Sunday, April 10, 2011

A new plan


For the past year I have become totally hooked on sex workers. So much that if I am in an area of the Netherlands where I know a brothel is very close by, I have the desparate urge to go to there. I can't think of nothing else. It has hijacked my brains. I even dream of visiting brothels; walking through the red light districts. I even dreamt a couple of times that I discovered there is a red light district with window brothels in the village I live in!!!

There is no red light district in the village I live in.

My sense of pity for forced prostitutes has almost totally disappeared. I even fantasize of visiting one of these young women in window brothels of whom I know it is very likely that they are coerced. In my fantasy I don't care anymore. Lately I even went to de Wallen and visited a woman whom I thought was very young. She wasn't. She told me she was 29. I turned out (by looking at the she was 33 or 34. I was lucky. She was from Slovakia. I believe she has surely paid off her virtual debts a long time ago.

It seems that from now on I have to convince MYSELF (not others!) that forced prostitution is the real thing! So, I plan to look into my file with over a 1000 cases of forced prostitution in the Netherlands, and post one trafficking story perhaps once or twice a week. I will focus on the stories where prostitutes planned to work in prostitution but were exploited later on. These are, as far as I know, the most common cases of forced prostitution. It will give a picture of what forced prostitution really looks like.

Stay tuned.

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