Friday, March 12, 2010

Unsafe sex


The Belgian researchers (Stef Adriaenssens and Jef Hendrickx of the Hogeschool/Universiteit of Brussels) discovered that lots of prostitutes in the Netherlands and Belgium provide unsafe sex.

'Eén op de drie prostituees speelt met vuur' - Hoerenlopers betalen graag meer voor hoger risico (De standaard online, Steven Crombez, March 6th 2010)

The report can be downloaded over here (unfortunately, the link is dead):
Unsafe sexual practices in prostitution markets of the Low Countries
Stef Adriaenssens & Jef Hendrickx
MAART 2010

Well we knew that already didn't we? They researched prostitutes by studying reviews on (like I did 2 years ago, really time consuming, and so nice that others joined my hobby, they actually analyzed 7451 reviews!!!!!). Approximately a third of the prostitutes provide unsafe sex, mainly oral sex without protection (coitus without protection doesn't happen that often, in 2% of the total number of visits. One in 10 of the anal contacts happens without protection). They also discovered that unsafe sex happens much more often in the upper segment of the prostitution industry. Also, the average amount of money paid for safe sex is 81 euro, and for unsafe sex it is 112 euro (that's 38% more). They also noticed (like I did) that older prostitutes offer unsafe sex much more often. A quarter offers unsafe sex in the age group below 25, that's almost half for 37+, and 60% for 50+. And there is a direct connection between the attractiveness of the prostitutes and the safety of their services. And prostitutes who offer oral sex without condom are rated 7% higher and prostitutes who offer coitus without condom are rated 5% higher.

What I wondered lately however, is oral sex without protection really that dangerous? A serious question, it is difficult to find reliable information about that. Rumours are that the largest risk having blowjobs without condom is that you'll contract herpes, and that's what basically everybody is infected with in the first place!!!! And to go further, I have read comments by prostitutes on forums who say that they suck without condom because they dislike the taste of condoms. Really silly. Also, one prostitute told me that it was said on a conference that oral sex without protection is as (un)harmful as French kissing. Only, I couldn't find which conference that was.

But my knowledge here is very limited so if anybody can comment over here!

I'm doing some googleing again and there is some very interesting information over here:
Is oral sex safe? - oral sex and STDs (by Elizabeth Boskey, retrieved from, 2007?)
According to that article the biggest risk of unprotected oral sex seems to be syphilis:
Syphilis is extremely easy to transmit via oral sex. In fact, in some areas of the United States, oral sex has been shown to be responsible for as many as 15% of syphilis cases. Although syphilis can only be transmitted in the presence of symptoms, during the primary and secondary stages of the disease, the painless sores it causes are easy to miss.
The article mentions that you can also contract various other STD's this way (like chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV ....) but it is not so clear about the risks. The risks of HIV seems to be much smaller however than for unprotected vaginal and anal sex. HPV can be contracted and that can cause throat cancer in a later stage, but is the probability big? I have the idea that this is unknown.

Here is some information about kissing (what many prostitutes also do on their clients), also on the same website (
Kiss of Death...(Or Diseases) - Diseases Spread by Kissing (Ingrid Koo, February 6th 2009, retrieved from
It seems that you can even get sick from that!!! (Cold sores [Herpes], Hepatites) But You won't contract HIV that way.


Brenda said...

I thought you would be interested in the following article from NRC next, which raises questions about the validity of Maria Mosterd's story concerning her 4 years of being an underage prostitute caught in the power of a loverboy. Maria Mosterd is the same one who had tried to sue the school for not being more concerned about her actions while she was in school.

The article is:

Donkey said...

Yes, I know the article. We still must wait for the book, so only then I can judge. But, I believe the story about the rat under a heated bucket on top of a young man's belly is plausible. Nothing unusual happens. The rat slightly wounds the young man who is frightened as hell (just like the rat). And I don't buy the argument that child prostitution would quickly be noticed by the police. For instance, violent pimps could operate freely on the Wallen for years without anybody interfering.

I believe Maria's story is plausible.