Thursday, February 10, 2011

No mandatory identification card for prostitutes in the Netherlands

It seems that Dutch minister Opstelten isn't going to implement a mandatory identification card for prostitutes. The goal was to stop forced prostitution. The idea is that civil servants have an interview with prostitutes if these prostitutes want to work legally in prostitution and that way can filter out the forced prostitutes. And then clients have to ask every prostitute for an ID card and if they don't they go to jail. Initially that's was an early idea of mine to stop human trafficking . As everybody knows prostitutes won't tell within a half-an-hour interview to a civil servant or just anybody that they are forced!!!! Usually they only tell that after the whole ordeal is over.

So what would happen is that the client believes that he is visiting a voluntary prostitute but in reality he is not. And it could happen that all the forced prostitutes work legally in legal brothels or for legal escort agencies and that all the voluntary prostitutes don't want to have such a silly ID card and go to work in illegal prostitution where the clients who visit them will be punished.

I think this is once again proof for abolitionists that regulating prostitution will never work. And that's also my opinion. I think I'm left with my statistical analysis to find out who are the possible forced prostitutes, an analyses I don't really follow myself. What happens when you have to choose between three prostitutes: one 23, one 45, one 55?? I think it is better to leave. You must have the guts.

Better not to visit prostitutes, it is so silly. Okay, I keep telling that myself for more than six years now, but I didn't visit prostitutes for almost five years so it is possible. I don't understand why I suddenly started doing it again two years ago!!

Okay once again to reiterate:
-all prostitution is oppression
-all sexuality is oppression
-all romantic relationships are oppressive

The best solution if all sex and all "being in love" stops.

It is so silly.


Andrés Lekanger said...

I realy think the problem is your own relationship to yourself and your sexuality. And that you are mirroring this on everything outside of yourself.

Donkey said...

Yes, I have a big issue with my own sexuality. And with the way I'm dealing with people.

But, isn't their some truth in what radical feminists say that all sexuality is patriarchal oppression?

If you just look at how people have sex in porn film, that is, wow, so kinky. Men banging as hard as possible inside an orifice. This is clearly male dominance, a neutral biologist would say. And from what I hear and read this is how most people in general have sex. Just banging about. He on top, she at the bottom. BANG BANG BANG!!! She bends over. BANG BANG BANG!!!

That's sex.

I shouldn't exaggerate. It isn't the biggest crime in the world.