Monday, April 18, 2011

No forced prostitution in the Doubletstraat


I didn't mention that a couple of days ago (April the 8th 2011) 350 policemen (!!!!!) and 50 civil servants invaded the window prostitution street called the Doubletstraat in The Hague. There are 163 windows in that street. 157 prostitutes (!!!!) were taken to the city hall. The women mainly came from Bulgaria, Hungary and South America. Here is a link to an article in the NRC:

Now, that all the women have been interviewed and all the information is processed, the conclusion:

All the 157 prostitutes whom the police have interviewed during that evening and night have stated that they are not victims of human trafficking and that they do this work voluntarily. See this news item:

I don't know. Perhaps I could become very cynical again. I think Comensha too. They arranged emergency shelter for all the victims.

I would say that the women are so afraid that they don't dare to tell. They usually see the ones who exploit them as their friends or lovers. They usually see it as their duty to pay off their virtual debts.

On the other hand, perhaps I could just take a visit to the Doubletstraat. Perhaps that human trafficking thing is really just a big myth.


This is not good for my sex addiction.

am a rapist.


Cliente X said...

Hey! Long time no see, dude. Well, I'm happy u went back to ur addiction, I told u that :-)

First thing is that for sure u should contrast info not just visiting that neighbour, but going frequently in order to know it very well and get the friendship of some pros. This is the only way I know to obtain reliable info about prostitution.

I have written a lot about the myth of human traffiking. This is just a justification used by the pimps to cover their operations.

Finally of course no woman will say anything about the mafias, as they recognize "to speak is to look for troubles". There are a huge number of pimps, in this case double number of pros (350 vs 157). But its a rentable business, coz they extorsionate all of us. In fact u are paying the wage of the pimps, Mr.Donky.

Donkey said...

I don't understand your message. You say I should not just visit that neighbour(hood?) once (the Doubletstraat), but many times?

The myth of human trafficking is a justification used by the pimps to cover their operations?

And you mean per prostitute there is her mafia pimp and her window brothel owner pimp?

You say there's no human trafficking? But you acknowledge that the prostitutes are controlled by the mafia.

That's human trafficking in my opinion. Look, you could choose to be a prostitute. But if you are so afraid of your pimp that you just give him almost everything, that sure is forced prostitution. Or human trafficking.

Cliente X said...

Ok, excuse my english, I'll train to explain myself better:

1. You say I should not just visit that neighbour(hood?) once (the Doubletstraat), but many times?

Sure, I'm saying u should KNOW WELL that neighbourhood, not just make a fast visit. I needed a lot of nights to gain the trust of the whores in the streets of my city.

2. The myth of human trafficking is a justification used by the pimps to cover their operations?

THAT'S IT! They say that pimps come from abroad, and that they are fighting them. Errr... I suppose u remeber WHO ARE REALLY THEM. I told u once...

3. And you mean per prostitute there is her mafia pimp and her window brothel owner pimp?

No, no, no. I'm saying that there is just ONE AND HUGE MAFIA, that controls all prostitutes. But it doesn`t FORCE them to prostitution, pimps just want their money. It's same as TAXES, the state doesn`t force us to work, but it get part of the money from our work.

4. You say there's no human trafficking? But you acknowledge that the prostitutes are controlled by the mafia.

Hmmm. Well yeah, there is. It happens when persons are moved from a country to other against their will. Governments do that with inmigrants, so of course there is human trafick.

Not just ho's are controlled but all of us also. Mafia is as God: it's omnipresent. And u and me are paying their wages.

Donkey said...

Ahhh, you mean that if I visit prostitutes that I fill the pockets of the state!!!

Indeed, I have read that the tax department is very busy registering prostitutes. They have most of them on de Wallen now. The women pay taxes. It is rumoured that the non-governmental human traffickers play safe and go to the tax department themselves to register the prostitutes.

I do not agree human trafficking is only cross-border. Trafficking really just means trading. Like trading alcohol or fruit.

Human trafficking can happen within borders. That's called domestic human trafficking. Also Dutch women are trafficked in the Netherlands.

Hey, what do you think of the human trafficking cases I digged up recently? Are they plausible? So difficult to believe what's for real now. My word-file now exceeds 1000 forced prostitution cases I've collected. I could go on for 20 years if I post one story every week.

Cliente X said...

this is not a joke, man.

Can u read spanish? Today newspapers told again about a new scandal of pimps here:

Well, u ask me what I think about ur huge human trafficking data base. Greetings for u, but... have u ever find ONE of that cases by urself? Or there are all notices given by the media. Cause pimps use to give false reports to make innocent ppl they are the good guys.

Second question. Are u friend of ANY prostitute? Cos then maybe she could tell u which are the real problems she has.

Donkey said...

I can't speak Spanish. I'll use google translate.

I've met a prostitute in real life with her husband. She later said she was forced by him. I've chatted on the internet with prostitutes who said that they had been forced in the past but now work independently.

I think it really doesn't matter if you talk to them yourself compared to reading media stories. They could still hide the truth. Perhaps they lie.

I must be honest to say that indeed most of the trafficking stories I gathered are rather short. With many short mentions of victims of human trafficking within another story. I use them for head-counting; where do they work, what is their age, their nationality. Only a minority of stories contain many details. And of only a tiny minority of stories you can be REALLY sure it is for real because it is not based on just one source. Many stories are from one source only: the victim. They could lie. You never know.

I generally rely on field observations by social workers. They say many prostitutes in the red light districts are pimp controlled. But, that was a few years ago. I have to wait for information if this is still the case. The Bulgarian, Romanian and Hungarian prostitutes who work the RLD's now could in principle work on their own without help. Perhaps they already do that now. We'll have to wait for new information to come in.

Cliente X said...

Ok, I'm here again. Man, I have met many, hundreds of prostitutes that have become my friends. I go out with them, they invite me to their homes, they present me their friends, families and of course their boyfriends...

From my own (and I think deep) experience, human traffic of prostiutes is no existent. Of course I don`y know all kinds of prostitution and maybe some girls could be force in a lonely country house. But in the equivalent of the doubletstraat here (streets Montera, Desengaño, Gran Vía...) that is fully false. And feminists, socialists, politicians, social workers and policemen assure them all that the girls are forced and brought against their will. Why social workers give that message? MAN! THEY GET PUBLIC MONEY FOR FIGHTING AGAINST THAT PROBLEM! Without problem there is no more subventions! They are the "real mafias" thay earn money with prostitution!

I think that the link was this one:

Cliente X said...

Ok, I can't put the link. So I give ur the title of the notice and u seek for it in google:

"Una mafia de proxenetas y policías reinaba al otro lado de las escuchas"

Donkey said...

What you tell me about the prostitutes you know is very peculiar. I spoke to prostitutes through internet and I didn't really search for it but many said they were forced at least in the past. And many said they knew about other prostitutes being forced. Prostitutes never say that they are forced now, but many say they were in the past (also when you look at reports). Is there really no prostitute that you know that says she has been forced at least in the past? If it's not, it would make the Spanish situation totally different than in the Netherlands. At least where you live. It would be the only explanation I could imagine. Also so peculiar that the women you know are street prostitutes!!!! Street prostitution is usually by far the most dangerous forms of prostitution.

The link works by the way!!! I think the story is too vague. Not concrete enough.

Cliente X said...

Not a single one. I also know prostitution in clubs and flats but mainly street prostitution.

And well, I too chat with several pros in the net but they are all high-class pros and they have no idea at all about street level prostitution. U can find their blogs linked on my web.

Donkey said...

Wow, that is really awesome. Another question. Isn't it true that some women have debts with certain middlemen? And that these middlemen have special tricks to keep the debt on a certain level? Like, suddenly raising it or giving fines for certain misbehaviour?