Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nigerian forced prostitute on de Wallen


Well, while I'm still busy I could better post this one immediately. It's about a Nigerian woman who was promised to become a cleaner by the recruiter but then was forced to work as a prostitute in the Netherlands to pay off a debt of 50.000 Euros. She also worked on de Wallen in Amsterdam. It all began in 1999 and it took 6 years until she fled. This is a kind of classical human trafficking story and, to be honest, my gut feeling tells me it is a fake story. But who knows???
Here's the link (15 April 2011, "slachtoffer mensenhandel: ik had geen keus",

And here's an embedded video where she tells the story in English:

Another video is also interesting. An Eastern European prostitute tells (in English!) about her work behind the windows on de Achterdam in Alkmaar and Annet Koopsen, a lawyer for victims of human trafficking, says (in Dutch) that victims tell her that all prostitutes have a pimp, the pimps decides when to work and where the money goes. Same old story. Is it true??? Who knows??? I hope it will scare me off for a while.

You can find the video here (it is in Dutch):
(RTV Noord Holland,  20 December 2010, "Exploitant van de Achterdam gaat met pensioen", below you can find the video with the name: "10 minuten over de Achterdam")


Anonymous said...

why do you think it is a fake story?

Donkey said...

Because the police says most stories by African victims of forced prostitution are fake, because the stories are too vague. Always the same. Few details. Probably the African women just want a residence permit.

Probably almost all Nigerian prostitutes know they will work in prostitution here. They indeed have debts towards the traffickers which they have to pay off. And there is indeed usually a voodoo ritual where a voodoo priest takes some nails and pubic hair and puts it into a package.

Her story sounds plausible, except for the part where she says she didn't know what her destiny was. Perhaps she feels ashamed about her choice. The debt bondage part sounds very plausible. Happens a lot.

It is just a gut feeling. I'm very wary since the MM-affair. You don't know what to believe anymore. Anybody can tell a story. You have to check. And many times this is impossible.

Lately another victim of the pimp of Sarah Forsyth showed up on my blog however. Perhaps the Forsyth story is for real.

Anonymous said...

oh, i see. it makes sense. who knows... you gotta do more research on this and prevent trafficking if you can, brother.

Donkey said...

Yes, more research. I'm busy. I still have to read a lot of these 5500 pages to go!!!!!

Making more and more new discoveries. It seems that a lot of these traffickers are really operating on a small scale. No big syndicates. But we knew that already.

Actually I knew it all along! It is only confirmed once again. Nothing new: the debt bondage, the manipulation with romantic techniques, threatening to do something to family etc....

Anonymous said...

thats good what you're doing, i will continue checking your blog.