Sunday, August 08, 2010

Angels and Devils


I have read the book Sex Signals - the Biology of Love written by Timothy Perper and released in 1986 by the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI Pr).

I am very enthusiastic about the book. It can explain why I never had a girlfriend. The answer is not that I don't approach women, because in reality it is they who approach me! The reality is, as it turns out, I don't answer women's signals. So, the truth is that it is not so that only men approach women and that women are passive because millions of men want to spread their semen so women simply have to wait for the semen to come along. The truth according to Timothy Perper is, it is rather the other way around. Women do approach men more often than men approach women. He could conclude that by observing in bars. (Only, I wonder, if it's true that women are very critical, shouldn't they mainly approach the alpha males, with the most superior genes? Perper's book doesn't answer that question.)

Also what's very interesting is his attack on what he calls 'ethno-biology', the myth that what is caused by nature produces always the same results. In his opinion nature means diversity. So we shouldn't look strange that people have very diverse systems of courting. The only thing necessary is that people reproduce. And that can be done in a million ways.

He discovered that if you ask men and women about how to seduce the other sex, women tend to tell about the courtship phase, and men tend to skip the courtship phase and immediately start talking about foreplay, while women skip the part about sex. As if men and women have their own tasks: women deal with courtship and men deal with sex (this once again proves to me that women aren't that interested in sex).

So, women approach men and starts sending signals to them. This could be done in a very concealed way; by just standing close to him. Then she judges him by his responses. His respones to her overtures must be right. If she stands next to him, he must talk to her. If she slightly moves her face to his, he must do the same. If she touches him, he should do something like that too. If he gives a negative response, or no response, that could be a sign for her to back off. When sex finally comes, the woman lets the man take over (I can imagine that the man lets loose everything he has learned from pornography and that the woman passively goes along with it, which explains why so many women experience pain during sex. However, Timothy Perper didn't describe sexual rituals in his book in great depth).

What I also interesting is that Perper blames people in general and also specifically scientist that they split the world in two; some parts belong to the world of the profane, other parts to the world of the sacred. The world of the profane must not spoil the world of the sacred. He explains that people generally see men as belonging to the normal world. And women are supposed to be holy. That's why women belong only in one place, home, because sacred objects are usually secluded in one place, like in a temple. And this view explains according to Perper why many people treat sex so carefully and why women should be protected from that. Because women are sacred and cannot be spoiled by filthy things like men. He explains that this is why many people believe that men are the monsters or devils who have a lust for sex which cannot be tamed, and why women are supposed to be careful about sex. And that's why women who have had sex with men become spoiled, and turn into vixens or whores (the same is true for women who walk outside). Except within the sanctity of marriage.

I absolutely agree with this view. Men are demons and women are goddesses. You just don't have sex with a goddess. When I think about it, I never thought about sex with the woman or girl I was in love with. It makes sense to me now, the woman is sacred! It also explains my desperate struggle to proof that women cannot possibly have sexual feelings anymore than young children do (because women and young children have comparable levels of testosterone in their blood, contrary to men who have lots of that: testosterone, the hormone of Satan), and as a matter of fact, it also explains partly why I so eagerly want to proof that forced prostitution is not uncommon! A child doesn't have sexual feelings - a child is innocent - a woman is innocent - a woman doesn't have sexual feelings.

I have always said that if you respect a woman, you absolutely don't think about having sex with her. (And I don't believe in marriage. Intercourse is not necessary for reproduction.)

It makes sense, it absolutely makes sense.

Angels and devils.

Innocence and guilt.

That's why I feel so guilty any time I visit sex workers, in my feelings I desecrate somebody that is holy.

I have to stress that I am completely and totally NOT religious!!!

I have an offer: I propose that humanity strives for a world without SEX. With sex I mean: porn, fucking, degradation, domination, intercourse, blowjobs, anal sex, grabbing tits etc..... I don't want to abolish intimacy, like: stroking hair, kissing, caressing, loving, cuddling, looking in each others eyes etc...... Sex ain't necessary for procreation. All you need is a device where a man can put his semen, and which the woman can use to insert the semen into her vagina. That's all.

And let's do away with marriage also. I believe that women are still sacred when they are penetrated outside the sanctity of marriage. Women are ALWAYS sacred. No matter what. Also sex workers.

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