Thursday, December 03, 2009

Newsflash - FLASH!!!!


Okay, and now for something completely different.

An article about another sex trafficking gang who operates in Dutch window prostiution.

De Hongaarse connectie (Trouw, December 2nd 2009)

A Hungarian prostitute (29) explains that Hungarian women are violently forced to work behind windows by a loosely organized group of Hungarian sex traffickers. The police estimates that approximately 40 women are victims of this gang. The women are lured by the men by using romantic techniques. Perhaps that you can use google translate or something to read the article.

Another newsflash:

Gerommel bij de hoeren (Panorama, 2009)

A (a punter website)-moderator acknowledges that there is forced prostitution in the Netherlands. He explains that nowadays prostitutes mainly come from Bulgaria and Romania. He estimates that most of the Eastern European prostitutes are forced. Even some high class escort prostitutes (not necessarily Eastern Eurpopean) are among them according to him. He denies that 60-80% of the prostitutes are forced like the government says. He estimates the number rather to be like 30-50%. Use OCR to read this article.

And a Polish madam exploits Polish women in a club in Rotterdam which she owns herself.

Poolse mensenhandelaren opgepakt (De Telegraaf, December 3th 2009)

I forgot to tell about the Koolvis case (use google) where African (Nigerian) women are forced to work in prostitution, but in this case the Netherlands is used as a transit country. It explains by the way why so many African women are registered in the Netherlands as victims of forced prostitution while you hardly see African prostitutes in the Netherlands at all, so the reason is: they are on transit..... (and according to a policemen many African illegal immigrants simply lie about being victims of forced prostitution).

By the way, nearly all the women in the articles mentioned knew that they would work in prostitution.

It is the exploitation you know (but consensual :S ).

Anyway, I'm being a hypocrite (I'm still working on my sex addiction).


RLD Info said...

Clearly, we want a trade that is regulated and that drives out these criminal gangs engaging in trafficking. There needs to be a fine balance because by criminalizing prostitution it's likely to simply push things underground.

There has got to be a way to more effectively deal with the problem of human trafficking without regulating consentual sexual activity between adults.

Donkey said...

I agree. I think that truly voluntary prostitution should be allowed.

But for an outsider there is absolutely no way to tell the difference between a prostitute who is free or one who is forced.

There is no way to regulate this. So, if the government want to stop forced prostitutes from entering legal brothels they should also stop the voluntary ones from doing so. On the other hand, if they want voluntary prostitutes to work in legal brothels they also should allow the forced prostitutes in.

A big dilemma with no easy solution. I think the only thing we could hope is that evil pimps simply disappear. Perhaps it will in the far future. I have the impression that for instance the situation in Australia and New Zealand is much better than in the Netherlands. I have no idea how. Perhaps because for them Eastern Europe, Turkey and Morocco aren't nearby? (That was a very racist thing to say of me)