Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy happy joy!


I couldn't help it!

I was in trance!

Suddenly I found myself in a club in Amsterdam. The club was more expensive than I thought. You have to pay 300 Euros for an hour.

I was very nervous as usual. My bowels kept troubling me. I sat behind a bar sipping a beer. There were three women in the bar. The club had justed opened their doors before I went in. We were the only ones there except for the barkeeper. It was theme-night that evening: playboy-night. In this case the women had bunny ears on their heads and bunny tails on their behinds. They asked me if these were okay. I found them nice, but the ears looked a bit cheapish, like plastic. These things turned out to have been bought that very same day.

The barkeeper told me that the women weren't allowed to go towards me, I had to do that myself, or signal the barkeeper. I went over and sat next to a Dutch women aged 29. She was very friendly. She offered me to drink champagne. Those bottles would have cost me 200 Euro, 500 Euro, etc.... I refused. I immediately asked I we could go upstairs. She said she would be very happy! After I paid, I asked to go to the toilet first. She said there's one in the rooms anyway, so I could go there.

I was very nervous. When we went into the room I stumbled over a platform which was part of the large bath-tub. I went to the toilet and I noticed that my intestines were stuck, and nothing came out! :( Oh what the hell.

She talked animatedly. She found me very nervous and shy. Almost like a 17-year-old boy. We went into the bath tub. It took ages before it was full. I think it takes an hour before it is really completely full. We stayed in the bath tub for a while and talked a lot. She asked me about girlfriends and such, and was surprised that I never had one. She said she has a new boyfriend and proudly showed a tattoo on her leg with his name on it. I said: "then you must be really in love!". :D

She has been active in the sex industry for a very long time, 11 years. In the past also on the Zandpad in Utrecht, later in Yab Yum. She asked me if I liked kinky stuff, like anal toys on me. For 50 Euro extra she lets herself be licked on the pussy. I didn't want that.

When we left the bath-tub and went to bed. She warned me to be careful not to slip. That sometimes happens, although she said that she wished that to happen to some men. She also warned me not to become startled because of the Jaccuzi which could suddenly blow after a while.

She first gave me a blowjob. My bowels became active again! The sex was boring as usual. I just cannot get into it. The only thing I like is doggystyle, which was nice, but there's no real difference with just masturbating and thinking about fucking doggystyle. She warned me to be careful, because she hadn't worked for a week. She is tighter then. Doggystyle is difficult for her, because the male organ can enter very deeply and bump against her uterus, that hurts a lot! I said to her that many women are afraid to tell their boyfriends or husbands when they feel pain. She told me that she always says it when she feels pain.

I stroked the area just above her behind, while doing doggystyle. She said that tickled. I asked about the white spot on her lower back. She told me that's because of the sunbed. That's the spot where she lies on, so the bloodflow is lesser in that area which causes it to become less brown than the rest of her body. She didn't like me touching that area, so she offered me to fuck her with me on top and her on her back. I also asked her what she actually feels when men fuck her. She said that honestly she only feels something when she is fucked by her boyfriend. She found it funny that we were talking while we were fucking. At the end we went to doggystyle again. The Jacuzzi went on again, and this time it was she who had a fright!

After we were done we dressed up again, and she put back on her bunny ears. She again asked if they looked well! I told her that this must be very important to her! We went to the bar-area again and we talked for a long while. That was very nice. Some girls listened to our conversation. Some men came in and they turned out to know each other. She said to me: "partners in crime!"

After a while we hugged and then she went to sit somewhere else so she could give the impression to men she was free. I stayed in the club for a while. Just sightseeing. I could see other women come into the bar. Also some clients, but they didn't do much except to talk to each other. And then I left and I was escorted to the door by her and the barkeeper. The barkeeper said something like: "see you next time, boy".

Later I found out that only a third of what you pay in that club goes to the women. That isn't very different from the poor camgirls who usually only get a quarter. On the other, this could be simply solved by bringing in some extra 100 Euro cash. That way it will become 50%-50%.

It seems that I have really become the average punter! Perpaps I should be happy with it. :) But I should keep my bank account in check.

And I notice that the best part of visiting a prostitute is simply to talk. Sex is nice, but boring. I really begin to wonder, if there aren't ways to talk to women without paying 300 Euro?! I have to figure this out.

Talking to women is really nice!

But I already knew that.


Anonymous said...

fucking hell. This is the worst blog I have ever come across. You are trying to figure out which prostitutes are illegally trafficked by having sex with them? Doesn't that make you knowingly (given your book reviews) complacent in rape? Scum.

Donkey said...

No, I really know what I'm doing. I think I figured it all out.

The person I visited was Dutch, 29 years old, and works in a club. Dutch prostitutes who are coerced often work in window prostitution and often are young.

What is possible is that she initially started to work in prostitution under coercion. What I understand from her, she started working in prostitution on the Zandpad in Utrecht, which is window prostitution. She was probably 18 years old then (because she said she works in prostitution since 11 years ago). From what I read 90% of the Dutch window prostitutes initially were coerced to do this.

So that's a possibility. She could have been forced in the past but now works independently. Not a nice thought anyway. She wouldn't have started working in prostitution if it wasn't for the person who forced her to do this in the first place.

And, by the way, I accept that I'm a rapist now. All men who have sex with women are rapists, because all sex is rape, and all sexuality is oppression of women.

Perhaps there will be a future, when people totally respect each other, thus don't have sex anymore. There will be no more racism, sexism and the terror of romantic relationships has stopped.

Love is addiction.