Sunday, October 10, 2010

Romanian girl


I have been so focussed on forced prostitution I ignored more or less the more positive stories about prostitutes.

In the Dutch ladies' magazine 'Vriendin' (6-12 October, Nr. 40, 2010) there's one such story. It's in the 'hartsverhaal' (heart's story) section and called 'mijn familie denkt nog steeds dat ik in een hotel werk" [my family still thinks I work in a hotel].

A Romanian girl tells she went to Amsterdam with the intention of working in prostitution here. She was 19 at the time. She earned a lot of money in Romania already, that is 300 Euro per month. But she couldn't maintain her family with that, her family members earned a lot less.

Together with a 'boyfriend' she decidedly went to Amsterdam. She had heard that prostitution was normal there, and she could find work there. The 'boyfriend' she knew vaguely. He told that he wanted to let women work for him and that he wanted to try in the Netherlands. That's why she said she wanted to work for him in Amsterdam. But she said that obviously she left him immediately after arriving in Amsterdam because she knew better than allowing him to earn money from her. At first she started in a webcam studio, but this didn't earn enough for her so she started to work as a callgirl on top of that. The studio owner didn't want prostitutes in his company so she was kicked out.

She said that especially out of curiosity she entered prostitution. She had had one boyfriend but he was very religious and didn't want to have sex before marriage. At the age of 18 she more or less forced him to have sex with her. After this, she was curious and started to explore more possibilities. The fact that she could make money from it fascinated her.

All in all this seems to be a more positive story. She isn't forced to do it, likes her work and gets the money herself. But there are some negative aspects too. Most clients are nice men who merely want attention. But there are some bastards among them who don't treat her with respect and think they can do anything, who want rough sex like in a porn video [=sex work film]. Especially the first escort agency she worked for sent her to clients like that. Now she works for an agency who screens the clients better. She works 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. She never rejects reservations.

Another negative aspect is that she can't have a boyfriend anymore, because in her opinion no man lets his wife or girlfriend earn money in prostitution. She doesn't want to hang out with other prostitutes, and as a matter of fact, she only has one (female) friend in the Netherlands and her prostitution clients. The men she meets are very normal guys, often on transit and a bit lonely, searching for love and a caring woman. Every now and then she enjoys it herself. She has had between 800 and a 1000 clients.

Aside from some negative sides, I hope that the situation of this girl reflects the situation of other Romanian prostitutes in the Netherlands.

(Or actually I do not! Women can't possibly enjoy sex can't they?)

Now that I visit prostitutes again nowadays I'm forced to show more light on the positive sides. Perhaps I will. But I will keep an eye on the dark side too.

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Cliente X said...

I'm happy you keep going with prostitutes and writting this blog. You don`t need to look for the nice of the bad side of prostitution: just tell what you see. Then you will find that prostitution can give you many surprises as the ones that you comment: girls who have many johns as personal friends, that can enjoy the paid sex or that choose their sexual partners. If u are thinking since the beginning that prostitution is slavery and violence against women you'll not be able to access to this reality, simply it crashes with your theories so you can't accept it.

Thank you very much for showing how really is prostitution in the low countries, continue investigating, writing and fucking :-)