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I want to come back to the moderator whom I mentioned a couple of posts ago and actually quote some things (translated from Dutch) he said without violating too much copyrights. His words are too important to ignore. (UPDATE!!!! This moderator doesn't seem to have been a real moderator of, that's what a real moderator told me, actually it turns out to be frankkinky)

Twintig jaar prostitutie in Nederland – gerommel bij de hoeren (Panorama, number 43, 21-28 October 2009) [twenty years prostitution in the Netherlands – troubles among the whores]

Has much changed in prostitution land during all those years? [the moderator visits prostitutes for more than twenty years]
“The Eastern bloc content has increased a lot. The ladies now mainly come from Bulgaria and Romania. In general they are younger than the Dutch ladies, so the average age has gone down.


But a window prostitute looks down upon a privéhuis prostitute, a club lady then again looks down upon a window whore. That’s because a prostitute from a privéhuis often has PZC [Pijpen Zonder Condoom = blowjob without condom] in her package [actually also the club, escort and home prostitutes but he doesn’t mention that], what is not true for window prostitutes in 90 percent of the cases.


“I think that the segment of forced prostitution lies between 30 and 50 percent. The government wants to fool us into believing that this lies between 60 and 80 percent, but that is strongly exaggerated. When you look around carefully and pick up the signals, then even the cheerful types are often forced. You observe that they are being cheated by their pimp. Girls who work six or seven days per week, of whom you know that they take a lot of money. If you bring in that much, then you don’t gonna work six days, then you have enough with three or four days. I estimate that the majority of the East bloc women are forced and the girls who work for Moroccan loverboys. Then you have the group who work on a contract base, that is also a form of force. These are girls who have been brought here on false pretences. I heard from girls that they were being told that they were supposed to go to work in a restaurant, but instead of that their passport was taken from them and they ended up in prostitution. What I also encounter a lot are Moroccan girls who are brought here by Dutch Moroccans. They were supposed to go to work in a restaurant, but are then put behind a window with a contract for three years. They have to hand over the money that they earn and get some pocket money to live from. If they want to stop, there are threats that their family will get to know everything. Many girls who work in forced prostitution have the name of their pimps tattooed on their body, often in the neck, around the belly button or on the arm. They ask occasionally how they can remove it later. But they will never admit to a client that they are being forced.”

Why not?
“Most clients simply don’t want to know, or the lady brings herself into danger, because she obviously doesn’t know what the client will do with that information. Shame often also plays a big role.”

What kind of girls are they?
“Girls who in their youth often have been emotionally neglected, who have been disadvantaged and then suddenly are put on a pedestal by a loverboy. When such a girl wants to stop with it, there are consequences. Even beautiful high-class girls on a very educated level spontaneously begin to talk with you about such things. Mostly only if you have a client for years. They come round in an expensive car which they have paid themselves or has been leased on the name of their ‘boyfriend’, but when you ask them what happens when they stop tomorrow, you see them becoming startled. Then you hear that their boyfriend becomes violent. Or that they have nothing anymore, because he has all the money under his management. Only recently I spoke two ladies, very self-confident types. Their ‘boyfriend’ was not their pimp, but when they ended the relationship they did lose all their money. And then maintaining that it wasn’t a pimp!”

So far the moderator...

And I also want to mention the recent TAMPEP report TAMPEP report; it contains a country report about the Netherlands (page 196-208). They mention that prostitution in the Netherlands is in decline and that where in 2002-2004 there were some 25.000 prostitutes in the Netherland, this dropped to around 20.000 in 2004-2006 and further to some 10.000-15.000 on a yearly basis in 2008 (page 196). It is funny that they give as an explanation to this decline that the government has become more strict on the sex industry while closing down many brothels (page 196). This is interesting because that would mean (if they are right) that a government can actually have an influence on the size of the sex industry, just close the brothels and the number of prostitutes will go down. Perhaps if you close all the brothels that it all will disappear, if the government has the will to do it.

But honestly I would say that a more realistic explanation is that clients simply visit prostitutes less often for whatever reason, perhaps economic reasons, or just the bad news about forced prostitution in the Netherlands.

By the way: TAMPEP also mentions that there are relatively more Dutch prostitutes in Dutch prostitution (40%, see page 196), that the biggest factor for the mobility of migrant prostitution (mentioned by the women themselves) is “coercion by organisers” (page 206), that Dutch prostitutes experience lots of social isolation and exclusion, alcohol and drug dependency, violence from organisers in the sex industry, stigma, clients violence and feel coerced to provide unsafe oral sex, and that migrant prostitutes experience lots of social isolation and exclusion, violence from organisers in the sex industry, lack of access to health and social care services, discrimination and client violence.

We live in a very bad world.

(I still feel hypocritical you know)

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