Saturday, January 29, 2011

No more


Okay, that was really the last time.

No more visiting a sex worker for me, EVER!!!!

That was a very nasty experience the last time.

She asked what I liked.

I answered with honesty, that actually....


That's it.

Only doggystyle.

Nothing more.

Some attempts and....

Angrily she lied down on the bed, and asked me what I really wanted.

Then I knew, this was really the last time.

I said I wanted to leave.

Things got more relaxed later on, and she and I became more friendly to each other.

Okay, I like kissing, and cuddling, and stroking, and fondling, and chatting.

So, that's what we did (and doggystyle of course).

I can draw a very firm conclusion that sexuality is not my thing.

Deep in my heart I'm actually a girl.

From now on, I go through live as a convinced



Cliente X said...

Ouw what a pity... but let me ask u sth... how many times have u done urself this promise bfor? :-)

Donkey said...

I made myself this promise before. Several times. I once didn't visit a porn site for three months.

This girl was really nasty at the beginning, giving evasive answers all the time. Only later when I told her that I wanted to leave the atmosphere relaxed. We chatted a bit. And then we went on.

This was a very awful experience. I could know that this would happen once. This is clearly a girl who is not in prostitution completely voluntarily. But I don't think she is forced by another person. It is something that she does for the money, but she hates her work.

I think I will be anti-sex for several months now. My past experience tells me that it will pass. But this last experience is really makes me wonder if I want to continue with visiting prostitutes. Thinking back about it, I think that of those 10 times I visited a prostitute only 1 time I enjoyed it. The rest left me with very mixed feelings.

Cliente X said...

Man, in this game you win sometimes and others you lose. Don`t be a pussy. If u can get the girl happy and relaxed I`m sure you`ll enjoy a very great sex... in prostitution you also take an important part, not just the girl.

When I fail in anything I try to improve and learn for next time, the worst thing you can do is to give up. This is a valid advice not only for prostitution. Come on, get up, pick up your money and find a nice whore to make you forget that bad experience. THIS IS THE SPIRIT!