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Bulgarian prostitutes in the north of the Netherlands


I found another more or less readable file from the website. It contains testimonies of victims in the presence of reporting officers, not literally but ´soberly described´. The case is from only two years ago but the things that happened were from much earlier. Too bad, we will never have present-day information this way, it will always be outdated.

What´s interesting is that Bulgarian prostitutes describe more or less independently how they were exploited by the same person. So this is a case where you can be quite sure that this is for real and not some fabrication. Also interesting is, and this is what surprises me, is that the women tell they really didn´t know that they were going to become prostitutes but that they found out later. So this makes me wonder are there still girls behind these windows who were tricked to become prostitutes? The common wisdom nowadays is that women in Eastern Europe generally know that they will become prostitutes when they are going to work here. However, this case is from a long time ago, so this could have changed.

It is interesting how the situation now is for Bulgarian prostitutes because nowadays they could travel freely to the Netherlands and work here as independent contractors.

PS: The interrogated prostitutes tell about some brothels they worked in. With the house with window displays in Heerenveen they probably mean ‘Club 88’ in the Munnikstraat 6 which is a brothel with indoor window prostitution. The sex club in Sneek is probably Club Aphrodite at the Prins hendrikkade 13.

Here’s the link:

A report of [Witness A] on the day of 8 November 2005, recorded on page 3198ev of a criminal file with the number 07-007080 RET-001 on the day of 27 February 2009 (Muurbloem), with as testimony of the one who made a report [Witness A] in the presence of the reporting officers, soberly [?] described:

I wanted to go away from my village. Via the daughter of a discotheque owner (Silvia) I came into contact with [Suspect]. He said that I could make a lot of money and that I could leave early. A week later we went again to [Suspect], I had had to put on beautiful clothes then and they wanted to know if I had a passport. On 15 May 2003 I went with Sylvia again to [Suspect]. We went to his café in Sofia. I knew then that I would go the Netherlands, that was what Silvia said. The next day I went with [Suspect] in his car to the Netherlands. The 17th we arrived in the Netherlands. [Suspect] told me en route what kind of work I was going to do. He said that I could make € 1.000,- per day in prostitution. He had paid that money for me and I had to pay that back first. He would arrange the papers for me but I had to pay back € 30.000,- for that. I didn’t want to go back home because I was beaten by my father there. So I had to persevere. In the Netherlands we went via Deventer to Heerenveen. In Deventer [Suspect] has collected money at Blondi. In Heerenveen I was in a house with Teodora and Monika. In that house there were display windows. Monika had arranged a display window for me. [Suspect] then drove me through to Groningen. There I was in a room above the windows in the Muurstraat. The next day we went to Heerenveen again. Monika wrote on a little paper which prices I had to hold on to. I felt terrible behind the windows but I couldn’t flee. I had to pay back [Suspect]. [Suspect] dropped by every day at the end of the day to collect the money that I had earned that day. The first weeks he picked me up on Sunday and then I was allowed to rest at his home in Groningen. He called me a number of times a day on a telephone that I got from him to ask how much I had earned already.

I have worked for 6 months for [Suspect]. Then came Nadiya. She has then worked for [Suspect].
Later [Suspect] said that also Boryana came to work for him. I heard that Boryana fled after a week and that [Suspect] had traced her in Bulgaria and had beaten her up.
I have worked for another 3 months in club [Club A] in Sneek. After this, Nadiya arranged for me that I could work for an escort company in Groningen. [Person Concerned J] arranged for [Suspect] a residence permit for me, that was rejected however.
I have worked in total from 16 May 2003 until jan/feb 2004 for [Suspect].
[Suspect] called me to control me, but the girls also controlled each other acting upon the instructions of [Suspect]. I once have transferred money to my mother. [Suspect] found that out and then has threatened me to throw me off the stairs. He was terribly angry and wanted to kill me. I was very afraid of [Suspect]. I think that I gave approximately € 40.000,- to [Suspect]. That was nett, the costs of the display windows etcetera I had already paid. In February 2004 I stopped sending money to [Suspect]. He then called me regularly. He also sent me SMS messages: ‘do you know who I am and what I could do with you!’
I skipped some here
A report of interrogation of [Witness D] on the day of 25 September 2008, recorded on page 3218ev of the under 1. named criminal file, from which as testimony of the witness [Witness D] in the presence of the reporting officers, soberly [?] described:

I am afraid of [Suspect] and therefore have not previously testified truthfully.
At the end of July 2001 I came into contact with [Suspect] in the disco. I could work for him in a hotel in the Netherlands. I was pregnant then. [Suspect] later paid for my abortion, I had to pay back these costs to him.
I departed on 1 August 2001 with [Suspect] in a bus to the Netherlands.
[Suspect] showed me the windows in Groningen. I was shocked and said that I was to going work in a hotel. He said that he made expenses for me and that I had to work for him in prostitution to pay it back to him. I went working as a prostitute. The amounts of money that I had to ask was what [Suspect] told me. He checked how much I earned. When I didn’t make enough money I had to keep on working longer. I have told [Suspect] once that I would rather like to stop. He said that this was really not possible because he was for me in the Netherlands and he had costs. I have worked until March 2002 for [Suspect]. I have earned approximately Fl. 50.000,- in a half a year. Of this I had to carry the expenses myself. The rest was for [Suspect]. When I earned too little [Suspect] became angry and he told me to work harder.
A report of interrogation of [Witness E] on the day of 14 October 2008, recorded on page 3341ev of the under 1. named criminal file, from which as testimony of the witness [Witness D] in the presence of the reporting officers, soberly [?] described:

I am afraid of reprisals and therefore have not previously testified truthfully.
[Suspect] has arranged everything for me. [Suspect] paid my passport. He told me that I would work in prostitution in the Netherlands. [Suspect] paid the bus ride. [Witness H] has collected me in Groningen from the bus. [Suspect] told me how working was in prostitution. [Witness H] told me what prices I should ask. [Suspect] indicated I had a debt with him and that I had to pay him back. I had to hand over 50% of my earned money to him.
A report of interrogation of [Witness F] on the day of 8 October 2008, recorded on page 3347ev of the under 1. named criminal file, from which as testimony of the witness [Witness F] in the presence of the researchers of the Nationale Onderzoeksdienst in Sofia (Bulgaria), soberly [?] described:

I have worked in 2001 in Groningen in prostitution. I met [Suspect] in Bulgaria. He would arrange one thing and another, amongst other things the trip. I had to pay him back later.
[Suspect] collected me from the bus station in the Netherlands. We drove with the car to the place where I was going to work. I had to go with a girl to the police to register myself. I got papers there. I have stayed in Groningen for approximately two or three months in Groningen. I have also stood behind the windows. I felt dependent on [Suspect] and the others. The little bit of money that I earned went to [Suspect].
I hope this case scares me off. I know understand why I am a anti-prostitution crusader. I have no other choice, I would lose myself believing prostitution is harmless.

Okay, now go on. Every week a forced prostitution story.

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