Monday, May 10, 2010



A girl has written two books about her experiences as a victim of human trafficking. She wrote that she was under the control of a violent pimp for four years starting from the age of twelve. Her books are bestsellers. Also her mother wrote a book about her experiences from her point of view.

Lately Peter R de Vries and Hendrik Jan Korterink revealed that the story told by the girl is fake.

Also, a catholic nun gave speeches for six years about her shelter for HIV-infected prostitutes in Brussels where many victims of human trafficking resided. It was lately revealed by herself that this shelter....... doesn't exist.

Source: De non die zich moeder Teresa waande - HOE EEN KATHOLIEKE ZUSTER DE WERELD JARENLANG VOOR DE GEK HIELD (De Standaard, by Griet Plets, March 20, 2010)

It makes me wonder.....

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