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I found something very interesting on the website and it shows how at least one trafficking gang operated. Perhaps it also tells how other gangs operate. The files contains long transcriptions of hearings of women who have been exploited in prostitution, contrary to many other which just contain all the accusations in staccato which makes it an awful read. This file is also important for me because in this case one will be very sure this is for real and not a case where some jealous prostitutes turn their former boyfriends over to the police. Many women independently confirm what’s going on. And, above all, it is also important to let prostitutes speak for themselves. Usually you hear stories about prostitutes being directly forced into prostitutes or stories about women who are romantically seduced by a man and then manipulated to work in prostitution. Actually, it is known that in by far most cases forced prostitution happens on some kind of dodgy-contract-basis where the women know they will be working in prostitution but are still abused and exploited. But to be honest, the information about actual cases like this is usually very sketchy and only few tips of the veil are raised. Reading this story on makes you wonder once again how one should label forced and voluntary. It also seems that some prostitutes are treated better than others by the very same pimp. Prostitutes in this have an agreement that 50% of the earnings is for them. First they have to hand over all their earnings to him. He promises to pay out half of that money later. Many times that money is indeed paid out, so they are not left entirely empty-handed. He plays tricks by threatening to them not to pay out the money if they don’t earn more money. Often they are very afraid of him. Anyway read for yourself because I have made some translations so everybody can read a part of it in English. Very important.

Also notice that this file is mainly about taxes that the pimp still has to pay to the state and not necessarily about human trafficking!!!! Such a big crime, the government also needs its fair share.

One notice. I’m struggling to translate from Dutch to English. There are words with no direct translation. Like “aangifte” or “aangeven”. It strictly means: reporting the crime or the criminal or the accused to the police. I don’t know an English word for it. It doesn’t mean denouncing or accusing or press charges. A big problem.

So, now the new story. As a very last extra. Because visiting all these prostitutes again makes me a total moron and totally not trustworthy. You know I actually was on de Wallen lately and visited one of these Eastern European women? Luckily the Slovakian woman was 34 years old. Hopefully too old for the pimps to be of interest to extort. In the back of my mind I really do believe human trafficking is just a myth. These girls are so cool. They smile all the time. They are so happy to see me. How can they possibly be forced? I’m lost and doomed. So for now, this will probably will be one of my last posts. The end of the search. No human trafficking.

This case is labelled LJN: BJ7965
On 8 October 2003 five women of the Russian nationality reported [the perpetrator] to the police at R. They accused the person involved of human trafficking. In account of that a criminal law investigation is started that led to the arrest of the party involved.

Miss A, has, as a suspect, on 19 and 21 November 2004 and on 10, 15 and 16 December 2004, stated the following amongst other things:
“(...) I came to the Netherlands three years ago. Before that I worked in S in a supermarket. In that supermarket I came into contact with a man and a woman who told me that I could earn a lot of money in the Netherlands if I would go to work in prostitution.
(...) The visa came into force starting from 1 December 2001 (...) I earn on average per day in any case 500 Euro. (...) You show me a picture of a man. I know this man as X (note reporting officers: shown is a photo of X born at Q on xx/09/19xx.)
(…) It is true that Russian girls often work in prostitution on a 50% basis.
(…) I’m very afraid of X. (…) B also told it was on a 50/50 basis. I had to give the money myself to X. I delivered all my earned money. X always sent half of the delivered money to my mother in Russia. The other half of the money he kept for himself. (…) B said that I had to work 7 days a week. (…) You ask me what there was to happen if I for example wouldn’t work for a week. I didn’t dare to take a day off because B said that I had to work. (…) If the boss said that I had to work then I went working, even if I didn’t like to. (…) X was the boss. I did what he said. (…) I asked X if I could go home, to Russia I mean. X allowed me to go but then I had to arrange another girl first, to keep the room occupied. (…) X also had boys working for him. These boys for example picked up girls and these boys collected money from the girls. These were a kind of errand boys for him. I remember also that C worked for him. C also picked up girls from Germany who were on their way from Russia to the Netherlands to work in prostitution for X. (…) X really was the chief. (…) I also want to testify that I actually have taken over the role that B had first. B also didn’t do this work voluntarily. She also was under a lot of pressure. I instructed the girls, also the girls who came new. I also made sure the money came to X.
(…) You ask me about D. (…) I had to tell D how the activities were and what was expected from D. I got that order from X. I believe that D came around May 2003. I was already in the Netherlands for one and a half years. About the earnings I can tell you that X ordered me to collect the money from the girls. (…) When I came to the Netherlands it was told me that I could be battered and sold if I didn’t do what was told to me. So I did everything what X ordered me. (…) E agreed with D that she also was going to work on a fifty-fifty basis. I worked together with D in R. I also have collected money from the girls and gave that to X. The girls had to hand over all money to X. X then counted the money. X then sent the money to home, to Russia. I have never seen proof of that. X also did send some money for me to my home. I don’t know if X has sent money over of other girls. It went like this. If we worked we bought cigarettes and food and things that we needed. We all wrote it on a memorandum block. X examined it and got the rest, so all the money that we had left. X then determined what was 50% for us. (…) I sometimes gave every day, but every now and then also every other day my money to X. Thus I earned 3500 Euro per week.
(…) Furthermore you have questions about F. (…) I also have told F that 50% of her earned money went to X. (…) I still work for X. I’m not able to work in prostitution without X. (…) You ask me if X had me in his power. I can only confirm that. I have done everything like X told me to do. F has worked in R.
(…) Furthermore you ask me about G. (…) C has brought her to R and I have picked up G from the station. (…) C probably worked for X. I also know that C also collected money every now and then from R. X had made a phone call with me and he told me that another would come to collect our money. (…) C and X had told her how she had to work. (…) I have also told other girls that they had to maintain a memorandum block with their earning and expenditures. Also under orders of X. (…) I was also given an order by X to keep an eye on the girls.
(…) I know F from Russia. (…) F came end of May beginning of June 2003 to the Netherlands to work (…) X told that we must refuse certain men. (…) There was a threat emanating from X. (…) F had to give the earned money to me. I gave this money again to X or to C.
(…) H I know also. I also broke her in on T in R. (…) I know that she first worked for X. (…) I have also heard that she later worked for another pimp. Perhaps X has given her away or sold her.
(…) I know that a girl ‘I’ together with H came to the Netherlands. (…) Also from her I collected the earned money and delivered it to X or C. G and I also have told this girls that she had to listen well to what X wanted. (…) (Reporting officers: we confront her with several conversations) (conversation number 240063890) I can remember this conversation well. It is a conversation between X and me. Our conversation is about the girls J (fon). (…) She had to maintain a bookkeeping of the income. I had to control her. (…) (conversation number 240063925) (…) This was the first time for me that I came in touch with a false passport. X had given her the passport. This was a possibility to stay here in the Netherlands. Another possibility was a residence permit. And you only get that if you are married here with a Dutch man. (…) I was married in Russia with K on xx October 2003. (…) It was a marriage for the residence permit. I had agreed with X that after the marriage I had to work for him for another year. After this, I would be free, that was the agreement. (…)”

2.3.2 Miss F, has, as a person who reported a crime to the police, on 8 and 17 October 2003, testified the following amongst other things:
“(…) My pimp is a Bulgarian man with the name X and he is xx years old. (…) These three are the petty thieves who deliver X the goods. End June, 28 or 29 June, 2003 I came to the Netherlands. (…) In Germany I phoned a second man of the pimp. This man was named C. (…) A then brought me to the U centre and there I met X. (…) I hand over 50% of my earnings to my pimp X. (…) I feel intimidated by X and I didn’t dare to say “no” to him. I was very dependent on him. (…) The term to work for X is six months. If I say now to X that I’m going to stop with the work, then I’m obligated to search a new girl for X as a replacement for me. If I don’t fulfill that obligation and I would return to Russia, then X has people in the city S (Russia).
(…) It wish to report human trafficking/women trafficking by a Bulgarian man known as X. (…) C and I went back to the first station where D still stood with the luggage and together we then again travelled to the second station to take the train to the Netherlands. (…) In Russia G already told me that I was going to work on a 50/50 basis. Of what amount this would be I didn’t know. First I had to pay off my debts, the costs made for the trip and such. (…) The money that I earned I had to deliver to A. A then made sure the money reached X. The first month that I worked X still wasn’t there and so A brought the money to C. (…) So X turned up approximately a month later, I believe it was around July 28 2003, in the sex house on T in R. (…) That evening I gave my earned money to X. (…) After this, I regularly brought the money to X in V. (…) Since August I travelled on average 1 or 2 times a week to V to hand over the earned money of the girls to X. I always travelled by train then. On average I took 6000 Euro or more with me then. I then called to him and said that I was coming. We then agreed to meet in a café and there we met each other. X then gave me his little bag and I went with that little bag to the toilet. There I brought out the money and the “bookkeeping” and put it in that little bag. (…) With bookkeeping I mean bits of paper from a memorandum book on which the girls wrote down their earnings and spending of that week. (…) Once I had brought 6000 Euro for 8 days working. X then asked me why this was so little and besides that he said that he had a girl working in V who earned 14000 Euro on her own. He said that he wouldn’t send more money to our family if we wouldn’t earn more. After this, he indeed never sent money to our families again. (…) I must also tell you that most of the telephones that we got of X to use are stolen telephones. (…)”

2.3.3 Miss F, has, as a person who reported a crime to the police, on 23 October 2003, testified the following amongst other things:
“(…) I wish to report about human trafficking c.q. women trafficking perpetrated by an organization that recruited women in Russia to work as a prostitute in the Netherlands. One of the members of this organization is named X and that was my pimp in the Netherlands. (…) On 26 May 2003 we arrived in Berlin. (…) It turned out that C was standing somewhere else and the G then picked up C with a taxi. (…) On 27 May 2003 around 15:00 we arrived by train in R. (…) (…)I saw that A gave lots of money underneath the table to C. I believe this was money that was paid for me. I don’t believe these were earning that had to be handed in, because later I understood that this was done in a different way. (…) A also gave me a memorandum block that I could use to keep track of my earnings and spending. (…) I also have to tell you that I earned 10.000 Euro during the first month. This money I handed over to the pimp. (…) (…) In that restaurant we ate somewhat and F and the pimp drank beer. (…) He reassured us and he told that he also had problems (…) He succeeded in solving that and he was in this business since 9 years. (…) I still have a note on which the pimp calculated what I had earned. I hereby give you that note to make a copy. I will explain to you what it means. 7561 is the amount that I had totally earned that month (July). 2540 is a number that I don’t understand and what the other girls also don’t understand. This amount he always deducts from my earnings. This way I was left with 5021. This he divided by 2. Then 2510 was left. From that the pimp deducts 1390 (the money that I still owed him) and then you are left with 1120 Euro. (…) The pimp did often call me. He wasn’t satisfied about me. (…) I got afraid of him. (…) He continuously supervised me. (…) You ask me who all worked for the pimp. These are in our sex house G, F, little L, I, E, M and A. (…) The pimp told me also that in other cities he also had girls working. (…) I also know from another girl, named H that she had worked for our pimp and that he had molested her and had sold her to another pimp, an Albanian. (…) As long as I work in R, I have earned a gross income of 25.000 Euro. (…) When I then calculate that then I have, during the time I worked for the pimp, earned a net 18400 Euro. In total 3000 Euro was sent to my mother. Thus the pimp has snatched more than 15000 Euro from me,(…) I will give you a description of our pimp. According to F the pimp is named X of X.(…)”

2.3.4. Miss G, has, as a person who reported a crime to the police, on 23 October 2003, testified the following amongst other things:
“(…) I believe he then already phoned my current pimp. This a Bulgarian with many names. He is named X and X amongst other names. (…) In Cologne I was awaited by a man. This was a Bulgarian named C. C is a friend of X. (…) The next day X and I were driven to my workplace. Later it turned out to me that this was R. (…) I have already told that I had to share my earned money with my pimp X. (…) Every girl has a memorandum block on which she notes down what she earns per day and what she spends. (…) In total I have earned approximately 50000 Euro. (…) If I count it all again I see that X has earned approximately 35000 Euro of me. (…) X controlled us via the telephone. (…)
“I speak in my testimony about other girls. I mean with this the girls who worked for X in R. These are D, 2 F/L, “I”, myself and H. (…) Also H and G and E have worked for X, but they aren’t there anymore now. You ask what’s the role of C. I believe he’s just an assistant of X. (…) I can also tell you that X has told me that in V and in yet another, unknown place to me, he had girls working in prostitution.(…)”

2.3.5. Miss I, has, as a person who reported a crime to the police, on 9 and 30 October 2003, testified the following amongst other things:
“(…)On 6 March 2003 I travelled with the bus from Russia to the Netherlands. (…) Later that second man turned out to be “X”. (…) G told me that I worked in the U Centre on a basis of 50%. G told me that I had to hand over 50% of the money to X. X is my pimp. (…) I earn here on average 6000 Euro per month. Of that 6000 Euro I pay the expenses. Then I’m left with approximately 4800 Euro. Of that X must have 50%. (...) I handed over the money to G. G then turned over the money, 50% of my earnings, to X. (…) The period after that, I did everything what X wanted from me. I was very afraid. I felt that my life was in danger. X phoned me regularly.
(…) I earned in the beginning of the month an astounding 10.000 Euro. (…) The second photo is a photo of G from S. She has a double role. Formerly she also worked in R, but now she is back to S where she recruits girls for the work in R. (…) I think that this G and X, my pimp, work together because she takes care that my pimp gets girls from S. (…) According to G and A everything was for sale for money. Also murder. (…) C took us with her with the train to V. (…) The only thing I knew is that G told me that H wasn’t good and that the pimp H sold her to another pimp. (…) The next girls worked for X in R. These are G, A and E, two F/L and D from S, G and me from Yoskar-Ola. Also H worked for X.(…)”

2.3.6. Miss H, has, as a person who reported a crime to the police, on 29 October 2003, testified the following amongst other things:
“(…)The man in Cologne told that he was the assistant of X and that he was named C. (…) When we on the first evening, on Monday 10 March 2003, were in W I saw that G came (…) In those three weeks I earned 4100 Euro. All the money that I earned I had to hand over to G. (…) G then brought the money to the station in R. C received the money on the station. I was present during one of these transfers in the hall of the station. (…) C and G told me that I had to earn at least 400 Euro a day. I got to hear this every day again. (…) I then made the choice that I would be sold to the friend of X. (…) So I was sold to N for 1500 Euro. (…) I can describe X the following way: First of all the X also uses the name X. (…)”

2.3.7. Miss F, has, as a person who reported a crime to the police, on 10 October 2003, testified the following amongst other things:
“(…) I arrived on 12 August 2003 during the evening in V. (…) I had to write down in a memorandum block what I earned (…) The agreement in advance was that I could keep half of my earned money and that the other half was supposed to be for my pimp. I had agreed this with G and A. In the Netherlands however it turned out to me that I had to hand over all my money. During the first two months that I work here I have earned 17000 Euro in total. Of that I had to pay 7 weeks of rent and I had approximately 750 Euro in expenses. So you can calculate that I had given more than 14000 Euro to E and that she had given that to the pimp. (…) You ask me what kind of punishments the pimp gave. He molested and threatened the girls and also he had financial punishments. I know of a girl that she secretly phoned her mother and that the pimp then withheld 500 Euro of her earned money. (…) The last day that I worked the pimp had yet threatened that he wouldn’t send money to Russia if every girl didn’t earn at least 500 Euro per day. So I officially still don’t know ever how my pimp is named. Of these other girls I have heard that the pimp is named X or X. (…)”

2.3.8. Miss B, has, as a person who reported a crime to the police, on 29 November 2004, testified the following amongst other things:
“(…)So according to G I could earn within some 1,5 years 35.000 Euro. (…) On 28 October 2004 around 01:00 hours I arrived in V. (…) I didn’t go to R yet, because my false passport wasn’t ready yet. (…)”

Furthermore Miss B, has, as a person who reported a crime to the police, on 30 November 2004, testified the following amongst other things:
“(…) Of the money that A and G earned, they had to give half to “the man”. I don’t know what happened to the rest of the money. At that time that I resided in the house there was a closet in the living room. In that closet was a book. In that book A and G wrote down their earnings. The money that they had earned they put in that notebook that lay in the closet. “That man” didn’t come by every day. But when “the man” came, then he went to the closet. I have never seen what “that man” exactly took out of that.(…) A and G had told me that working on a 50/50 basis was a good agreement, because a number of girls worked on the basis of a 30/70, so of which they themselves were only allowed to keep 30%. Another arrangement was 40/60. (…) A, G and I had heard that “the man” was arrested by the police. A and G were on the workplace. I was home alone with “the boy”. (…) I saw that “the boy” flushed little pieces of paper through the toilet and put stuff in a plastic bag. The content of the pieces of paper I hadn’t seen. (…) G told me that “the man” had told her that she should be easily able to earn 1000 Euro a day in V in prostitution. Irina had earned less than those 1000 Euro and that’s why she was afraid for “that man”.(…)”

2.3.9 During the hearing in the first instance the Inspector handed over a report of 23 December 2004, from which it turns out that as a suspect miss G is interrogated. She has testified amongst other things:
“(…) I came in December 2001 to the Netherlands and have worked 1 month that year. In 2002 I have worked 11 months. In 2003 I have worked 4 months. (…) In 2004 I have worked another 1 week approximately. (…) I estimate that I earned per week approximately 2000 Euro cash. Here already the expenses that I had to make were deducted for rent for the room, gel, condoms, lingerie, make-up, food, cigarettes, etc. I really was left with on average a net 2000 Euro a week. For 65 weeks of working this comes to an amount of 130.000 Euro. Of that money I had to hand over to X in total approximately 100.000 Euro. (…) We can assume that X on average had 6 girls working the period end 2001 until the day he was arrested by the police. I even believe it were more. (…) I know of G that she and B, who later also worked in Y, in any case has worked for a year in Z for X. Also two other girls have worked during that period for him in Z, but I don’t know him by name. Also these girls have earned a lot of money for him.


Rob said...

You cant say there is no trafficking because you are confused. Personally, I have never been with a prostitute. The only reason why is because I am concerned which ones in de Wallen are forced or have pimps. I dont need that guilt on my conscience Most likely some are. Its just hard to figure out. But its probably a better situation then a country that has prostitution illegal. At least there is some control. I dont know...I'm confused too.

Donkey said...

Yes, I am confused.

I really don't know why I'm doing this cause matter of fact I always feel bad afterwards. But the guilt is somehow disappearing. That last visit to that Slovakian lady doesn't make me feel that bad anymore.

I somehow feel that because she's older it's okay. Usually it are the very young prostitutes who are forced.

Honestly, I first thought she was 20. But she turned out to be a lot older. But the Wallen is a very bad place to search for voluntary prostitutes. But the excitement is bigger there. In my opinion the clubs are lame. The club women often look disapprovingly at me. The window prostitutes don't do that.