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Loverboys exist after all


I promised to post about a case where a girl starts to work in prostitution for a guy only after a few days after meeting him on TMF-chat. You can read about the case here on the website (a website full of Dutch court-files):

LJN: BH6091, Rechtbank 's-Gravenhage , 09/925692-08

Most interesting in this case is that the chat conversations have been preserved and used as evidence. This case gives a fascinating insight into how some pimps recruit girls. It turns out that this can be done very easily. It also proves that the so-called ‘loverboys’ actually do exist! There really are guys who deliberately recruit girls to work for them in prostitution. It is not completely a myth. Many stories of forced prostitution come from the victims themselves, and yes, it is possible that some have made up their stories just to get some attention. Perhaps they all made up their stories. However, in this case it surely isn’t. This is a difficult one for me, because I entered my periodical denial phase again. Okay, this is a lesson for me again. Perhaps that if I read a trafficking story daily that I can surpress my sexual feelings and never use the services of prostitutes and camgirls again! (but hope is far away)

Here’s the timeline. On Sunday July the 6th they got in contact with each other on TMF-chat. Already during this first chat-conversation that took place within three quarters of an hour sexual remarks were made. The next day she [called C on] takes contact with him, in that conversation they talk about meeting each other and having sex with each other. In a second conversation that day he asks her what kind of work she does. She answers that she does stupid work. He asks if she works behind the window or something (as a prostitute). She tells she works as a cashier. He proposes: “come work for me, in one day you’ll have a monthly wage”. Shortly after this, he says: “I still have room in our club.” She says: “I do want to fuck you for 1000 euro a day the whole day long, I but don’t go fucking the whole of Damsco and surroundings for 50 Euro. No. I want my own lounge café (…) I search for a rich guy (…) I am not that kind of girl.”

Next thing he proposes her to come by and have sex. Then he tells that he himself has a girlfriend but that he wants to get rid of her. He tells her that he wants to have sex with her “tomorrow or the day after tomorrow” and asks for her phone-number, which she then gives to him. She tries to seduce him via the webcam and he encourages her. He asks her to come that evening, but she doesn’t want to because she has to work the next day. He says: “you then don’t go, fuck it see it as an investment in your future. Just call and say you’re ill.” He then proposes that she comes during the afternoon, but she rejects it because she has to work. She emphasizes that this is serious for her but that she doesn’t want a once-only contact. Then he indicates that he wants to stay with her for a month.

Then they continue on flirting with each other and then she emphasizes that she is better that his girlfriend. Then he answers: “are you also going to make so much money for me that I can live with you tomorrow”. She answers that she is not going to make money this way and that she wants to earn money with her own café. He says after a while in the conversation that he needs a lot of money and that he doesn’t have enough with the money she earns [as a cashier]. With her monthly wage he says he can do two days and that his girlfriend earns in one day a monthly wage and the allowance of her [C] (1100 Euro). He then once again invites her to work for him. “Listen, you are more beautiful and you give blowjobs better yes you come work then” and says that he is with his girlfriend purely for the money and that he just likes her [C] and that he will marry her if she makes money for him. She answers that she rather has better sex than money and that she doesn’t want to be a hooker. He and she continue on flirting. It is noticeably that he says he finds her attractive and that she asks uncertain questions about her chubby body and he answers that she looks good. The conversation ends with the agreement to call each other that evening.

During the afternoon on tuesday the 8th of July 2008 (the day after) they get in contact with each other again. In this chat-conversation he says he wants to leave his girlfriend again and that he has no money. She promises that during Friday evening she wants to work for him, but only if it’s not behind the window but in a normal hotel. She keeps on insisting on a romantic relationship with the suspect. He says:”you go work, give the money to me, I invest in our weed plantation, 15.000 euro and after eight weeks you get 90.000 bucks out of it, in the meantime it’s a bit anyhow, buy for your most expensive clothes only D&G and Versace. (…) if you want you can already begin until 1 hour during the night?” He instructs: “ok then I arrange a window for you (…) I shall keep an eye on you the whole day. (…) but you must know you are fucked a lot and don’t look what people look like because with me you fuck out of love so you can refuse nobody irrespective of how ugly that person is, you do it for the money not for love, screw it just fuck (…) you stand behind the window [they] pay you, come in fuck are gone within 10 minutes and end of the evening when I come collect you then you give that money, 50 Euro per client for 10 minutes. (…) ok so that way we are going to do it unless you say no and then it stops anyway. (…) Believe me as soon as you are behind that I will never leave you again but yes after the first day that you stand there my name must be big behind on your back.” The agreement is that she comes on Thursday anyway. She says that she wants to become rich with him, that she wants sex with him and a future with. She also tells that she wants to keep on doing her normal work.

On Thursday the 10th of July 2008 she testified that she was called by him and that he said that he was kicked out by his girlfriend because he wanted to have her [C.] as a girlfriend. Next he stood on the train station in Nijmegen. She called her work to tell she was ill and collected the suspect at the train station. When they arrived home she gave him access to the internet through her laptop and he logged in to a site. Next she gave him a blowjob before the webcam. That evening she was called by men who asked if she was the girl from the site and then a man came to her home with whom she had paid sex. She had to give the money to the suspect.

She then testified that she received another man on Friday evening with whom she had paid sex. Also then she had to give the money to the suspect. That evening she went to Amsterdam. There he indicated that she had to call to hire a window. That evening she worked until five o’clock as a prostitute. The suspect walked by several times and took the money. Also the night of between Saturday and Sunday (11 July and 12 July) she worked as a prostitute. He told her that she had to earn more. He took the money again.

On Sunday the 11th of July 2008 she testified she had a row with the suspect. He told her that she had to listen to him and that nothing could happen then. Before that he told her that he would slam her big mouth shut, and that he had beaten his girlfriend into the hospital and that this would happen to her too.

On Monday the 12th of July 2008 she testified she had worked too and that she asked on the train station in Amsterdam for her telephone to call somebody. The suspect didn’t want that, he said to her that he would smash her telephone if she would ask for her telephone again. Then she went back to her house in Nijmegen.

Anyway, the court decides she is a mental retard and he shouldn’t have exploited her naivety.

There is more to follow, there are many court files which make very clear how Eastern European gangs exploit women.

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