. I also have paid three hundred Euro once [the court understands: earned] but there were also days that I earned nothing.
(532) [suspect] said that I earned better than the other girls: [involved person 3], daughter [fellow suspect 3] and his wife. His wife is named [fellow suspect 1], we called her [fellow suspect 1].
With the money that I earned I paid the display window. I sent 200 Euro per week to Hungary, to the ex-wife of [suspect], on behalf of my children, who stayed with her.
When [suspect] was in the Netherlands I also had to buy food for him and I also paid for the telephone bills and the drugs that he used. For the drugs approximately 50 Euro per month and the telephone approximately 40 Euro per week.
The best days I earned 600 Euro. On average 300 Euro.
I was afraid of him, because I often saw that he beat his wife.
(533) The display window rent amounts to 535 Euro per week.
According to [suspect] I still owe him 2000 Euro and 93.000 Forint (interpreter: approximately 380 or 400 Euro).
If I wouldn’t pay that off then I would end up badly. If I would go back to Hungary he would take care that my children will end up in a foster home and that I would be viewed as dead. He has threatened me with that.

-A minutes at the day of 22 May 2010, recorded as page 537 and further in the police file, including a testimony of the woman who has lodged a complaint [victim 1]:
[Suspect is aggressive] and viewed me as his possession.
On 15 February 2010: We came with the five of us back from Hungary: me, [involved person 3], [suspect], a godson [involved person 5] (his usual name is [involved person 5] and a friend of [suspect]. We went via Stuttgart.
In Stuttgart we had to work because according to [suspect] we could earn so well there: 700 or 800 euro per day. [involved person 3] and I had to work in a sauna bar. We have sat there for two evenings. I have earned nothing, [involved person 3] had two clients.
The next day we drove to Groningen.
Other girls who worked for [suspect] were: [involved person 4], she has come with [suspect] to Groningen to amuse him. After 4 days [involved person 4] also working in prostitution.
Before my period a girl named [victim 2] has also done this work for [suspect].

-A minutes at the day of 25 May 2010, recorded as page 540 and further in the police file, including a testimony of the woman who has lodged a complaint [victim 1]:
From Stuttgart we arrived in Groningen on the [street], around 18 or 19 February 2010. After arrival I have rested for three hours and [suspect] brought me from there to the parking garage and I went on foot to the Nieuwstad; I came to work in the room of [fellow suspect 1]. I paid the room rent to [involved person 6].
[involved person] gave orders. I always do what he says.
Daily I had to work from 05.30 hours until 02.00 hours at night, that was on the weekdays. In the weekends we had to work early morning and we could rest from 08.00 until 11.00.
[Involved person 3], [fellow suspect 3], [fellow suspect 1] and later [involved person 4] also worked there. [Involved person 4] was shown the way by [fellow suspect 3].
I have worked in Groningen for a number of periods:
In October 2009 one week.
From 6 December 2009 until 9 or 10 February 2010;
From 18 or 19 February until 21 May 2010.
I haven’t had a single free day. Because of illness I haven’t worked for 4 days. I had stomach ache, menstruation and fever. I then resided shortly in the [street]. [Suspect] said: there is nothing to eat, go get the groceries. I went with the bus to the Nieuwstad and then bought the groceries with [involved person 4]. After this, I was obliged to go back by [suspect] to work because there were many clients in the street and that was reported by [fellow suspect 3] to [suspect].

-A minutes at the day of 28 May 2010, recorded as page 543 and further in the police file, including a testimony of the woman who has lodged a complaint [victim 1]:
Shown is a handwritten text (supplement HEP23), concerning a debt certificate.
[involved person 3] has lent money from [fellow suspect 3] and [fellow suspect 1]. My autograph is on it. [Involved person 3] writes that she pays the money back. The credit loan runs from 7 September 2009 until 16 April 2010. As far as I know [involved person 3] had a debt of 950 Euro.
They also did that with me: when I had a debt then without any warning it was suddenly raised. We had to hand over 50 Euro every day to [suspect], it happened that on one day I couldn’t pay this amount, but then the day after I had to pay 250 Euro. [Involved person 3] also paid 50 Euro per day. [Involved person 4] didn’t have to pay.
I am also named [victim 1].
From December 2009 until mid February 2010 [suspect] and his wife [fellow suspect 1] lived in hotel Friesland in Groningen. For that we had to pay 65 Euro per day in rotation. Per day [suspect] received money from three girls, [fellow suspect 3], [fellow suspect 1] and me. This was paid in rotation by one of the three of us per day.
We spent the night always in our working room.
[Suspect] spent the night in the hotel because there was no house yet. We later also had to pay for the house in the [street].
(545) [fellow suspect 3] also worked. She was complaisant with the transferring of money via Western Union to the ex-wife ([fellow suspect 2]) of [suspect]. It was agreed that I would pay 200 Euro per week for taking care of my children by the ex-wife.
The circumstances in the street were bad with respect to clients and thus income. I slept only 2 hours because I didn’t want to get debts.
I put aside money every day, in any case for the window rent and furthermore of course 200 Euro for the children.
When [suspect] wasn’t there I had to pay 20 Euro per day to [fellow suspect 3]. I heard from [suspect] that I had to do this and I didn’t refuse that. During that period I have paid 20 Euro to [fellow suspect 3] every day for approximately 2 weeks. In started on the day that [suspect] departed to Hungary, mid-January until I departed 2 weeks later.

-A minutes at the day of 29 June 2010, recorded as page 708 and further in the police file, including a testimony of the woman who has lodged a complaint [victim 2]:
I have been brought by a man named [suspect] from Hungary to the Netherlands and he has taken a lot of money from me under threat.
I come from a poor family. I entered into a relationship with somebody ([relationship]); this person got in jail. I was 17 and had financial problems.
[Suspect] told that he could help me with earning money. He wanted to transfer my child (son born on 9-11-07).
[Suspect] kept on talking to me and wanted to arrange my son’s custody.
When I was 18 I was taken by [suspect] to the Netherlands. This was two weeks after my 18nth birthday.
I arrived in Groningen, in the Nieuwstad. I was supposed to work in prostitution for myself. [Suspect] automatically asked money from me and the other girls. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I had to hand over 50 Euro. I handed it over to [suspect] or to [fellow suspect 3] or a [fellow suspect 1]. [Fellow suspect 3] is his daughter. [Fellow suspect 1] his wife.
[Fellow suspect 2] is the first wife of [suspect] and she is family of [fellow suspect 1].
On Thursday, Friday and Saturday I had to hand over 100 euro per day. [Suspect], [fellow suspect 3] or [fellow suspect 1] took the money from me. After approximately a month the amounts were raised. 50 became 100 and 100 became 150. [Suspect] is aggressive and on drugs.
He blackmailed me with my child. He threatened to snatch my son from my mother.
[Suspect] let me use drugs, cocaine. After one month working I didn’t want to any longer. He obliged me to use drugs; he said: You must snort it or else you will see what’s going to happen. Furthermore I had to have sex with him, in his house and one time in the display window. I didn’t want that.
Because of financial necessity I went to work in prostitution. The agreement with [suspect] was that he would help me with pointing out the place. The money I would earn for myself. [Fellow suspect 1] helped me with working as a prostitute, with the prices and terms.
I have worked for more than 8 months for [suspect]. Not a single penny went to my mother.
The financial situation of my family in Hungary is tragical. My mother took care of the income; she was day labourer.
I was four months pregnant of my boyfriend [relation] when I got to know [suspect]. [Suspect] also wanted per se that [fellow suspect 2] would get the custody of my son. I didn’t want that. [Suspect] approved with that, but later in the Netherlands he revoked on that. I more or less agreed with him that he would pay for the workplace but that I could send the earnings to my mother.
I knew that I would go to the Netherlands for prostitution work.

-A minutes at the day of 30 June 2010, recorded as page 715 and further in the police file, including a testimony of the woman who has lodged a complaint [victim 2]:
We have driven with the car of [suspect] to the Netherlands, in one go without sleeping over.
I was obliged by him to arrange a health insurance myself in Hungary. I have done that.
[Suspect] has convinced my mother that I was supposed to do cleaning work in the Netherlands.
[Fellow suspect 2] has said that I must go with him and she has explained to me what I had to do in the Netherlands.
They impressed upon me that I would get a beautiful life and make a lot of money. [Fellow suspect 1] would explain the rest to me in the Netherlands.
I know [fellow suspect 3] as the daughter of [suspect]; I had also seen her already in Hungary. [Suspect] then told me she worked as a whore.
In Hungary no amounts of earnings were named. They did indicate that I could earn well from 1000 to 2000 Euro per week. I have believed that.
Work clothes would be arranged by [suspect].
I have come to the Netherlands in 2008, two weeks after my 18nth birthday.
I came together with [involved person 7]. I had no money myself at that moment.
We arrived at midnight in Groningen. In the house were talks between [suspect], [fellow suspect 3] and [fellow suspect 1]. After this, [suspect] brought us, [involved person 7], [fellow suspect 1], [fellow suspect 3] and myself, in the car to the cinema in Groningen. There he dropped us off. [Fellow suspect 1] has shown us the street (Nieuwstad). I have slept in the display window. After we had slept we have been to window landlord [involved person 6] to rent a display window.
We have rented a room for a week. [Fellow suspect 3] has given me 535 Euro. [Fellow suspect 1] gave 535 Euro to [involved person 7]. This was for the window rent. I sat next to [fellow suspect 1] in the display window. I had earned the money in 2 days.
I have cried because I had to do this work. Mentally it was burdensome for me.
[Fellow suspect 1] lent me the condoms. I had to go to the doctor once per month.
The prices have been put on a little paper by [fellow suspect 1] and [fellow suspect 3].
[Suspect] threatened me with my child in case I would run off.
Ultimately I have worked 8 months for him. I had to work for him because he threatened me. Namely I had said to him that I would go to the consulate. So he threatened me with my child and took my i.d.-card from me.
[Suspect] bought clothes for me of my money. That was allowed only once per month and at most 50 Euro. I was only allowed to go with [fellow suspect 1] or [fellow suspect 3] to the shop. The rent for the display window I paid myself.
The house that [suspect] and [fellow suspect 1] rented, [Involved person 7] and I had to pay.
I had to work seven days per week. I opened the display window at morning at 6 o’clock until 18:00 hours. From 21.00 until 02.00 hours I then went working again. This repeated itself every day. [Suspect] decided the working hours.
I was not allowed to go anywhere. I was allowed to go to the internet café but then [fellow suspect 1] or [fellow suspect 3] had to be there. Most of the time I went internetting in the house of [suspect].
[Suspect] was actually the one who decided everything. [Fellow suspect 1] and [fellow suspect 3] supervised me acting upon the instructions of [suspect]. When I did things just like he indicated then [fellow suspect 3] phoned with her father or [fellow suspect 1] phoned with him and passed this on to him.
I then got the telephone from [fellow suspect 1] or [fellow suspect 3] and then got to hear from [suspect] that I wasn’t there to rest but to work. He then screamed through the telephone and threatened that if I wanted to see my son sooner I had to do everything like he said to me. He sounded nervous during these moments.

-A minutes at the day of 6 July 2010, recorded as page 723 and further in the police file, including a testimony of the woman who has lodged a complaint [victim 2]:
He always threatened me with my son. He also said I was his. I was in a strange country and didn’t know the language. I only knew [suspect], [fellow suspect 1] and [fellow suspect 3]. I wasn’t allowed to phone with my parents. He also wanted that I would use drugs. I also had sex with him. I wasn’t myself and couldn’t stand on my own legs. I think that I have used drugs: cocaine, it was a white stripe.
[Suspect] told me what I had to do with the men. He put cocaine on the table and placed lines. I had to sniff it up.
Approximately a week later I saw in his house what he had in store: shackles, a weapon and large vibrators. [Fellow suspect 1] said: he does it with every girl with the large vibrators.
When [suspect] noticed that I was done with him, he began to threaten. I said that I didn’t want to work anymore. He said: either your child or you will notice what the consequences are. I then said that I would stay then. Around 30 April I have earned another 4000 Euro. I said to [suspect]: is it enough then, am I free then? [Suspect] said: No.
At first I didn’t dare to lodge a complaint against him, because I was afraid that he would possibly do something against my family.

-A minutes at the day of 13 July 2010, recorded as page 731 and further in the police file, including a testimony of the woman who has lodged a complaint [victim 2]:
[Suspect] gave the order to [fellow suspect 1] and [fellow suspect 3] to take my money. They also had to hand over their earned money.
I also had to work during menstruation; little sponges were for sale for that.
If you earned 500 Euro on average you were a good girl. You had to earn 300 Euro per day at least. I earned daily for [suspect]. 150 Euro I did certainly earn per day, but I certainly earned more. I was popular with the clients because I was young. I wasn’t allowed to keep something. I also couldn’t send something to my mother.
[Suspect] one time went home in Hungary and I have given him 400 Euro for my mother. He hasn’t given it to my mother but bought a kart for his son of it.

-A minutes at the day of 21 May 2010, recorded as page 514 and further in the police file, including a testimony of [fellow suspect 3]:
[Victim 1] I got to know when she knocked on the door at my parents with two children at the door. I have sent money to Hungary so she would come to the Netherlands. We had agreed that [victim 1] would pay the money back to me what I lent to her.
She hasn’t earned anything last three or four weeks. She had lent money from me to send to her children and to pay the rent of the display window. [Victim 1] owes me approximately 2000 Euro. I wanted her to write me a debt certificate.

-A minutes at the day of 25 May 2010, recorded as page 687 and further in the police file, including a testimony of [involved person 1]:
I live for 2 years in the Netherlands and work on the Nieuwstad as a prostitute.
I know [victim 1]. She also worked there as a prostitute. She told that she belonged to [suspect] and that he didn’t want that she talked to other girls.
Of the 24 hours she worked 20 hours. Every now and then she secretly came to my room. She complained about her children and that [suspect] was a guardian of them. She couldn’t run off because [suspect] was a guardian of the children.
I know of one time that [victim 1] was in my room and the daughter of [suspect], [fellow suspect 3], also. I saw that [victim 1] started to tremble and went to her own room. Then she wasn’t allowed to come to me for three days. [Fellow suspect 3] didn’t come into the room but she gestured in front of the window that [victim 1] must go the her room. After this, [fellow suspect 3] phoned her father.
Every time that [fellow suspect 3] saw that [victim 1] talked with somebody she phoned her father. [Fellow suspect 1] also did this.

-A minutes at the day of 3 June 2010, recorded as page 694 and further in the police file, including a testimony of [involved person 1]:
[Fellow suspect 3] works as prostitute on the Nieuwstad.
When I arrived in Groningen [victim 2] just left. She worked for [suspect] and has fled for him. [Involved person 2] has helped her. [Victim 2] had fled once for [suspect] and was with [involved person 2] in my room. Then [fellow suspect 1] invaded the room and she said that she would beat up [victim 2]. [Suspect] then was constantly present on the telephone. She was obliged by him to come home.
[Suspect] is always waiting at home until the girls bring him money, as far as I know.

-A minutes at the day of 25 May 2010, recorded as page 687 and further in the police file, including a testimony of [involved person 2]:
[Victim 2] phoned me. She said: “Please [involved person 2], come to the Netherlands. I can’t work any longer. [Suspect] takes all my money.” I said that she had to go to the police but she didn’t dare to do that. Then after two weeks I went to the Netherlands.
I believe the passport or the ID-card of [victim 2] was at [suspect]. That’s why I have talked with the wife of [suspect]. She’s named [fellow suspect 1] or [fellow suspect 1]. I asked if she wanted to give back the passport of [victim 2]. [Suspect] then became angry. He said that girl is mine and she’s going nowhere. He said to me: I look after [victim 2]’s children.
I believe [Victim 2] has lived approximately 4 or 5 months with us and she then worked for herself. So I think from July 2008 until approximately November/December 2008.
We went for example once to the Grote Markt and then [suspect] began to talk to [victim 2]. He then said: “I’m going to fuck your mother, I will get you in Hungary, my time will come.”
[Suspect] has had a relationship with all girls and he just battered them all.

-A minutes at the day of 21 May 2010, recorded as page 555 and further in the police file, including a testimony of [involved person 3]:
I went at the end of February 2010 with [suspect] and [victim 1] in the car of [suspect] again to Groningen and went to work again in prostitution.
The other women who paid to [suspect] per day were his wife, his daughter [fellow suspect 3] and [victim 1]. I believe they paid 50 Euro per day.

-A minutes at the day of 26 May 2010, recorded as page 557 and further in the police file, including a testimony of [involved person 3]:
We departed by car from Hungary: [victim 1], [suspect] and I. En route we have worked for two days in prostitution in Stuttgart. I had two clients and have earned 100 Euro.

-A minutes of the hearing of the witness at the examining judge at the day of 19 October 2010, including the testimony of [victim 1]:
[Suspect] has a house near the shelter where I was. He often came there. I took a walk there with my children and he asked if I worked as a prostitute and that I could go abroad to earn a lot of money. I said that I wanted to do it for two months because financially I was in a wretched state. [Suspect] has spoken with my social worker of Youth en Family and that person told that I only was allowed to go abroad if another person got the custody over my children. [Suspect] has then phoned the Advisory Board for Child Welfare and the custody over my children then went to [fellow suspect 2], the ex-wife of [suspect]. I agreed with it because it only was for 2 months.
Because I went to the Netherlands to work as a prostitute [suspect] has given money to [fellow suspect 2] so she could buy a bus ticket for me. I then had my first debt to [suspect]. I went with the bus to the Netherlands. [Fellow suspect 3] picked me up in Utrecht and brought me to Groningen. She arranged a display window for me.
I wanted to go to Hungary by Christmas, but then [suspect] came with threats about the children. He said that if I didn’t earn more I was never allowed to go back to Hungary and if I didn’t show the right posture I would end up badly. If I didn’t do what [suspect] exactly said then the subject immediately was that the children would go to a boarding school.
I paid 200 Euro per month for the children. I paid this every Friday to [fellow suspect 1] or [fellow suspect 3], who transferred it to Hungary via Western Union.

-A minutes of the hearing of the witness at the examining judge at the day of 25 October 2010, including the testimony of [victim 2]:
[Suspect] gave orders to [fellow suspect 1] and [fellow suspect 3].
In 2008 I was afraid of [suspect] because he said if I wouldn’t work for him he would steal my child from my mother.
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