Friday, December 23, 2011

The myth of 'being in love'


I have ranted against labour in general, now I also want to rant against romantic love.

In my opinion romantic love is a 19th-century invention by romanticists. They launched the idea that being fond of a person automatically means that you should have sex with that person. They invented the idea of being in love. Being in love is supposed to mean that you want to marry that person, or that you want sex with that person. I want to argue that in historical times, people didn't really have sex with each other and they only had a sexual relationship with each other or were married to each other, because their families demanded that. There was absolutely no possibility that two persons could choose to be romantically involved with each other. Sexual or romantic relationships were completely a family matter. The family decided whom should marry whom. This is true for all non-Western civilisations, and also true for Western civilisation itself in previous centuries. This is probably the case for many thousands or perhaps hundreds of thousands of years. It is unlikely that the ability to fall in love with a person could ever develop in human beings solely for the purpose of procreation.

I believe, that being in love is really nothing more than being very fond of a person. You are actually mad about that person. You think about that person the whole day. You are obsessed with that person. Seeing or thinking about that person sends butterflies to your stomach. I believe that this feeling has nothing to do with sexuality, a feeling that less than half of the human population is able to have because the testosterone levels of only these people are high enough to be able to have sexual feelings. There is absolutely no reason to believe that being very fond of a person automatically means that you want to penetrate that person and want to pee in that person. Or that you want to masturbate while thinking about that person. Or that you want to fuck between the breasts of that person and cum in her face. Or that you want to fuck her doggystyle, and cum on her back while afterwards you spread the spunk out on her back with your bare naked hands. Personally, when I am in love, I don't have sexual fantasies about that person. For me the person I am in love with, is like a fairy princess. A Goddess. You don't have sex with a Goddess.

I believe romantic love is totally unrelated to sexuality. I think being fond of a person is nothing more than a mechanism to bring people within a human tribe closer to each other. It increases their survival. I think it is possible to be very fond of multiple persons at one time. Usually when you are very fond of a person, you feel the desire to hug or kiss that person, or to stroke that person's hair. You want to be close to that person. You are supposed to be gay when you want to kiss or hug a person of your own sex. Isn't that awful? And it's all the fault of the 19th century romanticists. Yes, the same romanticists who launched the myth of the Noble Wild Man/Woman. The Wildman who lives in harmony with mother nature. Who knows no evil. Yes, the same romanticists who launched the idea that people of all religions lived in harmony with each other in mediaeval northern Africa, southern Europe and the Middle East.

People in past centuries and non-Western civilisations didn't really have sex. They didn't even kiss with the people they are supposed to be married with. They didn't cuddle, or stroke each other's hair. They didn't even use many positions during sex. They didn't have oral sex. Oral sex was seen as absolutely repulsive by all cultures. There was only one position, the missionary position. Then you might argue that in the past there were books such as the Kama Sutra, and that there were Greek vases and wall paintings which depicted sexual acts. That is supposed to show that people at that time were actually very open-minded about sexuality. However, I have read that the Kama Sutra actually was a parody of a local royal house. And the Greek depictions of sexuality were actually made to make people laugh. They weren't examples to show what kind of sexual activities people liked at that time. They showed what people at that time found repulsive or hilarious. For instance, a woman who rides a man. The man was supposed to be on top, not the woman. Such paintings were also found in bathhouses. They covered the walls of dressing rooms. The intention was that people who undressed looked at the pictures, and not at each other. People at that time in ancient Greece were scared of the so-called evil eye. People were ashamed to be looked at while being naked.

I believe people should break free off the myth. Having a romantic relationship with each other is absolute slavery. What a stupid idea that being fond of another person than the person whom you are supposed to be having a relationship with, should make your so-called lover jealous. That you should be beaten up because of that. You often hear that the problem with spousal violence doesn't lie in romantic relationships, but in the patriarchy. The problem is supposed to lie in men who abuse women. But that is false. It turns out that lesbian and gay couples are more violent than heterosexual couples. That proves to me that the problem doesn't lie in heterosexual relationships per se, but in relationships in general. Romantic lovers are slaves of each other. That's why there is so much violence. People can't easily break free from each other within romantic relationships, that's why they attack each other.

In my world view, there will be no more romantic or sexual relationships, even no one-night-stands. Everybody will be single. Women can decide when to have children and of which man. And the man in turn can approve that he is used as a sperm donor. The sperm is transferred via tubes. There will be no masturbation, for the man is forced to think about oppressing women while extracting the sperm this way. This must be prevented. The sperm is directly distracted from the penis using a piston. The children will be raised within anarcho-syndicalistic communes where men and women are totally equal, there are no separate male and female role models.

Granted, I'm looking for a girlfriend myself. I failed. I am subjected to cultural pressure myself. I want to break free. I don't need a woman to be happy.

I actually dream a lot about visiting red light districts again. They usually are very weird in my dreams. The Zandpad was on the coastline of an ocean. You could only reach it by going down on a rope. It was very crowded. I dream about window brothels within common apartment buildings and shopping centres. That was very weird. I also encountered an open sex brothel with beds sprawled out in the gallery of a common apartment building. There were lots of prostitutes in the gallery. I crossed the space and one prostitutes grabbed me and pushed her body against me. I wondered where I could have sex with her, because I didn't want to do it out in the open. I left the building and by accident I encountered a person I know in daily life. I felt a bit ashamed to be there. The other person also seem to be embarrassed, because she had to walk right through the brothel area. I also dreamt that I was riding in a train, and the compartment was filled with prostitutes. Two prostitutes sat down right beside me. I wondered where we could have sex. In the toilet? On the train station the platform was filled with prostitutes sitting in rows. I even dreamt that I drove to Amsterdam by car to visit the red light district there. I am incapable of driving cars however. I dreamt that I showed a file from to another client of prostitutes, to prove to him that a particular prostitute on the Zandpad was forced. Other clients also became involved, and they were very unhappy about it. In the dream I forgot the name of the prostitute. When I woke up I realised that actually she was a camgirl. However, I never dream about actual sex with prostitutes.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Two Romanian forced prostitutes in Haarlem


And another file from You can find it here (it has LJN-number: BC2645):

I really get bored of all that translating. But at least it helps for me. I haven't been to a prostitute for almost 2 months. But it could also be because of boredom. I'm sick of it. It disgusts me to visit prostitutes nowadays. I hope it will stay that way forever, and that it won't happen that after some months my interest returns. That would be a disaster. Then I have to read all these verdicts all over again.

The verdict that I partly translated in this post is about two Romanian teenagers who are forced to work in a Turkish cafe. I never visit prostitutes in Turkish cafes. I also don't visit prostitutes in hotels. And I never order a call girl. So I prefer not to write about these forms of prostitution, because I never use these. It doesn't scare me off. But from a scientific point of view these stories are interesting. They are horrifying, but also interesting, because we actually get to know something about forced prostitution that is for real, and it will be difficult to deny these stories. There is no doubt that it really happened. I also read verdicts about forced prostitution of Chinese prostitutes in Chinese hairdresser's saloons. And about Thai prostitutes who are forced to work as call girls. Usually these prostitutes have to pay off some kind of debt. So it really happens: prostitutes that live in debt bondage.

I still have to read all the verdicts. It are around 500 of them. I have read most of them now. Most are very brief. I guess there are around 6000 or 7000 pages to be read in total. I believe I still have to read some 2000 or 3000 pages.

I also have to stress - regarding this verdict - that when I mean the first-floor, I actually mean the floor above the ground floor. In American English that means the second floor. In British English the first-floor is the second floor in American English. In British English the second floor is the third floor in American English.

And here is a translated section (this one is literal):

3.3 Means of evidence:
The court arrives at judicial finding of fact on the basis of the following means of evidence:

-The testimony made by the suspect during the hearing of the court, meaning - soberly represented - among other things:

It is correct that in July 2004, I have lived for a month with [victim 1] and [victim 2] in a house in Haarlem.
I have been with [fellow suspect] in the car a couple of times, when he drove [victim 1] and [victim 2] to the bar in Haarlem. When [fellow suspect] says that that happened six times, then it will be that way. I have also been in that bar myself.

-The report of the complaint which has been drawn up in a lawful form, of [victim 1] (file page 45 - 54) in which that person has testified among other things - soberly represented:

I was born on May 9, 1987.
[Victim 2] is my girlfriend. [Victim 2] and I decided to find work abroad. Actually that initiative came from a friend of mine, his name is [friend]. I believe that it was in June of this year, 2004, it could have also been July, that I spoke with [friend] again. In any case, it was after the end of school. [Friend] told me that he had a friend who lived in the Netherlands. And this friend possibly was supposed to be able to arrange work for [victim 2] and me. This work was supposed to be scrubbing work.
[Friend] put me in contact with a friend of his, named [suspect]. [Suspect] was the friend of [friend] who lived in the Netherlands. I only had contact with that person by telephone. [Suspect] phoned to me on the telephone of [friend] and then spoke with me. He told that I could earn approximately 1000 euro per month in the Netherlands with cleaning activities. We didn't really speak about where we would live in the Netherlands. [Suspect] would take care of that.
Finally, [victim 2], me and [friend] have departed. We went with the car of [friend] to the border. We were picked up there with a little bus. With that little bus we went to Germany. En route we have also eaten. [Victim 2] and I had no money and we have asked the chauffeur to give us some food because we had no money. [Suspect] would pay that later. He had told this through the telephone earlier on. He would also arrange and pay for the trip. He had told that we had to pay back later. We were picked up in Germany by a man named [fellow suspect]. He told that he came on behalf of [suspect]. [Victim 2] and I subsequently stepped into the car in which he was sitting.
In Den Haag we went to the house of [fellow suspect]. We met [suspect] there.
During one evening, [suspect] and [fellow suspect] spoke in English together, about [victim 2] and me. They spoke about the work that we should do. I could hear them talking about prostitution work. That [victim 2] and I should be doing. I could hear that they talked about that they didn't know how they had to do that, because [victim 2] was 16 years old and I was 17 years old. They talked about giving us false passports. I went upstairs and I have told it to [victim 2]. We both were very frightened. Because we really didn't want to do that. We then decided to leave. But the problem was that the house was equipped with an alarm installation. [Fellow suspect] had our passports. He had those in his jacket pocket, so we couldn't take these.
The following morning, [fellow suspect] told to [victim 2] and me that we had to work in prostitution. I told that I wasn't going to do that. I then was beaten by [fellow suspect]. He kicked me multiple times against my legs. He subsequently grabbed me by my throat with his hands and he squeezed.
[Fellow suspect] brought us to McDonald's and there a man waited for us. [Fellow suspect] had told us that we weren't allowed to tell that man how old we were. That man gave us something to eat in Macdonald's and after this we went with him to a house. In the house the man explained to us what kind of work we had to do. So this was prostitution work. We subsequently told that we were 16 and 17 years old. The man has brought us to the house of [fellow suspect] and told [fellow suspect] what we had told him. [Fellow suspect] flew into a rage and he started to beat me and he put his hands around my throat and squeezed hard. [Suspect] wasn't in the house anymore and [fellow suspect] phoned him. [Suspect] came to the house and was angry at us. He was angry at us, because we had told to that man at McDonald's that we were minor. He said that we came here to earn money. [Suspect] subsequently told [fellow suspect] that he knew somebody in Haarlem where we could work, so that we could earn money for false passports. [Suspect] has also threatened to beat us if we wouldn't do what they said. We were afraid for [suspect] as well as [fellow suspect].
The very same day, we were brought by [fellow suspect] and [suspect] to Haarlem. They brought us to a Turkish bar, named [bar]. [Fellow suspect] and [suspect] have explained every chapter what we had to do with men. That means the acts. [Suspect] told that we had to do everything and explained that we also had to anally and orally satisfy men. I received condoms from [suspect]. [Victim 2] and I received two clients each day. A man came into the cafe and I subsequently had to go with that man to his house. The man paid money to [suspect] in advance. Afterwards, the client brought me back to the cafe again. Running away was not possible, because [suspect] kept an eye on us and he had warned clients. They had to phone him if we would run away. We have worked from that cafe for approximately a month. From the money that [victim 2] and I earned in that cafe, I have never seen money.
After that first time to have worked in that cafe, we were given a house in Haarlem. [Victim 2] and I lived together in the house. [Fellow suspect] and [suspect] had said that we weren't allowed to go outside. [Suspect] went shopping for us. We didn't run away, because we were supervised continuously. In the cafe, [fellow suspect] or [suspect] or the patron were present. The clients brought us to their house and after the sex they brought us back to the cafe. When we left the cafe in the morning, we were brought by [suspect], [fellow suspect] or the patron [patron]. [Victim 2] and I went into the house and the door was locked behind us from the outside. It was a house on the first floor. The balcony door was also locked. [Fellow suspect] had removed the key and taken it with him.
On Thursday and Friday we mostly had 3 or 4 clients and the rest of the week we had mostly 1 or 2 clients.
After approximately a month, [fellow suspect] told me that he had a client who wanted a girl for a week and he paid €3000 for that. I was taken by [fellow suspect] to that man. His name was [client] (the court understands: [client]). He wanted to have sex with me during the morning and the evening.

-The report of the interrogation which has been drawn up in a lawful form, of complainant [victim 1] (file page 56 - 70) in which that person has testified among other things - soberly represented:

[Friend] has not been honest with us. He hasn't told us the truth about what we were going to do in the Netherlands. In case he would have proposed to me in Romania to go to the Netherlands to work in prostitution, I would certainly not have departed.
I came to the Netherlands in July 2004.
[Friend] has told us in Romania that [suspect] had a friend who was named [fellow suspect 2]. I met him for the first time at the petrol station in Germany. He was there together with [fellow suspect].
The second evening, when we already were in the house of [fellow suspect] in Amstelveen, [fellow suspect 2] and [fellow suspect] came to our room in the attic.
Both [fellow suspect] as well as [fellow suspect 2] forced us to give a blowjob to both of them. We had to learn this by their order to service the clients later on. This was accompanied with violence. Our clothes were torn off our bodies. We subsequently were forced to have sexual intercourse with both [fellow suspect] as well as [fellow suspect 2]. I first had to do it with [fellow suspect] and [victim 2] with [fellow suspect 2]. We subsequently had to switch and I had to have sex with [fellow suspect 2] and [victim 2] had to have sex with [fellow suspect].
So I was forced during that evening, to have sex with the both [fellow suspect 2] as well as with [fellow suspect]. I have seen that [victim 2] had sex with [fellow suspect] and also with [fellow suspect 2]. We were in the same space.
[Fellow suspect] said that we would be going to Haarlem to work. He told that [victim 2] and I would be working in prostitution at an acquaintance of his. He told that we would be brought by [fellow suspect 2] and [suspect] to a cafe/bar in Haarlem to work there. He said that what we have learnt you, you also have to do with clients. I understood from this that he meant sex.
[Fellow suspect] drove us to the cafe. [Fellow suspect 2] and [suspect] also drove along with us. I saw that the cafe was named [bar]. We were given the order in the cafe to make contact with clients. This was what both [fellow suspect 2] as well as [suspect] told. When we had a client, then this person had to negotiate with and pay to [fellow suspect 2] or [suspect].
After the work we went to a house in the neighbourhood of the big church. [Victim 2] and I went with [fellow suspect 2] and [suspect] to the house. [Fellow suspect 2] and [suspect] stayed with us.
[Client] lived in Amsterdam. I met [witness 2] and [witness 1] at [client]'s place.

-The report of the complaint which has been drawn up in a lawful form, of [victim 2] (file page 75 - 78) in which that person has testified among other things - soberly represented:

I was born on August 3, 1988.
For a very long time, I have a girlfriend named [victim 1]. I went to the Netherlands with her.
In the summer of 2004, we got to know a man in Romania, named [man].
[Man] told us that we could earn a lot of money in the Netherlands.
He told me that I did have to pay nothing for the trip, but when we would have earned money in the Netherlands, we had to pay 700 euro to a friend of his, named [suspect]. This [suspect] would give us accommodation in the Netherlands and provide work. This was in July 2004. We drove to Germany. In Germany we transferred into a passenger car. The driver of this passenger car was [fellow suspect]. [Fellow suspect] drove us from Germany to Den Haag. In the house, [suspect] was also present. [Suspect] is a Romanian.
After we had arrived in Den Haag, we were allowed to rest for one day. After this, it was told to us that we had to work in prostitution. We cried and said that we were supposed to have other work. [Suspect] and [fellow suspect] said that we should just go to the police then. They would arrest us and apprehend us, because we were minor. So they said to us that we had to work in prostitution. They told us what we had to do and how much money we had to ask. They also took care of condoms.
We were brought to Haarlem to a club. The first days, [fellow suspect] and [suspect] also stayed in the club when we were there. We then had to go with a man to his house. We then had sex there. After this, we were brought back by them. We have worked there for approximately 3 weeks. In the beginning, when [fellow suspect] and [suspect] were still present in the club when we worked, the clients paid the money to them. Later on, we had to hand over our money to [suspect] and [fellow suspect].
One time I had sex with [suspect] and one time with [fellow suspect].
I felt forced to do that, as it were.

-The report of the interrogation which has been drawn up in a lawful form, of complainant [victim 2] (file page 79 - 92) in which that person has testified among other things - soberly represented:

I was 15 years old when I arrived in the Netherlands. In Germany, [victim 1] and I were picked up at a petrol station by two men, named [fellow suspect] and [fellow suspect 2]. The chauffeur of the little bus by which we drove to Germany, gave the passports to [fellow suspect 2] and he gave them to [fellow suspect]. We were brought in the Netherlands to an apartment building. In the apartment building, we got acquainted with [suspect].
[Fellow suspect 2] crept into bed with me and he has said to me that I had to show what I could do, because for that reason I came to the Netherlands. I did actually understand what he meant, but I made clear to him that I didn't want to do this and that I would go to the police. He then grabbed me by my throat and said that I was never allowed to say the word police anymore.
[Fellow suspect 2] took off my clothes with violence and he has beaten me. He forced me to have sex with him. This was the first time that I had sexual intercourse. I also had to give him a blowjob.
The next day, [suspect] told that we had to work. [Suspect] told that we had to sleep with men for money. [Suspect] told that we would be going to a club or bar. [Suspect] started to explain after this, that he had bought condoms for the work. Then I had to give a blowjob and fuck. The sex had to take place in the home of the clients. During the evening, [fellow suspect] has picked us up with the car. We went with the four of us to a cafe in Haarlem: [fellow suspect], [suspect], [victim 1] and me. [Suspect] said to us that we had to be attentive, so that we would get attention from men. I had to approach the men or start dancing. There were men who were interested in me. They wanted to go to bed with me then. The men came to [suspect] at his table. I have seen that the men paid to [suspect]. They have all paid the bill to [suspect]. Every time I went with the client to his house. [Fellow suspect] came to pick us up after this night and drove us back to the house. [Fellow suspect] came to pick us up then again during the evening, and we went to the bar again. With us I mean: [suspect], [victim 1] and me.
[Suspect] collected the money. When we came home without money, we received a beating. [Suspect] pulled my hair. I received beatings against my face. [Suspect] said that he went to bed with me, because I refused to go to bed with clients. He then had intercourse with me in the living room.
[Fellow suspect] had a client, named [client], who wanted [victim 1]. [Victim 1] was brought by [fellow suspect] to [client]. She stayed a couple of nights with [client]. I was brought to a place where [victim 1] was. I believe that was in Amsterdam. Two other girls were there, [witness 1] and [witness 2].

-The report of the interrogation which has been drawn up in a lawful form, of complainant [victim 2] by the examining judge at the day of October 15, 2007, in which that person has testified among other things - soberly represented:

Our passports have been given in Romania to the bus chauffeur by [friend]. [Suspect] sent money from the Netherlands to make our passports. [Friend] let these be made. It was the intention that when we worked we would pay back the costs to [suspect].
They didn't search a job for us in catering, but brought us to a cafe to sleep with men. When we didn't want to, we received a beating in our face from [suspect]. That happened at home and not in the cafe. Aside from that, there were threats every day with physical violence. That happened every time by [suspect] and also by [fellow suspect 2], but he has only threatened.
It hadn't been discussed with [friend] that our work would be in prostitution.

-The report of the interrogation which has been drawn up in a lawful form, of fellow suspect [fellow suspect] (file page 161 - 168) in which that person has testified among other things - soberly represented:

I came into contact with two boys. They asked me if I wanted to pick up two nieces in Germany. [Name] drove along with me when I picked up these two girls in Stuttgart.

-The report of the interrogation which has been drawn up in a lawful form, of fellow suspect [fellow suspect] (file page 171 - 177) in which that person has testified among other things - soberly represented:

For the times that I have said the name [name] earlier on, I mean [fellow suspect 2] with that.

-The report of the interrogation which has been drawn up in a lawful form, of fellow suspect [fellow suspect] (file page 181 - 186) in which that person has testified among other things - soberly represented:

[Suspect] is one of the cousins.
I have brought away the girls approximately ten times from the house in Haarlem to the cafe or, at least in the neighbourhood. [Suspect] accompanied us approximately six times.

-The report of the interrogation which has been drawn up in a lawful form, of witness [witness 2] (file page 117 - 120) in which that person has testified among other things - soberly represented:

[Witness 1] and I went to [client] one time and then we saw [victim 1] with [client]. [Client] is [client], he lives in Amsterdam Noord. [Victim 1] asked for help. She spoke about [suspect] who beats her up and that she had to play whore.

-The report of the interrogation on the day of June 11, 2006 which has been drawn up in a lawful form, of witness [witness 1] (file page 123 - 127) in which that person has testified among other things - soberly represented:

Approximately two or three years ago, I got to know [victim 2] and [victim 1]. I got to know [victim 2] and [victim 1] at [client]'s place. [Client] lived in Amsterdam Noord, in the [a-street].
I knew in the meantime, that came over the floor on more occasions girls at [client]'s place sometimes. These girls then came for the sex. With [client].
[Fellow suspect] and [suspect] visited [client] every now and then. They did business with him regarding [victim 1] and later also regarding [victim 2]. I have seen [fellow suspect] and [suspect] in [client]'s home one time. I know about [client] that they have been in his home on more occasions at that time.
[Client] and I have spoken with each other about [victim 1]. [Client] told me that he was actually willing to "buy" [victim 1]. It so happened that he wanted that [victim 1] got her freedom back. He would supposedly, after he had bought her, receive her passport. Her passport was in the possession of [fellow suspect] and [suspect]. But [client] had to pay enormous amounts of money to [suspect]. I don't know how much, but I believe this concerns thousands of euros.

-The report of the interrogation which has been drawn up in a lawful form, of witness [witness ?] by the examining judge on the day of December 20, 2007 in which that person has testified among other things - soberly represented:

[Victim 2] and [victim 1] worked in prostitution for [fellow suspect] and [suspect]. [Client] had told me that [victim 1] sometimes came to him for paid love. He arranged the finances with [suspect].

-A written piece, namely a Dutch translation of findings of the Romania authorities which - soberly represented - means among other things that on March 17, 2004, the suspect left the country and he came back on August 18, 2004.

Friday, December 16, 2011

La Revolución


I'm bored by translating all these verdicts from

So I want to reinvent myself as a philosopher.

First I have to offer my apologies because I use some bad English. I lately discovered that when you get acquainted with a person, you don't say that you "get to learn" that person. You actually say that you "get to know" that person. It took me a long time to correct all the errors on my blog regarding getting acquainted with a person. On the other hand, I think I made a lot more errors, but I'm not aware of those. So, perhaps I should put it to rest.

I want to make some philosophical statements. You often hear people say that prostitution is just work. I think they are correct, if you only remove the word "just". The implication would be, using the word "just", that prostitution is as harmless as any other job. I don't think work other than prostitution is harmless at all. Many jobs are dangerous. The most obvious examples are: mining, wood chopping, fighting wars, fishing.

But if you think about it longer, then the list becomes longer. Many people nowadays work full-time behind a computer. You must realise how dangerous that is. From my own experience I know that a person can become handicapped for a lifetime. You can catch a common disease called repetitiveness strain injury, nowadays also known as: complaints in the arms, neck and shoulders. This is a horrible illness that can make you disabled for life. And this is all caused by a "harmless" activity called: working behind a computer.

There are other jobs done by many people, but which are also very dangerous. Think about working as a nurse. From what I hear and read, many nurses stop working before the age of 40 because their bodies are worn out. Working as a nurse, that is lifting all these overweight people, destroys your back, your spine. I read that if you lift a lightweight person even with the help of another person, that this is also too big of a burden for your spine. I have also read that many people who work in healthcare or in social work suffer from a lot of violence from the people they are supposed to be helping. Just like prostitutes do.

And you can name many other examples. Also think about construction workers. Their backs are destroyed when they are 40. What I mean to say is that:


And I want to go further. I want to say that all labour is slavery. Yes, ALL labour is slavery!

All labour is a violation of human rights. All violations of human rights should be prevented at all costs. So that means that all labour should be abolished. People are always hurt in systems of labour. Always. They always incur mental and physical damage by working. Just like prostitution does. That’s why prostitutes are generally not more traumatised compared to the general population. Because work in general is as dangerous and humiliating as prostitution is. (Yes, it is true that prostitutes are generally not more traumatised than the rest of the population, read this post on my blog to find out why)

But there is a problem. I have thought long about it. And I must conclude that for all practical purposes, labour cannot be totally abolished. The question that automatically arises is: who produces all the food? Who takes care of all the sick people? Who builds all the shelters to hide from the rain and snow?

This is a big problem. But I have found the solution. What we can do is that we don't completely abolish labour, just yet. We work towards a situation where all the labour becomes minimised. We only work to produce those things or needs that we strictly need to survive. Nothing more. No entertainment, eat no more food than we need, no single persons who live in large single houses. Live with 10 people in one room! We are social beings after all. We must also minimise consumption. Because minimising consumption automatically leads to minimising labour.

The good thing is that this plan neatly coincides with another big goal: the goal to minimise the ecological footprint of all the people on the planet. Because as it turns out, people put a much too heavy burden on the resources of the planet. Which results in not only destroying the ecosystem, but also ourselves, because we depend on the ecosystem. The ecosystem can live perfectly without us. But we cannot live without the ecosystem.

Within several decades all resources have been depleted. Resources like: Gold, iron, copper, coal, you name it. It will all have been depleted. There even are predictions that within 30 years the world's oceans and waters have been depleted of all fish. To prevent this to happen we should take drastic measures. We should bow deeply for mother nature.

We should eat no animal products, because to create 1kg of dry animal product you need more than 3kg of plant product. We should all become vegans!!! This has also another positive result. We minimise the unnecessary torture of animals.

It is my contention that minimising the human rights violation called labour, automatically has the result that our ecological footprint is also minimised. This way we hit two flies in one blow. By minimising  the amount of products we buy, we also minimise the indirect harm done to people in countries far far away. We minimise the brutal abuse perpetrated by the evil psychopathic people called “employers”. The rapes perpetrated by them, the exploitation, the torture, the physical abuse, the mental abuse, the sexual abuse, the torture of animals. That is all minimised. And as a plus we have minimised our ecological footprint!

So what does this all has to do with prostitution? Obviously, prostitution is a human rights violation. It is slavery after all, like all labour is slavery, like all slavery is a human rights violation. Remember, all violations of human rights should be stopped at all costs. People are used in prostitution as living blowup dolls, as living receptacles for male semen, they are examined like cattle on a cattle market, they are dehumanised. They suffer from unwanted intrusions into their bodies. They suffer from unwanted intimate contact with the hands, penises, bodies of strangers. Things that are impossible to prevent for prostitutes.

Like I said, we cannot abolish all labour yet, but we can minimise it. Prostitution is not strictly necessary to survive. We need food, shelter from rain and snow, and we need healthcare. Nothing more. From this point of view it is desirable to stop all prostitution. So that means, never visit prostitutes. We do actually need healthcare, so unfortunately nurses are necessary. We do need food, so unfortunately farmers are also necessary. We do need houses, so unfortunately construction workers and mechanics are necessary. But at least they are at there for our survival. The work they do is absolutely humiliating, dangerous, bad for the body and bad for the heart. But unfortunately we cannot survive without them. We can survive without prostitutes. The harm done to prostitutes is not necessary, because we don't need prostitutes in order to survive. Minimising the harm of all labour, means to stop abusing all prostitutes. It means to stop visiting ALL prostitutes.

On the long-term we can think about replacing all labour done by people, by robots. But that can only be done when the human population has severely dropped below its current level. Otherwise the ecological footprint becomes too high. To be honest, that's one downside. Robots probably have a large ecological footprint. So that's contrary to the goal of minimising all labour.

Another point is that in order to minimise our ecological footprint we also need to spread our wealth equally. For all practical purposes that boils down to Communism. I see no other way. That is not to say that we should create societies like Joseph Stalin or Pol Pot did. We should have freedom of speech, freedom of organising, freedom of religion, and freedom of having your own thoughts and opinions. But within the limits of what Mother Earth can provide to us.

Within such a society there is no need for people to sell their sexuality. Because a communistic society doesn't allow people to have no food, no drink, no shelter from rain and snow, and no healthcare. It is always given to them. So prostitution will definitely not be necessary anymore.

The only point is: I have to put this all into practice myself.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Saban and the gang - part 2


I now want to talk about the evil brothers Nuri T and Pehlul T, who both belonged to the gang of Saban B. They are cousins of Saban B. Nuri T is also known as Monti.

Nuri T led the way for the rest of the gang. He was the first to come with his girlfriend to De Wallen in Amsterdam around 1998. A couple of months later Saban and Hasan followed suit. They probably became the biggest forced prostitution gang in Amsterdam, with over 30 pimps. It ended in February 2007 with the arrest of Saban and many other pimps. Although still some bodyguards remained who terrorized the girls.

I want to quote from two verdicts that you can find on Those verdicts have the LJN-numbers: BP5092 and BP7250. The first is about Nuri T, the latter about Pehlul T. Those two verdicts show many overlaps, because the activities of the two brothers strongly intertwine. You can find the files here:

Obviously all the testimonies are "soberly represented" and not literal representations. They have been tampered with by the people of the court to make them more readable. Actually, that's true for all testimonies in the verdict files on, except for the wiretapped telephone conversations. There are many wiretapped telephone conversations in the verdicts of the two brothers, but I will mostly skip them because they are so chaotic. But they do provide extra evidence in case you don't believe the stories told by the women.

And now some translated bits from LJN BP5092 (I changed the introductory lines by the way, and I completed some of the first names of the pimps):

Means of evidence for [person 24] (facts 1 and 2)

1. The testimony of [person 24], born in 1976 (October 22, 2009):

I am still working in prostitution and I do that since the age of 20. I have met [suspect Nuri T] in Germany while I was 21 1/2 years old.


3. The testimony of [person 75] (January 26, 2010):

When the examining judge asks me how I know how he treats women then I say that I have often visited his wife [person 24]. When the examining judge asks me to further exemplify how [suspect Nuri T] treats women and how I know that, then I say that the fingertips of [person 24] literally fell off and she went working anyway. During the morning she went with the train to Dortmund, 06.00 hours in the morning, to let pins put into her neck as part of a checkup and that evening she was working again.
Regarding this, I want to exemplify that [person 24] was dependent on [suspect Nuri T]. When the examining judge asks me what I mean with dependent, then I say that she was completely infatuated with [suspect Nuri T]. She didn't see [suspect Nuri T] for three weeks, because he stayed with other girlfriends and when she saw him then, she was in seventh heaven and she addressed him as "Askim", which means "my great love". [Person 24] was brought from and to her work. De Wallen was her life. She worked until seven o'clock in the morning, went to bed after that, and woke up again at 10 o'clock. During the afternoon she went working again.

(Comment by Donkey: I skip a bit here)

5. The testimony of [person 28] (September 27, 2010):

After three or four weeks I went working in prostitution. I started on Thursday in November 2006. I repeatedly sent money from the Netherlands to Turkey and sometimes I also brought money from [person 24] with me. [Suspect Nuri T] was a fugitive. He constantly needed money. [Suspect Nuri T] had no job and he lived off the money of [person 24] and me.

6. The testimony of [person 4] (February 9, 2010):

[Suspect Nuri T] is married to [person 24]. I got to know him shortly after I got to know [suspect Saban B]. That was in 2000 or 2001.
When you ask me if I know what the source of income is of [suspect Nuri T], then I say: "Yes". Initially it was [person 24]. When you ask me to clarify this then I say that she worked for him in prostitution in Amsterdam. [Person 24] would have done everything for him. She preferably would have stood for 24 hours behind the window if that was possible. She wanted to offer him a life in gold. I mean with this that she wanted to offer him the same life as [suspect Saban B] also had.
When you ask me how I know that [suspect Nuri T] took money from [person 24] and [person 32], then I say that they both told me that.
When you ask me if I was sometimes present when [suspect Nuri T], like I have said, took money from one of these girls, then I say the following.
I was present there in the house of [suspect Nuri T] and [person 24], that [suspect Nuri T] said to [person 24]: "Honey, where have you left the money?".
When you ask me how long I worked in the Netherlands in prostitution, then I say that for the first time it was from October 2000 until April 2001. Then I became pregnant. After this, I believe from September 2004 until December 2004. I have spoken [person 24] for the last time during my pregnancy. That was in the summer of 2002.

7. A report of a police officer (February 23, 2006)

On February 23, 2006 I, officer, was approached by [person 55]. He declared the following. [Person 130] and [suspect Deniz S] work for [suspect Nuri T] and [suspect Ufuk T]. They have approximately ten girls working for them on De Wallen. In any case [person 24]. The girls that work for [suspect Nuri T] and [suspect Ufuk T], pay for their protection to [suspect Deniz S] and [person 130] approximately 750 euro per week.

(Comment by Donkey: I skip a bit here)

18. The testimony of [person 4] (November 22, 2007):

You ask me if I know something about the relationship between [person 24] and [suspect Nuri T]. What I know is that both were married and what I know that once in September 18, 2002 I picked her up from her work. She then had a high fever and she wasn't able to work anymore. I believe she had a fever of 40 degrees Celsius. I then picked her up and when I dropped her off at home, [suspect Nuri T] was very angry at her that she wasn't working. He believed that she simulated her illness. Even though you could clearly see that she really was ill. I also remember that [suspect Nuri T] was very angry that she went home just like that and wasn't working anymore.

Means of evidence for fact 2 ([person 28])

1. The testimony of [person 28] (May 20, 2010):

Mid-November 2006 I got to know [suspect Nuri T]. He has a nickname [suspect Nuri T]. He would be able to arrange something so that I could also work in prostitution. I told him about my private circumstances. That I needed money because of debts and the interior of a new house. That's why I was willing to do activities in prostitution. I went to have a conversation with him assuming that he could help me to have a job in prostitution. In the days after this, we mixed often with each other. We had sex with each other. It was a little bit more than only a little sexual adventure. We had something like a start-up of a relationship. In between we sent a lot of SMS text messages to each other. After more than two weeks I went to Geleen and [suspect Nuri T] reported to me that he had a room for me. A room to work as a prostitute. I then sent an SMS text message that actually I didn't want to do that work, that actually I wanted to back off from it anyway. I then also sent an SMS text message that I did hope that we could still mix with each other all the same, despite my decision that I didn't want to start working as a prostitute, because I did like him anyway. I didn't want to anymore, but [suspect Nuri T] wanted me to do it anyway.
As a result of the several SMS text messages, [suspect Nuri T] phoned to me and spoke to me about how I believed to get rid of my debts and how I wanted to pay my house now. He indicated to me that he was going to pick me up. After some conversations I gave my permission. I actually let me be persuaded. After this, [suspect Nuri T] immediately came to Geleen to pick me up. The next day I did actually start to work in prostitution. I was with [suspect Nuri T] in the sunbed studio. At the end of the afternoon, [suspect Ufuk T] and [person 40] came there. [Suspect Ufuk T] has a surname that begins with [….] or something like that (phonetically). In the course of the day we then went to De Wallen. [Suspect Nuri T] didn't attend this. [Suspect Ufuk T] and [person 40] accompanied me. [Suspect Ufuk T] dropped us off. [Suspect Nuri T] has said to me that I didn't have to worry, but that [person 40] would explain everything to me.
After arriving on De Wallen, a window was rented next to [person 40], that is number 79, Oudezijdsvoorburgwal in Amsterdam. [Person 40] has explained to me that I had to ask 50 euro for 20 minutes of sexual acts. From that moment on, mid-November 2006 until mid-February 2010, I have structurally worked as a prostitute. Of the money that I earned I have paid rent for my apartment. I have handed over all the rest of the money that was left to [suspect Nuri T], who would save it. In my view we had a sort of steady relationship during that whole time. I went to Turkey multiple times. For two years I have been by turns for one week in the Netherlands and for one week in Turkey. The last year I mostly was for two months in the Netherlands and approximately one week in Turkey. When I went to [suspect Nuri T] in Turkey I always brought money with me for him. The money that I earned in prostitution.

Remark by officer:
Prior to this interrogation the complainant indicated that in the past she had a tattoo placed on her back. We officers also have seen this multiple times in the past, because this tattoo was very striking. Also because of the text that was mentioned with it, that is "Property of [Monti]". At this moment the complainant is busy removing this text. Photos of the former tattoo have been stored by the complainant on her own private computer. She has made them available to the officers. A photo has also been made by the second officer of the tattoo like it is at the present moment.

(Comment by Donkey: I skip a bit here)

3. The testimony of [person 28]:

I have written the SMS text messages that are present on page 46J/24749 to [suspect Nuri T]. I used [N] or [L] as a nickname. I came into contact with [suspect Nuri T]. Initially I did want to work in prostitution, but the more I thought about it, I didn't want it anyway. I was supposed to be working in Amsterdam. [Suspect Nuri T] persuaded me to start working anyway. He said that I couldn't do that because he had already arranged a room. I started mid-November 2006. He wanted to have money again and again. I repeatedly was supposed to stop with working as a prostitute, but again and again I had to keep on working. Even though it was my money, I saw nothing back of it. [Person 24] did also arrange the room. I put the money in the closet at home. [Suspect Saban B] has been apprehended earlier than [person 113]. We were in Turkey at that moment. [Suspect Nuri T] didn't return to the Netherlands with me. When [suspect Nuri T] still was in the Netherlands he simply took the money, but he asked for it from the moment he resided in Turkey. I repeatedly brought money from the Netherlands to Turkey and sometimes I also brought money from [person 24].
At the beginning that I worked I was brought by taxi. After a couple of months I started to pay money to the bodyguard, namely €100 per week. [Suspect Nuri T] said that. The first three months [suspect Nuri T] kept me away from my mother.
I had a tattoo placed on me. Together with [suspect Nuri T] I went to the tattoo shop. The tattoo became 'Property of [Monti]'. I did find that text beautiful, but it wasn't my choice. I did want a tattoo myself, but not with the text Property of [Monti]. I had the tattoo placed in the beginning of our relationship. I believe that has been in December 2006. At that time I was madly in love with him.
File 16 is given to me. I can say about this that on photos 13 and 25 [suspect Nuri T] is depicted. I did also name [suspect Nuri T] Askim. [Suspect Nuri T] was his nickname. [Suspect Nuri T] used the identity of [O.F.T.].
In the beginning the bodyguard, the unlicensed taxi driver and the like were arranged. I accompanied the girls. I was persuaded by [suspect Nuri T] to work in prostitution anyway, while I didn't want to anymore. I wanted to work with the idea that the money was for myself.
I put down the money like I said. I did what all girls did. That was in the beginning and I wanted to join in with them. They also handed over their money and I adopted their habits. You are being played off against one another. I don't know why I gave the money to [suspect Nuri T]. He made promises, made plans for the future. I only was supposed to work for one year and then we were supposed to live in Turkey. He would open a shop for me, we would make babies and the like. I then wouldn't need to work anymore in Turkey. That's why I handed over the money.
When I came to Amsterdam I have eaten in a restaurant with [suspect Nuri T]. Two or three days later I came back and we also had sex then. [Suspect Nuri T] and I entered into a relationship. I was in love with him. I let myself be persuaded by [suspect Nuri T] to start working. I heard that much money could be made. I then could pay off my debts. I fell for the beautiful words. I wanted to make my house beautiful, buy pieces of furniture and the like. Also the being in love played a role.
I have seen [suspect Ferruh T] beating [person 40] a couple of times and there are stories that she had to jump into the cold water. Because of these stories you actually did keep on working longer to prevent that it would also happen to you. The others talked about their men. They are all the same anyway, those men. [Person 40] said for example: "My husband doesn't agree when I go home earlier". I did also hear stories about [suspect Nuri T], but you didn't believe those stories, because that wasn't the [suspect Nuri T] then I knew. But the stories did stay in your head. I actually did try harder to do my best to make sure not to experience that and to evade problems. [Suspect Nuri T] lived off the money of [person 24] and me.
[Suspect Nuri T] arranged the room during the first day that I went working. He put me behind the window anyway. If [suspect Nuri T] wouldn't have insisted then I wouldn't have ended up in prostitution. I have sent SMS text messages that I didn't want to, but I was persuaded to work anyway. In the period November 2006 until April 2007 I haven't visited my mother. [Suspect Nuri T] then said something like "don't do it anyway, I have made plans for tomorrow".
My mother was really sick during that time and I wanted to go to her. When I was with my mother that day, [suspect Nuri T] phoned me the whole day. I then went back at 16.00 hours.

(Comment by Donkey: I skip a bit here)

8. The testimony of [person 28] (May 25, 2010):

There are enough stories about the procedures of [suspect Nuri T]. One of those stories is that when a girl of [suspect Nuri T] or one of his pimps doesn't do what is assigned to her, then such a girl is visited by a client. After letting the client in, it turns out however that he isn't a client, but a person who is sent on behalf of [suspect Nuri T]. That so-called client then beats up the girl.
You ask me if this has also really happened sometimes. I can state the following about this.
Several times it has been told by [suspect Nuri T] himself, that when a girl didn't pay or when she worked under the standard price, then one visited her and beat up the girl. I took that seriously, because of the way he said that. I also have witnessed several times that [suspect Nuri T] talked with other men about this. Also in the form: "do you still remember the girl that didn't pay then". Then an explanation followed of what one did to the girl and that always boiled down to violence. The way that [suspect Nuri T] said something to me and what he said made me frightened and made a threatening impression upon me.

Means of evidence for fact 2 ([person 11])

(Comment by Donkey: I now switch to LJN BP7250)

1. The testimony of [person 11], born [1982] (January 29, 2010):

When you ask me if I have worked in prostitution, then I say not worked, forced.
I believe I started to work in prostitution when I was 22. I met [suspect Pehlul T] and I fell in love with him. He called himself [Y]. Once I had had sex with him I immediately had to work. I sometimes had to work from morning until late in the evening. When you ask me what I mean with "sometimes", then I say, that in the beginning I didn't know yet how I had to earn the amount of money and then I didn't have enough, then I had to keep on working longer. I had to earn thousand euro per day by order of [suspect Pehlul T]. When I hadn't earned enough I was beaten with a baseball bat by him, so that I went working again and earn the amount of money. I was also threatened by his brother. When you ask me how that was done the first time, then I say that [suspect Pehlul T] and the girls who already worked there had arranged a room. They immediately had a permanent room for me and that had already been paid for. [Suspect Pehlul T] said that I had to go working and that I had nothing to say about that. I was brought by a number of girls, I remember [person 24], to a room. They have explained to me what I had to do. Everywhere girls worked who belonged to them. You were only allowed to talk with a girl of the nearest brothers. When you ask me how I knew which girls I was allowed to talk to, then I say that those girls lived with us. With us in Vinkeveen. We didn't only reside in Vinkeveen, but sometimes also elsewhere. Mostly I stayed with [person 24]. I immediately had to hand over the money that I earned to [suspect Pehlul T] when I came home. When it wasn't enough, he beat me up. I regularly had bruises. Even when I had bruises, I had to work the next day. These then were camouflaged with make-up. [Person 24] did that. I once also underwent an abortion and the day after the abortion was carried out I had to work again. I still bled. When you ask me what I earned on average per day, then I say that in the beginning I wasn't so good yet. I then earned between five hundred and six hundred per day. Initially I worked from 10 o'clock in the morning until four or five o'clock at night, but obviously with a break of course. Later, when I found out that I could steal from clients and learned how that was done, I worked from seven o'clock in the evening until five or six o'clock in the morning. When you ask me who determined the working hours, then I say: "He". Sometimes it was very bad on weekdays during the daytime. That's why those girls have also learned me to steal, because in the morning I was too tired, overburdened. When I said something about this then he screamed that he would come to me. He said that he would kill me if I didn't do what he wanted. Then I continued with working again. When you ask me which days of the week I worked, then I say that I worked from Monday until Sunday. Every now and then I had a day off, but actually I preferred to work every day and I wasn't home with him, because he was so violent. I have worked until the age of twenty-five. I have worked for approximately three years. When you ask me what the reason was to stop, then I say the following. [Suspect Pehlul T] had a false passport. That belonged to a man in Germany, with whom he had agreed that he was allowed to use his name. In Turkey I was forcibly married to [suspect Pehlul T], so that he could get a Dutch passport. It so happened that his passport had expired or something like that, he couldn't go back to the Netherlands. His brother was able to do that, then I mean his big brother and I prefer not to name a name. After I was beaten up by [suspect Pehlul T] and he had almost killed me, I immediately lodged a complaint to the police after that. He then found me back again. They then guarded me and I wasn't able to go anywhere without being guarded. I was brought by a bodyguard from and to a special taxi which picked me up and brought me away. A Turkish taxi brought us to the Zeedijk. From there we were escorted to our room by a bodyguard. We then went to Turkey and then I married [suspect Pehlul T]. At a certain moment I obviously had to work again. The money had been used up again. I then took a flight back to the Netherlands and I was picked up by another brother, [F]. I was with [person 28] in the house and when she was away and I stayed home alone, I could get away. I took my suitcases and went to my aunt. [Person 28] had brought my money to Turkey. The brother of [suspect Pehlul T] preyed on me, by he also had problems in the Netherlands. I'm then talking about his big brother. I mean [Monti] with this. They have been at the door of my aunt multiple times. I then mean [Monti]. He has threatened to set fire to my aunt. He didn't come alone at the door. Other people were also present. My aunt has said to me that it were more. I haven't seen them. I then went hiding in the living room. My aunt left the door open, so I could hear them talking. My aunt has told me everything when she came into the room again.
[Suspect Pehlul T] threatened me every day. He then said that I should do my best more. I had to work so many hours per day. If I wouldn't do that he beat me with an iron bar on my hands. He also beat with the flat of his hand on my pubic area. He also did sadistic things. He inserted a bottle of vodka in my vagina. He tied me up. He cut me with a knife. He beat me with a baseball bat on my head, my upper legs, my hands and my midriff. I have had four broken ribs. He also beat me with the baseball bat on my vagina. When I laid on the ground he kicked me. When you ask me how often I was beaten with a baseball bat then I say that I can't remember. It was almost every day. I was only allowed to mix with girls of the group. I very often had contact by telephone with [suspect Pehlul T] during the work. When he phoned, he asked if I was working or if I had earned enough. Sometimes I was so tired, that I asked him if I was allowed to stop. He reacted aggressively to that. Sometimes I phoned to butter up or bond with him, so that I wouldn't get a beating and he would find me sweet. He threatened to end my life with an overdose of coke. He said that I was a whore anyway and that nobody would bother about that. I cannot stand weed and he let me smoke weed sometimes. He forced me to do that, he said with an imperative voice: "smoke".
Photo 5, 53 (the court determines: [suspect Pehlul T]).
The man on this photo is [suspect Pehlul T]. I also knew him as [Y]. Photo 57 is a photo of [suspect Pehlul T] and me together, but you can't see me very well.
Photo 11 (the court determines: [Person 102]).
The man on this photo was our taxi driver. He is named [Person 102]. He was also active for them. When you did something he passed it on. I once ran away and then he told where to. They then found me and have beaten me up. That was once. I then went to the house of my aunt. He brought me there. He was paid by them, [suspect Pehlul T] and his big brother.
Photo 13 (the court determines: [suspect Nuri T).
That is the big brother. When you ask me if he knew that I worked for [suspect Pehlul T], then I say: "Of course". He is his brother. He knew everything. I would prefer not to speak about him. When you ask me why not, then I say that I am afraid of him. When you ask me why I am afraid of him, then I say that he is ten times worse than [suspect Pehlul T]. He has threatened me and also beaten me. He has said to me that he would kill me, when something happens with his brother and he would kill me. I find him dangerous. I haven't kept track of when he has threatened me, that has been multiple times. At one moment you are being threatened so often that it starts to become a habit. He has beaten me when I lived in Vinkeveen. I believe that it has been approximately four and a half years ago.
Photo 15 (the court determines: [Person 130]).
The man on this photo is [E], he was a bodyguard. That was my bodyguard. [E] knew that I worked for [suspect Pehlul T].

2. The testimony of [person 11], born [1982] (February 3, 2010):

You show me photos of the women. Multiple times I have worked certain periods with [person 24] in one room. I had to learn from [person 24] how I could make money without having sex with clients and how I could make as much money as possible and steal from the clients. Because of the woman on photo 42 (the court determines: [person 53]) I received an awful beating. We sometimes closed the curtain and then we started to have a chat with each other with a drink. One time [suspect Pehlul T] came into my room via another room, where I just had been drinking and giggling with her, with the little curtain closed. That absolutely wasn't allowed. It wasn't the plan that you went talking. You had to work. I then received an awful beating with the baseball bat because she had distracted me. I received beatings on my head and on my legs.

3. The testimony of [person 11], born [1982] (February 17 and March 3, 2010):

I have worked in prostitution in Amsterdam and in Utrecht.
I have been threatened by [suspect Pehlul T] and [suspect Nuri T] with bad consequences if I would talk to the police.
When [suspect Nuri T] came at the door, he introduced himself to my aunt as the brother of my brother. I have to add to that that he said [suspect Pehlul T]. After he had gone away my aunt described the person at the door to me. The description fitted [suspect Nuri T]. I also heard him speak at the door. She has also given photos of [suspect Pehlul T] to the police. My aunt has seen these photos before [suspect Nuri T] came at the door. These photos were in the marriage certificate that I received from Turkey.
When you ask me how often I was beaten with a baseball bat, then I say almost every day, let’s say every day during the first year. After I started to earn better it became better. A couple of times I have earned 200 or 300 euro, but then I received the worst beatings. At a certain moment 800 euro was also not enough anymore. The cars had to be paid and I had to pay the rent of Vinkeveen.
You say to me that I have stated that [suspect Pehlul T] was in Turkey sometimes and you ask me if I also had to hand over my money in this period and if that were true, how that was done. I was escorted the whole time by bodyguards. His brother [Monti] was also in the Netherlands to keep me under control. I gave the money to [suspect Ferruh T] abi where I stayed at that moment. [Suspect Ferruh T] abi sent it to Turkey.
With keeping under control I mean that I didn't go anywhere alone. I had accompaniment everywhere and always. There always was a man/bodyguard present. This could also be [suspect Nuri T]. We had our own taxis. We weren't allowed to go with the normal taxis.
They have also said to me, that when I would be caught once then I must say nothing, just persevere. They have also said to me that they could keep me imprisoned. If I would still have been with them then I wouldn't have stated this all, but luckily I'm free now.
When you ask me if [suspect Nuri T] knew of the abortion that I underwent, then I say: "Yes". I have heard [suspect Nuri T] and [suspect Pehlul T] talking together about this over the telephone.

4. The testimony of [person 72] (April 20, 2010):

He regularly phoned, after he and [person 11] had separated. With "he" I mean her husband, the husband of [person 11]. He then asked where [person 11] was. This was in the period during which she had left him. During one of these conversations I have told him that [person 11] was addicted and I have asked him if he couldn't help her get rid of that. Then he let her come over to Turkey. She has been in Turkey and after this, she had to work for him yet again. She had to play whore for him again. She didn't come to me at home again, only to drop off the suitcases. She was immediately gone again. His brother then picked her up.
After two weeks she came to me and told that she had earned eight thousand euro. She said that she had put that away and that she would save it. When she came back that eight thousand euro was gone. She was very angry and she came to me again. She told that they took away that eight thousand euro and that she didn't get that back anymore. Then she left that brother. She was threatened after that. She then was screaming on the telephone. She didn't tell me who was on the telephone, but after she ended the telephone conversation, she phoned to her husband. She then screamed to her husband that her brother threatened her so badly. She was afraid of his brother. That brother has also come at my door. That's why I knew that it was the brother of the husband of [person 11]. They always came with the four of them. They came with the two of them at my door and two stayed in the car. The latter I heard from the neighbours. He, the brother of the husband of [person 11], said to me that he would let [person 11] be killed. He said that he didn't do it himself when he wanted to shoot somebody dead, but that he let somebody do it. I have photos of the husband of [person 11] at home, but no photos of his brother. You tell me that I have stated about four men who came at the door and you ask me how often this has happened. This happened around four times. This was in the period during which [person 11] was at my home and she didn't want to work for him anymore. One time they have uttered threats, the other three times they came at the door to ask where [person 11] was.
When [person 11] was beaten by her husband in such a way that she ended up in hospital this way, I have visited her in the hospital. He had beaten her face completely to shreds. She looked terrible. He had whipped her over the body with a belt. She had welts because of that. She was able to flee and then she phoned to the police. They have picked her up. This was in Vinkeveen. When you ask me if I have talked with her about this, then I say that [person 11] has told me about this. She has also pressed charges.
[Person 11] has told me that he had pushed a bottle in her lower torso. This is separate from what I told above.
With "Lul", [person 11] meant her husband. That was a strange name according to her. That was his name according to her. She said that this was his real name, only "Lul". When her husband phoned, he always said, "With the husband of [person 11]". (comment by Donkey: “lul” means penis in Dutch)

5. Report by police officers (March 16, 2006):

On March 16, 2006 around 22.55, we have paid a visit to the Trompettersteeg 5/5 in Amsterdam, the work address where [person 11] was active as a prostitute. [Person 11] indicated that she did want to stop but wasn't able to do this because she was very afraid that her pimp would search for her. She stated that the group around her, was able to find her everywhere. The pimp of [person 11] is [YC], born [1980] in [place of birth]. She absolutely didn't want to testify against her pimp [YC]. It was clearly visible that she was very afraid. She was nervy, she constantly looked anxiously around her and she repeatedly said that she wasn't able to talk because otherwise "they" could hear it. She repeatedly stood up, cried every now and then, and she sweated.

(Comment by Donkey: obviously they mean [Pehlul T] with [YC], but that is a false name she gave)

6. Report by a police officer (May 26, 2006):

On April 27, 2006 [person 11] came to the police office in Mijdrecht. She was very emotional and she cried. She shouted that she wanted to press charges and wanted to go to a Blijf-van-mijn-lijfhuis (comment by Donkey: that's a shelter for battered women, a stay-off-my-body house). She stated the following.
I have a relationship with [Y]. I fell in love with him. I know that his brother is named [Monti]. I live with him in a bungalow in Vinkeveen. When I entered into a relationship with him I started to work in prostitution in Amsterdam. At a certain moment I was forced by [Y]. He then said that I had to do this work for another year and then I was allowed to stop. I earn between 600 and 700 euro per day and I have to hand that over to him. I am left with completely nothing. [Y] is always with me and when I am working there are a sort of bodyguards who guard me. When I have to go to my work I am picked up by an unlicensed taxi driver, Mohammed. I have physical problems because of this work: I suffer a lot from stomachache and I'm beaten very often by [Y]. Last time, that was with a baseball bat on my upper leg, I had enormous bruises because of that. He also beat me with his fists on my head, which caused me to get enormous bumps and with the flat of his hand on my ears which had the result that I can hear less now. He regularly kicks and beats my dog because he knows that he hurts me with this. He beat me multiple times today against my head with his fists. I felt pain. He has threatened me multiple times that he would administer a drug overdose to me if I would leave him. I ran away three weeks ago to aunt [person 72]. He picked me up there again and he completely beat me up at home. I had to blow dope then, because he knew I start to feel sick because of that. He has also threatened me with a knife on my throat.
During the conversation with me, police officer, [person 11] was phoned multiple times on her mobile phone. I understood that she had [Y] on the phone. I took her telephone and I spoke with him. I could hear that he asked multiple times with an urgent voice in which police office [person 11] was. At the end [person 11] didn't want to press charges. She wanted that the police knew what was going on, because she was afraid that something would happen to her in the future.

7. A report by police officers (May 4, 2006):

On May 1, 2006 around 13:15 we received a report about a woman who supposedly was maltreated by her husband in bungalow park Buitenborch in Vinkeveen. We got and maintained contact by telephone with her until we arrived there. She was very emotional and she cried intensely. She sounded as if she was in panic and very frightened. After arrival we saw that she had hidden herself behind a waste disposal tanker. The woman had large swellings in her face, blue-purple coloured skin around her eyes, blood dripped from her mouth and nose, there was dried up blood on her lip and her lips were red and swollen on several places. She identified herself with a passport as [person 11], born [1982] in [birthplace]. She told that she had been beaten up by her boyfriend. She told that she was active in prostitution in the Trompettersteeg in Amsterdam, her boyfriend was her pimp and she had to hand over all her earned money to him. She furthermore states that he threatened to do something to her aunt, of whom he knew where she lived.

8. The testimony of [person 11] (May 1, 2006):

The man whom I speak about is named [Y]. He is of Turkish descent and originally comes from Germany. He makes use of a false passport. Today around 9.30 he started to maltreat me. He also did that on April 27, 2006. Then I had told a story at the police in Mijdrecht because he had also beaten me that day. Then I didn't dare to press charges. This morning he beat me with a bat and tied me up with electricity wire and he used a knife on me. He has stabbed/pierced me on the backside of my legs. During recent times I repeatedly had a knife on my throat. The beating with the bat has caused injury: the doctor says that I have multiple broken ribs and I am fully covered with bruises. [Y] has also raped me this morning. I had to completely undress when he beat me. Then he inserted a little bottle of the brand Smirnoff Ice into my vagina. Later on he smashed that little bottle to pieces in the room. He raped me more often. He wants to have sex with me three times a week against my will. If I don't want sex he does it anyway and he beats me up. He demands that I work six days a week. When I refuse then he beats me up. He takes my money from me and he beats me when I don't earn enough. Four months ago he beat me in our house with a bat even worse than now and I simply had to work after that. That's also what I did. He has maltreated my dog multiple times by kicking and beating him. He also threw him against the wall in the house and he once stabbed him in the side with a knife. He knows that he hits me extra hard when he does something to the dog.
[Y] is a member of an organisation who has women working in prostitution for them in all large cities in the Netherlands and in Germany.

9. A report by a police officers (May 2, 2006):

On Tuesday, May 2, 2006 we, police officers, saw that the face of [person 11] was swollen and red, she was short of breath and we heard that she had pain in her face but not elsewhere in her body because she had medicines administered to her. [Person 11] stated that she was very afraid of [Y] and his friends. He supposedly has said that he is willing to be in jail for seven years, but that they would find her. She supposedly should pay him 240,000 Euro and then she would be rid of him. [Y] has threatened to kill her, just like [K], about whom [person 11] states that that person died of a drug overdose. Yet he had already tried to let her snort so much cocaine and drink so much alcohol so that she would drop down.

10. A report by a police officer (June 16, 2006):

On May 1, 2006, I, technical investigator at the politie Utrecht have started an investigation in the house of [person 11] in Vinkeveen. On the plywood floor in the kitchen I saw trails of blood. On other spots in the house I saw drops of blood. In the trash bin in the kitchen lay a demolished Smirnoff Ice bottle. In the washbasin lay a demolished kitchen knife with a plastic handle, the blade was crooked, bits of pieces were missing which laid on the ground. In the bedroom on the bed lay a leather belt and next to the bed a piece of electricity wire in which a loop had been made.

11. The testimony of [person 53] (March 3, 2006):

I work as a prostitute on De Wallen in Amsterdam. I already know [person 11] for a month. Her boyfriend and pimp is [Y], a brother of [Monti]. She is fed up of being with him, but she doesn't dare to go away. [Person 11] would happily have girlfriends but that isn't allowed by [Y]. I have spoken with [Y] a month ago and I have said that I have no bad plans regarding [person 11], but only want to talk a little. [Y] said that [person 11] isn't there to talk, but that she has to work. I have said to [Y] that I know that he has phoned to me two times during the night with the telephone of [person 11]. [Person 11] told me that she had to hand over all her earned money and her savings to [Y]. He wants to buy a car. She also pays the rent of a house in Vinkeveen. She told that lately she has been beaten with a baseball bat by [Y].

(Comment by Donkey: I skip a bit here)

15. A report of police officers (August 29, 2007):

In the car en route to the hearing of the witness, [person 11] told us the following. I had to marry in Turkey with [suspect Pehlul T]. He is the brother of [suspect Nuri T]. The one who is in jail actually is [YC]. He is a friend of them and he has given his passport to them. My husband is in Turkey and has no passport. Two days ago I still had contact with my husband. He said that he wanted to come to the Netherlands again. He's the man who has beaten me up the previous year. [Person 111] is the only bodyguard that remains on De Wallen. He also keeps an eye on me. When I have a client, he immediately passes it on. [Person 28] and [person 111] has taken the money away from me that I earned recently. This happened at [person 28]'s home, last Thursday. It was 8000 euro. They said that I wasn't allowed to talk with the police, or else they would kill me.

(Comment by donkey: I now switch to LJN BP5092 again)

Means of evidence for fact 2 ([person 5])

1. A report by police officers (June 21, 2007):

On June 21, 2007 in the police office in Schiedam, we, police officers, spoke with a woman who stated to us to be named: [person 5]. She stated that during a certain period she had been the girlfriend of [suspect Nuri T]. Out of fear of reprisals towards her or her family she cannot give a statement at this moment.

2. The testimony of [person 53] (October 26, 2009):

I know from [person 5] that she, after she broke off with her boyfriend, she has been for a short while with my ex-boyfriend [person 110]. It is customary that you pay if a girl goes from one man to the other.

3. A report by police officers (May 2, 2006):

[Person 11] states that [person 5] was a girlfriend of and worked for [suspect Nuri T]. [Person 5] has gotten a gastric bleeding a short while ago caused by one of the maltreatment by [suspect Nuri T]. Shortly after this, [person 5] already had to go to work in prostitution again.

4. The testimony of witness [person 11] (February 3, 2010):

Photo 13.
This is [D] (the court determines: [person 5]). Regarding her, I have saved her life. You say that you see that I have tremblings. That's right. This girl ran away with another pimp. This obviously wasn't allowed.
[Suspect Nuri T] had found her. He has beaten her at my home until she bled. I went with her and [suspect Nuri T] to the hospital. Something had snapped in her stomach. She had a blood vessel broken or something which had the result that a lot of blood came into her stomach. She kept going on her feet with that. A couple of days later, during work, I have kicked down her door. She then was lying on the floor. [Person 5] first was together with [suspect Nuri T]. She then ran away with this pimp. She has been away for more than one and a half years. After this, she has been together again with [suspect Nuri T] when he has found her.
I have worked together with [person 5] when I worked in the Trompettersteeg (the court understands: in Amsterdam). I already worked for a year then. I got to know her at the moment that [suspect Nuri T] had found her and he had beaten her in my house.
[Person 5] has told me herself what happened prior to that. With the other pimp she had been in Antwerpen and in Brussels, there she has worked. She was on the run with that pimp from [suspect Nuri T]. It so happened that he had to pay to [suspect Nuri T] for her. It was obviously not allowed that he took her with him like that.
At a certain moment she was fed up with fleeing and she wanted to see her family. She went to Amsterdam. She said that she didn't want to wait until he would find her and that's why she phoned to [suspect Nuri T]. [Suspect Nuri T] has picked her up and took her with him to Vinkeveen and there he beat her in our home. Obviously she had to work again after that. She had to pay off the money. When you run away with another pimp then you incur a sort of debt. She told me that she had to pay off 50,000 euro.
She has said to me that he has beaten her. I did see that she had blood in the face. I have also seen that there was blood on my dog. She also had blood on her clothes and on the carpet.

(Comment by Donkey: I skip a bit here)

Means of evidence for fact 3 ([person 17])

1. A report by a police officer (July 31, 2007):

On October 26, 2005, [person 17] stated to me, police officer, that he originates from a group which occupies itself with trafficking in women. He had fallen in love with [person 5], who works in prostitution for [suspect Nuri T]. He had taken [person 5] away from [suspect Nuri T].
[Suspect Nuri T] now demands 30,000 euro from him. He says that he doesn't have the money and if he would pay it, his life still isn't safe. [Suspect Nuri T] has threatened to come at his door. At the end of the conversation, [person 17] had a conversation with [suspect Nuri T]. [Person 17] asked if they could solve the problem in a normal way. [Suspect Nuri T] said that he wanted to have the money. He said: "you or me dies". I, police officer [person 49], who listened via the loudspeaker mode to the mobile telephone of [person 17], have heard this.
I, police officer, had asked [person 17] what the mobile number of [suspect Nuri T] was. Before he could answer that, I saw the number in the display with which he phoned in my presence, that is 06-xxxxxxxx. [Suspect Nuri T] was supposedly around 30 years old and had his birthday in April or May.

2. The testimony of [person 17] (August 6, 2007):

I have my reasons not to testify anymore, also at this moment. Now it is calm. There has not been paid at that time.

3. A wiretapped telephone conversation between (A) [person 11] and NN woman on February 11, 2006, at 19.21 hours:

A: Hey listen, my husband found out that it is your number.
A: When you come working then I do talk to you through the window, but I cannot come inside with you. Because I am not allowed to speak with you anymore because they really are out for your husband your ex.
NN: They are searching, really.
A: Yes. They are searching, if they will get him. They want to put pressure on you.
NN: They want to put me under pressure.
A: Yes but please say nothing you know that I say all this to you, because I then really will be killed you know.
NN: No sweetheart you don't have to be afraid of that, how do they want to do that then.
A: Yes I don't know that. I believe that if you go working and that they will just visit you then. He said that you where your ex is, you know and I have already said to him yes just let her alone you know. She doesn't have anything to do anymore with her ex. He says no way (interference).
A: No I don't know that. I simply believe when he sees you. Because if he tells me that your man has to pay something like 30,000 (thirty thousand) euro or something to his brother, you know, so yes. That is a whole lot of money.
NN: He has no business at all, my ex simply went away with that girl. That girl has chosen him herself also, you do know what I mean and I also find it bizarre that there is a sort of rule that if you go with another pimp…
Conversation is broken off.

4. A wiretapped telephone conversation between [person 53] and [person 17] on March 1, 2006 at 21.35:

[Person 53]: You let [person 5] visit your sick mother.
[Person 53]: Piss off, you. Cancer rotten you. With your dirty cancer whores that you always have had. (...) Now that [person 5]. You have fucking no taste, (…) and if you have problems, she then goes that 30,000 euro, she will cough that up.

5. The testimony of [person 53] (March 3, 2006):

I work since August 2003 on De Wallen. I know [person 11] since a month ago. Her pimp is [suspect Pehlul T]. I have spoken with [suspect Pehlul T] a month ago. [Suspect Pehlul T] asked me where [person 17] was, my ex. He seeks for that person because he has a relationship with [person 5], the former girlfriend of [suspect Nuri T]. I said that [person 17] was abroad. [Suspect Pehlul T] said that he would find him anyway. I later told [person 17] that I was approached by [suspect Pehlul T]. [Person 17] told me that [suspect Nuri T] searched for him for money. [Suspect Nuri T] wanted €30,000 from [person 17] because [suspect Nuri T] believes that [person 17] has taken away [person 5].

6. The testimony of [person 53] (March 7, 2006):

I know that [suspect Nuri T] believes that [person 17] owes him 30,000 euro, because [person 5] transferred from [suspect Nuri T] to [person 17]. It is customary in the world of prostitution that money is being paid then.

(Comment by Donkey: I skip a bit here)

Means of evidence for fact 4 and 5 (participation in a criminal organisation)

(Comment by Donkey: I skip a bit here)

61. The testimony of [person 11], born [1982] (January 29, 2010, February 3 and March 3, 2010):

January 29, 2010
I met [suspect Pehlul T], fell in love with him and when I had sex with him one time I had to work in prostitution. I was 22 years old.
Photo 13 (the court determines: [suspect Nuri T]).
This is the big brother (the court understands: of [suspect Pehlul T]). When you ask me if he knew that I worked for [suspect Pehlul T], then I say: "Of course". He is his big brother. He knew everything. I would prefer not to speak about him. When you ask me why not, then I say that I am afraid of him. When you ask me why I am afraid of him, then I say that he has threatened me and also beaten me. That was when I still lived in Vinkeveen. I believe that it has been approximately 4 1/2 years ago (the court understands: halfway 2005). He has said to me that he would kill me, when something happens with his brother. They often held meetings. That was also in our home; at my and [suspect Pehlul T]'s place is what I mean then. During those meetings they spoke about information that they received from informants of the police. Because those meetings were also sometimes in our home, I knew many men by sight.
February 3, 2010
I belonged to a crew, to which belonged also a number of other girls. The girl on photo 21 belonged to another similar group. It was one big crew to which this group belonged. When the examining judge asks me, if one starts from this bigger group, there are more of these on De Wallen, then I say that De Wallen actually was one big group.
All those little men under [suspect Nuri T] and [suspect Saban B] then came to [person 32]'s home. That’s what I’ve seen, when I was in [person 32]'s home. They came there with girls to ask permission to [suspect Nuri T] and [suspect Saban B] if they were allowed to work on De Wallen. They had to pay for that. When you ask me how I knew that these men had to ask permission to [suspect Nuri T] and [suspect Saban B] to let the women work there, then I say that I was there when it happened. So it was one big group with a whole lot of little subgroups. [Person 32] is a woman who went for a long time with [suspect Nuri T].
During the meetings in [suspect Pehlul T]'s and my home there was spoken about how to deal with certain situations, in Utrecht at the boats and also in Amsterdam. When you ask me in which sense this is related to the crews, then I say that at those meetings there always were different crews. Four times I have seen a meeting. Each time there was a different crew of men at a meeting. During the meetings [suspect Nuri T] and [suspect Pehlul T] were always present.
March 3, 2010
In the beginning when I met [suspect Pehlul T], I have lived for more than five months with him at [person 32]'s and [suspect Nuri T]'s place. [Suspect Saban B] often came there.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Two forced prostitutes on De Wallen


Now some new verdicts from, with the LJN-numbers: BO9639 and BO7662. You can find them here:

The verdicts are related to two different young women who are forced to work in window prostitution. The two pimps who are described in these two verdicts seem to belong to the same family, but I'm not so sure. Actually, I initially believed that both stories were related to the same woman, they both had an abortion and they both wanted to keep a baby. But after closing inspection they definitely are different persons.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but one of the stories is very similar to a story told by a woman in a book written by Maria Genova (see this post on my blog: Women for sale, BTW: it seems this woman is actually Sweetmizzy who wrote extensively about the case on her website. Chris Sent also writes about her on her blog in this blog post: Een prostituee kan niet de moeder van mijn kind zijn). This woman also had a late abortion, this time in Morocco, and she kept the baby of a later pregnancy. This child is heavily mentally retarded. If I'm correct, then judging from the story of this woman in the book written by Maria Genova, it seems that this pimp and his family even made Saban B scared. Also, this gang wasn't known to me. They also seem to have nothing to do with the so-called Judo case, or the Maas case. And after reading all these human trafficking stories related to De Wallen in Amsterdam, I must conclude that Saban B definitely wasn't the boss on De Wallen. (BTW: I found out as of October 14, 2013 that none of the women described in these two verdicts are Sweet Mizzy. But the pimps did belong to the same group as Sweet Mizzy's pimp. The verdict concerning Sweet Mizzy has also been published, but it is very short, and hardly contains information. UPDATE AGAIN!!!: I found out as of January 23, 2014 that actually one of these women is actually Sweet Mizzy. It is: BO7662)

And here some translated bits from LJN BO7662 (I have to remark that this file speaks both in the third and first person in a very messy way):

On September 28, 2008 information came in at the Regionale Criminele Inlichtingen Eenheid (RCIE) of politie Flevoland that [fellow suspect 1] let a woman, named [person 1], work as a whore and that this [person 1] hands over the earned money to [fellow suspect 1]. That information is supplemented since February 19, 2009 with information that also [fellow suspect 2] lets women work in prostitution for him. In June 2009 it is reported to RCIE that [person 2] lived with [fellow suspect 2] and his wife [person 3] and that [person 2] plays whore for years for [fellow suspect 2].

(comment by Donkey: I skip a bit here)

From further research it emerges that [.] [victim 1] is possibly a victim of human trafficking. It turns out that she maintained contact with the suspect. She had an exploratory interview with the police and later she pressed charges against the suspect.

(comment by Donkey: I skip a bit here)

The court considers it to be lawfully and convincingly proven that the suspect made himself guilty of human trafficking as far as [victim 1] is concerned with this and that he has laundered amounts of money that originated from this human trafficking. The court finds support in the following means of evidence.

The testimony/testimonies of [.] [victim 1], where she presses charges against the suspect. On January 25, 2010 she testifies as follows. She has had a problematic childhood, among other things as a result of the fact that her parents were divorced, her mother was an alcoholic and she couldn't get along with her stepfather. She got depressed and had been admitted for six weeks into the psychiatric PAAZ department in Lelystad. When she was 18 years old, in 1997, she entered into a problematic relationship. When she ended this relationship in 2001 and her ex stalked her, she was helped by the suspect. Among other things, he jumped in between when that ex came towards her with a stone.
When [victim 1] told the suspect about her debts he said that he did know a solution for that. She could go in prostitution in [place]; the suspect would coach her and protect her. He wanted to have a percentage of between twenty and thirty percent of the earnings for doing that. [Victim 1] found this reasonable.
The week after this, the suspect, [victim 1] and [fellow suspect 2] went to [place] (comment by Donkey: obviously this is Amsterdam). The suspect showed her where she could work, on the [address] at [person 4], a private window letter. The family [suspect] knew this man and arranged the rooms there. After the tour, [victim 1] said that the appointment could continue. Subsequently a set of underwear was bought in a sex shop with the suspect. That evening [victim 1] and the suspect went to bed with each other for the first time. From that moment on they really were a couple and they were inseparable. [Victim 1] went working for the first time on De Wallen in May or June 2001. She was brought by [fellow suspect 2] and the suspect. The suspect gave instructions. While she worked, [fellow suspect 2] and he regularly walked passed the window. The suspect collected the earned money after every two or three clients.
In the interrogation of February 5, 2010 [victim 1] tells among other things that the suspect's word is law. The first five or six months of the relationship, it was a pleasant time. After this, he began to humiliate her. He said that [person 1] earned a lot more than she did and that he felt ashamed that he had to go to [country] with such a low amount of money. In the beginning she worked six days a week, even when she was menstruating. In the summer of 2002 she was kicked by the suspect with full force in her chest, which had the result that she could get no air anymore. She went to the police, but it was advised to her not to press charges. For the suspect, [victim 1] tells, it wasn't always necessary to beat her. "The expressions on the face of [suspect] and his body language, this intimidating posture and the fact how the family [suspect] was known, was enough for me."

In the interrogation of February 8, 2010 [victim 1] testifies about the [car] which was bought in 2002 with the money that she earned in prostitution and that the suspect went with [person 5] with this (car) to [country] for four weeks at her expenses. She also tells about an incident in [country 2] where the suspect threatens her, her mother and sister with death.

In the interrogation of February 12, 2010 [victim 1] testifies about the [car] which the suspect bought in 2002 with the money that she earned in prostitution, to go on vacation with his family in [country]. The complainant calculates that she should have earned as much as €50,000 per year. She finds this unrealistic because she hasn't seen anything of it herself. Cars, expensive clothing of Prada, Versace and Dolce & Garbana , fuel, [country], you name it, were bought with her money. Also money was sent to [country] to his mother. [Victim 1] made nothing out of the earned money. Her clothes came from the market.

In the interrogation of February 19, 2010 [victim 1] testifies that in 2004 she was forced by the suspect and this family to have an abortion. Immediately after this, she had to work in prostitution again, since there had to be income.

In the interrogation of February 23, 2010 [victim 1] testifies that the suspect made her believe that when I could arrange a trip to [country] for him and a [car] and a good house, they would have a child together. She wanted to fulfil this dream and starting from March 20, 2004 until October 2006 she began to work very hard. The suspect continued to take all money, every now and then she hid small amounts of money. She also worked when she was ill. It was never enough. In April or May 2005 the suspect bought a [car] with the prostitution money. In 2006 [victim 1] got pregnant again. The suspect wasn't happy with this, but [victim 1] decided that she wanted to have this baby at all costs.

In the testimony of April 2, 2010 [victim 1] says (summarised): "(..) I was so in love with that man that I wanted to give away my body for little money. (…) I couldn't get out. That was caused by the threats and the constant begging of the family to [suspect] for money."

As a witness during the hearing of September 28, 2010, [victim 1] has testified corresponding to what precedes. During that occasion, she furthermore testified that she had a couple of good girlfriends, but that the suspect didn't trust these girlfriends. These friendships have been broken off. [Victim 1] and the suspect didn't have contact for three years with the mother of [victim 1]. The suspect preferred a girl that had less contact with her parents, says [victim 1].

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Supporting evidence is found by the court in the following.

The statement of [witness 1] that she made on February 18, 2010 to the police, in which she testifies that [.] [victim 1] had a relationship with [suspect] and ended up behind the window. She simply had to work by order of [suspect]; she was put behind the window by [suspect] and has seen nothing of the money. The boys [of the family of the suspect] decided what was done with the money. The [of the family of the suspect]'s were all in the neighbourhood. [Suspect] was also there at that time. [Victim 1] and [suspect] drove along with [fellow suspect 1] or [fellow suspect 2]. The [of the family of the suspect]'s were in the pub opposite the windows (comment by Donkey: I immediately think about the Molensteeg, but I could be wrong). We were vulnerable and we were fooled. We were manipulated by the [of the family of the suspect]'s. We were worthless and just whores. They hit us with words, that wasn't always necessary with beatings.

The testimony of [witness 2], the mother of [.] [victim 1], in which she testifies that [victim 1] entered into a relationship with [suspect], that his brothers regularly sat on a little bench in front of the house and that she wasn't allowed to come in; a pie had to be eaten outside. [Witness 2] testifies that she regularly saw bruises on the body of [victim 1], on the arm, leg and face. This is what she told me, at the moment she was safe. She also understood that [victim 1] was afraid. When she confronted the suspect with that, he said that he had to do that by order of his brothers. She furthermore testifies that [victim 1] was repeatedly kicked on the station of Utrecht and that [victim 1] went to a blijf-van-mijn-lijf-huis (comment by Donkey: that is a shelter for women who suffer from male violence, a stay-off-my-body-house). [Witness 2] also testifies that she and her daughters [witness 3] and [victim 1] were threatened with death by the suspect during a vacation in [country 2].
That threat is confirmed by [witness 3].

[Witness 4] testifies that she got to know [victim 1] in 2004, that she worked in prostitution in [place] just like herself and that [victim 1] sometimes worked 7 days per week. She has also testified that [victim 1] was maltreated by her boyfriend and that she also saw bruises on the body of [victim 1]. Anyway, her boyfriend completely wrecked her psychologically. She derives from telephone conversations between [victim 1] and [suspect] that [suspect] picked her, [victim 1], up from her work. More often she has heard conversations of [victim 1] and her boyfriend. [Victim 1] was always crying during such moments. There was a lot of stress. He made her paranoid by letting her do the work.

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On September 28, 2008 information came in at the Regionale Criminele Inlichtingen Eenheid (RCIE) of politie Flevoland that [fellow suspect 1] let a woman, named [victim 3], work as a whore and that this [victim 3] hands over the earned money to [fellow suspect 1]. That information is supplemented since February 19, 2009 with information that also [suspect] lets women work in prostitution for him. In June 2009 it is reported to RCIE that [victim 1] lived with [suspect] and his wife [person 1] and that [victim 1] plays whore for years for [suspect]. Information from July 2009 indicates that on December 5, 2008 the mother of [fellow suspect 1] and the suspect have deposited €8000 at the GWK, that this mother manages this money and that money is brought to [land] and put on a bank.

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The court considers it to be lawfully and convincingly proven that the suspect made himself guilty of human trafficking as far as [victim 1] is concerned with this and that he has laundered amounts of money that originated from this human trafficking. The court finds support in the following means of evidence.

The testimony of [victim 1], made during the session of the court of September 28, 2010. She testifies that in the period starting from 2003 until and including 2007 she has been active in prostitution and that she did that to earn some extra money, that she has lived for a short while with the suspect and his wife, that sometimes - regarding her activities - she was brought by the suspect to [place 1] (comment by Donkey: that must be Amsterdam obviously) and that she has two tattoos with the name [suspect]. It is correct that she has lost her child.

The testimony of [victim 1], made to the police on December 16, 2009, in which she says: "You cannot protect me. I cannot give names. You arrest people and they are outside again after six months. It is my choice. I have to live with this."

The testimony of [victim 2], made to the police on December 24, 2009, in which she testifies that she has seen that [victim 1] worked as a prostitute for [suspect] on De Wallen in [place 1] and that [victim 1] had a tattoo with the name [suspect] on her arm.

The testimony of [victim 2] made to the police on March 18, 2010, in which she testifies that [victim 1] and [suspect] were always together, also on De Wallen, that [victim 1] had bruises, that she had told that [suspect] had beaten her and that [victim 1] had to have an abortion in 2008 in [country] because she was in a considerably late stage. She also testifies that [victim 1] had a broken arm in 2005, while initially she didn't go to the hospital with it. [Victim 2] found [victim 1] very slavish. [Suspect] introduced her to his wife [person 1] as follows: "this is [victim 1], [victim 1] is my whore."
[Suspect] always had thick bundles of cash at his disposal. He also bought cars. [Victim 2] has never seen [victim 1] with money. She bought her clothes on the market.

The testimony of [witness], made to the police on September 25, 2009, in which she testifies that [victim 1] (named [.] by the witness) lives with her brother [suspect] and his wife, that [victim 1] works as a prostitute for her brother in [place 1], that she has seen that [victim 1] was beaten with a TV-cable by [suspect] and that [victim 1] and his wife are beaten by [suspect] if they don't do what [suspect] says.

The testimony of [witness], made to the police on October 28, 2009, in which she testifies that she has heard that [victim 1] received beatings from [suspect] and that he beat her up in his room, that [victim 1] is crazy about [suspect], that [victim 1] had to hand over the money to [suspect] and that the money goes to the bank in [country].

The testimony of [witness 2], made to the police on February 18, 2010, in which she testifies that [victim 1] entered into a relationship with [suspect], that [victim 1] sat behind the window after she had just become 18 years old and that [victim 1] wasn't allowed by [suspect] to talk to anybody. She further testifies that she knows that [victim 1] gave the money to [suspect] and that she was his possession. [Witness 2] also indicates that she and the other girlfriends of the [the family of suspect] weren't working voluntarily in prostitution, but they had to. They just all had to hand over their money. [Suspect] and [fellow suspect 1] didn't give a shit about anything and decided everything about the money. Their girlfriends didn't have more life than working and sitting on the couch at home. [Victim 1] really did have nothing for herself. Everything went to the [the family of suspect].

The testimony of [witness 3], made to the police on January 8, 2010, in which he testifies that [suspect] has [victim 1] working for him for already five or six years in [place 1] on De Wallen and that he has seen [victim 1] working sometimes. He knows for sure that the women who stand behind the windows don't do this voluntarily and that they are often beaten up terribly.

The wiretapped telephone conversation performed by the police on January 10, 2010 between [victim 1] and her mother [mother of victim 1], in which [victim 1], after her mother had told her that she, [victim 1], if she wanted to step out of it she had to go to the police, says to her mother:
"Yes mom, say it to the police? What a mistake, do you watch TV sometimes? Then you should pay attention sometime, because they don't do an ass about it. If I would have been so sure about that, I would have given that name a long time ago. I have seen enough girls who pressed charges. I have seen enough boys being arrested who stood on the pavement again after six months. I have heard enough boys, whom they arrested, whom they just let escape. […..] I'm with my nose right in the middle of this and when I see these sort of things happen, do you really think that I would do something like that? Well, rather not. Then I would rather keep on fighting for a short while. […...] Mom, the police can do absolutely nothing about it, that's the whole joke of it all."

The testimony of [mother of victim 1], mother of [victim 1], made to the police on August 11, 2009, in which she testifies, that she knows that [victim 1] is maltreated by [suspect] and that she has often seen that [victim 1] had bruises. [Victim 1] has told her mother that she was beaten by [suspect], but that it was her own fault. It was noteworthy that [victim 1] always had a firm grip on her telephone when she came to her. [Victim 1] was supervised by [suspect]. [Victim 1] wants to have nothing to do with the police. When she is away from the [the family of suspect] she wants to say nothing out of fear.
[Victim 1] was a problematic child at home. It was difficult to keep her in line.

On January 19, 2010 [mother of victim 1] tells that [victim 1] was pregnant, in a considerably late stadium, that she was very emotional and that [suspect] shouldn't know it, because otherwise he would lock her up.

A report of a hearing of the tax department at the day of April 23, 2009, where [victim 1] was present as a party concerned. The tax department concluded that the party concerned, [victim 1], was active in prostitution in the period April 1, 2004 until and including September 30, 2007. [Victim 1] had to hand over her earnings from prostitution activities to a loverboy and/or pimp. Out of fear for him and to prevent acts of retaliation by him she doesn't want to name his name. [Victim 1] has said during the hearing that she didn't earn money with her activities, because she had to hand over all earnings directly to her loverboy.

The testimony of [witness 5], sister of [victim 1], who testifies the following. [Victim 1] has been removed from home in the past. There were problems at school and at home. [Victim 1] has been on a special school for a while (comment by Donkey: a special school is usually for children with certain problems). [Victim 1] told her that she couldn't go away from [suspect]. He would go after her anyway. She indicated that she wasn't happy but she saw no way out. [Suspect] has once said to [witness 5] that he could let [victim 1] do everything with the wanted. He made clear that [victim 1] was his. [Victim 1] also had never much money to spend.